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Here are the useful adresses and resources I could find, on all what produces happiness (personnal or social), peace, living in harmony, poetry, beauty, harmony... Ressources are gathered in blocks by topics, with links toward similar subjects or pages.




Sects and mind control

Last update: November 19, 2013


See also: Stalking



Definitions: In this page and in all my writings and discourses I understand by a «sect» a dangerous organization or a false spiritual teaching, whatever its legal statute. English rather uses the word «cult», but this word being already used to name true spiritual practices, it cannot be used to name nasty things, otherwise it is Newspeak. So I recommend to everybody not to use this word to name sects.

Important introduction: today, to act effectively against dangerous sects without becoming oneself a persecutor, requires to understand that there are THREE NESTED LEVELS of manipulations. Otherwise, while pretending to fight one of these levels, we become an objective accomplice of the two others.



First level of manipulation: the sects by themselves.


I would define sects as false moral, social or spiritual practices, leading their followers to dependence, harmful or anti-social actions, to the contrary of authentic spiritual, social or moral practices which lead their followers to freedom and happiness, and also to be positive members of society.


However few people seem to really understand this, and define a sect by a group which threatens social peace or has illegal practices. But we have to understand than this legalistic definition does not catch groups which are smart enough not to break the law, but which propose bogus ethical conceptions or false, ineffective or dangerous spirituality, or «therapies» leading to selfishness, depression, dependence. Worse, if one edicts laws which are NOT designed to protect citizens, then one ban valid spiritual practices, and anyone can then be regarded as a sect! Recent example in France, the «law» against «ostentatious religious signs» openly violates article 18 of the human rights. In the USA, we rather see the opposite course: dangerous people hiding behind freedom of speech or freedom of religion. But this goes against the very purpose of these freedoms.


The cult phenomenon cannot be fought by a superficial and egocentric society, and all the less by psychological or social normalisation, because it precisely originates from the anxiety and conflict born from selfishness and materialism, combined with the ignorance of spiritual things. Fundamentalism originates in the stupidity and hatred of others. Hence the obvious antidotes: solidarity society, general and spiritual culture, social hygiene...



Second level of manipulation: the excesses of the fight against sects and against fundamentalism.


The healthy awareness against sects, from 1974 onward, led to the creation of associations and laws designed to protect people. But, by the classic play of amalgam, this also led to an anti-social, stupid and very dangerous reaction against spirituality at a whole.

However there are much deeper cause to this reaction:

* Scientistism and materialism claiming to «scientifically» explain everything while denying the human mind, poetry, love, happiness, meaning of life, etc... These materialistic and amoral ideologies are the perverse root of many «administrative» concepts leading to this grey and noisy world

* A kind of «philosophical defence» of capitalism, which sees altruism, kindness, solidarity, beauty and poetry as threats against their childish financial interests, including religious practices such as moral, kindness, altruism.

* A dangerous Sadian or libertarian movement, which rejects any morals as puritanism or «personal matter».

And their methods are quite vicious, such as calling meditation or vegetarianism «mind control»! (French tabloid Charlie Hebdo, right wing populism)

In France, the ADFI (or UNADFI) placed themselves as top anti-spiritual manipulators: condemning the whole New Age and holistic cares without any nuance (Bulles n° 84), and the East-West meeting (Bulles n° 76) where they describe the sects with the vocabulary of Indian spirituality (guru, Ashram, etc.). We even read here that refusal of alcohol and tobacco are «violations of physical integrity»! It is clear that there are some really sectarian blokes in this group, and nobody to chuck them out. This unacceptable situation is even more dangerous with the endorsement and funding by the French government!



Third level of manipulation: sects posing as victims.


In many places the defence against sects is presented as a serious infringement on spiritual freedom, and sects as nice groups which have a «new spirituality», and are persecuted by the evil governments and the bad religions. Of course they put their tearful professions of faith on every sites on esotericism, organic food, alternative medicine and New Age... But not on mine, because the first of their sites, the French, was registered in the USA, under the name of Ashley Prince, one of the patrons of Scientology!

We can consider that this perverse game is greatly facilitated by the second level of manipulation, in particular the abuse of public powers (In France: persecutions against Waldorf schools, segregation against Muslims and vegetarians in school canteens, withdrawals of children from their families, humiliating police searches...) or by the amateurism of some associations (French UNADFI)

This third level of manipulation will still more confuse a situation (the first two levels) that our politicians already have a lot of trouble to understand. It is urgent, if we want to avoid a disaster, to fight against the three levels all together. And the method for this is an exact knowledge and effective recognition of what is spirituality, a serious public scientific recognition of phenomena such as the NDE, and the recognition of the basic right of people to live something else than the absurd capitalist competition in concrete block cities.



Useful conclusions


Ignorance of the true causes of the sectarian phenomenon is far more dangerous than the phenomenon itself.

Especially, people who «ignore» any of the three levels of manipulation above, place themselves as de facto allies of the two other levels.


Some beacons to know if you are in a sect

(unless it is your practice which is sectarian!!)


Last update: November 19, 2013


Spirituality is the domain of the actualization of the potential of the human mind. So it is a crime against humanity to try to restrain it, or even only to despise it.

But, as in every domain, spirituality has its structures and functioning laws. Even if a variety of cultures and ways are possible, we cannot do everything we want and adepts of all the ways will anyway have to face the same obstacles and fulfil the same requirements.

But before, to be taken in a sect can happen to everybody: only idiots never try to do something from their life. We can criticize sects, we can forbid dangerous groups and punish peoples who acted with duplicity or bad intentions, but we cannot ask the victims to wear a yellow star.

So find here some hints to know if you are in a sect (unless it is your practice which is sectarian!!)

* Spiritual practice must bring peoples closer together, in place of creating a new elite.

* Meditation is more pleasant than ordinary life, but it must not be fleeing this life.

* We cannot measure our compassion with an electronic apparatus.

* A book on spirituality is no more expensive to print than a book on soccer.

* To think at our past lives in Atlantis, or to angels, or to extraterrestrial, and see their image and hear their words in our head, this is not ESP, this is imagination. Everybody can do this, when true clairvoyance requires a long and painstaking training.

* The Yin and the Yang have an equal moral statute, there is not one less good or weaker than the other.

* No spiritual path can claim to be the only one true.

* Nobody can claim to be the only way.

* A true master never imposes himself. We must ask for his help.

* In spirituality like anywhere we can progress only with effort and patience.

* Nobody can become better simply with a member card or a title in a group.

* Nobody can become better with just an opinion. Only respecting others can make us better

* Ethics and common law are like the road code, they also apply in the group.

* An initiation is, as the name tells, the first step of the path. At best, it is an authorization; is never dispenses us of the effort to advance all along this path.

* By principle, spirituality should be a free gift. However the master needs to eat, and to travel to visit us.

* While getting out of a sect, you find yourself in the hands of a psychiatrist or psychologist. If he respect your aspiration and proposes you to involve in a valuable spiritual way, he speaks for you. If he says you must be shameful, if he speaks about «pragmatism», «norm» or «realism», then he is a dangerous materialist integrist. Flee him faster than the sect you just left.

* You want to change of spiritual path? A true Guru can advise you not to do so, but he will never try to enforce you.

* You want to abandon any spiritual practice? A false guru will regret it. A true one too.



Last update November 19, 2013


To protect ourselves against mind control methods in daily life:

The classical book that everybody should read Stalking the soul: Emotional Abuse and erosion of Identity by Marie-France Hirigoyen

You feel yourself inferior, hopeless, incapable, when your partner is brilliant, he can answer everything, he is always right, with his unanswerable dialectics, so long that you begin to doubt of what your own eyes have seen: you encountered a stalker. Useless to try to reason him, and especially not to «sacrifice yourself» to help bring him a cure: he is a psychopath, as much impermeable to reasoning than to emotions. The only thing you can do is to save yourself, by understanding what happened to you, how this being was able to destroy your self-confidence and your love of life. From experience I can only confirm the great value of this book and its precious advices.











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