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The Elves of the Dauriath

The story of Naëreen and Nimly-Neriel in the afterlife

By Yichard Muni, Elf bard


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This text is a part of a larger plot, beginning with «The Kiss of the Worlds»

Index of the stories: chronological order, or ordered by creation date



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Important background music for this story: Ancestral Stargate or Talisman from Max Corbacho.

This story is different of the others, as it does not happen in the physical world (Nyidiath and Dauriath) but in the afterlfe, in the Elven paradise of Shelenaë. This is a totally different vibe, which translates in a different page background color. We find again some characters, but in a much more free setting.

It is the continuation of the story of Naëreen and Nimly. They lived long long ago, in the Nyidiath world of the Humans, well before the Dauriath, the world of the Elves, was accessible.

Nimly was the son of an abusive father, the landlord and tyrant of their small island. During a travel, Nimly met a wonderful Elve, Naëreen, and they fell in love together. But the father opposed this love, and he made the whole elven tribe slaughtered. Seeing this, Nimly committed suicide, to escape the continuous mocking and hazing by the stupid people of their island. This would be a very sad story, if it was not for the continuation: Nimly found back Naëreen in the afterlife paradise of the Elves, where they will be forever happy and free to love each other.


I know the conditions in the afterlife are still speculative, with very few data points. We still have some interesting ones, though:

1) The scientific study of advanced NDE, past the «light», especially in the Dutch study.

2) The Bardo Thödöl, or the Tibetan book of the dead, which seems to be a testimony of advanced yogis having explored the afterlife

3) The first scientific theory of consciousness, the Logical self-Generation theory. This theory predicts that consciousness survives death. But especially, it gives hints of how the afterlife may look like, the resemblances and differences with the physical life. This theory also addresses a thorny issue: if our consciousness is similar to a dream, how we can actually share this dream with other people, to the point of creating a whole universe with a community living in.


Now to the story.


Nimly and Naëreen's tribe arrived in the afterlife paradise created by Shelenaë. They landed in a kind of greeting area, with mentors ready to help them to get accustomed to their new way of life.

Nimly wanted to change his name, which reminded him way too much the so many times he had been called for scolding. Together with Naëreen, they choose Neriel, a sweet floating blonde angel with fuzzy curly hair and white gown! Naëreen just went as she had be in the physical world: a merrily dancing blonde Elve in shiny white gown.

They soon learned to teleport to other places, with a special meditation. In the beginning, it was difficult, so the tribe was sent to a newbies place. Neriel remained stuck here for years, bound to use only the collective meditation sessions to move with the whole tribe, before being able to safely teleport by himself.

Their tribe managed to create their own village of small wooden houses in a cute green garden strewn with flowers. It was still simple and somewhat standardized, but now they knew how to do better. Later, Neriel learned to build landscapes, plants, houses, temples, boats, and many other strange things that he discovered little by little. There were also clothes designers, hairs designers, and others, able of arranging body shapes and skins to the taste of the wearer. But what Neriel and Naëreen preferred was to create plants, rocks, gardens and small houses. Building in the afterlife is fairly simple, as we only need to visualize something, and it becomes «real». But do do this accurately with stable results requires a lot of concentration and meditation! Once learned, great builders were able to create themselves magical things, and even whole worlds, as the founders Elves did.

When they knew to manage their new lives, especially teleporting, they left the newbies area. With their new training, they teleported their whole village in one piece, in a larger place, at the foot of a reddish rock with caves. It was surrounded by a maze of tree patches and small meadows, strewn with an incredible variety of flowers and colored mushrooms. Other tribes were living a bit further, so that they did not needed to teleport to visit each other.

This place looked like a large valley, between amazing mountains which extended on hundreds of kilometers without actual inhabitants. They were pure creations of the imagination, with deep gorges, cliffs, odd caves, strange creatures, magical dens and mysterious mines, accumulated over the centuries for the mere fun of creating astounding landscapes!

Later, Neriel succeeded into teleporting on his own, and land precisely where he wanted. He then much enjoyed exploring a lot of places in the afterlife, which are all of an astounding beauty, but also in an incredible variety: crystal palaces, cathedrals of rainbow colored sugar, wonderful forests with platforms, sensual flowery glens, incredible undersea flowers...


One day however, Neriel received the visit of... the philosopher! His former mentor in his physical life, that he knew as Master Eyquem. He also had changed his name: Master Shaun Rang. He now had a totally different appearance than in his material life: the former fatty short man had become a tall slender Elder, all clothed in a dark blue gown of Magi, with a pointy hat, an impressive mass of long black hairs and a massive beard. He wore a fur collar and embroideries, with shiny stars moving around his hat. His concentration power made of him a great builder, as we shall see.

Actually, he had to entirely reconsider his philosophy, which was interesting, but tainted with several subtle errors. He succeeded in doing so, and now he was respected by the ancient Elfs. We guess that his huge knowledge of Humans would indeed be of a great use when the Elves will be accepted in the Nyidiath again, and the Humans will have to rebuild their destroyed and polluted world. He will accept to take birth again as a scientist! But for a short time only.


Actually, in the Afterlife, «knowing» happens very differently than in the physical world. In the material world, we have to rely on physical messages to learn and exchange: speech, books, etc. In the afterlife, ideas and information come spontaneously, when we have similar ideas or emotions. So that people who were not especially in Master Rang's kind of dark blue fairy tale esoterism may never find him, or even not hear about his existence at all. But having similar thoughts bring sooner or later the connection, even if we do not seek it. On their side, Naëreen and Neriel first had to speak together to exchange new ideas. But quickly they became telepaths, as it is the norm in the afterlife: they shared so much that their thoughts created a common space. An intimate couple soon becomes more than the sum of the two: a single being, with two components. They can also exchange emotions this way, and even pleasure. This is why the bed life in the Great Beyond is finally very different, and much more interesting.

This is why nor Naëreen neither Neriel could guess the existence of Master Rang. It is him who inquired of the fate of his former pupil, that he still loved as Nimly. But he had no idea of what was around him, so that when he landed in front of his home, he discovered Naëreen, his new name Neriel, the tribe, and their whole merry village of songs and happiness. He was really thrilled to find that Neriel was finally so happy with a wonderful Elve!


Naëreen had no connection at all with Master Rang, but this connection established little by little, through Neriel. So that one day, they decided to seek his mysterious den of knowledge and magic, high in a mountain cave!

In the material world, it is totally unrealistic to try to find a hidden place in a thousands kilometers mountain range, without a single clue or trail. Not in the afterlife: there it is the normal way to do. So Neriel and Naëreen just sat together as they used to do, for their meditation. But finding Master Rang was not so simple: in only a few years, he had put on a whole initiatic labyrinth around his place. And useless to try to take bearings or any visual clue: the different steps had quite simply no defined place, so that there was no way to walk from one to the next. They had to teleport, and for this to follow the subtle trail of vibes that he had created.

And also, remember an very important feature of the afterlife. In the physical world, unicorns do not exist, however hard you wish. But in the afterlife, simply thinking at an unicorn can make it appear. And, well, a lot of other things too. Beware of surprises!

So the first round of meditation by Naëreen and Neriel just failed.

They tried a second time some days later, and this time the teleportation threw them in what seemed a mountain valley. But this one was entirely wild, with huge cedar trees and boulders. It also was a very different vibe of their own valley. In the afterlife, we cannot be killed or injured, but fear can still bring us in dire predicaments, like being stuck in unpleasant places, unable to escape, with grinning monsters pawing us. So the first day, Naëreen and Neriel failed again, preferring to hug each other so that the vibe of their love brought them back together in their bed! To make matter worse, they clearly heard Master Rang laughing. So that they felt a bit stupid. That dang Human was beating them!


The third attempt brought them back in the valley. In fact, the vibe was more awe than fear, of a fantastic inviolated nature, as were the Rocky Mountains before any colonist settled in. And it was indeed an extraordinary landscape. The floor of the valley was strewn with huge boulders, with a creek cascading here and there. Tall cedar trees were strewn around, interspersed with meadows bearing all sorts of strange medical plants. Then on each sides, formidable vertical cliffs arose at an impossible height, with always one or more cloud hiding the top. In the afterlife clouds do not arise from meteorology, they are designed, in the instance to give a feeling of overwhelming size. Still above those cliffs were snowy mountains. In the virginal silence of pristine nature, the low rumble of the cascades was echoing all along the cliffs, so that each murmured strange mantras, like singing monks. The different cliffs were even replying each other, sharper on the close side, lower for the furthest places. For Naëreen and Neriel who, in their whole bodily life never went higher than ten meters above sea level, it was indeed a fantastic view, and quite intimidating. They started meditating at accepting this wild, untamed and awesome vibe, when suddenly a huge wild animal bellowing reverberated all along the valley! Scared to the bones, they were again projected back in their bed!

This time, Master Rang had enough mercy not to come laughing. But as soon as Neriel and Naëreen started their fourth meditation attempt, they clearly heard his voice: «You must destroy the paradigm». What a paradigm was, they had no idea, and even less how to destroy it. At best Neriel remembered hearing this word from former Master Eyquem, when both were still Humans in the island of his father. Nimly may have made a very discouraging look, as Master Eyquem lowered his shoulders, sighed and never used such words again.

So these two found themselves again in the same valley, with even their feet traces from the previous attempt, starting and ending in some meters. In the afterlife, we don't leave feet traces. If we do, it is on purpose. Like to remind them of their first failed attempt. Well, feet traces starting and ending in the middle of a sand beach, as in some strange UFO story, it is remarkable.

But this time they were not alone.

They sat, closing their eyes, and started meditating. Meditating on not hearing the huge animal cry again. Meditating to thwart the fear growing in their hearts. An insidious fear swelling and receding by waves, without apparent cause and feeding on itself. Before they realize, these waves turned into the sound of a breath. Then, in a huge rhythmical roaring of a fire, with red light and heat... Useless to try to not open their eyes: in the afterlife shared dream, we see anyway, because there is not distinction between the external scene and our inner vision.

There was a huge dark red dragon waiting for them, nonchalantly letting noisy puffs of flames from his snouts. You may say, friends readers, that dragons do not exist, and invoke all the science and rationality and wikipedia to bar them out of appearing. This works in the Muggle's world, but it is of definitively no help in the afterlife: not only meeting a dragon is perfectly possible, but it even is a serious risk to consider, if you fear them. Worse, it is not as in movies, it is really like being looked at by a roaring blast furnace running at full power, belching fuliginous smoke and sputtering drops of white hot molten iron. A blast furnace with intents, walking toward you as to incinerate you with its hellish fire!

This time Neriel and Naëreen were paralyzed with terror, and totally unable to recenter on their own tender vibe! So that they could not teleport back, and they had to live this terrible experience until its end. If an end there was: they knew very well that the afterlife can turn to a hell, literally, and this is what happens to evil people: to suffer the horror of burning alive, for thousands of years, with no escape from death.

So they tried to meditate again, to counter the terrifying vibe of the dragon. But this just emboldened him: he came closer, with gleaming eyes and a huge laughter reverberating in all the cliffs around. Drops of iron were sparkling on the ground and setting the grass on fire, it was frighteningly realistic. Neriel and Naëreen were sure that he was the paradigm, and they had to destroy it. But how? Fighting him seemed just to make him come closer, and they were now feeling the heat of his flames!

Grabbing some lucidity, they instead meditated acceptance, as they did with the awe-inspiring wild vibration of this place.

Soon the dragon stopped emitting smoke, and his mocking smile became admiration. He leaned his head on the side, like a begging dog. He crouched, and extended his foreleg toward them. This was making a very convenient stairway, and they felt encouraged to climb, until they found a place on his neck, where they could sit and hold at spikes to get secure. As soon as done, the dragon raised again, and started to fly, with the wind screaming around him and booming in his wings. That was an awesome ride and an overwhelming feeling, to suddenly raise along the huge cliffs and see the large cedar trees small as grass.

For what seemed hours, they cruised over an apparently unlimited range of snowy mountains, with inhabited valleys here and there. Each had a different vibe, depending on the people living in. Then they entered a cloud. In the afterlife clouds also are convenient ways to make an apparently seamless transition between different places. Which also makes of them strange and uncertain places, sometimes a bit scary, where we never know what we shall find.

They finally landed on a small terrace of beaten earth, on the top of a grassy knoll. The dragon disappeared, with a last laugh and a huge booming fart, which black smoke dissipated slowly.

They were in still another place, this one silent and mysterious. Fog surrounded them, only allowing to see a path. For a second, they heard Master Rang laughing, and explaining «the paradigm is not a thing which exists in the world, it is an idea that you have. Destroying a paradigm is simply abandoning this idea, so that the actual situation can proceed. You had the idea that the dragon had bad intents, and you destroyed this idea. This made the situation totally different». Darn Master! They thought.

They followed the path, this time to find themselves between two cliffs, in a narrow gorge. The place was cold and unwelcoming, between walls of seamless gray rock, and just some grasses each side of the path. The only thing to be heard was water slowly dripping somewhere. For the Elves accustomed to a constant chirping of birds and songs, silence was a strange and soothing experience.

Then it was there. The entrance of the tunnel. The small gorge was coming to an end, with the path entering a gaping obscure mouth. It was as if this darkness itself emitted fear, amplified by the strange silence and mysterious atmosphere. They clasped their hands together, hesitating. Then a thought emerged in their collective mind: there was another paradigm to destroy!! The fear of the unknown, of the obscure places concealing predators and other hazards. Meditating to contemplate the emptiness of their fear: there was no actual danger, it was just Master Rang teasing them again, he could not actually want to harm them. And anyway nothing bad can happen in the afterlife, save precisely what we are afraid of. Their fear slowly receded, until they could enter. In the material world, the fear of cave entrances protects us from the predators and other hazards which may lurk inside. It also is very dangerous to enter alone into a cave, without proper gear and protection. But in the afterlife the only danger is the one we carry into our own mind. Whatever we fear will come to taunt us.

Curiously, the fear of cave entrances disappears as soon as we are into the darkness. But in the afterlife there is no darkness, unless you want it. So that they started to see all through the tunnel as soon as they entered in, not needing lamps. They followed a long gallery, sometimes narrow, sometimes enlarging to rooms with magnificent stalactites, stalagmites and scintillating flowers of white stone. But still the path continued, until they reached a little room.

There were two parallel iron bars on the ground, disappearing beyond a curve of the tunnel. Wondering what it was, they noticed a kind of metallic furniture posed on the two bars, with seats. They had no idea of what it was or what it did, but that looked quite as an invite, so that they sat together. What happened next made them gasp with surprise: the furniture started rolling on the two bars, with a metallic sound. It accelerated until they felt the wind of the run. Soon they noticed other iron tracks branching with their own, in larger galleries. The walls were of every colors of strange minerals forming flowers and odd shapes. In a place, it was like going through a cake of multiple luminous layers of varied textures and foods, with cherries, candied fruits, sugar sculptures. Further, a huge room was filled with self-luminous scintillating crystals of incredible size, making fantastic stained glass figures.

Still further, it was stunningly beautiful: imagine a large room entirely in red, luminous as the sunrise, the ceiling and walls covered with a forest of thin crystals and spikes! The passage to the next room was not by a tunnel, but as through curtains and series of pillars, showing patches of the next color: a powerful aquamarine blue room, all in round velvety mushrooms of stone! Further on, there were rooms of each different colors and styles, with mixed patches in the transitions: shiny yellow, mysterious violet, deep emerald forest green, warm orange, serene blue, and to finish, a scintillating transparent crystal cave! They remained stunned from such an incredible beauty: these crystal caves surpassed any description.

Naëreen and Neriel had little ideas of what were mines, crystals and minerals. Just that each one they were seeing had its own powerful vibration, translated in rock shape, nourishing their soul accordingly. Indeed in the afterlife vibes exist first, and they generate images and sounds only after. Hence the terrible danger of denying vibrations: this can lead to an empty afterlife, a gray world devoid of any content or event. Beautiful crystals and minerals can also be used in the physical world, but there their power is limited to enhancing our mood.


They finally emerged in what at first looked as a kind of valley, where it was always night. Huge dark red cliffs surrounded them, their top disappearing in a purplish fog reflecting the warm golden-orange light from under. This light emanated from numerous flame bearing posts, more the bright windows of several tall curved buildings of a dark purple stone. The later were ornamented with shining crystals, gold friezes and colored spikes. One of them was more elaborated, with shining yellow windows and a huge door. Probably Master Rang had not yet the time to finish the other buildings, which remained more crude.

They followed a long stair winding up the slope toward the main building, with orange luminous posts on each side. In fact, these buildings were on the rock face, so that they had no behind. The whole scene was living in a mysterious purple darkness, illuminated with reddish and golden lights, with here and there some aquamarine stars enhancing the main vibe by contrast. Still there were some grasses and shrubs here, but dark red, in the same style. The vibe was mysterious, of a secret and powerful den of power and magic.

A massive steel door, framed with elaborated bas-relief, slide open as they arrived at the entrance.

They were teleported again, in a more intimate tunnel all illuminated with wonderfully colored shiny crystals. It led them for some dozen meters, until a large room.

At last they were in Master Rang's lair. It was a large dim lighted room, of undefined plan with recesses and massive wooden shelves. Strange lights were moving on the walls. The ground was a thick carpet with complicated brown and dark red patterns. The air was filled with a complex smell of waxed wood, incense, benzoin, dried medical plants, old paper. Several desks and other unusual furniture were of dark wood, and a huge golden orrery was slowly rotating against a dark blue dome ceiling with shining stars. The sight of the whole place was quite impressive, and sort of beautiful, evoking the occult mysteries of the universe, the strange world of magicians and alchemists.

Master Shaun Rang was here, smiling, welcoming them. As usual he wore his dark blue magician gown, with shiny stars moving around his pointy hat. He was on a large armchair with a sculpted dark wood back. Smaller armchairs were for Naëreen and Neriel, with various foods and drinks on a table, to make them feel at ease. Of course in the afterlife we do not need food to sustain our dream body, but still the vibrations of tastes and aromas feed our happiness, in roleplay meals that we celebrate in some occasions. So, the best sweets and cakes were available, like wonderfully crunchy sugar mushrooms, candied fruits and no worries of dietetics! But no aroma beats the beautiful and fulfilling vibe of generosity! This is why offering food is such a common and universal practice, in all the realms from the humblest animals to the highest angels.

They discussed of a lot of things, starting with their past lives in the Nyidiath (the material world). But they were soon tired of evoking these painful memories, so that they switched to more interesting things. In fact they came from very different worlds: Naëreen was living in a merry wandering Elves community living on a boat, selling jewels and clothes for a living, entertaining or healing people when asked to do so. Master Rang was from the strange world of the philosophers and alchemists. So that they had a lot of things to exchange. In comparison Neriel had not much to recount, but he was the indispensable link between these two very different persons.

Naëreen had a wonderful voice, and her moving songs quite charmed Master Rang... and Nimly, who felt his love growing, from his incredible luck of sharing his life with such a beautiful creature. She had learned embroidery too, but in the afterlife we do not need months of tedious work, when visualization is enough to create intricate and crisp images. Yet she brought an inimitable elven style and a professional skill at forming elaborate yet harmonious patterns.

Despite the fancy title he boasted, Master Rang was a simple and very affable person, easy to live with. All this ceremonious attires, title and large chair were those of a teacher. And indeed, he had a lot to learn to whoever wanted to heed him, to the point that even the elder Elfs were sometimes seeking his advice. To do so they came in his lair themselves, instead of inviting him to the Elven Council. This was a way to mean that they liked his strange purplish world, so different of the merry and luminous greenery of the Elves.

As everybody knows, philosophy and alchemy were the forerunners of modern science. Of course they were wrong on many aspects, but it is precisely this bold try and mistake process which finally resulted in the scientific method.

A still common mistake by the time was to consider the Nyidiath flat. However any learned person knew that the Dauriath was visible from some places, and not from others. One of the theories to explain this was that the Nyidiath was a dome, or a sphere. It is the stupid reaction to this idea which caused the turmoil, where Master Eyquem's former university was closed and destroyed, forcing him to exile and living of small jobs.

In this epoch the religious powers were at their strongest, and following that they established their terrible taboos on science and astronomy, which lasted until after the Exodus of the Elves to the Dauriath, 800 years later. Yet they could not forbid the cult of Shelenaë, who also is the goddess of farming for Humans. About MakTar, they decreed that He was a renegade god, without being able to forbid Him: he was the protector of numerous monasteries. And then, hey, to bother MakTar often has unpleasant consequences.


Master Rang was proud of his orrery, probably the very first to figure the Nyidiath as a sphere, with the Dauriath as a drop shape, point down, touching the Nyidiath. The Sun was a shiny yellowish sphere, rotating around, as they were still in the geocentric model. In the afterlife there was no need of motors or gears, and even not of beams and supports. Still Master Rang had created several large gears and a vast well decorated gold-looking ecliptic ring bearing that sun. The planets Ishtar and Foggier were visible too, fixed on their epicycles. Of course by the time nobody had any idea of what planets were, and even not of their shapes, so that he gave them the appearance of little statues of the goddess Ishtar and the god Foggier. But Master Rang already knew that his school of thinking had survived clandestinely, and that they were preparing the heliocentric revolution. But for now they had to keep silent and secret, by lack of proofs: the telescopes were not yet invented.

This orrery was a master work of art, of a great beauty, with its large sculpted gold rings silently shifting above their heads, on a dark blue sky occupying the whole ceiling, strewn with luminous flickering stars.


Then Master Rang brought them in what he called his mine. All around his main room were alcoves and recesses, with doors leading to mysterious places. One of these opened, teleporting them to the very deep heart of the mountain, into a narrow irregular tunnel, much looking like a real mine. There was here a stunning variety of beautiful gems and vividly colored stones.

«Take one», said Master Rang to Neriel.

He picked a starry red crystal (looking like realgar, but he had no idea of what realgar was), which easily came loose from the rock face. For a moment he contemplated it, turned it in his hand, showed it to Naëreen.

«Now look where it was».

There was now a black spot where the crystal was, hinting at the lack. The two felt sorry.

«Whatever we take in a mine, is lost forever. We must not destroy the inner beauty of the Earth». He had a gesture, and the crystal took back its place. «But in the physical world, this cannot happen. Whatever is taken ceases to exist, and each time the world contains less irreplaceable beauty».

They slowly returned to the main room, but a tingle remained in their hearts, that they could not remove before hours.

He explained in a low voice: «Here in the afterlife, shapes, colors and crystals arise from vibrations. In a way, this mine is not a place to dig out minerals, it is a repository of vibrations, stored as crystals. I have more than 100 already, and still adding new ones. There are much bigger crystals, deep under, protected from unwanted access. And some other things known only by a few.

«My project is to use crystals to cure the soul of some wrong attachments. The beauty of the crystals can awake the love of its vibe, so that this vibe becomes incorporated in our consciousness. Well, in the material world, it can still help. But crystal do not cure bodily diseases. Some even are poisons, like this beautiful red realgar you touched.»


Then Naëreen asked, with her cute merry voice: «How comes, that Mommy Shelenaë allows such terrible things as the dragon, in the very heart of her paradise?

-Haha, replied Master Rang. It is not Her, it is Her husband MakTar, the warrior. They are two very different persons, and opposite in many regards. But instead of conflicting, They form a complementary Yin-Yang pair»

Facing the look of incomprehension on their faces, Master Rang had a smile: «You will have to come back another time, to get this.

-But, continued Naëreen, I don't understand, if there are things like the dragon in our paradise, this means that good people can have a hellish afterlife? And bad people can have a good one? I thought that paradise or hell were retributions for our good and bad deeds?

-Ok let us sit down a bit, replied Master Rang. I see that the Human religions had done a lot of muddling. Well, I was also thinking that way, while I was living in the Nyidiath, that Shelenaë and Foggier were spending all their time judging and whipping bad people. But there is nothing such as a judgment: what actually decides where we go in our afterlife is our attraction, our inner vibe. And nothing else. Think for instance at bigot Humans. Some claim to be adepts of Shelenaë, just as us. In the name of Shelenaë, they pretend to make the good, like sheltering orphans. This looks well, and everybody laud them for that. But actually, they keep those orphans prisoners in sad gray places where they are all the time scolded and punished, while never receiving love and never meeting other people. What do you think happens to these bigots, once they die? Happily Shelenaë is busy enough with saving good people, so that She has no time for the bad ones. But their attraction to pain and shame automatically propels them in nicely concocted little hells, with spices and gherkins, where they feel what orphans feel, this terrible sadness impregnating everything. And they wail and scream and wriggle in cold water in gray jails of their sole imagination. Until they... Until they???

-Destroy the paradigm! replied Naëreen and Neriel in a single voice.

-Ha ha good students! laughed Master Rang. Actually, when they abandon their attraction to control and punishment, when they stop grasping at their certainties and their arrogant ideologies. When they do that, they realize that there is no cold water and no gray jail, and they are free to discover more interesting things. But this can take a lot of time, if they are proud and stubborn. Humility is finally our best protection. And often our only one.

-But... But... can sincerely good people, who did real good, go into hell?

-Unfortunately yes, replied slowly Master Rang. If they are attached to wrong concepts or wrong vibes, they can and they will. This may happen even if they did nothing wrong. One of the most dangerous thing is fear: it can reificate precisely what you are afraid of, and many are caught that way. And you have a striking example: your fear of the dragon could have ensnared you in his fire for many years, if this creation had not be under my full control. Wandering unguided in the afterlife can be very dangerous.

«Of course, continued Master Rang, sincere and good people receive much more help, but it can still be painful for them. This is the underlying reason why Shelenaë and MakTar created this paradise. Once you are here, you are protected against yourself, in a way. And you are not allowed out until you get enough mastery. It is a slower but safer path. And in the physical world, to be an Elf is being on a good vibe. This keeps you afloat and prevents you from either doing wrong or going into a hell. This is why the popular saying is that Foggier sends all the Elves directly to Shelenaë paradise without judgment. But ultimately it is each person alone who provokes his own orientation in the afterlife, after his hate or his craving. Foggier is just a metaphor.

-But Shelenaë exists, She had a physical life, and She appears to us at times, replied vehemently Naëreen.

-Yes She does, replied Master Rang with a little smile. But us philosophers we have a different approach. We try to teach the Path to all living people, including the lost ones. It can be very interesting too. Neriel, former Nimly, you may like to learn what happened on your island, some time after you departed. Several of your former hazers became good. (Note of the author: this is told in the story of Nandalee.) This is something you cannot do with anger or hate. Becoming an Elf as you did, Neriel, is certainly a fantastic help, and an insurance to never fall back in evil. But for Humans not having this luck, they have to trudge along their path, and any help is welcome, wherever they are. Even a small step may do a large difference, later.

«And I intend to reincarnate several times as a Human, so that my Human fellows may better accept my contribution. In the Human world, science and authentic spirituality will not be accepted before centuries. But the flame has been lighted, and it must continue to shine, even under the secret of some occult order. Wardens must protect it. If it flickers, Illuminated beings must reincarnate to kindle it. This is what I am preparing myself for. By reincarnating as a Human, I take a great risk for myself, as I shall be unprotected from my own Human cravings.»

Then Master Rang posed his hand on the back of a chair, not looking different of the others: «Well, not really unprotected. This is MakTar's chair.

-Uh? made Naëreen and Neriel.

-Haha I like your mugs when I said that. He never actually sat here, but He had had other ways to validate my work. This is why I also take very seriously the stories of Shelenaë's appearances. The reason for this chair is that, in the Nyidiath, alchemy and philosophy requested the protection of MakTar. But it is now dangerous to have a visible altar for MakTar, even if the degenerate priests cannot really forbid it. So instead we place an ordinary chair, among the others. We say it is His chair, and we avoid sitting on it, as if He was actually sitting here. Nobody else knows which chair it is, and the saying is that, if an uninformed visitor can sit on it, it tells that he is unreliable, maybe even a traitor.»

After that, they all three remained silent for long, just enjoying being together, sipping drinks or exchanging vibes without speaking, under the majestic rotation of the orrery, or looking at the slow hypnotic motion of the lights on the wall. What they were meaning? Where all the other doors were leading? What were all those abscond apparatuses and colored phials in the corners?

Nor Naëreen neither Neriel had any intent to reincarnate, just wanting to enjoy their wonderful paradise. But encountering somebody like Master Shaun Rang was not innocent: he left a profound imprint in their hearts. Who knows what will happen in centuries?



Naëreen and Neriel awakened the next morning, embraced in their bed, without remembering any goodbye or return journey. They found back with joy their merry vibe of flowers and birds, under a stained glass of gold-green foliage illuminated from above by the sun. What they experienced was so different, that it reinforced and magnified their own vibe, by contrast. It also made clear that this style was their choice, not a norm imposed to everybody in Shelenaë's paradise. But their horizon had been drastically enlarged, to a world beyond whatever they had imagined.


The end... until the next story.

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-Using clichés from video games (dragon, mine, magician, etc.) or from the New Age (crystals, Unicorn...). But I give to these items a much deeper spiritual meaning than the purposeless conflicts of video games.

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