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Resources for a better world

Here are the useful adresses and resources I could find, on all what produces happiness (personnal or social), peace, living in harmony, poetry, beauty, harmony... Ressources are gathered in blocks by topics, with links toward similar subjects or pages.




Resources on «Alien abduction»


Last update: March 26, 2013


My page on abduction -- News on abduction -- UFOs


Despite most cases of so-called «alien abduction» can be explained as sleep paralysis, there are still studies going on about physical UFO encounters (CE3, which often include «abduction» in an UFO) in the paradygm of extraterrestrial encounters.

John E. Mack Institute

«The mission of the John E. Mack Institute is to explore the frontiers of human experience, to serve the transformation of individual consciousness, and to further the evolution of the paradigms by which we understand human identity. The Institute is named in recognition of Dr John Mack, Pulitzer Prize winning author and Professor of Psychiatry at the Harvard Medical School.»


The discoverer of the psychical hypothesis: Science Fiction et Soucoupes Volantes, by Bertrand Méheust (in french, not translated as far as I know) ISBN 978-2-84362-352-3


Abduction and Sleep Paralysis states (hypnagogic/hypnopompic states)

Sleep paralysis states are about various feelings at twilight of sleep: paralysis, choking, being crushed by an heavy weight, vibrations and sounds, cold wind, presence, sexual excitation, floating, flying...

The scientist Simon J. Sherwood of the Edinburg University (Alternative source) noted similarities between abduction and sleep paralysis. He thinks that Sleep Paralysis would be something relatively normal, but that «occasionally they may be influenced by anomalous processes (e.g., Extrasensorial perception) or may facilitate anomalous experiences.»

So it indeed appears that most of the experiences «in the bedroom» would really be sleep paralysis. If we remark that the «extraordinary« cases reported by people like Bud Hopkins are in facts little credible, then only remain cases of physical encounters with UFO (CE3) and interesting similarities between these CE3 and sleep paralysis.


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