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Nowadays science-fiction

Richard Trigaux

Science Fiction in the way of Jules Verne: with up to date scientifical data, and generous characters (continue).


Let us meet for real! Name: Richard Trigaux. Artist name: Yichard Muni
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This story is something unique, and you never heard anything similar before.


It was created on October 28, 2015, for the October fest and the «Inworldz Cultural Endowment» in the virtual world Inworldz.


Originally it was set in the «universe» of my three science fiction novels of the cycle of «Dumria», where the «quantum telescope» can show far away planets as if we were at only some metres of them, and in more instantly, from the quantum non-locality. This allows observers to know what individual people do on another planet. But the Dumria novels mainly address one of the most profound mysteries known today: the Fermi paradox. As, if all the theories predict, life appeared in millions of planets in our galaxy, why don't we see it? In the Dumria novels, the radical solution is the mysterious «spiritual transition»...


Please fasten your seat belts: this story will bring you beyond whatever you ever knew or imagined.




The Araukan planet


The Araukan planet

Araukan was a large Earth-like planet with about 18 main continents, and as many races, civilizations and religions, evolved at about the stage of the 2000 Year on Earth.

It had a large moon, and a tiny one. Both regular moons, not captured asteroids.

The year duration was slightly irregular, since the main sun had a companion red dwarf star, called Silerion. This star was orbiting at about the position where Uranus is for Earth, making it practically rotate around Araukan. It was not really bringing heat to Araukan, but it was still luminous enough to lighten the nights like an electric bulb, allowing to read, and even for plants to grow.

One of the most used calendar had 16 months of 32 days, alternatively major (even) or minor (odd). Each month was divided in four Quarts (weeks) of 8 days each. To cope with the irregular year duration, one or two Blank Days were added to each month, which then took the number 33 and 34. Each day was divided in 16 hours, with midday being at 8. By random these hours were roughly equivalent to Earth hours.


This relatively peaceful world evolved without important setbacks. At roughly the stage of the Renaissance on Earth, the oceans were crisscrossed by many large wooden sail ships, transporting travelers, philosophers and artists, who favored the intellectual, artistic and spiritual progress of their various countries.

Later, ideals of Human rights and equality started to spread, bringing some upheaval and revolutions, but no large wars. The evolution of science and techniques also went up to about the 2000 year on Earth, with efficient radio and cable communication network, and a basic Internet. But knowing what their close future was, people were soon reluctant into investing more work to make these things evolve much further (save the Internet). They preferred by far the spreading of ideals and the discovery of other forms of spirituality.


So this is the account of the strange events which started to happen at this moment, as if it was a diary written by an Araukan young woman, a first hand witness, Malilee:






Malilee's diary


School assignment: Keep a diary of an event.


The 32 Mirzan (13th month) 12375 (year)

I choose an event the television is speaking a lot: the Transition Cult. They say it is a dangerous movement, and we must be wary, because they convert people to an escape of reality. Some people even go in far countries, or give away their money.


The 1 Verizan (14th month) 12375

After the two Blank Days, people are tired from festivities, and it is hard to return to school. The television speaks again of the Transition cult, but they don't add more information. Who are they? What do they want? Why are they so dangerous?

The 5 Verizan, I try to ask to some comrades in the school club, if they heard something about this Transition cult. But they just repeat what the television said some days before, without adding anything new. Just one told me that he already heard about it, many years ago... by his grand mother. So it is not a recent thing.

The 5 Verizan, Milkan suggested to search on the Internet. He showed me how to do an Internet search on his computer. But this one yielded no results. I am starting to wonder if this topic was a good one, I think it is going to fizzle. The television does not speak of it anymore.


The 18 Mazartan (15th month) 12375

My teacher Kar Alaphtarian suggests me that I start another topic. But Kar says that I should continue this diary, in case something happens. Well, the end of the school year is in two Quarts (weeks), and after it is the Great holidays, so that I must stop it for now. (Kar can be translated by «Master», like for a teacher. But it has a much tender connotation than authority, like for a family member. This is why this word is also used for a guru).


The 13 Melerian (4th month) 12377

I heard of the Spiritual Transition again, by another teacher, Karen (Mistress) Amely. But it is a totally different story, dating back 2100 years ago. Karen says that it was a fraternity of Light Seekers, renowned for non-violence, like not eating meat, or refusing to be drafted for war. They were forbidden by the then king, and went clandestine. When I asked more question, Karen told me to read the History school book. And then again it is a totally different story. It is presented as an ecumenical movement, seeking reconciliation between the religions, in order to stop the persecutions and discrimination so common in these times. The king lauded them for this, but in facts he was hugely annoyed, so that he forbade them soon after under some lousy pretext.

Is there any relationship with the movement the television was speaking about? After 2100 years it is unlikely.


The 26 Mazartan (15th month) 12377

I have a lot to say, but it seems unrelated. I must confess, I was punished some Quarts (weeks) ago for a racist remark. Well, the television is always speaking bad about the Zot Whites, and I repeated. But the usually so gentle Kar Alaphtarian went stern, and he gave me a choice: having 3 days sweeping the school, or following an advice of the school psychologist Karen Malika. I was wary of psychology, but curious. So I choose her, and she tasked me with an unexpected home work: each day for two Quarts (2 weeks of 8 days) visualizing people of the Zot race, being nice, beautiful and friendly with me. And to prove that i really did it, write a nice Zot story inspirited by my visualizations. I must admit that it curbed a bit my wariness of the Zots, so that I am still doing the exercise well after the 16 days. I even bought a record of Zot music to help feeling them, and I am still hearing it from times to times. Karen Malika and Kar Alaphtarian were looking happy when reading my story. Kar even said that my own happiness was my reward for taking this work seriously. Sure that I feel better without this wariness.

The relationship with the topic of this diary? It jumped in my face: the title of one of the song is «Spiritual Transition a'coming». And it speaks of a better future of kindness and beauty! I told Karen Malika that such a future is impossible, but she replied that there were many other exercises like the one I did, some much more powerful. I wanted to know more, and she explained more exercises on the good motivation of loving life. But she eluded my questions on the Spiritual Transition. She just smiled warmly when I left her office.


The Blank1 Belarian (33 of the 2nd month) 12378

I am proud to start my new job as a secretary in the science laboratory of Kar Roumian. Today is Blank day 1, so that it is forbidden to work. We do repainting of the bureau, or gardening in the campus. We eat snacks at any hour, take drinks, and speak freely of a lot of things. Then suddenly I clearly hear Kar Roumian uttering «The Spiritual Transition is now a matter of about 30 years». He was speaking with other Karis and Karenis (plural), so that it would be unbecoming to interfere in the discussion.

Later however I told Kar of my diary. I needed a good pretext for seeking more information. Indeed I was feeling curiously shy to directly engage on this topic. He smiled, and replied some questions.

«Is it really a cult? We hear...


He had replied swiftly, but he continued more smoothly: «But the politicians and religious fanatics are afraid of it, because it threatens their power. This is why thou willst find no legal organization, nothing written, nothing on the Internet.» («Thou» is the polite form in this country)

-What is their real purpose?» I dared to ask. Sure he knew more that he wanted to say, since he was making dated predictions.

-To offer a more sound understanding of both politics, economy and psychology.

-Is it really the same movement than 2100 years ago?

-Yes it is. There has been a continuous transmission of knowledge»

I knew, with the exercise of Kar Malika, that we have real means to become better. When I mentioned this exercise, Kar Roumian smiled me, and he encouraged me to continue with the other exercises.

«Thou must be patient. Too many abandon when they don't have immediate results».

-Can we meet them?» But at this point Kar eluded this demand:

-I don't know, and I would like myself. The best way is to continue thee exercises, so that thou solvest other problems and become better and better.»

He seemed now regretful of giving so much information. But I also felt that with these exercises he was indeed showing me the real path to some day learn more.

«Another point, totally avoid anyone who promotes the use of violence to change society. This attitude works straight against the Transition, and it is only good at offering a pretext for the politicians to persecute the good people. This did not changed since 2000 years, alas.»


The 15 Ourmian (8th month) 12381

The television speaks again of the Transition cult. They complain that rich heirs are manipulated into leaving the country to do «humanitarian help». The president Alpen makes an appearance, hitting the table with his fist, uttering that he would take measures against humani... against uncontrolled humanitarian help.

But this time the television and the president had a reply. Several religious leaders stated that not helping poor people was selfish, while several Human rights association leaders added that people are free to do whatever they deem useful with their money.

The Blank 2 Telerian (10th month) 12381

Zot Zot Zot! My fiance is a Zot! Alary is the kindest man I ever saw, and he makes me so happy! I wonder which color our children will be? But I am not keen to have children for now. I want to explore the world before, and maybe visit his country. He is a member of an humanitarian organization for preserving the trees and wildlife of his origin country, and also their traditional way of living. He shows me photos of traditional villages with wooden houses and colorful attires.


The 8 Arizan (12th month) 12381

I met again Karen Malika this morning. I told her of my Zot fiancee Alary. Of course she congratulated me, but I also saw her discretely wiping a tear.

«Why arst thou weeping, Karen? (Thou is the polite form in this country)

-Nothing bad. I am just happy for thee. Alary is such a nice man, and he is doing a wonderful work for his country. Be happy together. I am glad if I helped it to happen»


The 8 Novian (first month) 12382.

Kar Roumian told me that «The spiritual Transition is a quantum leap between two states. Nobody can predict when it will happen exactly, or in which direction it will lead. But today the probability is growing fast.». Father Amrita, the well known leader of the Aleukist religion, stated that «The spiritual Transition happens when all the religions understand that they are speaking of the same thing. This is why we are pushing beyond Ecumenism: the mutual understanding and acceptation of our different tenets and concepts that we use to express this common View». I also heard in Alary's Zot radio a traditional spiritual leader of his country explaining that «when the persons are submitted to their mindless ego, they gesticulate at random, and things do not move, or very slowly at the price of a constant struggle and sacrifices. But as soon as some people think together in a focused way, then they are much more efficient. This works all the better if they are on different paths, cultures or religions working together. This makes that it does take only a small percentage of focused people to overcome the dreadful inertia of the masses of unfocused egos. When this threshold is reached, then things can go very fast, up to incredible things like the Spiritual Transition.»

Is it possible that so different statements are speaking of the same thing?


The 1 Pushkarian (9th month) 12383

The president Alpen very unexpectedly finds himself in a difficult position in the second round of the elections, when both television and polls credited him with an easy victory as soon as the first round.

But the strangest is who challenged him: a totally unknown group, composed of university people, spiritual and humanitarian people, and artists. None of them wearing the mandatory pink suit of the politicians, so that they were not considered serious. Not a single word on them in the television, but yet everybody could read their leaflet, distributed in each mailbox with the material of all the other parties. Their plans? «We are a non-violent citizens group wanting to end up with the corruption and nepotism, a more fair sharing of wealth, fighting pollution, and the end of all discriminatory laws against the religions, especially in schools». I am proud I voted for them, although I imagined I would be the only one. One of them even was the director of Alary's organization, making them much more prominent.


The 17 Pushkarian (9th month) 12383

Unfortunately the group did not passed the second round, after the television squeaked a lot on the «danger» of the «adventure» with «unknown» people of «ambiguous» political orientation. President Alpen went on power again, thanks to a «sacred» coalition of all the left and right parties, united in the «pink defense of democracy». But the president will now have to compose with the new political force anyway.


The 8 Dounian (2th month) 12384

With Alary we spent the two months holidays in his Oroma country, home of the Zot race! It was a fantastic experience for both of us, me to meet a totally different life style, him to discover the world of his ancestors! When we left, we both felt a strong nostalgia of living so close to nature with these open people, but also a relief of finding back all the facilities of the modern world. Why would we not have both in the same place?

As expected, we saw few cars and only dirt roads, but surprise, there are solar cells and satellite dish antennas in each village traditional meeting hall, for the Internet. «The association offered them» the mayor told us. Unfortunately we could not learn much more. What we gathered, though, is that in this place much more people are involved in the Transition, and they are speaking of it nearby every day. But the only thing we learned about their Transition activities was that they were... cultivating flowers! They were certainly doing other spiritual training, though, since they gathered every day in their traditional chapels. More powerful methods than the one I already knew, for sure.

How could this place become so spiritual and so nice? About 50 years ago, Oroma was torn in a war, and the television was speaking a lot of it. But they stopped speaking of it without explanation, when the war ended, without even telling the outcome. Since, they hardly mention Oroma from times to times, for the sports or things like this. What we gathered is that, after experiencing the ordeal of war, the Oromans engaged in non-violence, respect of nature and other spiritual practices. But this, the medias don't speak about.

Unless to say that it is a cult.

The very last evening we stayed in the chapel of Lunaman, Alary's ancestor's village, when an unknown guy entered, wearing a traditional frightening mask. In a threatening tone, the commanded us not to speak of some things we had seen in Oroma. Then he escaped in the night, and we could not find him again.


The 22 Vontan (5th month) 12385

I long ago threw away the television, this wonderful invention restricted only into keeping us in a non-wonderful state of mind. However some friends still have it. And they told me that there are new broadcasts on things like yoga, religions, organic food, and wonderful new musics. This makes me curious, but yet I shall not buy a TV. Internet is allowing for hearing music, now, anyway. In more, the music that we choose.


The 32 Tonantan (11th month) 12385.

Another thing started on the Internet: virtual worlds. Alary soon went building Oroman villages, and I helped him with images and textures. There were of course ugly virtual worlds noisily advertised in the supermarkets and computer shops, dedicated to ready-to-think violent games or to heartless sex. But others were silently flourishing, dedicated to beauty and friendship. I used to visit one, and Alary installed a virtual Zot village for us. He used it to foster the Oroman culture and spirituality. But I soon understood that virtual worlds are extremely useful tools for the preparation of the Spiritual Transition.

Although we still don't know what is the specific event which is called transition, we better know now that it entails a radical elimination of any evil from our world, to replace it with beauty, friendship, altruism, mutual help. Is this the spiritual transition by itself, or only a consequence of it? To become better, we know well how to do now, thanks to the numerous psychological and spiritual training which are spreading fast. But rumors speak of becoming immortal, or the predators becoming gentle and peaceful, while cyclones and natural disaster would be eliminated. I am skeptical. This much looks like boosting disinformation, intended at despising the Transition. Or there is something much larger than just some little psychological training.


The 1 Pushkarian (9th month) 12387.

I understand why we must not speak of the Transition. The medias are despising it a lot, and many people hate it, or ridicule it. To speak of it in public exposes us to hazing, bad marks at school, losing our job, and even having our children removed by pervert judges. More viciously, they advertise bogus movements and cults which use the same words, but lead people away of being better. Some foster a limitless freedom, which in facts enslave their adepts into increasing desires and ego. And they speak more and more of legalizing drugs...


The 5 Novian (first month) 12392.

Yes all these years passed without thinking much at the Transition. However it became a kind of habit, something familiar. Well, we still don't know yet exactly what it is. Some describe a kind of political revolution, throwing out the world wide power of politicians and financial people. Others say that it is a change in the very state of matter. Of course all are labeled conspiracy theories or cult, and actually with all the propaganda and lies it is difficult to be sure of anything. Save one thing: we must continue our training into becoming better, more altruistic, more interested in beauty. This can be done without exposing ourselves in public demonstrations, though. But we avoid speaking of the Transition to our son Mylan, who is going at school now. And he is well white and blonde like a good Zot, although with my features.


The 26 Ourmian (8th month) 12392

It is elections time again. Curiously the group which barely missed ousting the president Alpen seems to have totally disappeared. But there is a candidate who challenges him with the same program! Oh, and even several? How to be sure, since they all present similar programs, but, well, incomplete, or ambiguous, or supporting the right/left unique party.

The 3 Pushkarian (9th month) they still miss the election, but people blame the dispersion in several candidates, since the impressive total was enough to grant the victory.

These results, and similar ones in other countries, have a curious consequence: The candidates speak openly of the Spiritual Transition!

So that, in the end, the perverse anti-transition propaganda brought the opposite results of intended: people are familiar with it.


The 15 Tonantan (11th month) 12392

A world conferences is taking place, uniting about a hundred high level scientists, philosophers, spiritual masters and artists. They declare the work for the Transition officially open. As a consequence, they make a «kind» appeal to all the media, politicians, bankers and corporate, to stop bashing the Transition, and help it instead.

In the same step, they give a more accurate definition: the matter of our world will change to a more spiritual state. Our bodies, our houses, our landscapes, will continue to exist in our familiar way, but in the new state our consciousness will have much more control and power over them.

But especially, this process is intrinsically a result of our collective decision and capacity to behave in a more altruistic way, free of anger and violence, while seeking beauty and harmony.

The Tonantan Declaration, as it is now called, was only a declaration, which did not started any specific action. But now the Transition appears as a positive thing, and the opponents clearly as the bad guies.


The 14 Mirzan (13th month) 12392.

Of course several main media started to denigrate and defame the Tonantan declaration. But they all closed without warning, from seemingly unexpected and unrelated circumstances. This makes one thing clear now: the Transition has efficient means to defend itself, and the balance of forces has shifted toward it. As a consequence, we are now free to speak of the Transition, and work for it in the open, instead of hiding under circumlocutions and innuendo.

The 15 Mirzan (13th month). The Transition scientists group states that they are for nothing in the closure of the newspapers. Just that, with the transition taking momentum, all evil projects are doomed to automatically receive themselves the result of their own hate.

The 18 Mirzan (13th month). As to illustrate this statement, the two nastiest dictators of the world were found dead, the same morning, without apparent causes.

The 20 Mirzan (13th month). Rumors are spreading of more deaths, of high ranking people involved in the austerity policies, pollution, religious extremists, and more. We just have elusive messages in the radio, that they do not repeat. The scariest rumor is that they were found already decaying in their bed, the morning, while they were in good health only some hours before. There are no comments, and no denials. Whatever happened, we easily imagine the chill in the back of all the nasty world powers.


The 32 Mirmizan (16th month) 12392

The president Alpen resigns, with a low voice and a sad looking face, without giving any accurate reason, just invoking vague health problems. The two following Blank days are a huge feast throughout the country! At least people hope that his misery-creating policies will end, so that the economy can work again normally.


The 2 Dounian (2nd month) 12393

A new government is set up, without elections, mostly of university people. Surprisingly, only few complain of this huge twist to democracy. This is because their charter is what everybody was wanting: suppressing the dreadful austerity economy policies, converting the industry to green ways, revoking the privileges of the banks, and of course start the official work for the Transition. Similar things already happened in several countries.


The 7 Dounian (2nd month) 12393.

Our son Mylan asks us to join the local Transition collective. He is quite surprised to learn that we are working for it since years. But we also are very surprised that he learned more psychoeducation methods at school than us in 10 years.


The 26 Valerian (3rd month) 12393.

The World Council for the preparation of the Spiritual Transition is officially started. It does not really involve in politics or economy, leaving these domains to the local governments. However it sets general guidelines in education and science: learning at school all the psychological practices to master our ego and anger, and become better.


The 12 Florean (6th month) 12393

The main religious leaders of the world issue a common declaration inviting all their followers to work for the Transition, and for this purpose to bring their spiritual training and their commitments into this new spiritual deal. Without abandoning their own traditions.


The 1 Novian (1st month) 12398

Well, 6 years passed, into frantic activities, so that I was even not thinking at this diary.

Alary lost his accountant job in the car repair workshop. But he got another the very same day: with his expertise in virtual worlds, the Oroman government offered him a position of leader of his very own virtual community! What started as a nearby lonely endeavor, on spare time, is now a large activity involving hundreds of persons. More, he is no longer alone: hundreds other such virtual communities are sprouting all over the world! This is a long way from the time where virtual worlds were used nearby only for violent games...

Now Mylan is going to the secondary school. He is very responsible of himself and easy to live with, so that I now have much more time to involve in the Transition activities. In the beginning, it was just about helping Alary into creating textures and images, but now I run my own artist group, with exhibits and even economy support for some artists.

The world changed quite a lot in five years. All the governments are now working for the Transition. Most of them completely changed their teams, but some traditional ones remained in their position, just switching purpose. Not the majority of people are making real spiritual effort to change, though. We cannot force them, because we don't have the right, and anyway it is technically impossible to force anybody to think at something. But now only a minority is still opposing the Transition, and they are not very vocal.


The 22 Vontan (5th month) 12399

Strange things are starting to happen. We heard that the statue of Azoth is shining. Azoth is a terrible god of the Bellomnites Tantric religion. This statue was cast in bronze about 120 years ago, and it was entirely chromium plated with a mirror polish. Then it was thoroughly anodized in micron thick layers, using wax to make separate areas, while the first ever synthesis gemstones were crimped on the chakras. The result is of a never seen before beauty: shiny like pure gold, but with all the colors of the rainbow: light red, Spring green, purple, mauve... more specks of intensely colored lights from the gems. This incredible beauty made it known well beyond the narrow circles of the Bellomnites practitioners, and made of the Azoth shrine a common tourist attraction.

First reports were ambiguous, since this statue is already highly reflective of any source or light. More, no photo or video had captured anything unusual, compared to the previous ones. So that as soon as we heard of this, we jumped in our car, Alary, Mylan and me, more my mother who was visiting us, and we drove the 560kms to the Golden Bellomnos temple in a single step.

We were lucky, as there already was a large crowd, with the priests unable to cope with it, so that they had to close the temple on our heels.

When our eyes were accustomed to the candles light inside, we saw: a faint green glow was still visible around the statue, as if it was surrounded with a layer of luminescent gas, or some electric halo. It could not be a reflection of an ambient light, and the photos were not showing it.

The phenomenon stopped some hours later, but the priests hinted at other less known religious statues also doing this from times to times, since months.


The 2 Novian (1st month) 12400

With the century celebration, we had three Blank days! A once every thirty years occurrence, made possible by the closest approach of Silerion on its elliptical orbit (Silerion, the second sun, is on an outer orbit, roughly equivalent to the one of our Uranus, so that it appears to rotate around Araukan like the outer planets do). Three Blank days of festivities, dancing late, eating unusual treats at any hour, it is tiring, so that the 1 Novian was a... rest day.

Strange news continue to arrive. The Stapontas, a cruel terrorist group, had surrendered without conditions, after several others. They were named this way because the first (and often last) thing we heard when they arrived somewhere was the sound of machine guns. They had ranges of land in their deep jungle, with villages and families, cultivating drug or keeping hostages. Those not involved in crimes were granted a program «jobs for men, homes for women, schools for children». Those with blood on their hands were held in a camp, for justice. But now, even the desire for punishing evil people is waning.

In a more general way, criminality has much lowered, and some places are even considered totally safe. Sociologists were not distinguishing any specific cause for these changes, which are seen everywhere equally.

I believe this a lot, since we observe similar things here. Our very own neighbors are much more friendly, even the grumpy Larrow couple. We no more hear noisy aggressive music. On the contrary, we get invites for neighbors meetings, where we speak of the transition, of our virtual worlds, of astounding discoveries in astronomy, etc. Even the Sacred BBQ has disappeared for less cruel and more healthy food. Well, it did not really disappeared: they made a flower pot of it. Ok, as expectable, it is the old Merrimack who did that. He is still as jester and lewd, and we are joking that the Transition will make him even worse, if it is possible.


The 12 Telerian (10th month) 12407

The world is buzzing with the Transition. We are in a state of exaltation, happy and full of energy. Many people meditate two or three hours a day, sometimes more. Most temples statues are shining permanently. This kind of stuff is becoming usual. But what happened last night pushed things several degrees further, and I understand that it scared many.

It was a black night.

(On Araukan, red nights are when the second sun Silerion is visible, for five months a year. Since it is a red dwarf, its reddish light does not bring warmth, while still being clear enough to read, as with an electric lamp, and even for plants to grow. Silver nights are when the main moon is visible, every seven Quarts, casting a cold white light. Rainbow nights are when both are visible: objects then cast two shadows, an orange one and a blue one. Cinder nights are when only the smallest moon is visible, shedding a dim light, and at last black nights are when none is visible, and it is really dark)

There were huge northern lights, which zapped across the sky all night long. A never seen before occurrence at this latitude. The compasses went totally mad. This was worldwide, and large electric networks had to shut down to protect their installations. The Internet was very laggy until midday.

The World Council for the preparation of the Spiritual Transition is warning that this will happen again, and even worse. The Transition is now a matter of weeks.

This arises a sense of dread among our Internet friends and neighbors as well. The transition is not only about becoming more gentle, it will be something very physical, like taking birth... or like dying. And what would happen right after was largely unknown. Probably the process would entail a lot of destruction. We were like kayakers approaching dangerous rapids, at the very moment where their thunder is becoming audible, and our hearts start to beat.


The 8 Arizan (12th month) 12407

The World Council publishes the latest science studies on what would happen right after the Transition. They keep reassuring, that our bodies, our buildings and landscapes will keep the same appearance, and will continue to work, although in a much better way. For instance visualizing our dream body would actually change our real body, and also cure all the diseases. Our desire would even change the landscapes.

However this optimism hardly hides large uncertainties on several things. What will happen with people living at many in the same place, like towns? If each wants to modify the place in his way, that cannot work. What will happen with people refusing the transition? The only reply was that they do not know. So that this is a very serious reason to accept the process, because at the state where things are now, it is way too late to go backward.

The only clearly affirmative reply was about virtual worlds: the worthy ones would be included in the New Araukan, appearing like physical places, so that people would really live here, enjoying a much better immersion than with sitting in front of a screen. The «unworthy» worlds were now about empty, anyway, and even the servers were closing.


The 25 Arizan (12th month) 12407

The world council and the governments release guidelines for the last days before the Transition. Join loved ones while transports are still working. Keep some food and water reserves, battery lights, gasoline if we can. Avoid lifts and electric vehicles. Schools and factories are closed. Only medical and emergency services are working, but they don't have much to do: nobody seems sick or dying, and we see several miraculous healing in the neighboring.


The 32 Arizan (12th month) 12407

I am looking at the waxing moon. The dark part of its disk shows slow pulsations of light, reflecting on it.


The 4 Mirzan (13th month) 12407

This morning when we wake up, the town is strangely silent. I soon find out why, when I try to switch on the light: no more electricity. We lost Internet too, even a neighbor with a battery computer and satellite dish finds only an empty login from the geostationary satellite. To find ourselves suddenly totally separated from all our Internet friends is upsetting. However in the meditations we feel, stronger than ever, the powerful, merry and whimsical egregore of the Transition, which is growing hour after hour, from the last recalcitrant joining it. We even sense warnings: we are engaging the first rapids. Fasten seat belts. We are safe, but only as much as we are clearly accepting the process. Not sure for the others.

No cooking either. Happily we have lot of dried cakes and cans. The supermarket is still open, but the employees pushed the cash registers besides, to let people enter and take anything for free. A totally dark supermarket where we need a lamp to do shopping was probably my strangest experience to late.


The 6 Mirzan (13th month) 12407

Today muted thundering sounds are clearly audible. They go by irregular salvos, and it is hard to guess where they are coming from. This evening the night sky is strangely clear, as with a layer of luminous haze, partially hiding the Moon.


The 7 Mirzan (13th month) 12407

Today it is strange organ sounds, like huge church organs in the distance. The sky is veiled in white, and the sun makes unusual halos and rainbows, extremely beautiful.


The 8 Mirzan (13th month) 12407

More thunders, and they clearly come from deep bellow the ground, while the organs come from the sky. At midday, the shocks are loud enough to set the ground trembling as besides a compactor. With all the neighbors, we meditate, forming a human chain which continues all throughout the town. Despite these scary phenomena, the meditation gives us a feeling of total safety. We are well withing the rapids, with our boat rocked and hammered by the elements, while being totally safe on it. Or like a baby engaged in the path of his birth, violently pushed and pressed, yet not harmed.


The 9 Mirzan (13th month) 12407

Today the sky is of a blinding white, as if the sun had expanded all throughout. Blinding? While very intense, this light is not painful to the eye, and even not dazzling: we still clearly see the surroundings. But taking a photo with a cellphone shows only a dark sky with abnormal brown clouds. Probably volcanic cinder. I remember the radio warning that unusually high volcanic activity would take place the last days.

My compass is mad, doing a full turn in some minutes.

The underground thunders are now a continuous rumble: something tremendous and scary is going on in the very core of our planet. And it is rising toward us, so that the noise is sharper and sharper, like an approaching storm. We are afraid that buildings may collapse. Some children cry. The last recalcitrant get out of their homes to join our meditation groups, scared, livid, asking what to do to join the Transition. Fortunately even the most evil seem good willed now, so far that the jail of the town was left open by its guards. We see some former criminals joining our group, still in their inmate suit, looking dazzled, or weeping, as if they were just awakening from some nightmare. Astonishingly, they are now looking much gentler than any of us, and we feel no danger in their presence.

Within the meditation, a fantastic energy is rising, of an immense bliss of joining the spiritual life. I now accurately sense all our internet friends, and even my dead grandfather that I loved so much. The thumps are noow accompanied with the orgaans, while the light groows agaain ten foolds. Wee aall knooow thaaaat thiiiis iiiiiis iiiiit, riiiiiight nooooow, aaaaaaand the (Passed beyond the events horizon here)









The light around the statues or in the sky was psychical light, which exists only in the consciousness of a living observer, and that no machines, cameras or cellphones can record. This psychical light as intense as the sun, while not painful to the eye and not casting shadows, is the one seen in NDE or CE4, or in the bodies of some passing away saints. Similarly the sounds were psychical sound, and not some scary rock tearing in the heart of the planet.

So, since weeks these phenomena were swarming on Araukan, starting from the temples and meditation centers, or zapping along the Van Allen belts. But since three days a much larger light was slowly swelling in the very core of the planet, rising toward its surface. Until it engulfed the entire world...

Then the whole planet was taken in a paradise world by the fantastic psychophysical phenomenon.



1 Novian (winter holiday)

2 Dounian (winter)

3 Valerian (winter)

4 Melerian (spring)

5 Vontan (spring)

6 Florean (spring)

7 Amiyan (spring)

8 Ourmian (summer)

9 Pushkarian (summer)

10 Telerian (summer)

11 Tonantan (summer)

12 Arizan (fall)

13 Mirzan (fall)

14 Verizan (fall)

15 Mazartan (fall)

16 Mirmizan (winter holiday)





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