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The Elves of the Dauriath


By Yichard Muni, Elf bard


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This text is a part of a larger plot, beginning with «The Kiss of the Worlds»

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This story is about one of the strangest ever discovery of the Elves in the Dauriath world, which puzzled even the High Council. Was this thing good or evil?


Seven centuries ago, the Exodus has been a very troubled period for the Elves in the Nyidiath world, the Here World: the Human kings had decided to expel all the Elves to the Dauriath, the World in the Sky. How this would happen was still unclear for most, but everybody hoped that this would end terrible times of pogroms and discrimination against the Elfs.


This is how Hanka saw all his family killed, at the age of only four. He barely escaped the same fate, by hiding under the kitchen sink. Only some hours later, his former house was taken by an evil lady, called Viviane Paq. She found him while rummaging in the home for valuable items. At once, she laughed evilly, and declared that he would be her slave, her «house Elf», doing all the chores. And he would sleep under the sink, in the bad smells, on a bed of floor cloths...

This lasted until Hanka was seven. Not only Viviane was evil, but in more she had a lot of barmy ideas about education and society, thinking to be more clever than everybody else. So Hanka had to bear a lot of scolding, humiliations, and learning complicated rules about eating, clothing, and behaving in public. He also had to take cold baths every day to «calm» him, and have his head shaved each week. Viviane blamed him for the continuous growth of his hair, saying that they were ugly. But the worse humiliation was that he had to sit while urinating, to deny him of being a boy. Because Viviane was a very sick person, hating men even much more than the Elfs, and she had really ugly intents for him when he would be of age.

It is only when he was seven that he found a way to sneak out of this devilish house, where everything he loved had been destroyed or repainted in gray.

One day he heard a lot of people in the street, speaking loudly, or shouting orders. Suddenly somebody banged at the door. Viviane opened and she was ridiculously frightened when she saw the visitor: a soldier! Hanka had no idea of what soldiers were, just that he found very strange to wear iron plates in one's clothes. He was speaking loudly and angrily, asking something to Viviane, who had to go in another room with him.


For some seconds, Hanka contemplated the open door, thoughtless. Then he felt a powerful urge to escape. Whatever was outside could not be worse than Viviane's jail.


He went out, to find a colored crowd gathered around carts. They were unhappy, manipulating luggage in the carts, surrounded by soldiers, and further around gray clothed people sneering at them. Hanka had no idea of what were Humans and Elves, but he immediately recognized kind people like his parents were, with regular faces, harmonious voices and nice gaits, from unpleasant people with distorted faces, croaking voices and dirty colored clothes.


Hanka remained on the doorstep for a moment , dazzled by the sun, not understanding anything, just hugely attracted by these nice people.

Then suddenly he heard calling «Hanka» in the crowd, and another angry call «Hanka» from Viviane behind him. At once he was pulled by beautifully clothed people, who made a thick crowd around him. He felt a hand on his mouth, while Viviane was now screaming «Hanka»! «Hanka»! A soldier plowed through the crowd toward Hanka. He examined him, uttered a despising «ewww!» and went back to Viviane. He spoke angrily to her, and the other soldiers forced her in her home. For some times she screamed and banged on her door, and this was the very last thing Hanka ever heard from this evil soul.


Hanka ended to understand what had happened. He never saw most of these people, save some children who had been his friends, and their parents. They had survived the pogrom, and had recognized him!! This was an extraordinary stroke of luck, because they had no specific reason to stop right in front of Viviane's house. Soon they removed his gray blouse, and wiped his dirty face. He felt ashamed from having his male body exposed, so hard Viviane's conditioning had be. But they offered him a good tunic and a kind of bonnet to hide his nearby bald skull.

The convoy remained two hours like this, with soldiers checking luggages and rummaging in the carts, asking for jewels or for forbidden books. Some Elves had to give them the golden rings they were wearing around their ankles. That made them cry, because for some reason those rings were very important to them. Once this done, the soldiers looked satisfied, and they let the convoy go. Obviously they did not knew that stealing love rings would make them forever unhappy with women.


The ambient changed when they were on the road, surrounded by the forest. Hanka loved trees and forests, so that he was starting to be a little more happy. Especially the other children were walking with him, holding his hand, and they started laughing and telling stories, as all children do.

The adults he knew explained Hanka what was going on: «We are going to the Dauriath, where we shall live only among Elves!» Hanka asked what Elves were. The others looked astonished, but they explained: «Our bodies are like Human bodies. But when we have a good heart and we love beauty and nature, the magic of Shelenaë descends on us, making us beautiful, happy and living very long»

This was the first time Hanka ever heard something like that, but he felt it was confirming something he already knew: kind people are beautiful, while evil people are ugly.

The Dauriath, he also knew. Or he thought so. It was this huge mountain on the West horizon, all illuminated before the sunrise, and blocking the sunset before its normal course, making the winter evenings short and cold. But he had no idea of what it was actually, just that it had to be very far and very big.


The travel from Hanka's native town, Bronklin, to the Elven harbor Eyland Sands, was long and painful. The youngest children slept in the carts, or under them to be safe from the rain. The adults had tarps to shelter at night. Some of them went sick. Depending on the places, they received spit and scorn, or on the contrary kind help and food, sometimes shelter for the sick ones.


But they made it, and finally arrived in Eyland Sands.


The view here was baffling, for the Elves accustomed to live discreetly, hiding their ways from the Humans. Eyland Sands was one of the 45 harbors were the Elves were allowed by the treaties, to build no less than 22000 freedoms ships! Moving to the Dauriath was such a huge endeavor, because it was a one way trip: the ships would be unable to return. This place looked like a vast industrial harbor, although still with Middle Age technology: wooden cranes and scaffolding, stone piers. But what was in the pit of the dry dock was, for the Elves, as alien, strange and scary as if they discovered a nuclear submarine being built. Indeed their freedom ship had an ominous black smooth shuttle shape, with no deck and very few openings. They could not believe that their survival was depending on this strange and frightening machine, where they would have to cram at eight hundreds inside for three weeks! This was the first to be about complete, but others were already in various stages of building.


Hanka was explained the reasons for this disproportionate building. Actually, the Dauriath was not a mountain, but, well, it was still hard to comprehend for people in this time, so that we need to use today words: another planet. The Nyidiath, the Here World, and the Dauriath, the World in the Sky, were two planets, orbiting so close to each other that they touched in a single point, the Horiathon, the Dark Place. The whole had a hourglass shape, just that the Dauriath was smaller than the Nyidiath. This rare and incredible trick of astronomy conditioned the whole life in the two worlds, depending if the Horiathon was passable or not. And at this time it was passable, but in a single way, toward the Dauriath: the Nyidiath ocean was pouring on the Dauriath, in a colossal cataract. And they would have to jump ride this monstrosity! Surely, when signing the treaties, the Human kings though that the Elves would all kill themselves in the fall, and they would be rid of them. At a lesser cost than a war, they thought. But the Elven Council knew things that the Human kings did not. Especially that the gravity of the two worlds cancel each other in the Horiathon, making the jump nearby safe. Indeed, only 33 Horiathon crossing ships were lost on 22000.


Hanka remained until the age of sixteen in Eyland Sands, where he was informally adopted by the parents of his childhood friends. No child ever remained without parents in the Elven world: orphans always were adopted. No rule was ever written, simply they all did like that without concerting, as the natural way to do.


The life in Eyland Sands was very different of the usual dream and meditation life of the Elves. There was an incredible discipline. Not the ugly submission of dictatorship, but the enthralling spirit of the fully understood and freely accepted collective endeavor. Eyland Sands was a huge factory, outputting one giant Horiathon crossing ship per month! The Exodus had started, and it was proceeding at the rhythm of the ship departures, while new Elves were arriving in the harbor.

Of course in such a huge undertaking, everybody had a precise role. But they discussed, and changed according to their spirit and to the needs. The children were mostly going to school, and Hanka learned a lot of things. But later he went to a very unpleasant job: the Elves were cutting a lot of trees for the masts and other parts. Destroying such a wonderful forest was a pain in the heart of the Elves, but they had no means to avoid it. Just they left patches of intact trees and shrub, so as the forest could regrow with minimal losses in biodiversity. Hanka passed after the loggers, gathering horse loads of the local earth. It was curious, very dark and harder than usual. Nobody save the Elves understood what it really was: bituminous sand, a priceless source of tar for the caulking of their ships. This is what made them black! It was even exported to several other harbors.


Finaly, one day, they were summoned to the departure gate. Their ship was ready!! It was done in this expeditious way, because the ships were boarding secret items, to better start their new life in the Dauriath. This made that everybody in the know had to depart with the same ship, to avoid them speaking later! This was the most unpleasant part of the affair, and Hanka saw an unhappy Elve screaming in panic, facing the sinister black opening in the hull. Four Elfs kindly but firmly grabbed her inside by force. Later on when everybody was inside they nailed the hatches.

We imagine that three weeks in only 1.3m3 per person was very unpleasant, and the Horiathon crossing terrifying. But they made it, and they finally landed in a provisional harbor in the Dauriath.


We imagine too that the first times on the Dauriath were very difficult and often chaotic. Fortunately pioneers had come tens of years before, to create a powerful farming to feed the millions immigrants arriving. But everything else was lacking: clothes, tools, paint, houses, paper, etc.

People coming from the same place in the Nyidiath often tried to find each other. Hanka's group knew that other people from Bronklin had departed before or after them, and they wanted to remake the broken connections. Especially that several lovers were still separated.

So that, one day, a group of two dozen Bronklin people, including Hanka, heard of another group living at some distance, and they decided to join them. For this, they had to go through the huge Brunevald forest. It probably was one of the most beautiful forests in the whole Dauriath, and very big, 100 kms or more. The soil was flat hard rock, making it unsuitable for any cultivation. Thus the Elfs had decided to leave it as a nature reservation, to be left untouched. Still they had allowed for some convenient paths through it, meeting at about the center.

The group had overestimated their stamina, being weak from lack of food. So that they had to take one day rest in the central point where the paths met, marked by a post. But things sometimes happen very curiously: it is the same day precisely that the other Bronklin group passed here in the other direction, looking for them! They were so happy to meet again! But they were all tired, so that they were reluctant to move away.


Around the central post was a curious patch of orange sand, about a hundred meters wide. Few plants were growing here, and the sand remained clean despite leaves falling. The forest around was very beautiful and luminous, with patches of varied flowers, birds, rays of sun, a clear view and a wonderful golden green canopy.

They found the orange soil nice, and they did their first shelters from branches and tarps. The surrounding was suitable for the cultivation of their Jerusalem artichoke, more a lot of nuts falling from the trees. The group was so numerous, that they could organize caravans, who brought back wheat and other commodities. Native iron was absent from the forest, but still they could import enough tools for their modest needs. There were dead trees all around, so that they had plenty of good quality timber, without the need to cut any living tree. However without sawmills, they had to do curved carpentry houses.

At first, when hearing of this vilage, the Elven planning council asked them not to stay in the middle of the reserve. But suddenly their changed their mind, without specifying why. The Bronklyn Elfs thought that they had agreed with their project, so that they continued installing their village, that they named Central Point, quite simply.


The Brunevald forest was huge, but entirely with a beautiful vibe. The ground was not totally flat, but all in small rocky hummocks, and sometimes abrupt isolated hills which distribution followed no obvious pattern. Few bushes were growing here, making the undergrowth thin and not obtruding the view. There was a variety of trees, most often huge. Places where ancient trees died were making small clearings, with many young trees trying to take the place. The trunks were usually very straight, and under the sun the canopy formed a nice golden green stained glass, outlined with dark branches. Openings between the trees allowed for sun rays do descend to the ground level, making patches of coloured flowers adorned with flying insects. Usually the forest was silent, and the animal life discreet. Although it was here, under the form of melodious birds, and many species of insects, including some large ants who used to cultivate mushrooms in their foliage nests.

This appearance already very interesting. But the most remarkable was that everybody who wandered in Brunevald said that they were feeling good and welcome, as in the house of somebody loving you. The forest was reassuring, propitious and even enticing to meditation and beautiful reveries. Anybody sad or disoriented went out soothed, with a reassuring certainty that life has a sense. Thus was the magic of Brunevald: a soul healer, an inspiriter of beautiful dreams and positive projects. This magic even had physical effects, with many more flowers than elsewhere, and bigger. The trees were growing straight and tall, as pillars of a cathedral. There were no bramble, and bushes were not obtruding. It also had attracted all the variety of singing birds and chirping insect, making it extremely beautiful. This really was a gift, and we understand that it had caught the attention of the Elven Council, who wanted to know the source of this magic, unique in the wild, harsh and untamed Dauriath.


The first houses in Central Point were installed under fallen trees with leaning trunks. But they little by little bult better ones, that they called hongars. The ground was of common flagstones, or saw dust. The houses themselves were entirely of wood. Imagine a longhouse, but small as a tent. Its section is shaped like a shield upside down, thanks to curved branches which were many around. With iron chisels and a lot of free time, they ended making fine carpentry and sculpted ones, that they liked better than their ancient stone houses in Bronklin. Since it was very difficult to find branches of equal size, the houses were tapering, so that all the branches could be used. Each had a large end, with a door and windows. The small end led to a covered path allowing to move between the houses by time of rain. Here too, the raw branches were little by little replaced with sculpted pillars and carpentry roofs, making the place worthy of a comparison with Tolkien's Lothlorien.

The surroundings were nice too, with a lot of gardens and hedges. The village had been set around the clearing with orange soil, and the cultivation further. There were many more hongars than needed for the inhabitants, used to shelter people from the caravans passing here, about one each day, carrying rare implements and resources. A curious property of the hongars is that they are... portable. This is quite practical, even if we have to be fifty to do so. Only the flagstone ground remained in place, and had to be prepared before moving.


New families arrived later from Bronklin made their number soar to about a hundred, with all the couples reunited. They were very happy here, living in their hongars and busy greeting voyagers. They loved this, from the numerous meeting opportunities and news from everywhere they gathered.

Hanka loved this life too. His only regret was not to be married. There was not a lack of potential companions, though, with all the visitors and caravans passing by. Just that things never went to the point where the hearts start to palpitate. He thought at some PTSD from his childhood with the evil Viviane, and the shame of being a man that she deeply instilled in him. Fact is, he often felt he should not speak to women, or that he did not deserved their attention.

Hanka eagerly took his share of the activities, helping to build, learning wood craft and gardening.

But what he loved above all was to explore and meditate in the forest around. He had ended up creating foot paths, that others followed too. Each year he went further and further, discovering new clearings with different flowers. Devoid of large living animals, as most places in the Dauriath, the forest was hugely calm and soothing, yet mighty from being so pure and virgin. The only problem is that everywhere was looking the same, so that it was very easy to be lost. It happened several times to Hanka, and in the end he used to bring a backpack. Happily calls could be heard from very far, and they soon installed markers in every crossing.

As all the Elf communities, they had received instructions to meditate for a more beautiful nature. This was easy and pleasant, but the effects were very slow. In the Nyidiath, the Elves did this for thousands of years, so that the results were fantastic. But in the Dauriath most nature was still wild and unpleasant, with shrubs and brambles. In ten years, we cannot expect much from meditation to fix that. To the point that the new Elves born in the Dauriath were somewhat skeptical about magic, thinking it was a legend of the past. A scythe and a sickle were much more efficient!

The Brunevald forest however had magic of its own, and this is a rare opportunity in nature. This is why the Elven Council had decided to set it as a reservation. At first, they wanted Central Point to be removed, and all the paths closed. But after several visits, they changed their plan: Central Point would become the Hoxar (control point) of the magic of Brunevald. This was setting a high social recognition on its inhabitants! Although by the time nobody knew how to control or even influence the magic of the forest.

Hanka was keen to develop his own magic. He already did some tricks of this kind in his little flower garden, and he wanted to find the source of the magic in Brunevald, in order to tap it and control it. Little he guessed yet that he would be controlled instead.


As he reached his fifties, Hanka was still looking like an eternal adolescent, slender and merry. But he slowly became worried: despite his desire of a sweet elven companion, he was still celibate, while all the others in Central Point were happily married. Of course he was dreaming of meeting a wonderful Elve. We all have deeply moving dreams of love, at least some times a year, from the teenage until being married.

He started to speak with Gunma Kareen. She was a priestess of Shelenaë, visiting Central Point about every two or three weeks. Gunma is a title for the Shelenaë priestesses, used in one specific occasion: when they act as a love counselor. Yes this is an attribute of the Shelenaë priestesses, and not the strangest. It must also be known that in the Elf culture there is no notion of some people being «superior». Thus the Shelenaë priestesses and even the High Council members all are very approachable, as friends or family members. Still Hanka felt very shy of speaking of love with an Elve. Was he still bearing some curse from the evil Viviane?

At first, Gunma Kareen did not really replied Hanka's worries, saying that it was common for Elves to marry even as late as 100. Some even never do. But, feeling his sorrow, she took an habit of visiting him each time she passed by Central Point.


But one day Hanka's dreams started to happen much more often. And it always was the same slender Elve with very long black hair, living nude in the forest and adorned with garnet red flowers.

This was rather odd. He did not dared to speak of that with Gunma. But she gave him a curious advice from ancient elven lore: wearing a listal. This is a white cloth, worn on the shoulders, usually by a Human wanting to become an Elf through the path of marriage with an elven companion. It is said that a listal bearer never waits more than two weeks, to find a true lasting companion, and become elvish through the alchemy of love, pleasure and emotions. Normally listals are not for Elfs, but in rare occasions they wear one, to tell that their desire is, well, urgent.

Hanka wearing a listal awoke the curiosity in Central Point, and he soon found himself not at ease, with all the looks and smiles. Could wearing a Listal be some ridiculous blunder? Happily his adoptive mother Am Yisha opened her heart about this, saying that she was worried too of not seeing him married yet. But she explained him that an Elf wearing a listal was never for personal purposes: there had to be a much larger scope. This intrigued Hanka a lot: which larger scope?


When he was not thinking at being married (still most of the time, happily), Hanka wandered in the forest, meditating to make it look much more beautiful. One day, he did that while wearing his listal. He was very much in the mood of meditating, that day, and he had a very lively vision of the magical light of the forest.

Suddenly in his vision, appeared the Elve of his dreams! It was very strong, he could feel her perfume and vibration. This vibe was so accurate that he could even give her a name: Alaysha.

He tried to resume his meditation, but she just receded a bit, besides him.

Troubled, he ended to abandon, and went up.


His listal.


It was no more here.


Dumbfounded, he looked all around, and he had to accept that the piece of fabric had disappeared, as in thin air. Or perhaps he had not brought it, he had left it at home. He walked fast to get back home, just to find that the listal was nowhere either.


He did not dared to speak to everybody about this strange turn of events, but everybody noted the next morning that he had no more his listal, despite many young Elves visiting them that day. Nobody asked, even not Gunma Kareen. They all knew: taking somebody's listal is accepting his or her love. But who took it?


From this moment on, Alaysha started to appear in his dreams nearby every night. She was very recognizable, with her long black slightly frizzy hair and garnet red aura, and it was a very strong experience, with all the sensations of being with a woman.

People in Central Point also noticed Hanka's strange behavior, or perhaps they heard him moaning at night.

Alarmed, Gunma Kareen spoke with Hanka. He reluctantly explained what was going on, insisting that he never asked for it and he had no control. When asked what happened with the listal, he could just say that it disappeared nearby off his hands.

Gunma was puzzled. There had been stories like that in the Nyidiath, of disembodied spirits extorting love from living people. Most of the time they were benign, but they easily trespassed the person's limits. Some were clearly evil. She had to check, and if needed to stop this thing. Yet the entity endorsed the listal custom, indicating that she was respectful. So what was going on?

From this moment, Hanka received the visit of several Elf mages. But they could sense nothing bad. They gave him some meditations to try to communicate with the entity. Alaysha complied, although she appeared unable of creating a coherent message. She felt and behaved like a fully adult Elve, but with the reasoning capacities of a two years old, unable to form a sentence or even to express a simple reasoning. Just she now avoided to act against Hanka's will. But she was keeping reappearing in his dreams, and now in his meditations. Often he even felt her snuggled against him while he was eating or speaking with others. She had a way to be non-obtruding, while still being a part of his mental landscape.

This somewhat reassured everybody, although Hanka remained under surveillance.


He continued exploring the forest, and meditate to make it look better, to improve its egregore or magic. Each time he did that, he was feeling Alaysha besides him, also sending vibes and visualizing beauty. Sometimes it was very strong, like physical contact. But she never really interrupted his meditation. Right on the contrary, she helped him to recenter it, when his though went astray (this also happens to the Elfs, even if less often). Better, she helped with providing him more energy.


From a common agreement, in Central Point people avoided speaking of Alaysha. When Hanka was in the village, he behaved quite normally, save that he never asked for a wife again. He had moved his hongar outside of the village, to be more discreet. This was not uncommon too, and several other houses were a hundreds of meters of the central meeting place. But people were feeling the increase of the magic of the forest. This went to a point where the Elven Council proposed that Central Point became dedicated only to being the Hoxar of the Brunevald forest, receiving hermits and meditants instead of caravans. Better cart roads were opened anyway, skirting the forest instead of passing through it. Several inhabitants of Central Point left, but others came, not more than in any other village.


Years passed by, and some mages of the Elven Council managed to also establish a contact and even some familiarity with Alaysha. She could not reason and speak like people, although her skills were improving. But we do not use words in meditation, do we? Instead we visualize images, sounds, energies, vibrations. And she was very good at that, and she showed her intents without any ambiguity: to make of Brunevald a place of beauty and happiness for all the sentient beings living here. For her, Brunevald was a place of light and powerful vibes. Never the mages found anything bad or underhand.


Nobody had paid much attention to the small hills dotting the forest. They were very steep, of a crumbling reddish soil with large gray stones, in more covered with thick bushes. This made them difficult and even dangerous to scale, so that people quickly renounced. They were not big anyway, ten meters high to fifty meters wide for the largest. People were intrigued, but they had no clue of why these strange hills were there. Hanka paid no attention either, just circumventing them.

In some places they were gathered in clusters touching each other. But Hanka and all the other meditants just went around these places, without trying to enter the thickets.

One day, though, Hanka felt Alaysha merrily pulling his hand. She drove him between the bushes, at the hidden entrance of a passage between two of the hills.


He felt attracted. Alaysha pulled his hand more, very enthusiastic.


He went through the narrow passage between two hills. It was free of any obstruction.


The light was strong here.


Not a physical light, but a wonderful vibe of love and happiness, that in meditation we feel as light.


This place was of a bewitching beauty.


It was a little clearing, between a group of the small hills touching each other. The passage they used was the only access.


No tree was growing on the flat bottom, but on the surrounding hills they formed kinds of pillars and a dome covering the place. With the sun passing through, the foliage was of a luminous tender green, even golden at places, shimmering with light.

The ground was fantastic, all in this curious orange sand, the same they had in Central Point. Some green bushes were growing along with thick patches of garnet red flowers, large as plates. Some were even climbing on the hills. Where these flowers were coming from? He never saw any, and even not heard them mentioned. Their purplish dark red color was very unusual, with bright red light inside.


Suddenly he saw somebody, with the corner of his eye! Swiftly turning his head, there was nobody. Baffled, he had the same feeling out of the corner of his left eye! Alaysha was attempting to become visible!! And she partly succeeded, thanks to the strange properties of the limits of the vision field.

In the middle of the clearing (maybe 50m wide), there was something white. He approached slowly, using the narrow paths between the purple flower beds. The white object was like thrown on a small bush. He approached more... The listal!! The listal which had disappeared years ago, was here, intact, with still his own body perfume on it!!


That was not all. He suddenly felt his knees faltering, and he fell flat on a thick patch of moss. Then Alaysha was on him, in a fury of love, without any kind of restraint. She had waited years for this moment! It was so strong that he felt like hallucinated, beaten with love, the landscape veering around him, with flashes of lights and rainbows. Never he had experienced such an intense well being and happiness! More, there was the magic vibe of the forest, much stronger than he ever felt, with Alaysha's garnet flames of love. He had no trouble remaining in the highest Mahamudra meditation for all this time, as such intense feelings just forbid any mundane thought!


He had lost any notion of time, and when the vegetal dome turned from green to orange, he did not asked why. The clearing was now brightly illuminated in orange-red. Then suddenly Alaysha stopped, maybe having enough. She was visibly very happy, and Hanka was too. He was seeing the folliages slowly undulating as if water was flowing through them. Feeling her snuggled against him, he realized that the whole night had passed, and it was now dawn. The best hour in the Brunevald forest, with blackbirds doing their wonderful melodies, and patches of golden sky insinuating between the still dark trees. It was so quiet and fresh. Alaysha was looking very happy and so beautiful. The listal had gone. If it ever was here, or some magically made image. Yet he was sure that he touched and manipulated it.


Alaysha broke the contact, thus indicating that he was free to go. She was still here, but at a distance, not trying to arise any emotion in him. So that, as soon as the daylight allowed, he went back through the narrow passage, until the village.

Everybody was waiting for him: it had been an extraordinary night here too. Nobody slept, there had been lights in the forest, whispers in the trees, and they felt its vibe much stronger than ever, even in the very heart of the night.

This time Hanka could not avoid questions, and he described what had happened. Just that he felt Alaysha refusing him to tell the place. Clearly this would remain between them only.


There were lengthy discussions with Gunma Kareen, the other mages and up to the High Council. Several of them spent time in the village, and they even went in the forest, until Alaysha told them not to go further. She clearly wanted her place for her alone. As they had to check for some treachery, they insisted. In reply, Alaysha told them several other orange sand patches, deeper in the forest, where it was much easier for her to communicate, and much more discreet for them than the village. She kept communicating with them in meditation, but only for their purposes, not as with Hanka.


Several rounds of discussions led to the conclusions.

First, there was no evil with Alaysha. Some Elven mages had to deal with evil spiritual entities in the past, and they were sure that she had no evil intent. Yet, the situation was not simple, as, uncontrolled, such entities could still be very dangerous. But she had learned a lot with Hanka, to avoid any problem.

Second, Her purpose was only and clearly to increase the magic and happiness in the Brunevald forest. So it was her the source of this magic! That they sought for years.

Third, they had to admit: Hanka was, well, married, with a spiritual entity. This was quite unusual, but not unheard of. Several cases already happened, although not at such a scale. Alaysha needed the pleasure and sensual body of Hanka, as a kind of crucible or athanor, to produce her own power. In return, she offered him much more love than any flesh partner could ever do. So that it was a win-win bargain. Hanka wanted to tap in the source of the forest magic. Instead it is this source who used him. He was just a modest love servant, that she kinda carried in her pocket, to use him when she needed. But still, he was quite happy to serve such a wonderful entity, and he often went between the hills in the magical chamber. Himself was the Hoxar, in a way. But Alaysha made it clear that she would never let herself be controlled. Especially not for personal interests. She served life, and this was enough.

Some asked Hanka if he had been raped. He laughed. Certainly he had been surprised, and things took a turn well beyond his wildest imaginations. But he was very happy with that, once all the previous doubts were cleared. Despite the extreme asymmetry of their relationship, Alaysha was his rightful wife and companion!


Alaysha wanted only Hanka in her magic circle. For this reason, to avoid any interference, the Council proposed surrounding the place with warning posts, of the kind used to prevent inadvertent access to the meditation places of hermits or yogis. But Alaysha would not reveal the location, and even Hanka was unable to point at it! When Alaysha called him, She guided him, but his memory simply did not registered the route!

So a large part of the forest had to be off-limits, without any clear boundaries. But it was so vast that no one could easily reach the center anyway. No one would try, but the ban increased the aura of magic and mystery, deep in Brunevald's secret heart.

The village of Central Point was encompassed in the forbidden zone, so that it became a place of meditation and retreat dedicated exclusively to the «cult» of Alaysha, that is communicating with Her. The access paths were therefore forbidden to any other use. In particular, caravans had to use the bypass roads. Anyway more efficient carts had replaced horses in carrying loads, and they could not run in the narrow forest paths.

From these surrounding roads went smaller paths, inside the forest, but not deep into it. Many spiritual centers were installed here, in the propitious magic, living very close from nature, in huts and gardens. These were fantastically beautiful places, and a strong help to meditation, that people loved. But they served another more discreet purpose: their warning posts completely surrounded Brunevald. The High Elves also set a protective egregore, independent of Alaysha. If anybody tried to only approach her place, they would know at once, and catch him.

Hanka had tried to take seeds from the garnet flowers. But they only grew well in the orange sand. Elsewhere, they remained tiny and modest. Several other clearings of orange sand were spotted, allowing the Council Elves to meet Alaysha more discreetly than in Central Point.


On Earth, a place like Brunevald would be open to tourism. The vibe would be quickly destroyed, with blather, trash and gesticulating joggers. The Elfs do differently: in meditation, we enjoy the vibe much more, and we reinforce it instead of destroying it. This is why they do spiritual centers, instead of mindless tourism. People enjoy the experience much more, with a more lasting effect. In seven centuries, most of the Elfs of the Dauriath did the trip to Brunevald.


Remained a mystery: Where was Alaysha coming from? She was already here when the Elfs arrived. The giant trees surrounding her clearing were thousands years old. Hanka and the High Council Elfs asked her, but from an entity without concepts or intellect, they could get only weird images. One series was animals looking like weasels, although eating only plants. Alaysha had an inexhaustible collection of them, living happy and loving each others in large burrows villages, in an seemingly infinite hummocky meadow covered with garnet red grass. But the next images were extremely strange: to the utter incomprehension of these creatures, the stars moved, and then the horizon started to change shape. Their paws left the ground, and their screams could no longer make sound.

To say the least, with the Middle Age concepts of his epoch, this was quite undecipherable. It remained a deep mystery until modern times, where they could reconstitute a coherent story.


This is the end of this story. The continuation is in «Flight 1846», which is very different. But then we shall learn the extraordinary origin and life of Alaysha. And also what became of her and Hanka.

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