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University project Shedrupling   3D

By Richard Trigaux

he basic idea appeared to me when I was writing my book «General Epistemology»: an university which main goal should be to teach or to make research using the basis of this new scientific epistemology, enlarged to the domains of the mind: ethics, art, economy, social life, psychology, spirituality, unexplained phenomena... I follow this idea in my science-fiction series «Dumria».

For now it is only an utopia, my Abbey of Theleme in a way. I offer this idea to life. Maybe others will join it... The future will know if it will only stay a dream, or if it will one day become a prosperous reality, breeding-ground for numerous great scientists, thinkers, philosophers, or seed of love for mankind... Maybe that, such as its Rabelaisian ancestor, it will never exist in the facts, while having a profound influence of the spirit of the epoch.


While awaiting, I created a virtual «Shedrup Ling University» (thus bringing back the 3D):

Contacts and Online Discussions

The forums of this site are now in the group «Shedrupling University» in Discord, under the name of Yichard Muni. You will probably need to contact me in facebook, under the name of Richard Trigaux, in order to get an invitation.

I am also present on friday at 19hTU, in the virtual world Sovaria Estates, see here how to access it. We are now having a large building of Tibetan style to frolic around, from the novels «Dumria»

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Shedrupling portal

View of the virtual university: Oro Eva, in Sovaria Estates (Halcyon) (How to enter).



Inauguration and first publication


I wrote a modest science paper on economy (more accurately on econophysics) which was published in peer-referee into Physica A.

It was surely interesting to inform the world that an altruistic economy is not mathematically condemned to produce large inequalities!

Thus I declare the Shedrup Ling University open! It is no longer a project, but a reality, where all the researchers for a better world can work and search using this General Epistemology that I describe in my book. To use the scientific method to build happiness and poetry rather than this grey and cold world, rather than bombs and concrete!


Added 2019, another very classical science paper, but which found no publisher despite a quite appetizing title: Photosynthesis test using the light of the Trappist star. Ok perhaps it is as with womanizing: we must «know» the «signals» emitted by the scientists. Then I do not know, and thus I consider this paper as a publication of my Shedrupling University. Just that I cannot be my own peer referee... I am still looking for peers!




Why Zambu Shedrup Ling?

(In English pronounce «Dzambue Shedroup Ling», with ue like in French and ling as in «mailing».). I choose this name when I was in my tibetan craze period! «Shedrup» means «knowledge and (spiritual) realization» while «zambu» means «world wide» and «ling» is a pleasure garden, a nice place to study. I do not propose more accurate translation than «Shedrup Ling International University», or abridged names such as Zamsheling or Shedrup Ling (all these names © Richard Trigaux 2000).

Unfortunately I did not knew in this time that Shedrupling was a common place name in tibetan buddhism, so that I mistakenly took their domain name.


Why in Tibet?

In my novels of the series «Dumria», I placed the seat of Shedrupling in Lhassa, main city of Tibet. This was to fulfill a wish of His Holiness the 14th Dalai Lama to do of Tibet a demilitarized zone, and a homeland for science and ecology, in more of already being a homeland for Tantric Buddhism. I think that both go well together.


What is the today scientific statute of the General epistemology?

To be recognized, we first need to be known. Normally, the General Epistemology should first be examined by the scientific authorities, submitted to the «peer referee» as do all the scientific publications, be discussed, debated, and at last appropriated by enough persons. So I should have first sent the manuscript of my book to various scientific authorities and specialists in epistemology.

However, it is very difficult for a lone individual to be considered by the scientific institution, accustomed to judge peoples after their institutional role. Worse, the General Epistemology, if it is true, will certainly introduce a breakthrough in the scientific thought: the elimination of the materialist dogma. And a dogma cannot be questioned by rational or human arguments. So I had no other choice than to publish first, in order to provoke discussion among interested people. The institution will follow, or will be overcome.

Added May 2024: An added difficulty today is the abundance of pseudosciences imitating my project, some even «quantum», which then constitute an efficient boosting disinformation.

For now then, the General Epistemology is still not yet examined. Since about the year 2000 that I launched the project, I had few feedback, but on the other hand they all were very positive. Seems that I was too optimistic about the ability of the Internet to gather people. But it is still the only mean I have.


What can we study at Shedrup Ling?

There is no reason not to study domains classically recognized by science. However, without falling into any kind of utilitarianism, more stress would go on emergency researches (ecological production, botany applied to organic farming, cleaning up pollution) or meaningful (astronomy, species regulation without suffering...).

But the basic idea is to study domains considered as taboo by classical science: spirituality, psychology (fixing psychological problems and social relationship problems) metaphysics (way in which reality exists) «parapsychological» phenomenon (to understand and master phenomenon such as the NDE, the OBE, super-consciousness moments, etc...) ethics and law (to base rules and forbidding on an indisputable and objective way) aesthetics (to define beauty and ugliness in an accurate enough way to avoid abuses, but without falling into the rigidity of an ideological or «bourgeois» definition).

But things should not go as far as finding in there only searches on UFOs or parapsychology. This whould considerably reduce the scope of the project. Especially, Shedrupling has not in its purpose to test or spread all the theories generally recognized as pseudoscience (free energy, antigravitation, etc...), unless of course some proven discovery.

On the other hand, one of the main purposes is to promote an harmonious way of living, based on fair relations, respect, etc...

This precisely excludes useless or dangerous fields: weapons, spy methods or mind control methods, including those used in trade, use of vivisection or other ethically disputable methods, etc...


Enthralling Research objectives!

We must clearly admit this: science is a game. To explore the world is an effect of the libido! Thus we do not have to justify our research objectives.

However there are emergencies. To find alternatives to vivisection. To find solutions to ethical, economical, social problems. To develop organic farming, recycling, clean energy, etc... To give again its true place to spirituality. And I have things to say on such topics, that I say elsewhere on this site.

Alas, whatever the exactness of demonstrations, the obviousness of evidences, the authority of whose who give them, there are still some people, locked in egocentricity shells, emotional armours, or ideological fortresses, who refuse any understanding of life, and who continue against obviousness to be unpleasant in family life, or to seek for means to persuade everybody that we must anyway produce nuclear wastes whatever the cost. Nor the saints and the prophets of the past, neither the today great beings were able to solve this terrible problem, which cost is so many dictatorship and obstacles to our evolution.

Here is an enthralling research objective! Imagine... and if we find a solution?


Who can come to study, teach or make research at Shedrup Ling?

Any person having something to say in the domains named above. However, if I receive proposals, I shall make a very strict screening. It is not enough to dispute official science to claim to be in the General Epistemology.

To study the General Epistemology or any other public document, there are no other requirements that to do this correctly, with honest purposes.

To claim to have understood the General Epistemology requires to... really have understood it! And also to have an honest and positive motivation. Personally, I shall not recognize anybody without actually checking these conditions.

To claim be a (formal or informal) member of Shedrup Ling network (persons or institutions) requires to have ongoing work or to study according to the General Epistemology.

-To claim to be a student at Shedrup Ling requires to be somebody sociable, pleasant to live with, positive, free of negative ideologies. It also requires to have a spiritual work of bettering one's mind, or at least a psychological work and a humanistic view.

-To claim to be a researcher or a teacher at Shedrup Ling requires to really understand what is General Epistemology, and having really something to say in a domain, and not only «new theories». I shall especially be cautious on this subject, otherwise we shall quickly get a flea market. It is also required to have followed a spiritual path (or at least a psychological and humanist work), to be at least as a well-balanced, fair and responsible person.

Pour proposer des objectifs de recherche à Shedrup Ling: Normalement, tout sujet, classique ou alternatif, devrait être accepté. Toutefois, afin d'éviter à Shedrup Ling de servir de cautions à des idées sommaires qui s'avèrent fausses ou loufoques par la suite, une sélection serait faite sur la base de la cohérence avec ce qui est déjà connu dans le domaine, ou de la possibilité d'obtenir des résultats, pas seulement de présenter une idée nouvelle. (Il y en a qui ont déjà essayé, hihi)

To be a member of the directory board of Shedrup Ling requires to dedicate one's life to happiness of others and of mankind. Directors shall be selected on this basis, as a result of their loyalty and understanding of the General Epistemology.

The financial support of the project must come from an honest source, so that the project would not be a backing for disputable ideas, systems or persons. The project must remain independent of any commercial interest. Governments or public authorities can organize universities following the General Epistemology, but the recognition of these universities, teachers and researches will remains the privilege of independent governing bodies.


What is my personal role?

Of course, if other persons get interested or involved other persons, I shall watch that the project is not distorted. This would forcibly lead me to become the director of any formal project, and to forcibly disavow any «alternative» or «competing» project. But if a reliable direction team appears, I shall no longer be indispensable in this role.

On the other hand, I think useful that I try to transmit as much as possible this idea of «General Epistemology», and to promote the corresponding enlarged scientific mind. The book is today the simplest available mean for this, but others can be envisioned, such as the discussions in the virtual worlds.

If no group is formed, if nobody serious tries to realize the project, then it will not be a problem for me. To help others is absolutely not a need for me. But it could happen that to be helped would be useful for many people.


The Shedrup Ling private police?

This police, that I evoke in my novel «Dumria», is of course just a metaphor, not to be transposed as such into reality. It is out of our purpose, and very dangerous anyway, to try to do our own justice or some kind of black ops. But it would be still more dangerous to let out of control some shady politico-scientistist schemes.

Funilly enough, this is the point where things advanced the most, since 2000 (written in 2013). Many journalists and environment groups (mainly Greenpeace) unveiled secret networks of financials, media, think tanks, foundations, corrupted science experts, involved into criminal propaganda (nuclear power, denigration of climate change, hiding the effects of poisonous chemicals or drugs, etc.). So that, of all my ideas, it is the one which worked the best, after all!


And what else?


It is a nice idea, isn't it?


Anyway I dedicate it to happiness of all beings.