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Resources for a better world

Here are the useful adresses and resources I could find, on all what produces happiness (personnal or social), peace, living in harmony, poetry, beauty, harmony... Ressources are gathered in blocks by topics, with links toward similar subjects or pages.







Created on September 3, 2003, rewriten and updated September 10, 2021.
Nothing essential was removed.


Page on GENERAL EPISTEMOLOGY, news, books and links


Books and links on NDE and REINCARNATION




Scientific psychophysics (Parapsychology)

After 14 years (in 2021) I am finally updating this resources page. A lot has happened since all this time, with an increasing number of scientific confirmations and of study groups, more strong things like real religious miracles in public. What has unfortunately not changed is that all this is still ignored, and that we still have to deal with the useless denials of a minority of agitated extremists, in the complete silence of the media and mainstream science. Should we speak of cognitive dissonance, or of... «Hubble Tension»?

Why don't these fantastic results make the headlines in the media? Why don't we reorganize politics and government? Why do we stupidly continue to denigrate the powers of the mind over matter as «beliefs» or «irrationality»? Ah, if parapsychology allowed to make bombs, we would talk about it much more. But it «only» offers us to live happily for an infinite time after our death... without any capitalist able to make profit of it.


Reminder: science is not an ideology at the service of a naive materialism. Science is a method to find the truth: both the method and the results belong to everybody. Especially, it can be applied to all topics, including those of a direct concern on our life and happiness, such as ecology, renewable energies, healthy food, spirituality, etc.

Thus, General Epistemology is my contribution to adapt the known scientific methods used in physics to more spiritual topics such as consciousness, ethics, «unexplained» phenomena.

But I prefer to say «psychophysics» (interaction of consciousness with matter) rather than the inaccurate «parapsychology».

Personally, I could witness some cases, including a religious miracle in public. This raises a question, a question that as a scientist I cannot elude. So down with disinformation and mockery, let us go to work, let us get down to facts:




Scientific research on psychophysics

Scientifically impeccable studies shows the reality of these phenomena, sometimes with a probability much higher than the famous «five sigma», to the point that scientists are no longer trying to demonstrate this reality, but to find the best conditions to reproduce these phenomena.

Warning 1: I deliberately left the dead links. They may reappear, or they may inform on the evolution of the domain name. Some are the result of deliberate censorship.

Warning 2: The line between the study of taboo subjects and pseudo-science is not always well drawn, and it can change quickly. I have refused some links, but some others are ambiguous. So please check before quoting, basing studies, or engaging in activities.


NDEs are the field which saw the most progress, especially with the Dutch study, the first scientific recognition of the «transcendent» nature of consciousness, especially of memory. Official publication and full text. Other studies by the IANDS.

IANDS, the leading organization for the scientific study of NDEs


Search for people living experiences (dead site, hidden WHOIS)

Centre d'Etude des Expériences de Mort Imminente


I am not aware of any studies on instants of superconsciousness, too elusive a phenomenon. However, I have had at least two, which spared me serious injuries. Unlike NDEs, instants of superconsciousness occur in situations of danger, but without physical injury. The two are sometimes confused.


Two experiments of the Princeton University shine by the scientific rigour of their results:

The PEAR experiment (Archive of the original censored site) was for several years the most advanced psychophysics laboratory, both in results and in theory. But the work continues in several other organizations such as the ICRL or the Society for Scientific Exploration. Some curious results, with my comments.

The Global Consciousness project from the noosphere is a network of random number generators (supposedly under influence) trying to measure fluctuations in collective emotions, during large events. Several cases have been observed, notably about the great collective prayers.


An assessment of the evidences for psychic functionning (dead link, site still owned by the University of California) (New link) by Professor Jessica Utts, Division of Statistics, University of California, Davis: «Research on psychic functioning... is being examined to determine whether or not the phenomenon has been scientifically proven... (USA) government-funded research conducted at the Stanford Research Institute (SRI), and the Science Applications International Corporation (SAIC). Using standard practices applied in all other fields of science, it is concluded that psychic functioning has been correctly established. The statistical results of the studies reviewed are far beyond what can be expected from chance.»


«Alien abductions» have been explained as sleep paralysis, a phenomenon which is neither parapsychological nor UFO. See my page on this subject. However, they are not totally devoid of parapsychological phenomena, notably OBE and ESP. I personally had a case of checked ESP in this way. See also: Relationship between the hypnagogic/hypnopompic states and reports of anomalous experiences (Alternative source) par Simon J. Sherwood Department of Psychology The University of Edinburgh


On UFOs, we note the first cases officially recognized by the US Navy. An article in Futura Science, and an article in Science Alert. These cases (Optical or radar sighting) do not differ essentially from the cases in the 1950s or 1960s, but they were acquired with much more precise high-tech means. We can wonder why they happen mostly to American military personnel.


Toumo is a meditation technique of Tantric Buddhism, known to generate a feeling of heat in the body. Several studies confirmed the physical reality of the heat (links copied from wikipedia):

- Benson, Herbert(1982). "Body temperature changes during the practice of Tummo yoga". Nature. 295 (5846): 234–235. doi:10.1038/295234a0. PMID 7035966.

- Cromie, William (18 April 2002)."Meditation dramatically changes body temperatures", The Harvard Gazette.

- Kozhevnikov, M; Elliott, J; Shephard, J; Gramann, K (2013)"Neurocognitive and Somatic Components of Temperature Increases during Tummo Meditation: Legend and Reality". PLOS ONE. 8 (3): e58244. Bibcode:2013PLoSO...858244K. doi:10.1371/journal.pone.0058244. PMC 3612090. PMID 23555572.

Studies showed that the physically measurable heat really is the result of the visualisation. But none of them tried to demonstrate whether the effect was parapsychological or not.


Two cases of Toukdam (religious miracle of imputrescibility) recently took place in Europe. I have been able to witness the phenomenon myself, as well as doctors and hundreds of people. It is not a matter of subtle statistical effects, but of a massive violation of the laws of physics: a person whose heart had stopped for three days still had a fresh complexion and no smell. This lasted five days. Another person I knew lasted like that for 9 days, and in India they talk about three weeks.

A remark here is that this phenomenon was in a semi-public setting (I was informed about it by an associative e-mail). It is therefore «very curious» that there was no echo anywhere else than in Buddhist circles, whereas it is a strong proof which should have changed the orientations of life or politics on a large scale.


The «ganzfeld» is a technique consisting in looking at a plain white screen, typically half a ping pong ball placed in front of the eye. Ganzfeld Phenomena (Dead link, domain changed ownership), by Daryl J. Bem, Cornell University. ESP Process Oriented Ganzfeld Research in Amsterdam (Dead link, domain still owned by the University of Amsterdam) Rens Wezelman - Parapsychology Institute, Utrech. Report on the work in progress on the Ganzfeld Project, Adrian Parker Ph.D (dead link, site still owned by the parapsychological association)


The psi-missing (IMI page) is a phenomenon often observed in studies, responsible for the variable or negative results which are often obtained: statistically significant series of negative results bring back the average to zero. Thus, there is a significant change in the variance, but not in the mean.

More importantly, a person who is hostile to spirituality will see nothing of this kind happening, and so there is a confirmation bias in his or her prejudice.

See chapter II-9


Some experiments gave us... food for thought:

Healing effects: the MANTRA study at the Duke University (dead link, site still owned by the University) had some initial positive results, which were not subsequently replicated by a suposedly identical second study. Having witnessed some of their experiments, I think I know why, and it touches on several fundamental issues, see my chapterII-9.


I note two persisting rumours: UFOs neutralizing nuclear weapons, and ESP used for espionage. In a world full of crazy rumours and delirium, we tend not to pay attention, but I think an investigation body and some discreet checking would be useful.




Other organizations (in addition to those above)

The association ONDES previously referenced on this site, is dissolved. It has left the two links below:

France: the Institut Métapsychique International is the hub of a number of research and reflection projects on parapsychology and other unexplained phenomena. They are looking for funding and test subjects, especially those who have had unexplainable experiences or who practice meditation or dream yoga methods.

France: An online journal of objective and rational information about parapsychological phenomena. (dead link, WHOIS hidden)

RHINE research center and institute for parapsychology. See their links page.

>Parapsychology: The controversial science, book by Richard S. Broughton (1991) paperback ISBN: 0345379586, Ballantine Books.

Dick J. Bierman - University of Amsterdam and University of Utrecht

The Dr Bernard AURIOL, MD (Toulouse, France): Studies of group effects in ESP. The results give an average of correct answers similar to that due to chance, but with a larger variance. A detailed study shows curious «psi-missing» effects which contradict the effect of good perceptions and bring the average back to that of chance. Bernard Auriol worked at the University of Toulouse Mirail, and is known to the public for having exposed the responsible for the «Séron fires».

Dean Radin's website

The Parapsychological Association

The Journal of Parapsychology

Society for Psychical Research or Journal of the American Society for Psychical Research

The American Psychological Association publishes some articles of interest here

The Journal of Parapsychology publishes in peer referee





Yes, psychophysical effects exist.
What do we do now?

I wrote in January 2007 that the defeated skeptics still continue to discourage research. After the last attempts to drown the fish by asking for bizarre statistical verifications, even the opponents recognize today that the effects exist. Yes, but, they ask: what next? What conclusion can be drawn from this observation, in a science which a priori refuses any «spiritual» or «metaphysical» data?? None, and parapsychologists are stuck, for lack of a theoretical framework to interpret these results. I even read somewhere (link lost, sorry) that, in fact, most parapsychologists would refuse to consider «spiritual» or «metaphysical» explanations, such as a disembodied consciousness or life after life! It is then understandable that these people have «trouble» finding a theory.


This is where my «General Epistemology», not only extends the scientific method to allow it to apprehend «spiritual» data, but it also proposes the theory of logical self-generation, which allows us to apprehend psychophysical phenomena without losing the... scientific mind. What I did not foresaw, is that this book finds itself today in a position to unlock scientific parapsychology, by offering it the theoretical framework that it was missing. After 21 years, it is time to react. I can do a lot of things, but not to be several.


Your turn to play, guys.


For this, you might need to read my book, even if I have long hair, a nose and no tie. An that this book is of free access on the Internet.




The anti-psy reactionaries

I added this part in 2021, because this problem is taking on a dangerous magnitude, with real scientistist conspiracies against psychophysics (real scientists prudently keeping their distance from the «debate»). Probably the most perverse effect of conspiracy theories is to reduce our awareness of the real conspiracies (Rylander affair for tobacco, The Koch networks against climate, the lobby for drug legalization, Olgina Trolls against world peace, etc.). It is therefore not surprising to find real anti-psychophysics conspiracies, which masquerade as «the reason» or as «the science», under the guise of «scepticism» or «psychology». When they are not simply motivated by raw hatred of life, to the point of wanting that there is nothing beyond death.


The Wikipedia Guerrilla Skeptics (Wayback machine), a group of wankers who spend their precious human life time vandalizing wikipedia pages talking about parapsychology, UFOs, NDEs, etc. with the blessing of the libertarian, individualist and materialist director, Jimmy Wales. Generally speaking, we touch on the blatant lack of neutrality of wikipedia, and not only in psychophysics (drug lobby). This wikipedia cabal has resulted in the erasing from the Princeton University website of one of the best psychophysics experiments, the PEAR experiment.


James Randi's Alpha Project, which infiltrated organizations with counterfeiters in order to discredit them. Randi was a music hall actor best known for challenging people to prove their psychic powers, with a multi-million dollars check to back it up. I argue here that this was a deliberate forgery, for several reasons:

- If a person's thoughts can influence an object, then so can the thoughts of hostile witnesses. Randi could not be unaware of this trickery, which is well known in the field and often used by «skeptics». (See discussion in Chapter II-9)

- If a person can use psychic powers to make money, then this person does not need Randi to do that. On the contrary, he or she had better not to draw attention.

- Spiritually realized people take a vow not to publicize their powers, with some carefully controlled exceptions. A sincere scientific study is already problematic, so what to say of a Randi-style fair show.

Poor Randi, he must be very unhappy now that he is dead, but still conscious.


And of course always the boosting disinformation, namely the real pseudo-sciences, the «quantum medicine», the gluten-free toxic electricity meters, etc. Their mechanism of action is twofold:

- To lead sincere aspirations astray into dead-end paths.

- To lead to a generalized reaction of rejection against the real data.




Psycho-scams and assorted disinformation

- To talk about the «psychology» of psych witnesses,to call them «believers».

- Listing together serious studies and real nonsense.

- And always the ritual accusations of heresy-pseudoscience.

Speaking of accusations of pseudoscience, they turn themselves against their authors:

-Ronald Siegel has confessed to being the author of the «neuromediator fireworks» theory, which is now the official pseudoscience to «explain» NDEs. («La Source Noire», chapter 1, by Patrice Van Eersel, published in 1987). Problem, he only «supposed», without any experimental verification, and with the sole purpose of «fighting the irrational».

-The same Ronald Siegel claims to have tried all the drugs, in order to accredit another official pseudoscience, that drugs produce «spiritual experiences». The problem is that he has not tried any spiritual practice for comparison.

- The pseudoscientific theory of the «scandium fires» to «explain» the Hessdalen phenomena. Apparently ignoring that stones do not burn. There are real scientists daring to repeat this nonsense.

- We heard at a time that Christopher French was the one finding that «alien abductions» would be sleep paralysis. An internet search does not confirm this claim, the only link I found says «specialists» (Dead link toward an ad site). Wikipedia likes French, showing a kind and smiling portrait of him. But on wikipedia we see only his studies with classical explanations, but none with positive results. That he necessarily encountered, so many they are. This is the opposite of cherry picking: shit picking.












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