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To expand our knowledge from material domains up to spiritual domains

For the readers of my book General Epistemology, this page offers news or more recent thinking on this subject. I did not really expected that by book get a delirious success, but I however found these pages listed on several world sites about scientific thinking, and they are the most common requests on my site.


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GEIPAN: when misidentifications and true UFOs appear and disappear together...


October 3, 2017


Anyone concerned about truth, will wholeheartedly welcome any scientific study of UFOs, especially the GEIPAN, the official French service, which is part of the prestigious CNES. Yet amateur ufologists are often critical about the GEIPAN.

Without entering into complex and often strongly biased discussions, I nevertheless spotted a very intriguing fact, which should make every scientist frown: in the GEIPAN statistics per year, misidentifications and unexplained cases vary in the same way!

Yearly statistics of UFO cases registered by the French CNES GEIPAN

Credit: CNES GEIPAN. Green: misidentifications, yellow: UFO

(The change in proportion of misinterpretation, starting 2008, is caused by a change of methodology)

Problem, this is normally impossible, since their causes are totally different! Indeed, the number of misidentifications should be roughly constant, while the phenomenon has large «waves» which are correlated with nothing known. We can suppose several explanations for this unexpected coincidence. The problem is that all of them are very annoying.

It is anyway curious to all the time bring misidentifications while speaking of UFOs, since misidentifications are only slag, compared to the phenomena of interest. The only purpose about misidentifications is to avoid them. But once this done, there is no point in publishing statistics on misidentifications. Studies and publications can only be about the unexplained cases!


Going up: the Nobels


August 30, 2016


We remember the Heidelberg appeal, which disparaged ecology as an «irrational ideology opposed to science and economy», and which was signed by a thousand Nobels (wikipedia says 72 today. Funny how the figures vary. But wikipedia also says that this appeal was in facts launched by a lobby of polluting industrials).

They did it again! Who I don't know, and I have better life experiences to enjoy than rummaging in this rubish. But this time it is an appeal of 107 Nobels, honouring Greenpeace of a command to stop opposing GMOs!

Where I say that the Nobels are going up, is that today they are only 107 instead of 1000 (of if we apply the same desinflatation rate as with Heidelberg, only 8). So that necessarily many understood.

Let us remind here that, even if the GMO are not always bad as the nuclear industry is, they still entail three major risks:

-Toxicity, in case a substance is added, such as a weed killer

-Risk of disturbing the ecosystems, in case of dissemination

-Dependency of farmers toward a resource they cannot produce themselves.

Add to this the risk to produce monsters (or slaves) if we apply these methods to Humans. What I say is that, this does not necessarily lead to a complete ban on GMO, but still a serious legal and ethical frame.


Applied pseudosciences


April 5, 2015


In his book «La planète des hommes. Réenchanter le risque» («The planet of men. Re-enchanting the risk»), a member of the executive of Areva, the giant of nuclear power, the «sociologist» Gérald Bronner, «deconstructs» the «apocalyptic speeches» which make of Man the responsible of all the ills of the world.

We could see here just yet another manipulation, aimed at negating the dangers of the climate change/nuclear duo. However this one is coordinated with apparently unrelated others.

Indeed, the imminence of a divine revelation appears nowhere in the scientific findings on climate or pollution. However the media and authorities broke our ears with their «Maya prophecy» fabrication, going as far as the complete staging of a sectarian gathering at Bugarach, France, where they were the only ones to come. The link with climate change appears when we know that in the gibberish of the media, «apocalypse» means «destruction of the world».

Therefore Bronner just brings the final blow, after a series of boosting disinformation aimed at creating a confusion between the warnings of scientists and a sectarian belief. And he knows very well how to do this, since he already wrote books about the spreading of «beliefs», or how we enter in a cult!


When irrationality invests ecology


December 13, 2012


As I pointed out in a previous post, the void left by the departure of the founders of organic farming creates a dangerous situation: in case of any problems unforeseen by the specifications, who will define the right organic practice?

And actually it happened: a short list of basic foods is today under frivolous charges, for purposes of defending commercial interest:

-Soy was accused of being a real poison by Nexus, a journal which spreads conspiracy theories and pseudo-spiritual balderdashes.

-Gluten is accused of causing allergies, to the point where it is now fashionable to claim to be intolerant to gluten. Of course, these charges are based on no scientific or epidemiological basis, and the list of supposed symptoms includes almost any common discomfort, so that everyone can play to make believe to be a victim of gluten... while continuing to happily eat croissants! In my opinion, gluten intolerance is the disease of Argan (A character of the Molières play «Le malade imaginaire», or «The Imaginary Invalid»).

-Palm oil was subjected, in France in 2012, to a full scale media lynching, accusing it of all evils: bad for health (although saturated oils are essential nutrients) and being involved in deforestation (which is partly true, since Greenpeace had targeted this production for this motive. However the appropriate response is not boycott, but to require an eco-friendly oil from producers, as organic companies do for a long time). It is remarkable that the French Government needed only some months to respond, by... proposing a tax! While this Government is deaf since decades to far more serious problems.

-Wholegrain bread, the emblem of organic food if we needed one, is harder and harder to find, after a legend as what it irritates the intestines (This plays on a confusion: it is integral bread which does this, because it contains the irritating chaff).

(Added on March 26, 2013) The quinoa, another protein-rich food, was very predictably added to the list: it would «kill» the Peruvians and the Bolivians! In reality, most of our quinoa comes from organic farming and fair trade, which warrants a minimum impact, while bringing a very welcome income to these poor countries.

-If aspartame is not part of organic products, it is also in this list, and we shall see that it is for similar reasons.

-Tous les isolants thermiques sont «cancérigènes»... sauf bien sûr la laine, amplement promue, idéalisée et parée de qualités qu'elle n'a pas, y compris pour des usages tout à fait déraisonnables comme... l'isolation des bâtiments!

-All the thermal insulators are «carcinogenic»... save of course wool, heavily promoted, idealized and dressed with qualities it hardly has, including for quite unreasonable purposes such as... insulating buildings!

-Seemingly unrelated, vegetarians are often called «fundamentalists».


All this furiously resembles an underhand campaign, specifically targeting a small number of key foods essential to a well led vegetarian diet. Indeed, everyone knows that for a successful vegetarian transition, it is not enough to «remove meat»: we need a source of proteins to replace it. Hence the obligation for wholegrain bread, wholegrain cereals, soy (available in many forms) and seitan (traditional Japanese gluten-based product). Similarly, butter and animal fat (also saturated, but this is not criticized in the propaganda above) must be replaced with unsaturated vegetable oils (olive, sunflower, etc.) AND saturated oil (Palm, copra).

And who has interest into preventing such a beneficial and necessary transition? The lobby of meat and dairy, which already heavily pushed many «derogations» in the specifications of organic farming. At least, they are smarter than the oil or nuclear maniacs: instead of discrediting themselves in a frontal opposition to ecology, they take control of it from inside! And this is all the more easy that the «Greens» today are far too busy smoking marijuana or making their kids adopted by homosexuals, to remember the foundations of ecology such as non-violence or the connection with spirituality.

To conclude, I would say that only science, a science rigorously independent of any financial or ideological interests, can determine, by epidemiological tests, what is safe to eat or not. This is what I was hinted at in the time (1970s and before), that the specifications of organic farming and food were based on recognized scientific results (Dietetics, medicine, toxicology). For those who missed it, new studies like the The China Study have regularly confirmed these results, and even beyond. Especially, the negative effects of meat and dairy products are more and more scientifically established, to the point that even pediatricians are starting to abandon the cult of milk. Oh, as at random, there is a lot of «controversy» around this report...


A view of reality

Peasants of different countries have developed a new farming system, the SCI, which considerably increases the yield and quality of crops, making chemicals useless.

In the long run, this can lead to a Mankind formed of autonomous local communities, not depending on technology or cruelty (meat), but with enough free time to seriously undertake intellectual, artistic or spiritual activities.


Sandy Hurricane: last warning before use of deadly force


October 30, 2012


After the successive governments of the United States have complacently ignored the warnings of the scientists about climate change, after most of the American citizens refused to elect environmentalists, it is the climate change in person who enters the debate, as at random only some days before the elections. In the country of the thousand cults, this furiously resembles a divine warning, hihihi!


Added on December 13, 2012: Hahaha it worked, the Doha conference moved its bum, and yelded some (modest) results, against all expectations, thanks to the Qatari leaders who forced a decision (despite they depend on oil)



Seralini study: venal or ideological experts?


October 24, 2012


Asbestos, DDT, tobacco, nuclear power, Mediator, death of bees... are as many repeating scandals, where each time we hear «experts» with sweetened and hypocritical speeches: «no no not do not have irrational fears, it is not dangerous, if you oppose it it is because you oppose progress, etc.» or a little later, when the victims accumulate: «Just make a reasoned use of it» (asbestos, pesticides...).

Hearing this speech for the umpteenth time, this time about GMOs, we are starting to think that these «experts» are paid by the polluters. And it happened in facts: tobacco, climate deniers morons, etc. But when these experts are paid by the governments, it becomes very complicated.

It is indeed easy to falsify scientific research, in order to not let it show a problem. For example, studies on GMOs were made on animals with a short life span, like rats, so that not to let enough time for cancers to appear. The Séralini study compensated this problem, with using a rat breed specially created for this purpose, who develops cancers faster. This is a common and fully recognized process in scientific studies, in a general way to account with differences in scales between a simulation and reality. This methodology therefore earned him the support of a large number of international independent scientists, who also point at the many obstacles to scientific objectivity when interests are at stake, or the complicity of the states which «use science when it suits them».

We however notice a group of academies, all French, which violently opposed Séralini. They however did not provided science arguments, preferring to make a polemic about the accusations of being interested. The problem is that these academies, if they are not paid by private companies, are however strongly linked to the State, with a heavy technocratic and bureaucratic mentality, and especially a solid reputation of defence of rationalism and scientistism. A quite specifically French problem it must be said.

And ideological experts, it is a more subtle problem than venal experts, but also much more serious. Indeed, many scientists, including some very capable, are in fact scientistists, who are fundamentalists of science, with a «religious» faith in its omnipotence and infallibility. These people are thus basically unable of questioning their activity, when it results in health or environment problems. In these conditions, they «do not see» problems that however everybody sees, and they say that it is us who are irrational, and even mad. When I was a student, such a «culture» was almost systematic (the ecologists were seen as a hostile force), and so it could lead to a restrictive professional selection, all the more as we go up in hierarchy or celebrity. It is conceivable that such a selection allows at the top only a small fraternity of «experts» systematically blind to the problems, since, according to their «religion», these problems «cannot» happen.


Why to wonder, after, if people are less and less confident with science, preferring fancy doctrines, from the New Age to climate denial.


Added just a few days later: we learn that the «statement» of the six academies above was actually a simple email from an anonymous «shadow Committee»! Some names have been revealed since, and the list includes only people financially or ideologically into the GMO, excluding any opponents, especially the statistician able of judging the study. Of course this Lysenko style method is strongly denounced by the other academicians themselves, and it brings a clear demonstration of my point: in 2012 the ideologies are as much capable as financial interest to pervert science.

We already saw such an anonymous committee to «monitor» the work of the GEPAN. It is clear that in science, anonymity is a sign of very big schemes...


Added on November 14, 2012: a petition by the french scientists denouncing the pro-GMO bias, which violates science methodology. They also denounce «ideologies», just as I did.


Added in December 13, 2012: New rot smells (fr) are emerging, showing the close links between some «experts», especially of the European Food Safety Authority (EFSA), with polluting industries (tobacco, bisphenol, etc.). It is good that these things are know, but what I would like to understand is how in the beginning high administrations, supposed to be neutral, could select such biased expert groups. My opinion is that all these people form a huge buddies gang.



Geneticism in the New Age way


September 27, 2012


If classical scientistist geneticism is used to justify materialistic ideologies or far-right ideologies, it is amusing to note that the same error is also common in the New Age. So some see in the DNA the origin of our deep human qualities, and even of our artistic or spiritual aspirations. First of all, it is to attribute to DNA many magical qualities that it has not, since it does not code for spiritual information, and all the more less for memories, but for chemical compounds and building templates of the body. But this is especially falling back into a form of materialism, and even of dependency toward our bodies or the material world, making them definitively necessary. The true spiritual approach is precisely, at one time or another, to no longer be dependent on the material body. Since we shall have to renounce it one day or another.



Reductionism in the New Age way


September 27,2012


I saw passing something funny: chakras with nerve endings. A common idea too is to equate them with nervous plexus. It is difficult to go further down into spiritual materialism... Should it be remembered, the chakras are immaterial. They have no physical counterparts, even with the organs which would be at random in the same location. In first, the chakras are visualization objects, which gradually build up until they form our spiritual body. What is remarkable however, is that when we start to feel them, it is almost at the same places for everybody. The cause is probably in the innate consciousness of the body. But the body is used only as a template, not as a material.



To be cured by belief, or to suffer rationally?


August 25, 2012


Since some time, I see in science reviews articles denouncing all the trinkets and other snake oil powders which fill whole shelves in organic stores, New Age shops, and even some pharmacies: crystals, «vibration enhancers», extracts of slug drooling of the Himalayas, gluten-free diets, etc. (Added September 27: some of these products would also contain medicines at dangerous doses, or with dangerous side effects)

This looks sound, to denounce products which are virtually without effect, but which bring a lot of money to the swindlers who sell them. However, as science requires, the articles specify that these products have «no other effect save placebo». So that, they still have effects, after all. Odd that the same sentence denies these effects, while confirming them. If it is so, do we have the right to discourage the use of products which bring real relief to those who believe in their effectiveness? If being scientific makes us suffer, isn't it better to be a believer? If we do of science a sadomasochist cult enticing to mortification, then I allow myself to stop following.

Fortunately, modern spirituality allows for a much better approach: anybody can check by experience that meditation, especially positive visualization and detachment of emotions, confers some immunity toward psychological suffering, and even against physical pain.

Thus the modern rational AND spiritual approach allows to voluntarily produce the placebo effect, and in more without dependancy on expensive crook's products or dangerous cult beliefs. In the current state of things, this power is generally not strong enough for avoiding medical treatment, hence the rule, and even the legal obligation to follow the advice of physicians. But their help is appreciable, and especially anybody who has practised spiritual help would observe the effects.



Scientific demonstration of womanisers filthy sexist prejudices?


August 25, 2012


I see more and more in the «science» rubric on information Internet sites, «scientific studies» which say, for instance, that men are inconstant and women faithful at home, that brushing against the hand of a woman makes her «hot», men like women with wide hips, men need violent video games to feel their masculinity, we choose our lovers as a function of their DNA, etc. Of course, the authors of these «studies» are not shown, nor the peer referee journals which publish them. It is clear that we have here an abusive use of the notion of scientific study: sketchy studies out of any control process are used to justify anything, according to the well established methods of generations of astrologers and circus mediums: as any statistical comparison provides results which are never right on the theoretical average, it is enough to publish only the ones which give a result in the desired direction.



Gender theory (gender «studies»): antiscience at school.


October 6, 2011

(for everybody)


The cults of antiscience morons have more and more power: the French children are now reading into their school books (opposable to the parents, as I could learn at my own expenses) that their gender is only a convention, and that they can change it when they want...

As «evidence», a pseudo «science study» showing that the «aversion of boys for the pink» appears only at the age of two, and thus it is «acquired socially». Oh, beards and breasts, which appear at puberty, are then acquired socially, too?

What is disturbing, is that the media spread immediately these idioties, when they censor so many useful or enthralling science theories.

As to the «aversion of boys for the pink», we recognize one of these clichés we thought dead, but which endlessly resurface out of the media.

Oh, I know too well the explanation: a common form of stalking among young children is the «accusation» of being a girl. As any stalking, it is humiliating enough to leave a durable trauma, disturbing the taste of colors and the relation with the other gender...



«scientific» study of the female orgasm


October 6, 2011

(for adults only, and gnagnagna)


They found that, when a woman plays with her nipples, it activates the area of vagina in her brain...

Poor blokes who need a MRI scanner to know women... Why don't you just ask?


It is disturbing, that science loses so much any contact with the human reality, so that we need to «study» the simplest things of life. What if we put a male chauvinist scientistist in the scanner, to see what he is thinking? /p>


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The thought scanner started.


October 6, 2011

(for everybody)


For the first time, a machine was able to show a mental image on a screen. More accurately, it was the projection of the vision of the eye, thanks to the detailed analysis of the activity of neurones.

It is however a very degraded image: the projection in the brain of a retina image is blurred and distorted. In more, the MRI scanner can detect only the global activity of groups of neurones, not the messages they exchange. At last, a true mental image (memory, imagination) probably not appears with this machine, otherwise they would have shown us.


With my opinion, it did not worked, because the mental images would be coded in a much more abstract level in the brain, in a way into a «vectorial graphic» when the machine would see only the «bitmap» projected by the retina, before «vectorialisation». Of course, only the «vectorial» image is stored as a memory, and the mental images we create would also be of this kind, explaining that we do not see them with the machine. So we are still very far of «seeing the thought».


However this kind of machine (and its reciprocal, the machine for creating images and sensations directly into the brain) bring the promise of extraordinary applications: disabled people, total immersion into virtual worlds, see direct transmission of thought. (I also speak of this here).


However we also think at «Big Brother» uses: to detect thought, to impose a normalized thought, see to torture without without trace. These risks are still considerable, with still more than one third of the world population living under barmy dictatorship.


But I also think at a more subtle risk, of the «brave new world» type: the lack of means to display feelings, emotions or vibrations on the screen, may reduce the human experience to only images, sounds, texts. This is an extremely serious risk, and already present, even without machine, when we see the scorning and discriminations which often greet these concerns. However a skilfully designed machine could also transfer directly these vibrations from brain to brain, and this is more simple than for images.



Sexual mutilations «protecting against AIDS»


October 6, 2011

(for everybody)


Some months ago, «science studies» in some African countries would show that circumcised men have less chances to get AIDS... Admitting that this is true, would circumcise all men eliminate AIDS? Certainly not, as the supposed protection is much too weak. All the more that, with dualistic thought, many will imagine to be invulnerable... The irresponsible publishing of such partial «information» is more likely to increase the epidemics.


But now, a new study arrives, of similar sources, claiming that, on the contrary, a common contraceptive would favour AIDS... as at random.


This time, suspicion rises that science would be exploited, in order to justify local taboos. We shall be sure in some months, when the «studies» will «show» that excision protects women...


With my opinion, to forbid prostitution and rape (main vectors of AIDS in these countries) would be much more efficient and cheaper.



Superluminic neutrinos and «relative scientific truth»


October 6, 2011

(for everybody)


The recent observation by the CNRS and the CERN of neutrinos seeming to go faster than light, was greeted with a great pleasure by all the junk media. We especially heard cheering loudly all the supporters of the theory as what the science truth would be «temporary», changing, see the result of «social power balance» between researchers. The imbeciles at last enjoy their revenge on the intelligence of Einstein! We are going to have our ears stuffed with conspirationist theories and «questioning of imperialist science!»

Oh, we would have enjoyed to hear the subluminic media when science started to warn about pollution in 1972, or on global warming in 1979, see in... 1890!


(Added August 24, 2012:) Very expectedly, the violation of the speed of light proved to be an error in the measurement of the arrival time (A wrongly connected GPS). These are things which can happen even to the best scientists. But what is remarkable is the quasi silence of the media about the rectification of this error, while six months earlier they were noisily bashing Einstein and Relativity. Thus, for the man in the street, only the challenge of Relativity passed, and, if he hears one day that scientists still rely on Relativity, he will think that scientists are sectarian.



DANGER! Growth of antiscience!


July 30, 2011

(for everybody)

A recent poll (French IPSOS, for «La Recherche» and «Le Monde», issue of wednesday 15, June 2011) shows that the public in France is more and more wary of science. So science in general pays the price for the nuclear stuff, GMO, «medicine accidents» etc. Even the fascist propaganda of the climate deniers seems to have significantly breached the confidence in science. However domains like renewable energies still have the confidence of the public.

Recently I heard an organic farmer very astonished that the astrologists could not foresee the drought of spring 2011 in France! One second after, he was laughing at the scientists «totally unable to predict weather»! Visiting organic food fairs, I could see that half the stalls were about phoney medicines or snake oil like jewels protecting from the noxious waves of cellphones... It is sad to see meetings meant to be socially advanced, falling as low as the astrology rubric in the TV. So, crass ignorance seems to still more mislead the opinion than the defiance of the terrible results attributed to science...


This situation is very worrying, and it is high time that scientists unite in a kind of independent organisation, defining a «policy of science», taking a clear distance with materialism and capitalism, recovering its founder values of the Century of Enlightenment, and contacting the social and spiritual values of the 21th Century. So science could be able to speak in its own name, without appearing as the lackey of some political, ideological or financial power. Such a project would also take charge of explaining science otherwise than with abscond equations or soppy images.



Which evolution for
organic farming?


July 30, 2011

(for everybody)

Still today, there is no better definition of organic farming than «no chemicals». By lack of more accurate criteria, the legal definition of organic farming is made with lists of specifications («cahiers des charges» in France), which are collections of rules which justification is not always obvious to the profane. The existence of «organic wine» clearly shows that the notion of «natural» easily rules out any rational analysis. The existence of «organic meat» signs for the disconnection from non-violence and spirituality, while the presence of numerous snake oils in organic shops clearly tells the prevalence of naturalist and pseudo-spiritual beliefs without any link with ecology or social ideals.


However the evolution of farming and food practices could bring situations which were not foreseen into the specifications for organic farming. Who will decide to accept or refuse the new practices, and on which criteria?

Example: GMO. Certainly the GMO that some tried frantically to fob us were clearly dangerous at several levels, and we were right to refuse them. But what will happen when harmless GMO will be created, see GMO useful to an organic diet? Who will do the necessary checking? Who will modify the specifications? Example: GMO grains enriched in essential amino acids, lest costly and fighting obesity. Or GMO cotton, being grafted the colour gene systems of bird feathers, allowing for a great freedom of clothing without requiring a complex die chemistry, and with no known or predictable risk. Such GMO could be added without problems to the list of allowed products into the specifications of organic farming... However there is much to bet that they will be forbidden, as «not natural»!!!


There is also a short list of foods which are regularly accused of serious «hazards», while science notices nothing: soy, gluten, wholegrain bread, aspartame. But nobody criticizes «organic wine», and all the snake oils found in organic shops. It is however curious to see that this short list is in facts a small number of key foods allowing for a really balanced vegan diet, independent of the great food companies, as well as of the extreme right ideologies justifying predators.



And who funds reviews like Nexus or Bio-Contact (French free monthly magazine advertising an indiscriminate mix of serious organic stuff and organic snake oil), which spread the «ideas» above? How a small confidential Australian fanzine could become the world leader of «green» disinformation? I searched on the Internet, but these informations are not accessible. It would however be useful to know, as it is these reviews which shape the opinion, now that the founders of organic farming are gone.



Open war against science has begun


September 2010

(for everybody)

Already some years ago, I noted that numerous conspirationnist theories were attacking science (Supposed extraterrestrial control, Apollo missions which would never have happened, etc.). These marginal theories were little credible, but it was already worthy to note than they already had a strong support from some large media with very retrograde political ideas.

The pseudo-debate «creation versus evolution» was a first victory of obscurantism: the teaching of evolution is now restrained into some states. I say pseudo-debate, because what could be an interesting reflexion on the origins of the world, spirituality and science, was turned into (by both sides) a sterile fight between materialism and belief.

But the recent attacks against science by the climatosceptics (Some great capitalist companies and extreme-right parties) were successful into troubling the opinion, with the help of those great media already skilful into the pseudo-scientific intoxication of the opinion.

So the politicians and the media who were fanaticists of science while it was inventing bombs for them, are now rejecting it, because it is suggesting them to make an effort to protect our planet! Beyond the ultimate idiocy of such a position, this attack constitutes a very large crisis, similar to World War Two (War is to be understood here in a metaphoric sense, but we could see the practical sense before 2020). Given the stake, climatoscepticism constitutes an evil of a seriousness and magnitude similar to nazism, except that instead of aiming at races, it aims at intelligence. As to the physical consequences, they could be much larger than those of World War Two: already 2010 saw much more climatic deaths and refugees than the ongoing wars, and no one dares to think what will happen in 2040, date at which these blokes plan to start to react.

But the most stupid in there is that the tens of millions of dollars absorbed by the climatosceptical propaganda (without mentioning the billions lost with utopias like ITER or the BP well leak), could be used to develop the aerothermic and thermochemical plants (solar oil) able to solve the crisis rapidly, without changing the society, while the oil companies who give this money would rather have interest into patenting these technologies right now, before others nab them their monopoly on energy... But they will not do this, as these childish egocentric see the ideas of others as threats!

Well, the scientists, usually so neutral, were submitted to a gradient of political field... and they were polarized (lol), in an interesting way at last, while clearly separating of the few infiltrated propagandists. But will they be able to get out of their labs and assume the political stake which now lies on their shoulders? As to politicians, it is high time that they unstuck their brains, and take rational decisions based on realities.

As to the General Epistemology that I am fostering, it is only the classical science, to which is given some spiritual insight (and thus political insight). So it is just all the more involved into the defence of climate against mind control methods...



Criticism against the IPCC: Danger, anti-science!


January 2010

(for everybody)

The new fashion of the medias is to fire blank point against the work of the IPCC, and to pinpoint the least little mistake, in an however outstanding work, all the more a work which is of vital importance for our survival.


Until now, the medias were sending their manipulations and their hate of life only to «minority» groups: ecologists, migrants, latinos, spiritualists, vegetarians, etc. However, with the disparaging of the IPCC, they are now undermining one of the pillars of mainstream society: science. Let us hope that governments still have some power, instead of obeying pseudo-philosophers who proclaim themselves judges of a domain where they are totally incompetent.


The fiasco of the Copenhagen summit:
a victory of irrationalism


January 2010

(for everybody)

The hopeless failure of the Copenhagen summit creates a situation similar to that of the Munich conference in 1938. Munich had «legitimized» the nazi claims, opening the way to World War Two. Similarly, Copenhagen «legitimizes» the anti-Earth criminals, and, as a matter of facts, only one month later we see some who start incredible trials to try to silent the citizen and the scientists.

We could think that the failure of Copenhagen would be a victory of antiscience, but in facts the climatosceptics and other conspirationnist nutters just had very little contribution, after losing all their credit with the East Anglia University affair.

Te shameful failure of Copenhagen is before all the result of the raw egocentrism of the main governments of the world, «right» or «left» all together, which passed their childish financial interests and their ridiculous nationalism even before their own survival. In this, this failure is the triumph of irrationalism, an incredible forfeit, when everybody expected the birth of a better world governance based on a minimum of wisdom (science in the occurrence).

At least the ridiculous funding proposed is an incredible scorning to the face of humans of all countries: ten dollars per year and per westerner, and 2 dollars per year and per citizen of other countries!!! With this money, if they have no more Earth, they still can eat brioche...

Happily, several countries refused to sign the final document, which, if it was adopted, would block any action for 10 years.


End of the French SEPRA (Ex-GEPAN):
a victory of irrationalism


Juin 2004

(for everybody)

Yes really, the french CNES (equivalent of the NASA) decided to put an end to this service, thus stopping the scientific and official study of the UFO phenomenon, and letting free space for ignorance, prejudices and junk speculations.
  However this service yielded interesting results, especially the most convincing scientific evidences of the material existence of the phenomenon.

It was anyway hampered from the beginning by a ridiculous funding (just enough to pay some secretaries), the obvious hostility of the direction of the CNES and by a strange forbidding: not to publish its results! «Science» however means «to know», don't you think so? This forbidding would have be one of the main motives of the sudden departure of its founder, Claude Poher. And I understand he had reasons to be furious, especially with the interesting results he already obtained at that time.

So that nobody comes and say that the folks who oppose to the study of UFOs are rational.


What become the MANTRA study?


Juin 2004


This text was integrated into the book, in chapter II-9


The readers of «General Epistemology» (chapter 28) will remember that I mention the Mantra study made in 1998. This study provided interesting and scientifically sound evidences that prayer had positive effects on the health of persons having serious surgery (Up to 100% more of certain health criteria). I even said it was an historical evidence of the existence of certain parapsychological phenomena, with the only restriction that the statistic sample was a bit too small (150 persons).
  Today the same study was made again, with 750 persons. However we find everywhere on the Internet that after the Mantra Study», «there is no health benefit» with prayer. I allow myself to be somewhat astonished, especially in the way it is announced: In 1998 some rare publications were quoting the first optimistic study as being «The Mantra study» when now several known newspapers speak of the pessimistic second study as being «the Mantra study», which, by confusion, can make «forget» the existence of the first study and of its positive result.

That two identical studies could produce so different results arises a question. This difference even seems too large (one against two) to be just a statistical fluctuation. But this situation is in fact quite common in parapsychology. Who never tried to play Ouija or draw Zener cards: The first test finds us astonishing powers, while the followings fall back into the insignificant. Only meta-studies allow today to state the reality of these phenomena, or very heavy professional data bases like that of the PEAR laboratory in the Princeton University (Archive de censored page). The latest even suggests (it is my interpretation) that a factor could operate a nearby perfect compensation, allowing only very little effect (and even sometimes an overcompensation, called psi-missing, inverting the expected effect) Technically, the effect would more easily manifest as an increase of the variance (note3) rather than a shif of the average.

The american commentors of the Mantra study, with their christian culture, «explain» this failure by formulas such as «We cannot put God to the test» or «Prayer is not a penny in the slot machine. You can't just put in a coin and get out a chocolate bar». Rather inspired by the buddhist teaching, I would say that the approach of the individual ego aiming at a result which would satisfy its expectation, this approach is doomed to failure. But on the other hand, buddhist teaching states that when we obtain a neutral enough state called Arhat state, so parapsychological powers appear automatically. If things are really like that, so the compensating factor would be linked to our consciousness state. It could result of our karma, or perhaps of a forbidding made to us.

So this failure could show in facts much productive. Anyway I think that we should better the protocol for the third study which is planned, to account with the above effects. But this cannot be published right now.
  Another explanation, much simpler, that I gave in my book, would be that the first study was made with little advertising, while the second was «controversial» (understand: there was ideological opposition), and this unclean ambience was no longer conductive of positive effects.

New (November 2004): Another explanation is possible, but of a very different order. I clearly remember, having done a retreat into the buddhist monastery Nalanda, to have attended prayers sessions for the first study. But my friends monks do not remember to have be requested for the second study, or much less than for the first. Disturbing. If this gets confirmed, so the second study would have demonstrated only a very well known fact: a medecine which stays on the shelf has no effect.


Complements on the quadripolar logic


April 2004

(for the readers of «General Epistemology»)


This text was integrated into the book, in chapter I-4


In the chapter 4 of my book «General Epistemology», I introduce the «quadripolar logic», a logic with four poles in place of the two classical poles of the Aristotelian or Boolean logic. This logic better fits the situation of oppositions between two spiritual or moral values.

  I want to add here that, in more of its three privileged vertical lines, the diagram also contains three points which would be attractors. In mathematics we call «attractors» toward which the situations tend to spontaneously get closer. I indicate their position here (three orange circles):

three levels

Examining real societies shows that they are really attractors. As a matter of facts situations tend to spontaneously evolve in a way to go toward the nearest attractor, and to pass to the upper attractor requires a serious effort. So it needed a long time to emerge of the bottom attractor (dictature, slavery, violence) and the countries which are still here today have trouble to eliminate all this hate. Today the western societies seem stabilized in the middle attractor (democracy, capitalism, law protections). It is now difficult to make them go again to the first level; but the attempts to reach the third level still have to face serious obstacles. The third attractor (freedom, True Economy, true peace, happy social life, profound spirituality) is attained today only by small groups with strong spiritual commitments. But its attraction has a growing influence at the level of the second attractor, for instance with fair trade.


Experiments on the structure of time


September 2003

(for the readers of «General Epistemology»)

In the chapter 38 of my book «General Epistemology», I describe several experiments to test my hypothesis on the nature of time (Chapter 33), which would be a «logical self-generation process»©. The famous Aspect experiment already goes that way. It thwarts the notion of locality in our universe (arbitrarily far away phenomena can still share a quantum link) Recent variations also break the notion of an absolute time (The quantum link can last even if the phenomena take place at different moments). But it is only subtle and very weak effects, without any impact on our daily life.

But another experiment was made suggesting time shifts of several days. I think to an experiment of the PEAR laboratory (Princeton Engineering Anomalies Research) in the University of Princeton (Archive of the censored page). It is a classical telekinesis experiment, on technological systems: to think that one will change the average of a random bit generator. You can obtain the repport of results and their theoretical models.

Other curious or interesting results also appeared:

This laboratory also did the same experiment with a quantum random bit generator. As several hypothesis suggest a relationship between parapsychological phenomenon and quantum effects. Too bad for these hypothesis, the experiment did not produced results different of other analog generators.

However to be really firm these results would need more statistical accumulations and to be reproduced by other laboratories. From here the interest to support the labs which work in this domain... and to volonteer for the experiments!

  We can also note that these results confirm various statements of the spiritual domain: effect of love, or action of the mind in the «three times» (past, present, and future).


Mysterious phenomena


September 2003

(For everybody)

In chapter 18 of my book «General Epistemology», I quote several mysterious phenomena which study was arbitrarily neglected. I indicate here some updates which will be available in next editions.

Newä (Mars 2004) Celestial lights observed during earthquakes (Earthlights) Earthquake witness regularly report luminous phenomena, on the aurora type in the sky, or of the ball of light type near the ground. Of course these phenomena were never scientifically recognized. Today the french CNES prepares the satellite Demeter, as «recent studies have observed in the ionosphere, at about 100 km of altitude, rather intriguing electromagnetic signals some seconds before certain earthquakes» (Pascale Ultré-Guérard, geophysician of the CNES) These phenomena could, as I supposed in my book, be linked to the lights of the aurora type. But less probably to the ball of light type.

Strange trees at Vierzy and in the Mont Beuvray (France). Contrarily to what I wrote, the «queules» of the Mont Beuvray have nothing mysterious, they just are hedges shaped with tree branches curved by local folks when they are still young. We can see them «forming» on, on the path toward the spring of the Yonne river, and Jules Cesar already mentioned them. On the contrary, I found no references about the faux de Vierzy on Internet.

Barisal gun and other unexplained bangs. A possible explanation would be that the stratosphere could play a role of an acoustic wave guide, and lead sounds like the thunder at a great distance. So the noises of the 1914-18 war were to be heard at London, but not on the intermediary path. The worse is that these phenomena were in fact abundantly studied in the 1920', before the radar, and there even was a series of experimental explosions set in La Courtine, France, in 1923! On the other hand noises such as that of the Seneca lake are for the moment unexplainable.

Ice falls from the sky. I wrote that the mysterious ice pieces fallen from the sky could not come from aircrafts, as aircrafts do not empty their toilets in flight. Alas yes, they do, despites all the hygiena and epidemics problems such a disgusting practice arises. Even the space shuttle does this! So it is very likely that these ices would be residues of plane toilets (or of the de-icing system), and this seems confirmed by the analysis made at the time of the spanish wave. But an ice meteorite is still conceivable, as in space the equilibrium temperature of a body is much lower than zero. There is even a case of a meteorite (said of Dhurmsala) which was ice cold just after falling. So if you see ice falling of the sky, keep a sample, even molten, while avoiding to contaminate it.

To be noted (June 2004) that scientists and meteorologist begin to show a rationnal interest toward this phenomenon. They think to an unknown meteorological origin. As a matter of facts it is ununderstandable that a hailstone could form into a blue sky, and grow to several kilogs (sometimes tens of kilogs) diring the few minutes of its fall.


Conspiraties and false science


Juin 2003

(For everybody)

In chapters 13 and 17 of my book «General Epistemology», I wrote that certain pseudo-scientific and somewhat fascist theories such as the behaviourism would have be in fact created and spread by occult groups, under the cover of umbrella-fundations. At that time, I had no real evidences, but now, with Internet everybody can very easily make his own inquiry, and see what is going on in less than one hour.

Before starting with serious things, please let us note first that to denounce imaginary world-wide plots is very much fashioned today. For instance a very unlikely theory pretends to explain abductions by manipulative extraterrestrials, with the complicity of the USA government. But extraterrestrials being somewhat difficult to catch, the conspirationnists must do with more accessible scapegoats. So we come again with updated versions of the «Jew plot», or of the occult rule of the Franc-Maçons, and other baldernashes, still much more stupid than naughty. However various rumours state about more likely plots, and inquirers may discover very real facts.

A very clear example is that of the manipulations done by the tobacco industry (see my page on drugs). Go on Google with the key word «Ragnar Rylander». You will easily find how this Swiss «independent professor», today condemned by courts and discredited world-wide, had, for more than fifteen years, grossly falsified his «studies» proving the inocuity of second-hand smoking exposure, while in reality he was funded by cigarette manufacturers to thwart anti-tobacco prevention. Curiously, there are few links in English, the most revealing are in French: Dossier de presse sur les affaires politico-scientifiques et les cigaretiers  (in French) and the prosecution  (in French). In English, check this, and also a list of very compromising secret documents. Hey, you surely remarked that all the new ecological awareness and new health awareness are hampered by endless «debates» between experts who mutually contradict themselves. Especially, you wondered how, each times specialists publish a ten years study denouncing a health or environment issue, two months later other experts are able to publish another ten-years study contradicting the first? No they did not used a time machine, they «just» falsified they results, after having engaged in a very ordinary business contract with the polluters nabbed by the fist study. Unless they act «from idealism», in the name of various anti-life ideologies, rife among this world of vivisectors and technocrats. There are still many Ragnar Rylander to denounce!

About the case of behaviourism itself, it seems more difficult to find a formal conspiracy, but right on my first attempt to search, I found a forum page Wertfreiheit and Behaviourism very interesting, as the author of this reply, despite posting it on the site of a pro-capitalism little group, does not elude an open discussion (paragraph 4) on the very purpose of economy, or on the nature of consciousness. More precisely he explains (paragraph 5) how, as soon as the end of the 19th century, «the economists placed a fence» against the Christian ethics «of the sacrifice» (of Altruism?) in considering only the methods of economy (the business), never the purpose of this economy» (See my book «True Economy» for the unbiased discussion). You really read this: they pursue an activity without never bothering of its purpose!!! It is really fantastic, as if we were still building more and more comfortable cars, where we should just forget to place an engine to move it! This correspondent also explains how the neurologists also placed a fence against the idea of an immaterial consciousness («soul stuff») in considering only «how» the human behave, never «why» (This is the basic pervert «method» of behaviourism) . We really have, in both case, as I wrote it, a conscious, deliberated and collective refusal of the scientific observation of whole domains of life. Really, the materialistic and egocentric (pseudo) theories which are used as alibis to nowadays technocracy and capitalism, were born in the same way, and perhaps in the same brains, that the «anthropological» racist theories which were used to justify colonial conquests. Just pity that this author does not give names!

New: (Sept 2, 2003) Further searches now allow me to tell names, some unknown, some too much well known. Despite their desire, the scientists at the Century of the Enlightenment were not able to carry on a really scientific study of the abstract domains, for they had no access to the appropriate investigation methods. But the scientists of the 19th century frankly posed these domains as improper to any science, and only a domain for useless beliefs. They accepted only «positive evidences», understand only facts reducible to something material. It is well known that the author of this scheming is precisely Auguste Comte, considered as one of the greatest epistemologists of sciences. Anyway I would avoid the simplistic temptation of making of Comte a kind of «big satan» source of all the sins of modern science. He was probably only an honest atheist, disgusted as everybody by the hopeless spectacle of dogmatic bigotry and pudibondry offered by most religious peoples at that time (In France, monarchic reaction of Louis Philippe). His work is complex and features several radically different steps: the positivism as shown today is only one of these steps in a path which could probably have led Comte up to the gate of the mystical world, after he knew the human love with Clotilde de Vaux. But this latest step was of course rejected as «delirium» by his own «positivist» disciples! If only Comte's materialistic thesis had such an impact, and such an influence, it is really because they met the expectations of a whole class of materialistic intellectuals, anti-moral and anti-religious peoples just devoted to selfish enjoyment. (I explain in my book «General Epistemology» how a non-materialistic epistemology is possible, and I further develop this theme of the Positivism in my book to come, about mind control methods). And the «scientific» defence of racism, in there? Very simple, much too simple, alas: Comte himself co-signed «The manners of the French thought in Brazil in 19th century: the racial question» with a certain Arthur Gobineau, himself author of «essai sur l'inégalité des races humaines» (essay on the inequality of human races) and precisely the founder of that racist «anthropology». Comte regretted it later, but too late: the devil was liberated, and we can precisely follow the traces, from teacher to disciple, of the taking over of the «positive» ideas toward racist anthropology, the German nazism and French fascism (Maurras) or toward this unbearable Marxist materialism. And all these peoples will certainly not disavow their today heirs, these insolent scientistists and technocrats who frantically try to enforce us with their nuclear industry, their greenhouse effect and their GMO.

But all this past looks nearby benign, in front of the present. I even not dare to give names or links, so it is incredible and frightening. But everybody can do his own inquiry, with the little method which follows. Take the name of a media which says silly things on greenhouse effect, ecology, extraterrestrials, war in Irak, or... tobacco. Then search on Google «owner of» followed by the name of that media. Searching a while, you will find names, say xxx (they are not thousands...). Then do another search with the key word xxx associated with one of the followings: «extreme right», «green extremists», «institute», «corporation», «Greenhouse» «think tank», etc. The result is really astounding: Only a small group of persons in the world has enough political influence and mediatic power to thwart all the social and ecological policies going on today! On their sites, these peoples present themselves as gentle «economical institutes» or think-tanks, see as humanitarian organizations, supporting «projects» in poor countries. But when we surf on their pages we find that they practice in reality the coarsest negationism against ecology, or the ultra-liberalism in economy, supporting incredible subversive thesis such as competitive education, privatization of the Social Security, or the elimination of any morals in public life.

(Added on November 26, 2009) Six years later, a paper of the french newspaper «Le Monde» of the November 23, 2009 speaks of the so called american «think tanks» paid by the oil industry. A paper of Reuters of the November 24, 2009 quotes Myron Ebell, of the Competitive Enterprise Institute, and Patrick Michaels, member of the Cato institute. So the hunt to the climate negationists and other conspiracy wackos is publicly open.


And science, in there? An argument of psychological warfare, a doormat. Completely falsified and prostituted, brandished as an alibi when it serves these men, pitilessly dragged through the mud as soon as it contradicts them. A whole negationist junk science brays in propaganda medias in the hands of some, publishes false conclusions starting from truncated informations and ready-made ideas, written by peoples who have from scientists only high flown titles and large wages.

As for democracy and human rights, if there is no more freedom of the press, so they are still more endangered than science. Defenders of democracy must tackle this problem in emergency, which looks like being a challenge as large as the abolition of slavery.

  So, there are not only some fringe theories such as the behaviourism which were created from manipulations, but the whole set of anti-ecology, anti-social, anti-happiness and anti-spirit theories. As for the peoples who do science properly, even the more materialistic never found things like that.


The logical feedback: not so exotic


March 2003

(for the readers of «General Epistemology»)

In Chapter 39 «A simple view of the history of the Universe» I presented a theory, very simple but which will look somewhat exotic for today scientists: a «logical feedback»© between the final state and the initial state of the universe ensures its coherence, and even the evolution of its content, including the evolution of life. Such an action in reversed time may surprise many, but, in facts, if we take a simple example, admitted by today science, this notion looses all its fantastic aura and becomes something clear and understandable by all.

This example is the Darwinian evolution of species, as understood by today science. More accurately, let us take the example of the flight of birds. After the Darwinian theory, it is the accumulation of random mutations, eliminated or retained by natural selection, which led to beings able to fly. But the number of genetic characters to select simultaneously is so huge that the appearance of flight looks a priori very unlikely. Historically, the opponents of the theory of the evolution even took this as an argument so that flight could not have appeared by natural selection, but from a divine creation. Today we begin to know that feathers could have appeared twenty million years before bird flight, and we even recently found a strange four-winged fossil, suggested that flight could have appeared gradually among tree climbing animals similar to today gliding squirrels. And not only flight appeared, but on Earth it appeared four times: pterodactyls, insects, birds, bats, and it is even in the process of appearing just under our eyes in two other instances: flying fishes and gliding squirrels, not to speak of spiders which travel with their wire, or dandelion or ash tree seed.

So this gathering, so much unlikely, not only appears, but it MUST appear, even from the simple play of random mutations and selection. This is still badly understood, in the public and even among some scientists. If we observe historically what happens, we see mutation accumulating, and species diverging in numerous forms, and no predetermined direction appears, and no physical cause nor divine intervention shows to push things in a direction or another. And if the dinosaurs had be eugenists, surely they would not have tolerated this strange genetic disease of bifid scales which is at the origin of feathers and birds. On the other hand, if we observe things afterward, we note that, among all the possible branches, the selection retained the one which led to beings with all the necessary features to fly, exactly as if it had followed an engineer design, combining complex notions of mechanics, aeronautics and automatism. By the play of the selection, these mechanics and aeronautics necessities are the logical cause of the appearance of flight. A remarkably efficient cause, as we find at least six example of its action.

What precedes in only the generally accepted today science theory. But in placing ourselves in my theory of the «logical self-generation»© as described in the third part of my book, we note that this logical cause of the appearance of flight is untemporal: it does not appear at a given moment to disappear after, it does not depend on the presence or absence of such or such specie or organ. To state that it acts in reversed time (logical feedback) will certainly be more difficult to swallow, but this is really the conclusion where we are led by this theory of the «logical self-generation», from which time is only a consequence. Right, when selection took place, only random and fortuitous events acted, there was no landing of time machines nor divine magical power shows. But this logical cause, the technical possibility of flight, was really able, among certain small dinosaurs, to validate the appearance of feathers millions years before these feathers allowed the first birds to fly. Without the flight, this «genetic disease» of feathers would have disappeared, and as a matter of facts all the intermediary beings (climbers, gliders, with four wings...) also have disappeared, only remained the achieved result. It is this determinism of evolution which is often badly understood as an «intention». It is this determinism, as it is described by the today evolution theory, that I name a «logical feedback» as it validates events at a given date as a function of a future possibility.


All this is an immediate concern for us all, if we consider that, exactly as the possibility of flight made birds appear, the possibility of a paradise and harmonious world would be the today engine of the evolution of the human being. About the genetic evolution, despite its slowness (at our scale) we can however note a shift in sexual tastes which could lead to lighter and lengthier body shapes, less dependent of constrains about feeding or reproduction (note1). But the most relevant evolution is about society and spirituality, which is not transmitted by genes but by example and education, shaping at each generation much powerful and subtle brains (note2). This evolution process is now giving visible results in a matter of century. For instance the project of unilateral attack against Irak made a scandal in the world, when nobody reacted about a similar attack against Korea only fifty years sooner. This evolution is led briskly by logical causes which power incommensurably overwhelm the largest politico-military coalitions. It goes slowly, by trial and errors, but it goes inexorably. Be careful, dinosaurs who want to forbid the appearance of feathers!

«God» could have no other nature, in facts, that this logical possibility of a more compassionate and spiritual life. This possibility, as the one of flight, could be one of the more powerful logical cause shaping the human evolution. If things are like that, we cannot be astonished if God cannot manifest directly, and even not give evidences of His existence. Anyway this possibility of a more spiritual life exists, and it inspirited the prophets of the past (who expressed their intuitions with the concepts available in their societies, for instance that of the personified god of the ancient Hebrews, origin of our today western conception of God being a character) and today this logical cause is clear enough to be understandable by everybody. To be noted that this definition of God needs no metaphysics and no parapsychology, which, with my opinion, makes in too weak. But at least it is acceptable as such by traditionnal science.;

So it is not so strange to state as I do in chapter 39 that the today evolution state of the universe could result in such a logical feedback between its achieved «final» state and its initial state (which could produce anthropism and even explain certain laws of physics).




Note 1: Many scientists consider only the cruel notion of adaptation as the only engine of the evolution; but sexual desire and even the search of happiness are very likely to be responsible of the beauty or sexual suits of many animals, or of «unexplainable» phenomena like the perfume and beauty of flowers. See chapter 57.

Note 2: The brain certainly has genetically programmed basic circuits, but human beings completely deprived of any education are dumb, and even those with a poor education grow disturbed or violent. It is education and social life which shapes raw circuits to give the complex relations necessary for the logical intelligence and emotional balance of the today civilized being. So the detailed neuronal structure of the brain is really transmitted by culture and learning.

Note 3: Variance. In a statistical distribution, for example the height of people in a country, the variance describes the spreading of this distribution. If in a given family everybody is tall, there is little spreading and thus the variance is small. But in the world there are many races, small races and tall races, so the spreading is much larger, and the variance larger. In a parapsychology tests, statistical laws say that without effect the results must have a given average. (for instance in guessing yes-no answers, the average is 50%, what we obtain in replying at random) So a shift in the average is an evidence of a parapsychological effect. But a higher variance (anomalous spreading of the results) can also be an evidence, even without average shift. Simply what happens is more complicated. Certain studies seem to rather yield this kind of results.