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The Elves of the Dauriath

Inside the Marjun

By Yichard Muni, Elf bard


Let us meet for real! Name: Richard Trigaux. Artist name: Yichard Muni
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This text is a part of a larger plot, beginning with «The Kiss of the Worlds»

Index of the stories: chronological order, or ordered by creation date



This story happened in the double elven world. It was a bit like Middle Earth, but also different, as it is a double planet, with both Elves and Humans. In this double world, Humans can become Elves, if they have enough good heart. But the process may be tricky, if it is not led properly.



At this time, the human kings had expelled the Elves toward the «world in the sky», the Dauriath. It was a huge exodus, and painful to the Elves. But they were now free to evolve in their way into the Dauriath!



The Dauriath was a strange place, with rounded mountains of sand and loose boulders, cut with deep gullies, and covered with forests. There were few useful ores, but far enough for the Elves. The ocean of the human world, the Nyidiath, was pouring onto the Dauriath, making the ocean rise in the Dauriath, and lower into the Nyidiath. A terrifying pass, the Horiathon, was linking the two worlds.



This story took place in the Human world, about three centuries after the exodus. The Humans were starting to be aware that expelling the Elves was a mistake, and a big one, because they were losing their heart and their sense of beauty, in a way. So after the Elves had been much despised, They were now fashioned as past heroes. But this did not make them come back, as the Horiathon passage is a one-way passage.

So, people wanting to become Elves were starting to form Elf-seeker groups, that they were calling «Listal groups».

This name was coming from an ancient tradition, where an human wanting to become Elf wore a white scarf, the listal. If he found an Elven love, then he would transform into an Elf himself!

With social progress, they were now officially allowed to run the ancient elven temple called the Anar Shantar Marjun, a wonder of elven architecture. It was formed of three domes and two elegant minarets, all plated in gold, nested into the magnificent setting of the Blue Mountains, where the legend says that the first Elves dwell 6000 years ago.

Soon after the exile of the Elves, this place was used by cults and crooks (see the story of Jaime and Zetna). But after some scandals they were expelled, while true Elves were allowed to run the place. But the Marjun was still guarded by human soldiers, to ward thieves off the invaluable treasures of elven art in this place.



Now, let us look at some characters: three young humans boys. Djing was the boldest, Am the shy, and Hamal was the poet. They had met in a youth camp, and they became close friends after some daring pranks and much hair pulling from their educators.

They had joined the elven group around the Marjun, which was counting three true elves, about twenty half elves, and two hundred human disciples. Add to this some civil servants, and forty Human soldiers. Of course, the soldiers were living in a different place.


This place was officially for the preservation of the elven arts. But its true purpose was an unofficial elven embassy, and in the very first a place for learning the elven way for human candidates.

Our three friends were about eighteen in age. The Elven masters considered them as sincere candidates, but a bit foolish. So, before learning them things, they were asked to do their proofs, with things such as preparing objects for the rituals. Because the Marjun was primarily a temple, with several shrines for different elven gods.



There were stairs inside the Marjun, where the candidates were allowed, but only under the supervision of an Elf. Our three friends soon noticed that the stairs were not going up to the upper bulb of the domes. So they deduced that there should be some secret room up. Was it just an attic up there? Or some exciting secret?



Of course they soon looked for a plan to search for the passage upstairs, and see what was in the bulb. But the Elves were watching closely!

One day they noticed one of the Elves going upstairs. But when they followed him, he had disappeared!

In a secret passage!



So they decided, one evening late, after the rituals, to hide inside a cupboard, at the time the Human soldiers were closing the doors, in a way to be locked inside. In this way, they had all the night to search for the secret passage upstairs.

They spend half of the night groping the walls and furnitures in the darkness, by lack of a candle (Candles were strictly forbidden in the Marjun, to avoid starting a fire). They were starting to regret their foolishness, when suddenly they heard a noise!

The main gate was creaking open, and closing again!

And somebody started to climb the stairs...

There was no place to hide, the stairs were empty, and the upper storey was just one big temple, and the door of this temple was locked...

So they were at the top of the stairs, with no escape... And somebody was coming, bearing a magical blue light!

It was one of the High Elven Master! So, our three friends were really scared of being caught, and probably expelled of the community...

But the Elf Master stopped in the storey under them... He unlocked a door... And he entered in some place.

Of course, Djing stepped down to look, and he noticed a door slightly open, of which a dim blue light was emanating... They were looking at the secret passage into the last storey, when it was in the storey under! Smart Elves, how to best hide a secret passage?

Djing called the others, and all three looked at the door, scared, heart beating, but so eager to know... They heard some voices, saw lights of different colours. But when the Elf began to step down, quickly they scooted upstairs again.

They let him go away, waiting for the main door to close as he left. Soon his foot steps vanished.

They were now again alone in the dark...

But they knew where the secret door was! Quickly they groped their way down again...

They found the door... which was not well locked! They could not resist opening it... At first, it seemed a cupboard with small shelves bearing random objects. But it was the beginning of a narrow shaft with a ladder, skilfully hidden into the thick wall.

There was a weak green light coming from the top... Am was prettily scared, and both the others. But Djing could not avoid dragging them into this.

Some things must be explained here, about the Human world. This world was like our Middle Age, very religious. People were worshipping a lot of Gods, all under the rule of the ONE God. Many were practising these religions as a way of life, or as a spiritual training. But, already in this time, fashion leaders, bankers and industry managers were saying that worshipping the gods was of no use, and one had better to work in factories and learn material things. They could not yet say openly that the gods did not existed at all, it was still too dangerous. But already the religions were slowly declining, and people had more material concerns, more and more seeing the religions as just something for the afterlife, that they did not much needed to worry about unless they would be on the verge of dying.

Am, Hamal and Djing were educated into these ideas, and they had no experience of magic. They were thinking as they were told by popular newspapers, that the stories of elven magic were just stories, invented to scare people out of elven lands. But they were interested by the Elves because of their kindness and beauty!


So, let us come back to our three frightened folks on their ladder, climbing slowly, hearts beating, and really scared by the strange lights above! But they could simply not repress their insane curiosity... Of course Djing was the first. Am was the last, but out of fear he passed over Hamal and Djing, so that their three heads emerged upstairs in about the same time.

They discovered the sight of a really strange place...

At first, it looked like another round temple, occupying the lower part of the bulb (so there were still more secret upstairs!) The walls were all painted with sceneries of Elves and animals. Armchairs, pillows and sofas were making this place very cosy, so in the elven taste. All these fabrics however were looking old and faded, with a smell of old things, from centuries of disuse. Some disorder, and abandoned object like cups of tea or dried cakes, were telling in which haste the ancient occupiers had to abandon the place.



But in the very middle...


There was a kind of low round wood platform, with meditation cushions on half of its its rim...


Just above, a misty sphere of pastel green light was hovering, slowly pulsing and undulating, lighting the room all around. They never saw anything like this before.

Wondering what it was, they went sitting on the cushions, staying like this, motionless... They tried to meditate, but suddenly they realised that soft voices were to be heard, in elven language. They thought it was much better to flee, but they were paralysed by fear!

And the green light started swelling, becoming brighter and larger, until it touched them... At this moment, they could see into it, and notice something, like elves sitting in front of them, on the other side of the platform... As if they were in the same room, but in the same time very far away.

There were two Elves, and others arriving. The light was now surrounding the whole platform, as if they were in a room, with walls of green light, and the other Elves sitting in front of them. Very curiously they all were in natural colours, as with a white light, just the other Elves were appearing as through some haze.

The Elves started to speak in elven language. First they looked astonished, but soon they started to laugh at our three buddie’s frightened faces! One spoke in their human language, saying «hello, How did you arrived here? You are not be allowed here»

Of course they could reply nothing, just muttering some apologies.

Then: «this is a communication system. We are in the Dauriath elven world, you are in the Nyidiath human world. It works with magic».

Our three blokes were really astonished, because they did not believed into magic!

«this is a secret place. In ancient times, we used to kill any human who found it. But as candidate elves, you shall be left alive. Instead, you shall be sent to the Dauriath as soon as possible»

They were all three flabbergasted, by their discovery. But Hamal the poet started to say «thanks, oh thanks, we really want to become Elves!»



But there was more...

There was the feeling of another presence...


Looking up, they realized that the dome shaped ceiling had a large round opening, that they did not noticed first.

A white light started to descend from some upper shrine... soon becoming as bright as the day light. And a woman shape began to appear...

This vision lasted a second, like those false visions we have in a glimpse.

She was a really magnificent and gorgeous woman, her skin had a superb golden tan hue, her light beige hairs flowing down to her thighs, and her white clothes allowing her skin to appear in several places, with semi-transparent veils floating around her...


But above all, she was looking so kind...

This vision vanished as soon as she appeared, but they all three knew: it was a kind of image, or rather emanation of Shelenaë, the main goddess of the Elves, who lived here 6000 years ago, before becoming the first Elve.

She was still appearing here, thanks to some propitious egregore in the very top room above their head.

It really was a fantastic feeling,


and in the same time extremely strong, as lovely and sensual as a physical presence.


Our three buddies stayed a long time under the spell, happy as they never were before, unable to move or even to think. The other Elves had disappeared, and they were not astonished when they heard somebody climbing the ladder.



No use to hide anyway, as they knew that he knew. They went down with the Master Elf.

When they went out of the Marjun, the day had rise, so magnificent and merry with golden light and birds songs. They were immediately led to a distant place, for people doing spiritual retreats, and locked into a room. They felt no sorrow or fear from this, they were understanding that it was necessary not to spread the secret, so they just accepted their prisoner condition.

Only some weeks later they were led to a harbour, and from here sent to the Horiathon, the terrifying passage to the Dauriath.


It is the way they became Elves, much faster than they expected. Later, they married with Elves, and received all the elven magic allowing for a long life without diseases, and a marvellous elven body.


Today in the Nyidiath, atheism has spread among the human world, and the Marjun forest is threatened by projects of power lines and uranium mines.

But the secret was never found. Thanks to it, the Elves of the human world are still communicating instantly with their companions in the Dauriath, without use of radio or wires, preparing the much desired return of the Elves into the Human world, now to happen in only some years!


And this is the end of this story.


This thing in the Marjun explains why the human kings, and even the modern technocrats, could never really control the Blue Mountains. All their attempts failed, even without the Elves needed to do anything!


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The generation of this story


This story was first improvised in 2009, in my bardic time in the elven lands in Second Life. I since put it in a more literacy form.





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