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Mad clock disease

Tell your experience and let us think all together: how to stop this?

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From Anonymous, The 8 March 2008
Despise DST
In reality it is NOT saving time so it should be renamed to "Daylight Stupid Time". This is one more thing in a series of retarded mandates from a lackadaisical Congress that delights in wasting taxpayer money!!! We need a Libertarian Govt. that meddles little in people's lives!!!
From cuzzy, Spain, The 26 May 2005:
Give me back the morning light!!
  I miss sunrise before 6am in summer, I hate sunrise at 8.30am in winter, I abhor true midday at 2pm, I can't get to sleep after 1am in summer. These are due to the current legal time in Spain. Can't Spain and France go back to their true meridian? We can keep "the daylight saving time" but UTC in winter and UTC+1 in summer is more logical than UTC+1 in winter and UTC+2 in summer like we observe nowadays here.
           From Richard Trigaux, site owner, France, The 26 May 2005:
  Yes our bodies, like anything natural, can work properly only in the natural environment for which it was «designed». Some adaptation is possible, but it always has a cost. For this reason legal time should follow natural time, in place of doing fancy for unproven economical benefits. Thanks to start this english version of the forum!