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The Elves of the Dauriath

The rock of time

By Yichard Muni, Elf bard


Let us meet for real! Name: Richard Trigaux. Artist name: Yichard Muni
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This text is a part of a larger plot, beginning with «The Kiss of the Worlds»

Index of the stories: chronological order, or ordered by creation date



This story happened into the Dauriath world, the place where the Elves were banned from the Human's Nyidiath world. In some centuries the Elves will be able to come back to the human world, and it will be very nice for those Humans. But the Humans have to do their way by themselves for now.


The Elves settled in the Dauriath world, exploring, building houses, cultivating, setting workshops and smithies.

It is a strange new born world, with large forests and rounded mountains cut with gullies. It has few animals, just the ones the Elves educated and sent to the Dauriath. But there were plenty of birds, which found the way themselves.

There is no moon in this world, but instead they see the Nyidiath, the Human world, as a huge mountain dome floating above the horizon.

Here is an elven village, surrounded by cute small fields. Further, there is a forest of tall trees.

The Elves adore to explore the forest. They wander as far as they can, admiring the flowers and green light. When they find a specially beautiful place, they sit and silently speak to the trees. Of course the trees do not reply, but from this the places get an ambient of their own, and nature is enriched with beautiful elven vibrations.

So this is why we find here a group of young Elfs and Elves, sitting into a narrow clearing between ivy covered trees and bushes. They are silent, save a piper playing a soft slow music. They think at marvellous things, and when other Elves go into the same place, they also feel the marvel. This is because plants and living places have some form of consciousness, and they remember what people think, good or bad, and later they can give it back to other visitors.

It is simple, and it works very well!

So the Elves come into beautiful places in nature, and think at nice things, while hearing sweet music. It is one of their secrets, which makes their life beautiful, and their places inspiring, prone to happiness. It is so dear a secret for them, that in ancient times in the Nyidiath, many of them preferred to be slaughtered without trying to defend themselves, rather than spoiling their places with fight and war.

But now in the Dauriath, they are free, and above all, safe of any danger, war or spoliation.

So they can set their thoughts to marvel only.


Ô wonderful places where we feel happy, just from seeing a bent tree trunk covered with moss, a flower, smelling the soil, or the fresh air under the greenery...


Some Elves explore far recesses of the forest...

They know that there is a strange place, a hidden glen, far away from the village. It opens only to the north, and the trees are tall, so that the undergrowth is very dark and bare, without any flower. There are some huge boulders covered with moss, and a little stream gently sings into the bottom. This place already had its own vibration before the Elves came, as often rocks and minerals have their own life, raw and harsh.

But the boulders of the dark glen have more: a strange, unearthly vibration, reverberated in the close space. These rocks were fallen from the sky, long ago, as many in the Dauriath. And now they speak of fire, space, and huge spans of time...

Some Elves are a bit afraid of this place, others like it. But they all feel the awe... And sometimes the whole tribe gathers here to meditate on the universe.


Now we come to a young Elve called Naëty. She already went several times with elder Elves to meditate in this odd place, trying to catch the essence of this strange vibration, trying to guess where it was coming from. But this day she was alone...

One day she went alone in the forest, exploring, without thinking at this place. But she was soon lost, and, trying to find her way back, she went right into the strange glen. Starting from here, she knew the way back home, but she had to go through the darkest part... and, you know, even an Elve can be prettily scared in some dark forest places. There was probably nothing bad here, but she could not quit fear, heart beating and all, not daring to engage under the shadowy boughs, as if her will was removed.

She waited probably half an hour before finding the courage to engage in, trying other ways without success. But the day was coming to its end, so it would be still more scary at night...

This is how, pushed by a worse fear, she started to walk in as fast as she could, heart beating, checking behind her as if some dreadful creature was about to reach her...

But when she was right into the middle, she had to pass just besides one of the foreign rocks, and even to touch it... She suddenly had a vision, very short, as she did not dared to stop. But it was a very sharp vision, which remained engraved in her memory, of an eternity of time, beyond this rock from the sky. There was another life, separated by gigantic spans of time and obscure space... This other life was so strange, with completely different feelings, different colours and sensations, completely alien shapes and plants... and yet very familiar: the same daily tasks, the same aspiration to happiness, the same concern of children, the same need to rest at the end of a day of work... Naëty was very surprised of this.

Naëty did not dared to stop, instead she ran toward the village, and joined it at night fallen. At the evening party she did not dared to speak of this. But some days later, she could not resist telling her young friend Amal of her strange experience.

He insisted to go to the place with her. As you know, with a companion it is no longer scary! They sat in front of the ancient rock, and she had plenty of time to feel again the memories attached to it. Amal also felt the strange emotions, but not the images. He was deeply moved, as the evocation of this past forgotten life was really pathetic, together with the awesome vibrations of space and fire...


Later they spoke to an elder of the community. He confirmed that this rock had travelled into the immensity of space. While doing so, it had gathered traces of another world it encountered, which existed an immensity of time ago. From here came the memories, that sensitive people like Naëty could get.


This is how Naëty was remarked as a medium, and later trained into this activity, where she became expert. She did not married Amal, who was her childhood friend. Instead they both married other persons, but they remained close friends.


I think the Elves left this place untouched. Just they built a small temple a hundred metres away. Probably they built a mill, to ring a bell, with the sound of the bell tuned to the vibration of the rock.



This the end of this story, or rather episode.



But let us remember that this is not just an elven story. Places also have ambiances into our physical world, on Earth, and sensitive people can feel them, and even modify them.






The Daur Thunder Drum


This happened when Naëty and Amal were still children, but already friends. The place where Naëty and Amal lived is a part of a region called Daur Asnath Anarië. This means a place vibrating with love and light. It is a round plain, as there are many in the Dauriath. Today the Elves know that these round plains are scars left by huge rocks hurling from the sky, but at the time of these stories they could not guess such terrible things.

But they already knew that, due to the movements of the Dauriath and the Nyidiath, the ocean of the Nyidiath, the Human world, was pouring onto the Dauriath, the Elven world.

So the sea was slowly rising, about one metre per year.

And one night, the Elves heard a huge thundering noise, not bursting like lighting strokes, but rolling continuously, and slowly increasing in loudness.

When the sun appeared, they saw something like a brownish cloud wriggling into the hills. It was the ocean, which had reached a pass. And now the sea water was pouring above the pass, into the Daur plain. They knew this had to happen, but they were really impressed anyway.

The water was rushing as a huge cataract along a four hundred metres slope, deeply gouging the earth on its way, tearing the tress off the ground as if they were straws. This increasing opening still attracted more water, but the ocean won't lower its level. So in a matter of some hours it became a cataclysm, which apocalyptic roar was to be heard all around the Daur, twenty kilometres away!

Naëty and Amal were close by when it happened, they could feel the earth vibrate, and hear the rattling rumble of huge boulders pushed by the incredible force of the flow. It lasted until the next day before the Daur was filled with murky water covered with a layer of yellow foam, greenish leaves and torn trees.

It took years to clear off the floating trees, but the Daur became sailable. This much helped the life of the Elves all around, and the new passage also offered them access to the ocean.

It was sad to see so many trees covered by water. But there were overwhelming cosmic forces at work, and nothing could be done for this. They wrote tales and songs, and built a giant iron drum, The Daur Thunder, in the main temple in the centre of the lake. And once a year they roll beat it frantically with ten players at a time, to remember the thunder of the cataract. It could be heard from all the surrounding villages.

Later, when the ocean level settled, they built two little memorials, one on each side of the new straight, which was once hewn by the living powerful force of the sea water.

New trees grew, healing the scars of the earth, and now the Daur looks like a marvellous and peaceful place, with nothing indicating its past violence. But these terrible events are still in the memory of the ancient Elves who witnessed them, and into the songs.


This tells us how life can be flowery, gentle and marvellous, but how it can also be powerful and awesome, way beyond any human measure.




The End



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The generation of this story (contains spoilers)


The first text was first improvised in 2009 in the «french Bardic circle» that I was holding two times a month, in the Elven lands of Ceilidh into Second Life. I since put it in a more literary form. The principle is that I ask for some seed words, until I get inspiration. I obtained: «Lost», «elven princess», «Mother moon», «Metamorphose».

As we still had time, I asked the attendance for other seed words, and «Seawater» instantly evoked the awesome image of the second story.


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