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Resources for a better world

Here are the useful adresses and resources I could find, on all what produces happiness (personnal or social), peace, living in harmony, poetry, beauty, harmony... Ressources are gathered in blocks by topics, with links toward similar subjects or pages.




Resources on Ecology

Last update: November 18, 2013


Large organizations
Ecology in daily life
Organic and vegan diet
Dry toilets
Fair trade and ethic investment

Large ecological organisations



Greenpeace International


In France campagne against nuclear criminality: sortir du nucléaire

Tools for evidences: criirad


Science et l'écology:

Union of concerned scientists

Independent Science News

World Resources Institute (Quantitative data on ecology, industry and the environment policies)


Animals and wildlife:

WWF (World Wildlife Fund)





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The dry toilets

Dernière mise à jour: 14 Janvier 2003.

(Also referred as compost toilets)


Ordinary toilets waste huge amounts of water to dilute and transport the faeces. In this dirty water take place anaerobic fermentation which produce toxic substances and pathogenous bacteria. Complex sewerage transporting systems and costly purification plants are required. At last it is a complete waste of the so precious trace elements dumped in the rivers.

Modern dry toilets rely on a natural fermentation, aerobic, without need of extra water. They are free, user friendly, environment friendly, and can easily be mastered by an individual or a small community. They yield a very clean compost, very good fertilizer for the garden or the field, free of pathogenous bacteria, without large factories, without polluting water, springs or rivers. If some common sense precautions are taken, they are as much hygienic for the user than the ancient water toilets.


Principle: At each use, one throw a pellet of sawdust on the faeces. This covering avoids bad smells. Urine brings the necessary moisture, while the sawdust balances the carbon over nitrogen ratio. The fermentation can now take place in optimum conditions. So that it remains aerobic, we must take the heap out before it gets too big (ammonia smells indicate the starting of an anaerobic fermentation). The heap is shovelled out to aerate it, and then gathered on an area, covered with sawdust or earth. Once the decomposition achieved, the heart of the heap is grey brown, very hot, with an humus smell. It is ready to be used as a fertilizer, for the vegetables or the fields. The exterior parts, poorly discomposed, are covered with the following heap.

Organization: Ideally, the dry toilet is at top of a small embankment. A cabin (or a room in the house) contains a seat or a seatless system, with a lid to avoid smells and draughts. A sawdust dispenser is besides. A good installation can be as much comfortable and hygienic than a traditional water toilet, and even more if it is arranged in such a way to avoid contacts and splashes. In an outdoor seatless installation, we can spread sawdust around the seat, and dirty sawdust can be replaced in a shovel stroke.

Under the cabin a relatively important volume (one cubic meter) gathers the heap in formation. A rear door allows to draw the heap with a hoe. A concrete area (or better a clay area) allows to form the actually fermenting heap and to store the compost. If there are trees, concrete is better, otherwise roots will grow in the heap!


Dry toilets must not be confused with other systems such as mechanical disposal toilets, chemical toilets, aerobic fermentation pools, which do not share the same benefits. Also in a community it is necessary that elementary hygiena rules are understood and applied, otherwise it is better a water toilet.


In countries where water is rare, dry toilets are especially welcome. If sawdust is rare, any cellulosic matter (agriculture wastes) can do the job, as long as it is ground fine enough. If these materials are rare, we can use sand, but the result is less good. In cold countries, the compost heap will be protected from cold.











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