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The Elves of the Dauriath

The story of Jaime and Zetna, continuation and end

By Yichard Muni, Elf bard


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This text is a part of a larger plot, beginning with «The Kiss of the Worlds»

Index of the stories: chronological order, or ordered by creation date



(The beginning of this story is here)


This story is the continuation of the story of Jaime and Zetna, who encountered in a community of humans wanting to become Elves. This community was fake, but Jaime and Zetna were found later by true Elves. They married soon, and lived with the Elves of the Nyidiath for two years.

This was about one century after the great exile of the Elves to the Dauriath, and in these times it was difficult for the remaining Elves of the Nyidiath world to live here: they had to hide under benign human appearances. But they still had some friendly places, of Humans supporting them. This still allowed them to build ships, and cross the dreadful Horiathon passage.

The Horiathon was the place where the ocean of the Nyidiath was aspired to the Dauriath, in a kind of huge tornado. Even ships were taken up, and in this way they ended falling on the Dauriath. But, in order to bear the shock of the arrival, these Horiathon crossing ships had to to be built solid, and watertight, as they may fall in any position. Happily gravity was very weak here, so they were not really hurt by this fall of several kilometres.

Once on the Dauriath, they cut the upper roof of their ship, so that it got a more normal look. But they still had two or three weeks sailing to reach their destination...

It must be known, here, that Jaime and Zetna were still partly humans. They had elven hearts, but they did not yet received the full elven magic. This is because they were married as humans: when one Human marries with an Elf, the elven magic comes quickly to this Human. But when two marry as Humans, the elven magic needs years to come, and for this reason they were sent on the Dauriath without waiting for it to be complete. But for Humans, lengthy weeks of navigation with scarce food were exhausting. This makes that the Elves aboard the ship were tired, and all the more Jaime and Zetna... six weeks at several hundreds in a closed space, without washing, without moving, it is very hard, even for Elves. But their freedom was at this cost...

It must also be known that, in the Dauriath, the ocean was raising, so the Elves were building nothing permanent near the shore. Instead, they went on hills, knowing that they will become shores later.

So, this is how Jaime and Zetna arrived in the elven place where they had to live now. They landed at the foot of a hills range, in a temporary harbour made of a sort of floating dock. Many Elves of the Dauriath were waiting for them, to kindly take care of them. Eight hundred hungry and tired people arriving at a time, it is noticeable!

The Elves had a world to build from nothing, so that Jaime and Zetna were not expecting to find marvels. Even the other Elves thought they would arrive in very poor places, with makeshift huts and brown clothes... They don't like these, but this cannot forbid them to be happy, thought.

This first evening in the floating docks was already surprising. These wooden structures were of good quality, even if strictly technical, like the Horiathon ships. Clothes were nice too, even if they saw no delicate silk or satin as in the Nyidiath. As it was already dark, the landscape around was not visible. And, in this first evening, they had little desire to examine their place! Their rather wanted to stretch their clumsy legs, and wash! But it was their first night in the elven lands!! So they still today keep a fond memory of it...


The next morning, they were somewhat rested, and eager to move. But their first sight of their new world was rather sad: all the big trees on the shore were dying from the rising ocean, still clothed with brown dead foliage, hanging lianas and moss... Huge boles were still emerging from the water... But how could they avoid these unbound cosmic forces of labouring their world? They just cut some of the doomed trees for their own use, but it was only an minute part of the whole waste... At least the Elves found a use to the dead tree trunks jutting everywhere: to support a footbridge allowing to reach the real shore, above the mess of fallen dead branches.

Soon they found the real ground, and the plain green forest... They were all happy and relieved to walk unbound, to see green grass and smell the earth! Elves not only love nature, they are in symbiosis with it...

They quickly found the upward path... a hard climbing to come, for their poor legs... But surprise, horses were here to carry Jaime and Zetna, who needed much more time to recover.

How could the Elves bring horses in the Dauriath? This was forbidden by the treaties... Probably they were sent before these treaties were signed... so that, one century later, there were plenty of horses to help! They were all sweet horses, seeming to wander freely around, but coming at a call and looking happy to be harnessed. They had a perfectly safe walk, very comfortable for their riders... even their dung had little smell...

Elven horses! Probably they received some magic...

So the large group engaged on a large path under the foliages...

The forest was magnificent... Massive boles and vault of branches against a luminous green stained glass canopy, myriads of birds, all kinds of mushroom with funny colours, no unpleasant insects, and in a general way, no dangerous animals.

This is because life appeared only recently on the Dauriath. Birds found the way themselves, but walking animals were sent by the Elves, with rafts. And the Elves had decided that there would be no predation, no flesh tearing, no fear in the Dauriath world. And there was no.

The group slowly climbed the path winding along the slope, through small glens. Each forest place seemed to sound differently, with a different vibration, and even a different light.

Here, a brook singing...

There, big dark rocks looming over their path...

Other there, the forest was less dense, with golden light spreading in the undergrowth...

They climbed only little by little, as they were still tired, with painful legs from remaining sitting in a narrow space for weeks. But Jaime and Zetna were the most exhausted, and even skinny from the lack of food. So the horses were really welcome...

After some hours of walk, the slope was diminishing, and there was more light in the undergrowth, with less trees, or smaller. Strange ethereal sounds were reverberating under the greenery vault...





It was extremely moving, as of a long forgotten happiness...


At a turn of the path, magnificent trees appeared, covered with red flowers.

Illuminated meadows or open spaces started to show further under these trees. They started to meet local Elves on the path, busy at some purposes. Each time, it was a session of kind hearted hugs and kisses, and merry welcomes.

But the main surprise was that these Elves had good clothes, just less varied in colour, mostly some nice blues and reds, with the associated pastel hues. So the elves managed to have white fabrics and some nice dyes! They found nice white clothes later, even if not as white as the luxury clothes in the Nyidiath.

They met a group of children Elves... Imagine, how Elves already are kind and beautiful... But children elves! They were merry, a bit shy, but singing all together a welcoming hymn...

The path was still winding between thickets and small hummocks (they found out later that these hummocks were in fact houses). It was getting much larger, as a little road, with cart wheels traces. Adventitious foot paths were leading to small houses hidden among bushes or rocks.

Suddenly the path emerged out of the woods, in the open, in a landscape of small hills covered in green and red bushes, with drystone walls supporting many terraces for gardens and cultivations. Each terrace had a different layout of plants, rocks and bushes, with small house here and there, many flowers, and nicely tended gardens. Some trees were shadowing little flowery yards supported by stone walls.

From afar, a faint ethereal music of many songs was powering a strong emotion, and, approaching, each time they were crossing a terrace, Elves were gathering and welcoming them with songs!


At last they arrived in one of the collective houses... It was much nicer than anything they imagined! It had a rounded overall silhouette, but when they approached, they discovered walls sloping inward at about 45°, with gently sloped roofs of tiles... Yes, tiles, which gave this house a good look of a fair building, at the opposite of the huts they imagined... At the top of the roof, several chimneys were emerging.

Still closer ,they discovered that the sloping walls were in fact abutments, separating small patios and half covered yards planted with bushes and flowers. The wooden wall themselves had large windows... Yes the inhabitants managed to make glass! Not plain windows, but panels made of many small rough glass pieces, as in our Middle Age. They were more or less coloured in yellowish tones, giving a warm light in.

These were not makeshift shacks, but real houses made of plain solid carpentry and masonry. The overall plan was a central place, with inner walls of stone, for the kitchen and fireplaces. Around were several large gathering places or working places, including a classroom, and smaller rooms for offices or storages. And, despite their harsh conditions and urgent survival requirements, the Elves took time to sculpt all the beams with mythological figures or angels! The inner stone walls also had rounded shapes... They even managed to produce some paint, although only a few colours were available in this time.

So it was a very warm brown and yellow place...

Jaime and Zetna, and even the other Elves, were really astonished of all the work done here, and they said that this place was really beautiful, and already very elvish, despite the lack of several useful materials such as cement or paint.

Cosy furnitures were all around, together with many beautiful music instruments. Some were coming from the Nyidiath, and very beautiful. But many new instruments were also visible: despite their difficult condition, Elven craftsmen took the time and patience to do really wonderful instruments!


After a nice but short party, the newcomers were allowed places in dormitories, where they could rest for some days and recover their full force and capacities. During this time, their luggages were carried up from their ship. Removing the luggage ended in dismantling their Horiathon ship, as most of the cargo was metal ingots hidden into the keel, so that they had no need to add an useless ballast charge.

They also brought all kind of things the Nyidiath Elves found useful: tools, music instruments, books, dye, rare fabrics, rare seeds, chemicals and science instruments, as science was starting to escape the religious taboo in the Nyidiath.


After some days, they were allotted with houses, or places to build some. It was a delicious trouble to choose, as there were so many little love nests, on the terraces, or further in the woods...

Jaime and Zetna choose one in a little glen between two terraces. East and west were drystone walls, irregular with many places for plants and flowers. North side, the two walls were closer, but with still a little place for plants and an altar in the open. South side was open to the sun. A log house was already against the west wall. They used it first, but it was a remnant of the poor first shags, and rather decayed. So they built a better one, against the east wall.

So they could love each other here, and become little by little true Elves...

Later, another couple of friend rebuilt the ancient west home, so that they had a little yard enclosed between the two houses. The trees they planted grew, and made a protective shelter above them. So, when they decided to have children, they had a really lovely place.

In the early time of the settlers, having children was not recommended: they had a world to build, before being able to feed them. But now that they had an organized industry and farming, they needed to have children, and encouraged to, in order to populate the Nyidiath.

So Jaime, Zetna, and their two friends, had a century of happiness here, raising their children. Also, if the Elves are generally modest in public places, they are free of taboos, and they can be found nude or loving each other in these nice private places. It is much better to love ourselves in the light, rather than always seeing the body in the dark: we end up feeling as it was dark by itself.

Later, Jaime and Zetna moved, and did other things. But I think this lovely place still exists and did not changed much, with children babbles, music, flowers, wood and stone walls, tiles roofs and stained glass windows...




End of this story.



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This story was improvised two times in my Elf bardic in Second life, before I put it in a literacy form.


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