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The Elves of the Dauriath


Ashnar and Elmerae

By Yichard Muni, Elf bard


Let us meet for real! Name: Richard Trigaux. Artist name: Yichard Muni
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This text is a part of a larger plot, beginning with «The Kiss of the Worlds»

Index of the stories: chronological order, or ordered by creation date



The elven world where this story takes place is not like in the Lord of the Rings: it is a double planet, like two globes touching each other in one point. The Elves and the Humans were living together on one of the two, but the Humans did not liked the Elves, so they banned then on the other planet. This other planet, called the Dauriath, is a strange world, where water and life exist only since some hundreds of years.

And the Dauriath is now the land of the Elves, where they have to build a new world. There are many round lakes, one of them being about 20kms wide. It is called the Daur Asnath Anarië, and there is a new elven community here. This name means something like «Love and Light» and it is a memory of an ancient elven place into the human world.

It is a wonderful setting of hills, forests and fields, strewn with elven villages all around the lake, and small harbours with sailing or rowing boats. There is an island in the centre of the lake, where the Elves built a temple.

When this story begins, it is night, the wonderful elven night with a subtle indigo hue and starry sky. The air is fresh with sweet flowers and greenery fragrances, while rocks are still warm from the day. On the shore, three rowing skiffs are moored, and a host of cute young Elves are dancing around a fire. They just party merrily, enjoying singing and playing nice and lively music, knowing that nothing bad can ever happen here.

As the water level is slowly rising with time, the Elves build nothing permanent near the shore. The Elves just cut the trees for building their houses, knowing that anyway these trees will die. So the shore has plenty of branches, and the young elves play at build flowered leaf shelters, while running bright fires until late in the night. Later they sleep into their shelters and only tomorrow they will climb back to the main community houses for work and learning. This is a very happy life, without any need to be wary of danger.


There is no moon to enlighten the night into this elven world, but the human planet appears as a bright dome over the horizon. It is much brighter than our moon, but here in the Daur, it is hidden by the mountains, so that it only appears as a clear haze over the summits, and the night is dark and starry.

Elves adore midnight baths in the Daur.

Ashnar and Elmeraë are in love, but they do not yet realize this. They just enjoy to be together in the water, with the indigo night hiding they nakedness, keeping the nice surprise untouched...

Suddenly Ashnar feels a floating object touching him. At first he does not pay attention, much more interested with Elmeraë. He thinks it is just a random piece of wood floating around. But Elmeraë realizes that it does not feel like wood. It is a wrought cylindrical object, rendering a soft sound of something metallic loose inside. So Ashnar gets interested, and he brings this thing to the shore, near the fire.

The gang of buddies is here, dancing around a merry guitar, flutes and tambourines, with singers letting their voices free and lovers cuddling behind. But they all stop as soon as they see the object, all their mirth and excitement now centred on it.

It is a cylindrical box made of hard wood, with a tightly closed lid at one end. It is covered with wax. The wood has become grey with time and sea salt, and wearing had eroded the wax layer by places, denting the wood. But the content is still safe in, giving a soft ringing sound when they move the box.

None of them ever saw such a thing, but they perfectly know what it is, as many are found into the ocean. Just they are rare in the Daur.

«A message from the Human world!!» says one.


To understand, you must imagine their double planet as two water-drop shaped bodies, touching each other by their points. This allows for communication, although dangerous, and in only one way, as the ocean of the Human's planet is still pouring onto the Elven world.

This allows the Elves to enter their world, and also for good hearted Humans to send messages and gifts to the Elves, using rafts, boats, or small capsule like this one. A wooden capsule, with a lid tightly fit on it. Its small size explains it went unnoticed, until it arrives now here in the Daur (which communicates with the ocean). A long and arduous journey through many straights and channels, so the young Elves are really astonished to find one here.

It is a small cylinder of hard wood, covered with yellow wax, with a stripe of white cloth tightly fit around it: the Listal, the banner of those Humans who want to become Elves. So, even the young Elves consider this object very seriously... who knows?


There is no other way to open it than to break it open. Normally they should not do this now, and rather bring it to the community house, for safe examination. But you know how young Elves are, doing all kinds of silly things...

So they could not resist, and took their axe...

And once the wooden capsule open, they look what is in it. They find a little fabric bag, with metallic objects in, and a message on waxed paper. It is in human letters, so they don't understand it, and in more this bag has a seal, so they can no longer open it and say it was by accident.


So they have to be patient, and bring it to their community house, higher on the hill (because of the rising ocean level). In the house, despite the late hour, there is still plenty of light, and one elder busy at something, with others in offices or temples. They storm the common room with merry laughters and excitement, and put their finding on the table in the common meeting hall, for the elder and all the community to see.


The Elder makes as if he does not see the axe stroke, but he keeps it in mind, hoping to find some pleasant way to punish this benign mischief. So are the young Elves, very sweet and kind, but still needing some education. In a funny way...


And he reads the message... It is a story... a love story... Of two Humans. The bag contains some jewels, and two marriage rings.


And the message says:

«Hello to anybody who finds this.

«This is my heritage.

«We were two Humans. Myself and my wife

«We had a long life of love.

«We were happy, although in the end we suffered from being alone and misunderstood by our children and grandchildren.

«We witnessed the exile of the Elves, and found it was a huge mistake,

«As we admire the elven ways of art, kindness and beauty.

«But with all the political turmoil, it was too difficult for us to join the Elves

«And now we are old and can no longer travel.

«And just some days ago

«My dear wife, the love of my life




«And I know I shall soon join her

«Into the Elven paradise of Shelenaë

«Forever free of any sorrow.

«But for now

«I don't want this jewels

«To fall into the greedy and insensitive hands of my children

«As they are all impregnated with our vibrations of love

«And 64 years of happy life together

«While our children may just dispute about them and sell them for money

«Poor ones who never saw an Elf.

«So I put them into this time capsule

«And entrust the ocean into guiding them

«Toward rightful hands

«May they join the true elven lands



There was a moved silence

some tears were flowing

The precious jewels were carefully passed from hand to hand, so that all could feel the sweet vibration of love in them...

When the elder asked, with a smile: «who found them»?

The eyes converged toward Ashnar and Elmeraë, who turned red!

The elder laughed kindly, followed by all the others.

Then he said:

«well, if you get in love together, you have every chances to be happy together»

Ashnar and Elmeraë were staring at each other, breathing heavily, lips trembling, while all the other Elves were encouraging them...

But the Elder suddenly said, with a mischievous smile: «well, it is time to go to bed now. Have a good night, each in his room. I keep those rings and shall give them to the next who declare their love. Night night»

Everybody laughed, leaving these two


Still having all the terrific embarrassment and wonderful joy to do it later themselves!


The End, but not as in the movies!


First story -- Next story -- All the stories: in chronological order -- by creation date

Creation of this story


This text was first improvised on Sat 13, June 2009, at the «French friendly bardic story telling» that I was holding in the Elf Circle lands, in Second Life. The principle is that I ask the attendance for some seed words, until I get some inspiration. Seed words were: «Black night» and «Elixir», «Beverage» and «Dance», «shining stars» and «Lake». Later, when I had set the landscape, I asked for more seed words, to start a story, and I obtained «Moon», «Wanderers», «Lost», «Searching» and «Friends», and «Messengers» from our elven journalist.


When the Elves cut the box, it made the attendance laugh, and I explained that this is why Elves have pointy ears: they do so much mischiefs when they are young, and they get they ears pulled many time. And when they are older, the pointier the wiser. The elven journalist said she is very wise!



Scenario, graphics, sounds, colours, realization: Richard Trigaux (Unless indicated otherwise).

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