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Resources for a better world

Here are the useful adresses and resources I could find, on all what produces happiness (personnal or social), peace, living in harmony, poetry, beauty, harmony... Ressources are gathered in blocks by topics, with links toward similar subjects or pages.




Caution, organic rip-off!

The long lasting absence of a genuine environmentalist movement slowly but inevitably leads to a degeneration of the basic knowledge on organic farming and sane diet, as they are now cut off their spiritual, social or scientific roots.

We already know ancient swindles like organic meat, organic wine, and so many organic snake oils which encumber certain shops. But more seriously, the very basis of sane food and diet seem to begin to fall into oblivion... and this can lead to health hazards. So everybody knows that proteins must be in enough quantity regarding carbohydrates. This is why simply suppressing meat without changing the other things can lead to an unbalance (excess of carbohydrate), which can ruin your vegan reform, and result in obesity or other health troubles. For this reason, any diet reform must include whole grains, under the form of whole wheat bread, noodles, couscous, grain dishes, seitan, soy, quinoa, etc. with the strict banishment of white bread, white couscous, white noodles, and white flour cakes. But what I see is that it is more and more difficult to find wholegrain foods, and even the labelling is becoming misleading. So «wheat flour» seems to always mean «white flour»! I even found a shopkeeper who sells wholegrain bread only on order, otherwise «customers don't buy it»!! We could expect an organic shop keeper to educate the customers, instead of this counter-productive clientelism... Other example, «hyperproteined» biscuits, made of... white flour and... milk proteins!!! How could we more obviously mock at the social and economic basis of ecological food!!! I also found in France green noodles «made of quinoa» (a Peruvian grain, with a high protein content), which could make a reliable basis for a balanced diet... except that the label says «flour», thus white flour, with only some percent of quinoa! Useless to say that these noodles are not better than the supermarket noodles! I am angry about this organic swindle which cost me several kilos, before I understand the problem.

For this reason I very seriously invite all the readers of this page to inquire about basis of diet reform, to be VERY cautious to what they buy, and bugger all the shops, suppliers, producers, etc. so that they keep supplying quality foods really fulfilling the dietetic, social and scientific basis of sane and ecological food. The good ideas are seitan (wheat which starch was eliminated) or soy proteins that we can mix with vegetables or leguminous plants, without forgetting the little meditation about satiety of wholegrain, which so easily allows to eliminate the hunger of meat. Caution not to be fobbed off «soy flakes» which are perfectly indigestible... as, like I saw, certain organic shop keeper are really incompetent.




When irrationality invests ecology


December 13, 2012


As I pointed out in a previous post, the void left by the departure of the founders of organic farming creates a dangerous situation: in case of any problems unforeseen by the specifications, who will define the right organic practice?

And actually it happened: a short list of basic foods is today under frivolous charges, for purposes of defending commercial interest:

-Soy was accused of being a real poison by Nexus, a journal which spreads conspiracy theories and pseudo-spiritual balderdashes.

-Gluten is accused of causing allergies, to the point where it is now fashionable to claim to be intolerant to gluten. Of course, these charges are based on no scientific or epidemiological basis, and the list of supposed symptoms includes almost any common discomfort, so that everyone can play to make believe to be a victim of gluten... while continuing to happily eat croissants! In my opinion, gluten intolerance is the disease of Argan (A character of the Molières play «Le malade imaginaire», or «The Imaginary Invalid»).

-Palm oil was subjected, in France in 2012, to a full scale media lynching, accusing it of all evils: bad for health (although saturated oils are essential nutrients) and being involved in deforestation (which is partly true, since Greenpeace had targeted this production for this motive. However the appropriate response is not boycott, but to require an eco-friendly oil from producers, as organic companies do for a long time). It is remarkable that the French Government needed only some months to respond, by... proposing a tax! While this Government is deaf since decades to far more serious problems.

-Wholegrain bread, the emblem of organic food if we needed one, is harder and harder to find, after a legend as what it irritates the intestines (This plays on a confusion: it is integral bread which does this, because it contains the irritating chaff).

(Added on March 26, 2013) The quinoa, another protein-rich food, was very predictably added to the list: it would «kill» the Peruvians and the Bolivians! In reality, most of our quinoa comes from organic farming and fair trade, which warrants a minimum impact, while bringing a very welcome income to these poor countries.

-If aspartame is not part of organic products, it is also in this list, and we shall see that it is for similar reasons.

-Tous les isolants thermiques sont «cancérigènes»... sauf bien sûr la laine, amplement promue, idéalisée et parée de qualités qu'elle n'a pas, y compris pour des usages tout à fait déraisonnables comme... l'isolation des bâtiments!

-All the thermal insulators are «carcinogenic»... save of course wool, heavily promoted, idealized and dressed with qualities it hardly has, including for quite unreasonable purposes such as... insulating buildings!

-Seemingly unrelated, vegetarians are often called «fundamentalists».


All this furiously resembles an underhand campaign, specifically targeting a small number of key foods essential to a well led vegetarian diet. Indeed, everyone knows that for a successful vegetarian transition, it is not enough to «remove meat»: we need a source of proteins to replace it. Hence the obligation for wholegrain bread, wholegrain cereals, soy (available in many forms) and seitan (traditional Japanese gluten-based product). Similarly, butter and animal fat (also saturated, but this is not criticized in the propaganda above) must be replaced with unsaturated vegetable oils (olive, sunflower, etc.) AND saturated oil (Palm, copra).

And who has interest into preventing such a beneficial and necessary transition? The lobby of meat and dairy, which already heavily pushed many «derogations» in the specifications of organic farming. At least, they are smarter than the oil or nuclear maniacs: instead of discrediting themselves in a frontal opposition to ecology, they take control of it from inside! And this is all the more easy that the «Greens» today are far too busy smoking marijuana or making their kids adopted by homosexuals, to remember the foundations of ecology such as non-violence or the connection with spirituality.

To conclude, I would say that only science, a science rigorously independent of any financial or ideological interests, can determine, by epidemiological tests, what is safe to eat or not. This is what I was hinted at in the time (1970s and before), that the specifications of organic farming and food were based on recognized scientific results (Dietetics, medicine, toxicology). For those who missed it, new studies like the The China Study have regularly confirmed these results, and even beyond. Especially, the negative effects of meat and dairy products are more and more scientifically established, to the point that even pediatricians are starting to abandon the cult of milk. Oh, as at random, there is a lot of «controversy» around this report...











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