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The Elves of the Dauriath

Index of the stories, by chronological order

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By Yichard Muni, Elf bard


Let us meet for real! Name: Richard Trigaux. Artist name: Yichard Muni
Every friday, 12pm SLT (California time, PT or PDT), Elf Dream Meetings and storytelling

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Story or event

Date and place in the world

Date and place of creation

Prehistory (Neolithic)

This epoch sees only small Human tribes in the Nyidiath, sometimes nomadic. There are shamanic systems, but no true spirituality.

The story of MakTar and Shelenaë

-6000 in the Blue Mountains

2012 in Inworldz, on special request for an event

Transsubstantiation of MakTar and Shelenaë

-5450 This miracle is the founder of the Elf spirituality. Especially, MakTar and Shelenaê create their paradise.

Bronze age (chalcolithic)

-4000 The appearance of bronze weapons allow for the most agressive Humans to impose their systems by force. We however still remain in tribal societies.

First Exodus

-3400 The Elves must flee the Blue Mountains, craddle of their civilization. They separate in 12 to 20 tribes, each trying its luck in a different direction.

Wandering Elves of the Sea

-3400 the First Exodus, south country of the Skriggath

2012 in Inworldz

Irinaël Light

-3400 The First Exodus, from the Blue Mountains to the Shamal

2023 Sovaria Estates


-2600 Appearance of the first marshizaths, in a feudal society. Better farming methods and transportation allow for the expansion of the populations.

First public appearance of the cult of the Unique

0 From this moment on, the religions will not change until the Revolution

First Shartan kingdoms



2410 An island in the Middle Ocean

March 2011, Elf Circle in Second Life


2420 An island in the Middle Ocean

About 2012 in Inworldz

Shelenaë's paradise

2425 Shelenaë's paradise

2023 in Sovaria Estates

The Horiathon starts to flow

2500 This starts the lowering of the ocean of the Nyidiath, and the related climate change.

Elves are back in the Blue Mountains

2600 Blue Montains

Building of the Anar Shantar Marjun

2777 Blue Montains

Just before the Exodus

2940 to 3179 How the Exodus went from a vague idea to its implementation.

First rafts for the dauriath


Milly Mountain

3200 in Milly Mountain island in the Dauriath

2012 in Second Life, on request

Iraen 1

3150 Shamal Humak Mountains

2020 in Amaryllis

Midsummer love 1
and 2

3170 Tellutaar town

2008 bardic contest in Elf Circle, in Second Life

The Exodus


Fahrad and Mithylia

3182, Second Exodus started, Nyidiath

About 2013, improvized in Second Life and put in literacy form in Inworldz

The Kiss of the Worlds

3232 Exodus, Nyidiath

2008 Elf Circle in Second Life

Midsummer love 3

3180 Arrival in the Dauriath

In Inworldz, date lost

Official end of the Exodus


Separated centuries

3249 to 3896 Officially, the two worlds have no more relationship. However, in the Nyidiath, some Humans are still becoming Elves.

Ethel Delle

3255 New Terralion, in the Dauriath

2022 in Sovaria and Alternate Metaverse


3190 Arrival in the Dauriath

In Sovaria and Alternate Metaverse, December 2023

Sojen 2

3190 Arrival in the Dauriath

Not yet created

Jaime and Zetna

3300 Blue Mountains, Marjun temple

January 2009 in Second Life, Elf Circle special bardic event

Wandering Elves of the sea 2

3300 Middle Ocean

2013 Inworldz, Gypsies lands

Jaime and Zetna 2

3310 Dauriath

Second Life, date lost

Nellio and Mellorea

3330 Dauriath, Garmalen

2009 in Second Life

In the Marjun

3340 Blue Mountains, Anar Shantar Marjun temple

2009 in Second Life

Ashnar and Elmerae

3400 Dauriath

June 13, 2009 Elf Circle lands in Second Life

Rock of Time

3500 Dauriath

2009 Elf Circle lands in Second Life

The Horiathon closes


The revolution

3760 The Revolution affected the whole Nyidiath, aiming at ending the religious powers. The modern Nyidiath emerged, democratic and industrialized, but materialist and egocentric.

The sacking of the Black Temple (the Horzug)

3770 Nyidiath Tellutaar

Novembre 2012, in an event in Inworldz

Marly and Shelene

3780 Nyidiath

2008 Elf Circle lands in Second Life

The spooklight

3860 Dauriath

2008 Elf Circle lands in Second Life

Dimah and Djindjinah

3888 Near the Arlit, in the Dauriath

2023, Sovaria and Alternate Metaverse


3890 Tellutaar town, Nyidiath

2013; Fantazy art fest organized by Elf Clan, in Inworldz

The «Return of the Elves»

3896 It is not a physical return, but the return of the Elven values. After the Horiathon Battle, the Human powers must do with.

The Horiathon opens


The Horiathon battle

3896, many places

date lost, Inworldz

Flight 1846

3896 Several years around the Horiathon battle

In Sovaria and Alternate Metaverse, December 2023

Iraen 2

3915 In Kondo, Dauriath

2020 in Amaryllis

The Gold of the Elves

3915 and after, In Kondo, Dauriath

2023, in Project

The Great Reconciliation

4100 Official end of any discrimination or antagonism against the Elves

The Great Marvel

4880 This is beyond any textual description

Documentation: the religions

Dictionnary of the langage

Dictionnary of the characters

Dictionnary of the places

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