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Inverted racism and sexism

Page created in 2003, updates in the text


Numerous recent movements denounced racism, sexism and every kind of discrimination as a function of race, gender, way of life, spiritual or philosophical choices.


This is perfectly all right, and cannot be questioned, nor on the ground, neither on the intention.


However the problem I point at in this page, is that numerous abuses are now committed in the reverse way, in the name of these movements. It is what we call inverted racism, or inverted sexism, and they are as much painful that the problems they claim to fight! Why is it such? Because the basic problem at the root of all discrimination was not solved: this absurd idea as what human groups would be kind of collective individuals, which each member would share intention and responsibility with all the others, as if there was only one brain for all these bodies: «the Blacks» «the women» «the Jews»... But absolutely nothing such exists anywhere in nature! It is only with the elimination of this dualistic clan mind that every forms of idiotic discrimination will really disappear. If we don't start with this necessary psychological work, all the policies of «compensation» or of «protection» will only displace the problems.


Inverted sexism

Inverted racism

Discriminations against religion or philosophy

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The feminist movements, from the 19th Century suffragettes to the modern women's lib, relentlessly fight to obtain an equality between men and women, in law and in facts.


And they are right.


However the mind defilements which lead a man to become sexist (to hate women, or to have relation problems with them) has as much odds to appear among women. So the proportion of sexist women (who hate men, or have relation problems with them) may be much the like as with sexist men. But, in a society still significantly impregnated with male chauvinist power, these «feminine» sexist feelings cannot express as much openly. But these reverted sexist behaviours exist, and they produce as much suffering and havoc than male chauvinist behaviours, and perhaps even much more, as generally we are not cautious about them.



Generally, a male chauvinist (direct sexist) has toward women a crude behaviour, authoritarian and disparaging. He is sure, from his «power», and from the support of his «peers», to obtain whatever he wants from women, or otherwise to exert retaliation with full impunity. At need he can use physical violence, still very «accepted» in the world, even in the West. In today society, on the other hand, a sexist woman does not have any «power» nor social recognition, so her strategies against men will rather use cunning, seduction, emotional and psychological manipulation, and thus will appear as mind stalking, without physical violence, but with as much devastating consequences. These aggressions will sometimes pretend to aim at male chauvinists, but in reality they will always reach gentle and innocent men.

So inverted sexist behaviours are much more difficult to detect than male chauvinist behaviours. So if we have some suspicion, or if things «get bad» without apparent reason, we must start to examine things very thoroughly.

The most common manipulation is obviously seduction. To lull her prey in a false feeling or security, the sexist woman makes herself look like a loving woman, or a sexually interested woman, or she shows herself under a different appearance of what she really is. For instance for a man interested in spirituality, she will say to be spiritual, but of course she will never do any real practice. The method is different of that of sexist men, but the purpose is the same: to appropriate and enslave another being. It is only when, with ageing, her physical appearance goes against her, that the sexist woman will show what she really is: authoritarian, aggressive, arbitrarian, egocentric, stalking. How well known this image is...

Another common manipulation is treating her husband as if he was a little child, an attitude which is perfectly symmetrical of the well known male chauvinist's paternalism. And as much humiliating...

A sexist man who no more desires a woman just ditches her, without this being reproached to him by his «peers». But for a sexist woman, in a society with still a masculine predominance, the consequences can be much more serious. Thus the technique is to harass the man, until he leaves himself. This can happen when the man is no longer «interesting» as he loses his health or income (unemployment, retreat...). The sexist woman will make him a hell of a life, until he leaves by himself. The typical image is that of a man at time of rest, who reads a nice novel or hears a beautiful music. His sexist wife chooses right this moment to tell him to think to buy bog paper. Right, everybody can goof up that way, but when such things «happen» often, and that you are scolded when you gently ask for some respect, so you are dealing with a sexist woman, or anyway who is suffering of some form of mental perversion: DIVORCE IMMEDIATELLY.

Important notice: These advices obviously apply to gentle and innocent men. No doubts that male chauvinist pigs or narcissic perverts will take advantage of them to say they are persecuted by their innocent companion. But for that men my advice is completely different: HAVE A TREATMENT.

A technique commonly used (by chauvinist women as well as by stalking men) is to alternate periods of apparent great love between two fits. So the victim hopes again, gives pardon, believe again in his happiness... but these happy periods has for only purpose to «make accept» a new whim, a new exigence. This very alternation must bring the alarm, especially when we «must not» speak of the problems. As only a completely insensitive person can thus pass from anger to smiles, without remorse, without a shade of regret or guilty feeling. Every normal person will remain somewhat shocked, injured or sad from the past crisis. A normal person will try to avoid further crisis, and if really our behaviour shocks her, she will more or less gradually abandon us, but she will never exhibit this deceptive back and forth movement.

When a man begins to realize that his sexist companion stalks him, the very first thing to do is TO STOP ANY SEXUAL RELATION, before getting a child in such conditions! Even contraception is not a protection: an «omission» happens so easily! And when there are children, it is too late, you just have to study the spiritual judo on the skilful way to use suffering. Without forgetting a good lawyer to try to protect your children. Without any warranty. As children are precious hostages, at time of prosecutions, to exchange for money, or to take revenge of the father with mental torture on them. But it also happens that a sexist woman just dumps her children when they become more costly than what they bring her in family allowances. Such a scenario may look astounding, for who was never the victim of it (like me). The cost in suffering is enormous, for the ill-treated fathers, for society, and above all for the children deprived of any education, frustrated of any love, who will have to shape their personality only from these chaotic and fascist references.


But the most atrocious are that «women» who launch false accusations of pedophilia in order to get rid of their husband. A case just happened in Castres, France, soon in October 2002: a man accused by his spouse, on the basis of an «interpreted» child speech, and who was (happily) cleared by justice. In the USA, champions of absurd prosecutions, men were sentenced to life, on the basis of so-called «memories» recovered under hypnosis, from children who otherwise never complained of anything!

In alternative movements in the 1970', the golden period of the «radical» women's lib, I witnessed things which, here again, will seem incredible to anybody who never lived into such milieus. The most common sexist sketch was the false accusation of rape, prettily organized, with rendezvous, «witnesses» and everything, followed by public accusations and insults. At that time, in this context of mandatory sexual freedom, women simply had no right to say «no» to a proposal. But it was enough to say that the man was a «male chauvinist pig» («phallocrate» in French), and the trick was done! Ah, this word, I heard it tens of times a day! In fact, in these milieus out of the common law, the power was simply inverted, coming in the hands of women, and, every social or «biological» difference abolished, sexist women juste behave exactly in the same way that the male chauvinists they were criticizing, without no more any need of «feminine» cunning, free to use exactly the same «masculine» methods of power, selection and exclusion. Even physical violence was possible, and I remember the case of a hitch-hicker who let her «rape» by two truck drivers, very happy to have a pretext to mutilate them after.

These «alternative» milieus no longer exist today, but we can not that it is them which are the source of the «politically correct» and its absurdities.



All this clearly shows that a simple inversion of masculine-feminine values, as proposed by dualistic feminist, would solve nothing. The result would be identical to what was criticized at the beginning.



Quadripolar diagram of genders
Top: Understanding,
Middle: protection,
but also
Bottom: conflict,


(1) is the classical gross male chauvinism, violent domination of the male gender over the feminine gender.

(2) is today western society, a state of right which ensures a minimal protection, but which also introduces compromises or limitations. It still has a moderate male dominance.

(3) is the move achieved by dualistic feminists, toward a dictatorship of women on men, symmetrical of (1) and as much painful.

(4) is the work accomplished by pragmatic feminists toward the parity between men and women, while keeping in the today state of right.

(5) is the utopia of total harmony, or free union, without limits not compromises, but accessible only after having achieved a psychological or spiritual work of elimination of any hate, clan mind, dualism, desire for power, etc... (The word «utopia» must be alway understood in the meaning of «project», «view», as intended my its inventor Thomas More in 1517. To use it to mean «impossible» or «irrealistic» is just newspeak, as explained in the novel «1984» by Georges Orwell.)

(6) is the move proposed by this page.


(For detailed explanations on this Quadripolar Logic© Diagram, see the first part of my book «General Epistemology»)


Update in May 2024: 21 years after the creation of this page, we can only see the pertinence of its warnings, with the rise of an arrogant feminine suprematism (4), happily compensated by an important work of the true feminists (3) to suppress any discrimination, visible or subtle.

The feminine suprematists propose humiliation, like requesting from men to urinate while sitting, and to always keep the seat down, while the «gender» «studies» delay puberty in order to avoid the penis to get its normal size. More the classics: it is becoming more and more difficult for a man to make love or sex proposals. I would add: given the risks of abuse, it is also more and more difficult for a man to accept female proposals.

Update in June 2024: The speed and amplitude of these oscillations perfectly illustrate the sheer brutality of the dualistic way of thinking, able to rapidly jump from an extreme to the other, while gleefully jumping above the safe space between the two.




As with sexism, the mind defilements which lead certain Whites to hate other races are equally spread among the other races. Anyway no scientific search was never able to show any intellectual or psychological difference between races. So we must expect that there are also racists among Blacks, Arabs, Easterners. And it is really what we observe.

We could choose many examples; a recent gave me one at hand, making me start this page.



A recent example is an international conference on racism, which took place at Bridgetown, Barbados, on Tuesday October 3, in 2002. At this conference, the representatives voted for the exclusion of White or Easterner attendants. Still more serious, that representatives debated about «the best means to punish European nations for slave trade» envisioning «to sue Germany, Great Britain, France and Belgium for their bad deeds against African nations». (The Associated Press, Wednesday October 4, 2002).


I allow myself not to agree with such an objective.


Right, of course, whatever our race, we can only but be sincerely shocked by the suffering of slaves hijacked from their families and transported in appalling conditions. We can only wish to punish the responsibles of these revolting actions, simple henchmen wading in cries and excrements, or big traffickers comfortably installed in great bourgeois mansions of european main cities. It is this sense of justice which led to create international courts to condemn the nazis, or more recently milosevic.

However these prosecutions have always be aimed at the RESPONSIBLE INDIVIDUALS and never at the NATIONS. Even the more rigid actions against the former nazis were always inseparable from the reconciliation with the German people. It is this non-duality which is the basis of Europe today. (The same reasoning also leads to the punishment of the former french corraborationist papon, even if he is French, only idiots did not understood why). In the case of Yugoslavia, the KFOR forces chased the fascist Serbs from Kosovo, but after they stayed to protect the other Serbs of any retaliation! This is admirable, and, here also, only perverts do not understand. Even, with some search, we should certainly find, at the very first step of the slave trade, black kinglets who felt no scruple to sell their own subjects, against some glass jewellery. May we forgive to these African papons only because they were Blacks?

So it is quite clear that, of a philosophical point of view largely followed by international laws, only the individual persons are responsible, never the peoples in general, and we can make bear no responsibility to somebody on the simple basis of his national or race belonging. However, in the very Barbados conference itself, the representatives of Cuba and Martinique themselves voiced that THIS IMPUTATION OF RESPONSIBILITY ON THE ONLY BASIS OF RACE IS THE VERY DEFINITION OF RACISM.

So we can only dismiss that Barbados conference of its astounding claim to punish peoples who are absolutely not involved in what happened.

This racist degenerescence of anti-racism is what I denounce as an «illusory revolution» in my book «General Epistemology» (chapters I-4 and I-5) or in my novel «The Missing Planets» (Chapter 4).

More generally, we can only admit that nowadays neo-fascist «libertarian» movements, such as city gangs and delinquency, rap and hip-hop, are basically discriminatory movements, as the place they attribute to people is only a function of their social level, race and gender. We can see that gangs gather and clash by race, exclude women, and their customs are that of the most classical SS: hierarchy, social statute, intimidation, coarseness, clans, territory... I am especially keen to denounce this intellectual swindling as what Blacks, Arabs and youngsters «must» necessarily express in a dirty, coarse or violent way, or trying to «justify» acts of delinquency by the police repression! These movements (inverted racism) in fact, are functioning in a perfect synergy with the classical extreme right (direct racism) and everything that one of the two does is of immediate profit for the other.

In the United States, a very «politically correct» measure was to more easily grant diplomas to the Blacks, to compensate for their lower average level. But in reality, it is thus a cheap-rate diploma which is given to Blacks! In this country again, the benevolent anti-racism movement, in the admirable style of Martin Luther King, are always taken over by tendencies of inverted racism, as the extreme-right party «Black Panthers». Good willed Whites who accepted to live in Harlem were often the astonished victims of this.

Everywhere in the world where take place religious or racial conflicts, Africa, Middle East, India, we always find as the root intransigent political parties or religious parties, that commentaries call extreme-right.

Even the fight against anti-semitism has its excesses, too easy in an Europe still under the trauma of the concentration camps. Other voices than mine already called to some moderation, and French people will remember that incredible mediatic lynching organized against the Abbé Pierre, for his imprudent support to a book he had only skimmed through. It is clear that some were much more shocked by the charity of the Abbé than by the holocaust.



South Africa is an astonishing example. When took place the elections which put an end to the racist apartheid and brought Nelson Mandela to power, the racist or extreme right parties hardly obtained 5% (except in the Zoulouland). It seems that the long spiritual work oh Nelson Mandela had prepared the South Africans to no longer see the enemy in the other race, but really in the racism itself. So the South Africans have voted against this incredible apartheid which was ruining their happiness, in place of starting who knows what war of races, necessarily painful and sterile. This is an admirable victory of all the South Africans, which effect was much larger than only changing a government.


Updated April 2013 The french LICRA (league against racism and antisemitism) goes in court to help a victim of anti-whites racism. I think this is an interesting precedent, the breaking of a «politically correct» taboo, and the recognition of a fact: anybody can be racist. Racism never was a problem of only one specific race.



Anyway the excesses of anti-racism will never forbid me to denounce every forms of direct racism, in my actions, in my prayers or in my books, where we all the time encounter Blacks, Arabs, Muslims, even if they are here just to bother the racists. I even managed to get an Arab (perhaps even Irakian, hey hey!) as far as the marvellous planet Aeoliah, at billion light-years of any form of human stupidity.



Quadripolar diagram on racism and inverted racism Top: Understanding,
Middle: protection,
but also
Bottom: conflict,


(1) is the classical racism, violent domination of Whites over Blacks.

(2) is inverted racism, as it can be observed in fascist urban gangs or certain extreme right political parties: violent rejection of Whites by Blacks or Arabs.

(3) is the wonderful work of peoples like Luther King or Mandela, the way of Love which accepts differences.

(4) was apartheid, a regime separating White and Blacks, with a «moderate» white dominance.

(5) Getting out of apartheid toward an egalitarian right state, or with a slight African dominance.


(For detailed explanations on this Quadripolar Logic© Diagram, see the first part of my book «General Epistemology»)


Update in May 2024: here too we see the rise of a Black suprematism or African suprematism, more and more liar and stupid, visibly pushed by the Russian recolonization of Africa.


Update in June 2024: The return of anti-Semitism.

More serious, we witness the return of anti-Semitism, this shameful syphilis of the mind, classically borne by a more and more arrogant and violent far right, but also by some far-left, in solidarity with the criminals of the hamas (in Gaza). So really those two extremes really are each the reflection of the other, in the same cruel and anti-life mindset.

Updated in June 2024: Anti-Semitism is a special case. In fact, Jews do not distinguish themselves from others, nor do they pose any particular problems or demands. So their contact does not «naturally» result in racism. Anti-Semitism therefore has another, specific cause: Jews are the ritual target of anti-lifers and sociopaths, who like to persecute innocent people who look like them. This is where these cyclical crises of discrimination and pogroms are coming from since antiquity. After a 78-year remission, the pogrom of October 7, 2023 re-launched an infectious cycle, also revealing sometimes quite unexpected asymptomatic carriers: European or American media, the french «Verts», UN administrations, etc. Hopeless.




Without speaking of these so useless conflicts between different religions, the disagreement between religious persons and atheists give rise to an unbelievable swing play, between opposed opinions which are as much dogmatic. It yielded an incredible sum of suffering which never brought anything to anybody.



France was for centuries the land of a violent «catholic» fanaticism which would be called today a religious «integrism», see a form of terrorism: inquisition, crusades, slaughters and persecutions against the Catharists, the Templars, the Protestants... Some pervert ideas of this epoch still exist today, for instance that pleasure, especially sexual, would be a sin. And it is rather funny to see all our nowadays scientists, politicians and businessmen, all of them more atheist and materialist the one than the other, still wearing the dark and sad clothes which were imposed by this «religious» refusal of pleasure and beauty!!!

The Revolution epoch, despite significant moves in other domains, was, in the spiritual domain, just a simple inversion of values, bringin on power atheist ideologies which showed at last as much pervert and violent that the perverted religion they criticized: materialism, rationalism, sade's egocentric and anti-moral views, which are still the basis of our today consumer society. As to persecutions and slaughters, they never stopped, just they changed of target! The consequences of the anti-religious fanaticism of French Revolution are still very visible today: refusal of science to study mind phenomenon (spirituality, parapsychology, mysterious phenomenon, see my book «>General Epistemology»), administrative decisions stampeding the most basic human realities, social discriminations (see my page on children rights) or simple hypocritical inertia (rock concerts in cathedrals...)

The evolution of the balance in France followed a complex curve; so the end of the 19th materialist and bourgeois century had witnessed an intense dogmatic activity in Rome, and a burst of artistic creation, while at the same time state was harassing religious peoples, sometimes violently, (expulsion by force of the Chartreux in 1903, who recovered the freedom to use their domain only... during the Occupation in 1942). More recently, when I was a child (1959) it was considered bad manner not to go to the catechism, while my own children (1999-2000) had to withstand strong pressure against their religion.


The existence of dangerous sects provoked a positive reaction against this problem; but, here again, atheist integrists jumped on this marvellous occasion to attack at a whole any form of spirituality, using as pervert means than the sects do.


In Muslim countries, the irruption of atheist materialism was an unbearable cultural shock, which produced a tightening around a small set of traditional Islamic rules. Unfortunately, this come back was done in a dualistic way, leading to dictatorship, fascist regimen (talibans) or to serious violations of human rights (Iran). My wish for Muslim countries is that they manage to protect their culture and spirituality in front of materialistic aggressions, while accepting more flexibly freedom and aspirations of peoples.

(Added in May 2011: the Arab Spring is promising to fulfill this wish)

The words «integrism» or «fundamentalist» are often used to nab movements like the talibans. I do not like these words, as in a way they are «born newspeak». In a correct language this could mean: to be honest, to live honestly one's religious values, to come back to the foundation, to come back to the altruistic and generous intuition of the prophets. It is right on what the world needs the most today, really honest peoples, valuable ethic foundations, which would eliminate from the very base all those absurd «religious» conflicts.


In Marxist countries, the refusal of any spirituality led to appalling persecutions. With my opinion this famous Marxist materialism is only the 19th century bourgeois materialism, just turned over: in place of defending the clan of the owners, it defends the clan of the workers. But it is still a clan, it is always the same dualistic and discriminatory mind, which led so much populist brutes to power. As to the marvellous ideal of social solidarity at the very base of the communist utopias, it was never brought in facts, for an extremely simple reason: the techniques and knowledge which would have allowed to achieve it, are in the spiritual domain, that precisely the communists rejected. So they pretended to go ahead, while nailing themselves down to the ground. Ah, if mao zedong had heard at the Dalaï Lama, in place of just trying to use him, China would be today an incredible success and an example to the world.


Today in France, the concern about avoiding clans and discriminations made unadvisable the wearing of religious objects at school. This argument is relevant, but I feel as if the recurrent rattlings against the Islamic scarf are much more motivated by a crude refusal of the religious fact itself, from people who are materialist atheists far before being democrats or lay peoples. I feel that a really lay society is a society which accepts all its members. As a matter of facts, to have a spiritual practice, it is not only «believing» or «having an opinion», it is also to commit ourselves in moral values, a way of life, and purposes to this life. And this is necessarily visible in the world, as much as race and gender are visible. We cannot hide this! A society where we are free to «believe» in private life, but where we must clothe and behave «normally» in public life, this is not a lay society, this is an fundamentalist atheist society, this is a society of cowards and robots. Public school, administration, work, hospital, all must equally welcome everybody for what they are, gender, race, religion, dreams, commitments. Everybody must go to school without fear of pressures or vexations, not from teachers and especially not from other students (thanks to the French ministry Ségolène Royal who forbad ragging!). I am not Muslim, and I am even specially opposed to certain sexist customs which claim to define Islam. But, despite this, when I see young ladies being harassed because of the scarf, I can only think to the constant stalking I was myself the victim for all my school time, or to my own vegetarian children who spent all their afternoon with an empty stomach because in France a sadian tenet like eating meat is a legal obligation in school meals.

And the so-called law on the «laïcité» recently voted in France anyways contradicts the article 18 of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights: «Everyone has the right to freedom of thought, conscience and religion ... either alone or in community with others and in public or private, to manifest his religion or belief in teaching, practice, worship and observance.». So this law has no value, and all who will «apply» it will place themselves in the same situation than papon. This collusion in facts between a «right wing» party (with numerous racist members and a leader recently sentenced in court) and a materialist «left wing» party is however only the logical continuation of numerous similar dirty tricks in common (nuclear power, daylight saving time, etc...). Please also see the image under for correctly reacting against this «law».

What I think is that to hide religious choices at school will just worsen things, by making religion a conflictual thing. Quite on the contrary a really lay school would be a place where everyone would be allowed to come with his own spiritual choices, where everyone could live his commitments without fearing any retaliation, where children could discuss and exchange on this subject, if they want. What I think is that youngsters are perfectly able of this, as soon as the rule of the game is clear, as soon as they will not see religion despised or left to fanatics, as soon as they will not see their parents victims of discrimination or poverty. On the other hand, it is indispensable to act with the firmest will as soon as appear pressure, vexations, conflicts, proselytism, sects, dualistic clans. But this will require much more intelligence and discernment that simply levelling down the society.



In this 21th spiritual century, EVERYBODY now knows that knowledge of our mind is the key of our happiness, at an individual level or social level as well. So everybody knows that authentic spiritual study and practice are social needs as well as education or ecology. As to the sects and other forms of «religious» terrorism, it is a good new to see them condemned all other the world. But the true remedy is absolutely not in war, it is in the suppression of this terrible dualistic mind which make us see enemies where there are only other human beings like us.



quadripolar diagram spirituality and laicity Top: Understanding,
Middle: protection,
but also
Bottom: conflicts,


(1) is the violent religious fanaticism (what some name «fundamentalism»).

(2) is the violent atheist fanaticism, as illustrated in France at time of the Revolution, or in «communist» countries.

(3) is the lay society, state of right which does not favour the spiritual domain, but which warranties for everybody the freedom to study and practice a spiritual discipline. Today society is roughly in (3), despite certain excess in a way or the other.

(4) is the move accomplished by France in the course of its evolution. At bottom left, it is Middle Age, in violent fanaticism.(1). With Renaissance, then the Century of Enlightenment, the point moves toward the middle, horizontally, as we are still in the domain of beliefs stated a priori. With sade's immoralism there is no risk to rise, but this time we are at the bottom right, (2) the violent integrist materialism of the Revolution. 19th century still sees an anti-religious feeling, but more moderated. Materialism invests science: it is the materialistic dogma, still powerful today. Then the level rises, with the appearance of the notions of democracy and of respect of persons. However there is a detour at left with the bourgeois puritanism in the 1870'. At last in the second half of the 20th century we get in (3).

(5) is the true spiritual approach, which starts from reflection to climb toward knowledge. Dogmatism and sects invert this move toward (1), the religious fanaticism.

(6) is the true scientific approach, which starts from reflection to climb toward knowledge. The materialist dogma forbids science to climb highher than (3), and usually it falls back to (2), for instance with technocracy, which is just materialistic fundamentalism.

For the victims of the Islamophobia (2) in France it is very important not to reply with (1) (fanaticism) but with (5) (authentic spirituality). So the energy stupidly wasted to fight the human spirit and consciousness will result in giving them more strength.


(For detailed explanations on this Quadripolar Logic© Diagram, see the first part of my book «General Epistemology»)


Update in May 2024: Less novelties here, save that recently, the 7 October 2023 pogrom by the fascist hamas of Gaza: their antisemitic mindset infected some people in free countries. This shifted the equilibrium point in defavour of Muslims, especially on matters like the scarf and other visible practices.

Iran sees a rising hate of their sadomasochist sexist government, while free countries see a general rise of spirituality.