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To live our lives in the virtual



(March 2014)


We can do better than only reading nice description of a better life: we have a mean to actually live it! Or nearby: virtual worlds.

Today virtual worlds allow for building and showing wonderful landscapes, and also for like-minded people to meet and share our lives in these places. It costs only a few, save a good computer with a decent graphic card and a correct ADSL Internet connexion.

Virtual worlds exist under the form of computer data, simulating landscapes and bodies, that we can see thanks to a viewer. We can move in, encounter other people from around the world, speak and have a life together. We can also build our dream place, landscapes, homes, furnitures, machines, animals...

So, in order to realize the views of this site, I created an Elf group «Elf Dream» in the virtual, where we can share our ideal of beauty, peace and kindness. We are just waiting for you...


Let us meet for real! Name: Richard Trigaux. Artist name: Yichard Muni
Every friday, 12pm SLT (California time, PT or PDT), Elf Dream Meetings and storytelling

in our virtual region Lysaer (How to enter)

In our virtual region Daur Anarie in Alternate Metaverse! (How to enter)

Elf Dream has its site, it is active in the virtual worlds Sovaria, Alternate Metaverse, and present in Blue Sky Web, Discord, Facebook. Mewe, Second Life,


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(December 2019)


Inworldz is now closed (What happened, and my official comments)


My virtual activities are now on my site Elf Dream.

This page will stay as a memorial.




Images and visions of the former Inworldz


Thousands of photos par Rig Torok


These are images from my realizations for Elf Dream, or for other events:


Vision of a Mandala


This was a mandala, a vision of paradise, made for an «Elysium» event on the afterlife. It was build from «prims», predefined shapes like cubes, spheres, etc.





Elven home in rocks

An elven home into rocks, also made for an event on «wishing».





3D train in winter gala

I also made a working train for the Winter Gala 2013, running throughout the event. In the background is the main meeting hall.





Goose flyer in extraterrestrial sky

This goose wanderer was floating and swaying in an alien sky... It was made for the Wings Festival in 2014. Note this time the use of a newly available technology: meshes, which allow for random curved shapes.





Elven Temple in IW5

This elven temple was made for the IW5, in March 2014. It also uses meshes in some parts (gate, pinnacle, roof)





Elven Temple Altar in IW5

This is the altar of the above elven temple. It is dedicated to Shelenaë, the elven goddess of My stories of the Elves of the Dauriath. Being the goddess of farming (among other things), she is represented with these activities. This altar was served daily along the event, like a real one. Note the mesh shapes of the walls and offering bowls.



Videos of the former Inworldz