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The True Economy ©

True Economy ©


Richard Trigaux




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True Economy means that this system is intended only to achieve the only purpose of economy: to ensure material and social welfare of everybody. True economy is based on responsible initiative of citizens to tackle economical activities in order to meet arising needs, with happiness of everybody in mind.


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The forums of this site are now in the group «Shedrupling University» in Discord, under the name of Yichard Muni. You will probably need to contact me in facebook, under the name of Richard Trigaux, in order to get an invitation.

I am also present on friday at 19hTU, in the virtual world Sovaria Estates, see here how to access it. We are now having a large building of Tibetan style to frolic around, from the novels «Dumria»

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Table of content


Chapter 1 Acknowledgement. Chapter 2 Introduction. Chapter 3 Criticism of other systems.


First part: Basis for ultimate or fully achieved True Economy: the view. Chapter 4 The three bases of True Economy. Chapter 5 True Economy mind. Chapter 6 Useful definitions and unnecessary preconceptions. Chapter 7 The Activity Circle concept. Chapter 8 Fully achieved True Economy society. Principe; Management and organization; Work and culture; Ecology; Regulation of True Economy; A True Economy for a true society.


Second part: Relative or transitional True Economy. Chapter 9 Principe. Chapter 10 Relationship between the two levels. Chapter 11 Transitional True Economy society. Mixed Economy; Use of property and legal statutes; Use of money or barter: passing cost Circles; Use of remuneration: cooperatives; Citizen's Cooperative; Mixed structures; Freedom in Transitional True Economy;True Economy pure lands; True Economy and spirituality;


Third part: Working to promote and improve True economy. Chapter 12 Working with psychological disturbances. Chapter 13 Conflicts and their juridical aspects. Chapter 14 Promoting True Economy. Chapter 15 Justifying True Economy. Chapter 16 Examples in the world. About the author. Other books from the same author. Correct use of this text.


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You can freely download this book, save, print and use it, to the conditions indicated in the part on Copyright and use.


The book English version, 324Ko, format Adobe Acrobat .pdf


Thank you for your interest, please have a good study, and, if you feel it, a successful activity!


Useful books:

Ivan Illich proposes often excessive but interesting insights, which are at the base of social ideas of the French ecologist movement (the genuine) At Tools for conviviality