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Resources for a better world

Here are the useful adresses and resources I could find, on all what produces happiness (personnal or social), peace, living in harmony, poetry, beauty, harmony... Ressources are gathered in blocks by topics, with links toward similar subjects or pages.




Resources on webcomics, comics, books, etc.


Last update: April 27, 2013

Here comics which carry a meaning, which give the desire to do positive things, or simply to enjoy their beauty of the future...


Free online webcomics



Inverloch When Acheron, a young Dakor, meets Shiara, a young Elve, he immediately falls in love with her... But how to do, when we are of an half-animal and violent specie? The solution will be quite surprising...


Athang, a beautiful story of Bhutan... (in french) On ligne or In album


The marvellous world of the Eolis On a planet of pure beauty, the tiny people of the Eolis lives, loves and dance, enjoying an unspoiled happiness... Evil is unknown on their planet, but they know that it exists elsewhere... So they have a plan!


The gentle likpas
These little creatures with a funny shape are confronted to intriguing enigma about their origins.


Album comics


Fee The marvellous comics by Marc Bati: Altor...

All these images are © Giraud Bati Bellamy

Original publication in french, links toward french or english version when available as far as I know

<Couverture Altor 1 Altor Tome 1 Le Cristal Majeur (in French)

Couverture Altor 1 Altor Tome 1 The Magic Crystal

Couverture Altor 2 Altor Tome 2 Sur l'Ile de la Licorne (in French)

Couverture Altor 2 Altor Tome 2 The magic Crystal 2 On the island of the Unicorn

Couverture Altor 3 Altor Tome 3 Le Secret D'Aurelys (in French)

Couverture Altor 3 Altor Tome 3 The magic Crystal 3 Aurelys's Secret

Couverture Altor 4 Altor Tome 4: Les Immortels de Shinkara (in French)

Couverture Altor 5 Altor Tome 5 Les Seigneurs Force (in French)

Couverture Altor 6 Altor Tome 6 Les Voies du Temps (in French)

Couverture Altor 7 Altor Tome 7 Les aventuriers du trou blanc (in French)



The marvellous comics by Bruno Bellamy : Sylfeline... (in french, Sorry, but there is no english version as far as I know)

Couverture Sylfeline 1 Sylfeline: Les 5 mondes de Sylfeline (in French)

Couverture Sylfeline 2 Sylfeline: Les Pouvoirs de Tchoubou (in French)

Couverture Sylfeline 3 Sylfeline: Le Dieu à la Mémoire Perdue (In French)











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I indicate these resources for their interest, but without any waranty on their content that I do not control. (and which can be modified without my notice)

(January 1st 2013) I created these pages in the beginning of the Internet, when we had to «surf on the web» to find sites. Then came Google and others, which made this search miraculously simple. So, for ten years I did not really updated these pages... However, since some years, I note that relevant sites are less and less visible in these search engines, hidden by an increasing number of verbiage pages supported by powerful financial means. And surreptitiously, the vital network of links which formed «the web» has disappeared: we no more control Internet! So I say to everybody:




Then I put these pages back in action.

Do not hesitate to create links toward these pages, or to tell me interesting links.