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Richard Trigaux

Richard Trigaux


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Last update November 2008


At a time in my life, I realized, as many others did, that a large amount of our problems and sufferings (war, economical crisis, disagreements... ) just comes from our mind's way of functioning, and so that it is possible to eliminate them in a very simple way, just in voluntarily modifying our minds, and so to be more happy.

The question of the purpose of life also seems simple: We shall be dead one day or another, and this day all our cherished motivations (money, position, fame, power... ) shall no more make any sense. Life does not impose us any purpose, so the only valuable time is when we are happy. (The only oher purpose of life which can account is a divine purpose. But such a purpose does not contradict with the search of happiness, it only changes its context.)

How to get happy? Through a work on oneself (line of conduct, ethical, psychological, spiritual...). Eliminate way of life and restrictive psychological conditionings which may generate suffering. Then search causes of happiness: beauty, Harmony, Poetry, enlivening vibrations of nature... knowing and discovering universe...

However there is absolutely no reason for any given individual (me, you, him...) to have any more (or less) significance that any other individual in the universe. So we must have a non-egocentric approach, say altruistic. Not at random, it is a sincere and egalitarian relationship with others which provides the greatest joys in life (love, team work, sharing a life experience, solidarity...)

So in recent times many people attempted various ways of life and ways of thinking in search of happiness and harmonious society life. (Hippies, communities, ecology, naturism, vegetarianism, spiritual groups, networking, New age, free economy, spiritual revival...) in search of a pure natural vibration, happy love, the warmth of a group... Alas results rarely met prospects. This means that in order to gain success we must meet an inescapable criteria: Each and all of us have to assume with the greatest sincerity and total perseverance this indispensible enterprise of changing our psychological way of functioning, especially discovering and eliminating our own defects in character, erroneous opinions, projections and vicious psychological way of functioning.

Until now, none of these movements did succeeded in this domain, and the nice projects of free, convivial societies showing solidarity are still just dreams. However there are some exceptions, some harmonious and happy communities, some serene and well-balanced people (The plum village, The Arch of Lanza del Vasto), who show us that this is possible. So we can want to know how they achieved this. More, the recent arrival of true Eastern spiritual traditions make available very powerful tools for developing our minds. (Think for instance to a very simple yoga practice able to eliminate our defects without even the need to analyse them!)



The purpose of this site is to gather means, spiritual as well as material, to be happy. Please enjoy its content, or check links to other sites or addresses.

Historically, I created this site in 1998 to make available for all the two novels of the World of the Eolis, in order to inspire readers with the pure and glorious vibration of a virgin planet; free of any evil. (in French, the translation comes slowly) This theme now has its own site.

Then you can study True Economy explaining how to solve all our economical problems, very easily, as they find their roots only into our psychology.

After General Epistemology will allow, in a fair amount, to generalize the notion of exact knowledge, as it is known in physics, to domains like society or spirituality. Two modern science-fiction novels are associated to the epistemology work.

And now I no more count the number of reflection pages added here and there. I shall add at need what I may find in texts, creations of beneficial places.

At last an important feature on my site is the presence of virtual worlds (How to visit) I am creating, to make feel and experience the beauty of words like that of Aeoliah. But creating VRML is a great work, which comes only slowly, and, unhappily, by lack of browsers able to display it, this format is currently being abandonned (2008). So I think I shall not better these creations.


Today, as Inworldz is closed, so that I continue my virtual activities, under the name of Yichard Muni, in other places, see Elf Dream, and the 3D pages of this site.


(Added in December 2004, modified June 2015) I note that since some years, the great positive movements of the years 1970 or 1980 (communities, ecology, New Age, alternative medecines...) are on the decline, or losing into nutter theories, when they are not properly extinct, without nothing really new to replace them.

If this trend is confirmed, the people who continue to uphold the torch, will find themselves preaching in the desert. Oh, this is not really a problem for me, this happened to people much more clever than me, and anyway my stay in this world is closer to its end than its beginning.

But those who must worry are all those who will continue to live in their dull world and petty stakes. Take profit of sites like this one, as long as they exist, as long as the ideas, emotions and creation they propose are still visible, as long as those who offer them to share are still alive.




Last update November 2008

This is not very important, but I may introduce myself.

My name is Richard TRIGAUX, I am French, male, born 1953.

I now live in Rieupeyroux, Aveyron, France.

I am celibate, vegan, no-smoker, no-drinker, organic and everything.

My first philosophical thoughts on happiness and society started in 1969; they were immediately bold and innovative. My first social experiments took place about in 1974, in the half-hippy half-extreme left ambience fashioned at this epoch. Then I involved in ecology activism from 1977 to 1980, in a group buying cooperative of organic food. I even was an candidate in the legislative elections in 1978 and I, as many other european citizen, put my life at risk in large non-violent demonstrations. Opening to the spiritual dimention, I lived from 1981 to 1990 in a community with a very interesting program: naturism, ecology, being conscious here and now, enjoying high and pure vibrations. The common thread into all these experiences was an ideal of an harmonious life among a group of friends and in a loving couple. Alas all these experiences led to drastic failures, as if all the involved persons tried by all means to break their own project, lefting unleashed all their nasty tendencies such as egocentricity, conflict mind and incoherent behaviour. I can state, from experience, that following any ideal of life has a strong prerequisite: to rebuild and purify our mind. (Most of those who were taking part in these experiments did not really undertook such a work, or even not imagined it)

Today I work with the most powerful mind-transforming techniques (Which purpose is far ahead of simply being happy in society) I had a Chi-Gong period in 1991, and now I am in Vajrayana Tibetan Buddhism, in which I am deeply involved. I really want to complete and achieve this practice.

Now I try to divulgate all the interesting ideas I may have gathered in my life. My personal projects may be around a community or retreat centre, quiet place with a work on vibration of nature, communion with nature, no-money economy, and spiritual practice. But other destinies are possible... A great thing for me would be to have a smooth running daily life, without an hitch, continuously in poetry and harmony. This is worth the work to obtain it!

I enjoy very much an utopian approach, non-dual with pragmatism (communities, ecological society, economy without money...) I also like a rational approach (science) non-dual with sensibility and spirituality, but without falling in rationalism neither in believing in everything. I feel that a «philosophy of everything» is beyond reach of Aristotelian logic, but rather a matter of a gradated, flexible and non-dualistic logic. I even think that it is possible to have an exact approach in domains of ethics and spirituality, or at least not to depend on a priori «beliefs».

I am non-smoker, non-drinker, vegetarian, organically feed, and everything, naturist and sensual (In the largest meaning of the words) Artist, I paint in a concrete style, with a slightly impressionist touch, with nice pure colours or pastel hues. In music I like the good New age, when it is lyric enough, and some others.



Richard in 1999

In 1999...



Richard in 2008

... and in 2008.