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Chapter 4
The new worlds



The discovery of the planet Dumria, hidden by the «anti-suicide conspiracy», was quickly followed by the revelation of the existence of three dozen other inhabited planets throughout the galaxy, and even in the Magellanic Clouds. Let us remember that the accomplices of the conspiracy were hidden into the Catalogue of Planet's team, of which Steve Jason was responsible at the time. Powerful software were used to automatically analyze the millions of planetary images falling everyday from the quantum telescopes, to detect details such as hollow buildings, right angles, flying vehicles or boats. The conspirators could relatively easily succeed into intercepting the warning messages of the software, because nobody thought to protect them seriously. These planets were simply not listed in the Catalogue! Any knowledge about them was lost, even their coordinates, until their very existence. The censorship of Dumria was more difficult, because revealing images had already been entered into the catalogue by a Russian team, which planned to analyse them with its own software. Unable to delete these images, the accomplices of the conspiracy had to use all their power to hack into the Catalogue, which on the contrary was heavily protected. It was precisely this falsification which, by pure chance, allowed a student of Steve, the young monk Jampa Kongchok, to discover Dumria. This story is told into the book «Dumria».

Without the guidance of Dumrians, the very existence of other inhabited planets would have very likely been lost, since their discovery depended on very expensive systematic tracking campaigns, which would probably never be done again. Fortunately the Dumrian astronomers proved very cooperative, as in all other areas of knowledge, and they offered to share all their data on this topic.

Thus the exobiology chapter devoted to the emergence of intelligence on the planets, was now complete. The problem of the missing planets (see the book «The Missing Planets») was completely resolved, and in a completely satisfactory way, from any point of view. According to the Drake Equation, civilizations are very numerous in absolute terms. But they only last a short time before joining a spiritual state where they are no more physically observable. So, while observing the Galaxy at a given moment, we find only few, some dozen planets over tens of billions of stars. But, as noted the specialist Amédée Owanba (see the book «The Missing Planets»), given their number, we should still observe a few at a given date, and this is what was actually discovered now. Amédée was made to pay a high cost for his discovery, as the conspiracy hijacked him, and submitted him to several years of brainwashing. He was recovering gradually, thanks to the care of a competent psychiatrist and his family, honoured by the scientific community and enriched by the royalties of his publications.

As soon as few weeks after the first official contact, Dumria forwarded the coordinates of all the inhabited planets they knew, using the only very low speed communication channel available in this time. So, these planets were observed and known from Earth astronomers and exobiologists even before receiving the detailed data from Dumria, that they sent only later when the high speed channels were opened. These observations provided with some surprises, as in facts the most common forms of intelligence are markedly differing of what can be observed on Earth.


Several planets somewhat resembled the Earth, as it was in antiquity. Civilizations were growing, discovering construction, metals, calculating, writing, religion, and, unfortunately too, weapons and war. In this, the Earth was more the rule than Dumria, but there were also cases where civilizations were evolving without apparent marks of conflict, as some peoples on Earth were also able to do. A noticeable detail was that on each planet, civilizations were often evolving simultaneously, even if they were on distant continents, without communications. Only after the stage of antiquity, evolution becomes rapid enough to make differences between continents.

The most advanced planets are more rare, precisely because the evolution is accelerating. Basically two were found. The first was Shardza at the stage of the Renaissance. This is just a comparison, because the relatively peaceful evolution of this world had been regular, without the incredible setback at the end of Antiquity on Earth. So this was not properly speaking a Renaissance, but rather an intellectual budding, a flowering of new cultures, music and philosophies, quite comparable to the eighteenth century on Earth, as if the Greece of Pericles had advanced directly to the Century of Enlightenment, without hiatus, in a continuity of evolution and improvement. Shardza soon became the darling of all the artists, philosophers and actors, because it showed a lot of religious buildings, theatres, statues and universities of all ages. It also exhibited an incredible profusion of religious groups, as it would have happened on Earth if Antiquity had evolved directly to the Renaissance without the staggering intellectual reductions operated by the Catholic fanaticism in the 5th and 12th centuries. The major cities were showing scientific laboratories and museums, involved into biology, astronomy and applied mechanics. Some of these centres were quite large and very well equipped, evidence of a strong support from their governments. They were often located on campuses along with artistic or spiritual centres, as well maintained, with no clear separation between these genres that many Earthlings were wishing more separated. Music, painting and sculpture were also ubiquitous. The writings of Shardza were just out of reach of quantum telescopes, and many sponsors and governments funded the research to improve their resolving power. Shardza was divided into two main continents, and, thanks to recent advances in navigation and astronomy, its inhabitants were precisely going through the extraordinary adventure of discovering each other their two civilizations, as sophisticated the one as the other, but very different on art and philosophy. The situation was not perfect however, there even were some local wars, but not between the two main currents, rather because of smaller states in the outlying regions, seemingly because of fanatic interpretations of the basic philosophies of their continents. Chardza had roughly four major political powers, many average states and large areas of small feudal principalities without precise borders. The four big states were secular, because each was necessarily hosting all the religions of this world. But smaller states were often theocracies, and many principalities were ruled by a monastery or a religious school. Religious tolerance was a solid quality of the inhabitants of Chardza, and the few conflicts seemed to be precisely caused by the refusal of some to practice tolerance, which necessarily placed them outside of their society.


The other Earth type planet was far more advanced in science, probably close to discovering the quantum telescopes, and it was one of the four on which Dumria had aimed a transmitter. However, to aim a telescope at the vast Ouarkatan was like opening a window on Hell. The name itself was a dumrian world which could be translated as «black terror», the state in which its inhabitants should usually be, to the point of having it fully integrated into their personality. Imagine the Earth as it would be today if the Roman Empire had continued to growth, both in power and in cruelty, until the stage of Earth Science in the 20th century. The evolution of Ouarkatan had been actually quite similar to the one of Earth, both in art, philosophy, religion or war. It was at a stage similar to Antiquity, that science had appeared, as it just missed to appear on Earth in the first century, the heyday of Heron of Alexandria, Democritus or the Antikythera machine. However, this science was coming with a cynical and materialistic philosophy, and kept hidden into a kind of secret brotherhood of sectarian «priests of matter», supported by a despotic power which was completely stuck to this dark ideology. This power had gradually occupied its continent, and, with the help of technology, it was on the verge of completing the colonization of the entire planet, as its bulldozers were building roads in the last free spaces, or blowing the last giant trees with dynamite, in total disregard for wildlife.

The natural course of evolution of Ouarkatan had stopped at an epoch roughly comparable to the Roman Empire on Earth, a Roman Empire which had discovered cannons (On Earth it was not far, with the Greek fires) and which used them unscrupulously to establish its dominion over a more and more extensive territory. To achieve this, the recipe of the gun powder had to be protected with the utmost secrecy, so its production was entrusted to slaves in underground saltpetre mines, where none ever went out alive. Only a fraternity of engineers could enter and leave these monstrous places, and from there came the cult of secrecy about any technical knowledge. It was one of those engineers who discovered the scientific method, and was the Galileo of this world. Like him, he realized that we can hold something for true only if we can see evidences of it in the world, and from this he was able to establish the exact science. But he made the same mistake as the Galileo on Earth: only material evidences! On Earth, this fundamental flaw led to our materialistic science of the 19th and 20th centuries, very good at technology but totally unable to grasp consciousness, the meaning of life or ethics. This did not prevented Earth to evolve, as this truncated science never was in the service of any absolute power, and anyway this error was corrected in 2000 with the General Epistemology. But on Ouarkatan, this incomplete # science developed into a cult of omnipotent scientistist priest, in the service of a demented totalitarian power trying to dominate everything by any means.

The Ouarkatan society was divided into four castes, more the slaves and the outcasts. The caste of the masters of Ouarkatan, about three hundred thousand descendants of the imperial family which had initiated the dictatorship, was leading an incredible life of selfish pleasure and luxury into closed cities, which appearance could be compared to huge supermarkets without windows, where the masters could get any imaginable food, play for weeks to horrible video games, select slaves, attend torture performances or death fights, the whole thing while hearing braying of cacophonous music in the style of the «Youth Radios» of Earth in the 1980 years. And they were spending their days and nights in there, eating there, sleeping there, at any hour, without ever seeing the sky, completely cut off from the rhythms of nature, doing whatever was going through their head. The young masters were educated to think that everything was owed to them, and in facts everything was offered to them for free, and the appetite of the imperial cities was monstrous. Their only response to the growing pollution was to install filters to the air intakes!

The second cast was the cast of the scientistist priests, and they were even fewer, only some thousands. They shared the same cities, but in separate buildings where they had their laboratories. These people were extremely austere and frightening. Yet, although they were often invited to the pervert shows of their wicked masters, they were not engaging themselves in these monstrous pleasures. They were not sadists, but totally indifferent, which is even worse. On Ouarkatan science was an absolute taboo, and any disclosure of scientific data was strictly prohibited, outside of their sect and factories. Even the masters were as ignorant as slaves, and this was giving the scientistists a deep power over these childish minds: the masters were accepting as God's word all the injunctions of the scientistists. The members of these two castes, practicing inbreeding for centuries, were looking rather ugly and unhealthy, and it was not uncommon for women with infertile husbands do be discreetly impregnated by some beautiful slave, immediately executed by his mistress of a minute. Once the progeny released, all the work was entrusted to slaves.

The third cast was the military caste, whom, from their great past wars, were still detaining enormous factories and arsenals, completely disproportionate with the small tribal resistance they still had to face. The masters on the ground, it was them, with their advisers skilful «to realistically assess the situation» to the masters. Often they engaged in an action without even referring to them. If general officers were all from the caste of the masters, the junior officers and enlisted men were recruited into the citizens caste, especially sons without inheritance. Entering the army was a definitive insurance to escape hunger and destitution, and we could even find slaves here, who thus escaped their condition. But the price to pay for this was an incredible psychological training, violent, with real casualties, which made of them human robots, their emotional neural circuits completely burned out. Once reached the age of retirement, survivors were admitted in «cities of happiness», curiously without depravity, and even quiet, but of a... barracks boredom.

The fourth caste was that of the citizens, and on Ouarkatan this word was meaning roughly the same as with the Romans. By far the most numerous of the four castes, they were farmers, labourers, craftsmen. Some had large agricultural domains, or factories, but all were at least possessing their tools and their profession: there was not really the equivalent of paid labour. Even a modest factory worker was statutorily similar to what we call a profession on Earth, and even a sweeper had no boss, but a customer, as a lawyer on Earth. Of course, such a «liberal» system was greatly admired by capitalist cults which were still powerful on Earth. But this illusory freedom of Ouarkatan was in no way alleviating the terrible working conditions and servitude of the small trades, and competition was always immediately brandished as a pressure mean, just as dismissal and unemployment on Earth. On this world given over to the most immoral competition, there was no Social Security cover whatsoever, and if they had no family to support them, the unemployed, the sick or the old were inevitably doomed to homelessness and death. In this case they were called with a derogatory name which could translate as well as «loser» in the US, or «weak» in the language of the narcissic perverts. Their empty bank accounts were deleted, and without credit card they were considered outcasts, unless some master accepted them as a slave. But some were able to lead successful businesses and to become rich. The economic life of Ouarkatan, it was the citizens. They were also the only ones to be relatively free in their remote countryside domains, where no one looked what was going on here, as long as taxes were paid. Many were as hopeless as the masters, and as cruel with their slaves, but some were shyly using their freedom. Citizens had inherited of social traditions quite similar to the ones of the Roman Republic, and their caste even was a remnant of an ancient attempt to create a still very partial democracy. Of this remained a discreet but persistent grunge toward the imperial caste which spoiled them two thousand years earlier, and which continued to do so at every opportunity. A resentment they were sharing with the petty officers of the army, for other complex reasons. The citizens were at last the only ones to keep a somewhat human look, or to cultivate some lifestyle. They were also the only ones to worry about pollution, because, if they were often the perpetrators, they were also the first victims.

Finally, the vast majority of people on Ouarkatan were slaves, belonging body and soul to their owners, tied for life to a field or a factory, or changing hands depending on their value on the markets. There even were «flesh speculators» buying or selling human beings, without even putting them at work. The life conditions of these slaves were quite similar to that of animals on Earth in the 20th century: masters were eliminating the olds, women were put to the stallion, and there even were farms for the factories or the cruel games of the masters, breeders selected for the army, special lines for vivisection or for organ harvesting, butchered and tortured with as few scruples as our Earth scientists with their «animal models».

At last, the outcasts, called «primitives» «terrorists», the free inhabitants of the last virgin lands, were treated like wild animals by hunters on Earth, just as meat to kill, and it happened to the masters to do safaris or corridas in the last «reservations» of free humanity.

This incredible Ouarkatan dictatorship had opponents, but their strength had dwindled over the centuries, to the point of virtually disappearing. There were rumours of powerful secret organizations hostile to the imperials, but with the quantum telescope it was impossible to know whether these organizations were real, or just creations of propaganda. Other accusations were also laid against the «submissives», a newspeak word which meant people with a spirituality or religion. Anyway anyone who would only talk about spirituality or psychology would be condemned to immediate death, lynched by his neighbours even before being taken by the police, so there was not much to see with the quantum telescopes. Even if people were still able of transmitting some religion or spiritual practice, this could only be done in the absolute secrecy, without leaving any physical object or visible trace of this activity. There were of course attacks, attributed to «terrorists», but a lucky observer could see the bomber returning quietly to the palace, while the radio was shouting against an organization that nobody had ever seen. These attacks were an excellent pretext for the imperials, and a popular game was the «terrorists hunt», which had the immense advantage of giving the right for rape and torture of all the «suspects» of any caste.

The antiquity of this planet however had recorded the development of philosophical and artistic culture, in a way quite comparable to Greece, though of a very different style. On other continents, other original civilizations also arose, and new religions had begun to advocate a life based on the respect and love of others. Slavery even was about to be abolished by a more enlightened emperor, but he was too quickly assassinated... by a slave who was afraid of «losing his identity» if he had no master! When, a few decades later, the cruel scientist power took over, all the religions were persecuted. But contrarily to what happened on Earth with the disciples of Christ, they could not maintain themselves, and they disappeared, disappeared as did the Druids, the Cathars or the gentle Cretan civilization. Worse, the scientists developed a form of «psychology» specifically designed to counter this kind of religion and the altruistic, compassionate human feelings they produce, fostering on the opposite the «liberation» of selfishness and desire for personal enjoyment. And, to enjoy, one had to possess, one had to be stronger, one had to win, one had not to be «weak». They were very proud of their results on the caste of the masters, through the «education» they gave to their teens. Their knowledge in neurology and genetics was now allowing them to undertake research on the brain, in order to «purify» it of all the «irrational» emotions, research which, we guess, were consuming a lot of slaves, rendered mad and then sold to nuclear plants where they died by hundreds. So, when the Earth began to observe Ouarkatan, the only visible opponents were the last «salvages», threatened with extinction in the short term, unless they remain in the hunting reserves, terrorized, trying in vain to find safe hiding places to escape the infrared detectors of the hunters.

But the most shocking paradox was that, despite this incredible display of cruelty and depravity, the thinkers on Earth were slow to admit that the Ouarkian political regime was a fascist regime. It was indeed difficult to understand, especially among «left» wing intellectuals, «libertarian» and capitalists, that it was not a classic authoritarian fascism, like the dreaded nazism on Earth, but instead a liberal fascism, simple extrapolation of the western capitalism of the 20th century, or of the «freedom» of the groty punks of the years 1980-2000. Indeed, the attacks against people and the violations of freedom were not imposed in the name of order and power, but in the name of freedom and egocentric enjoyment, see in the name of «Personal development». That it leads to exactly the same results than nazism was seriously questioning many social movements which claimed to be progressive, but which in reality were just advocating egocentricity and immediate gratification at the expense of others. So the exact statute of Ouarkatan was long debated, some persisting into seeing it as a form of ideal libertarian paradise. Even if everyone knows very well that the two books «1984» of Orwell and «Brave New World» of Huxley end in the same way...

The true intellectuals, artists, spiritual and people of heart, needed of course no explanation to be immediately appalled by the ouarkian horror, even not the notion of reciprocal situations so dear to the General Epistemology...

If the Ouarkian antiquity had seen the development of brilliant civilizations, no less than five, apparently only ruins were remaining today. No culture, no organized philosophy system could survive in these conditions, and the only remaining forms of religion were a crazy hope in a better world beyond death, which could be accessed by forgiving those who would come to kill, rape or torture. Only some citizen were still forming an informal network of thought, but the mere idea of criticizing such a powerful system seemed so crazy and so dangerous that almost everybody was self-censoring himself at the very level of his inner thought. So they were content just to keep a small... citizen space, where they engaged in private «vices» such as planting flowers or gathering the evening to hear the sound of bamboo tubes when one blow into them (they had no word for «flute», and «music» was for the awful cacophony that the mandatory radios were pouring everywhere all day long). But even those relatively free citizens had lost a basic data: for them, the attachment between a man and a woman, the emotion when looking at a landscape, were «defects», and even «mental diseases». These «vices» were just tolerated, from habit, as were tobacco and alcohol on Earth.

A curious detail was that, despite these appalling excesses, the Ouarkians were definitively not sexist. Women and men could occupy the same positions, even in the army. Even rape was not for machist domination, but only for selfish enjoyment. The laws were allowing the rape of slaves and outcasts, but men were as often victim as women. Homosexuality was totally unknown, probably biologically impossible. So the Earth bigots were seeing no «vice» on Ouarkatan! The puritans and fascists of Earth were never tired of admiring the «natural order» and «organic law» which, after them, were making of Ouarkatan an highly logical and organized planet...

And even if the masters were initially of the orange race, the Ouarkians were no more racist. Gradually the castes, especially those of the citizens and army, had been enriched with the other three races, thanks to freed slaves, marriages, or forced fecundations. And fathers who were seeing the birth of a child of another race were not making a problem of this, even if they perfectly knew what this was meaning. «Inter-caste» or even multiracial families were building unexpected bridges and subtle alliances. The apparent simplicity of the absolute global dictatorship was in fact hiding a complex and varied society, as on Earth, with its races, its local cultures, its networks, its faults and qualities. That this dictatorship disappears, and it would most likely emerge an original and exciting civilization, diverse and unexpected, anyways with a great force.

There were actually more than one hundred different skin colours, because the ouarkian eyes were able to see four basic colours, offering these people an incredible colorful world forever inaccessible to Earthlings. Their large polychromatic irises with snowflake patterns, unique to each individual, were of such a moving beauty that nobody even dared to show them. This was the great taboo of this society however so sexuality unrestrained, were one found normal to exhibit naked slaves on the market, or to rape them in public. And everyone, even the imperials, was perpetually hiding behind dark glasses, giving this world the appearance of some punkish nightmare. As the ouarkian eyes had the power to make people mad with love! Precisely the most hated emotion for the dominant ideology, the absolute taboo, the ultimate evil to their eyes, which was driving people to take care of each other and respect each other! This power of the ouarkian eyes was so great that even the most cruel vivisectors had to hide the eyes of their victims, to be able to carry out their ugly plans.

The ouarkian scientistists were developing genetics to the point of being soon able to, like the Dumrians, completely redesign their genetic system. Already the rich could buy younger clones, to be able to take organs if necessary. However, the project of the scientistists, that they were currently developing at a frenzied pace, was entirely different from Dumria: creating human lineages according to the needs of industry and laboratories, equipped with clearly defined brain programs, in order to suppress freedom at the very level of thought. So, demented plans were made of small, strong, obedient, and skilful workers, tall hyper-aggressive soldiers which could be re-conditioned to the designated enemy, slaves with insatiable sexuality and hypertrophied organs, donors to be dismembered live following the organs market quotations, and even worse things that I prefer not to tell. Other lineages were planned for the masters, on the model of their video game characters, with unbridled sexuality, or so muscular that they looked deformed. But even in the apparently ultra-liberal domain of sex, was reigning the most relentless censorship of the whole system: any emotion was banned, only the purely physical sensations were allowed, and partners should be interchangeable without any ulterior motive, depending on the mood or fashion. But the most demented in this genetic program of the scientistists was that it included, in order to avoid any backward move, to permanently erase all the old natural genes! The ultimate and most literal genocide! Already cremation of the dead had been made compulsory, and they were beginning to dig up old cemeteries to burn all the corpses! It was very clear that if such plans were made, then the Ouarkian humanity would definitely lose any possibility of evolution or freedom.

Facing such a «genetic nightmare», Earth scientists were happy of being able to avoid such things on our own planet, especially with condemning the cloning of Humans as soon as 2002. On the other hand, they bitterly regretted to be unable to avoid nuclear stuff in the 20th century, as on Ouarkatan the destructions were terrible: several nuclear plants had exploded, and atom bombs were used at several occasions to «clean» wild peoples cheaply, or to break mountains for hydroelectric purposes. And above all it was still going on, as nobody knew the genetic risks associated to nuclear power, except the scientistists. But the later carefully avoided to disclose this, seeing here a good means to make «indispensable» their future power on the genes.

The Ouarkian scientistists were also beginning to control quantum mechanics, and several laboratories were showing enough expertise to begin the development of the quantum telescope. Within a few decades, this abominable world would be able to examine its neighbours, and especially to send messages to Earth, to Dumria, or to other peoples in space. Even if, in the absence of actual interstellar travel, there was no risk of a military aggression from Ouarkatan toward another planet, the Dumrians were however considering this world as extremely dangerous. Indeed, their manipulative messages and bad example could seriously disturb still weak minds, or still unstable civilizations. And the Dumrians knew just too well what could result of this, them who were brought to the verge of world war, at the occasion of their first contact with Earth, by the fault of the vicious messages of the «anti-suicide conspiracy» (See the book «Dumria»). The Dumrians even hesitated to reveal the existence of Ouarkatan to the Earthlings, but they thought that the «anti-suicide conspiracy» knew it anyway. It was actually discovered images of Ouarkatan in their databases. The terrible Ouarkian system even served as inspiration for this conspiracy, as the defector Tegal confirmed (note 20). The danger was not only real, but also already active. Fortunately, the conspirators were not able to steal much quantum telescope time for their own use, and this prevented them from developing their knowledge of Ouarkatan and their incredible methods of mental conditioning. But this incident reinforced the Dumrians into their conviction, that they shared with Earth: Ouarkatan was a danger for other civilizations, and they just could not stay watching while doing nothing. But precisely, what to do, thousands of light years away?


Happily worlds as dark as Ouarkatan were relatively rare, ant it was right now the only one in the whole galaxy. But Earth style worlds were not, as already seen, the majority.

Other worlds were also harbouring beings of human appearance. «Human» is to be understood here in a broad sense, of smart biped able to speak and to use tools, but we can expect that, despite the convergence of these numerous evolutions, the physical forms, lifestyles and psyches were quite varied. There even were discussions on how to classify certain species, between the humanoids, the non-humanoid and the «spiritual animal» that we shall see a little further.

Even species resembling the Humans were often differing with some obvious point: fur, marsupial pouch, androgyny, incredible sexual outfits, beside which our finest ladies were looking dull.

From the very beginning, Earth exobiologists were quite surprised to find only prehistoric tribes, at best antic, where the Dumrians indicated «highly advanced» planets. The dumrian exobiologists laughed kindly at this confusion, and confirmed that they were really advanced peoples, but it was mostly spiritual evolution! This confirmed that a majority of planets were coming to spirituality without going through the scientific and technological development as on Earth! However, the qualities necessary for one of them being necessarily profitable to the other, it was very rare that civilizations equipped with hands arrived to the spiritual transition without at least getting to the technology level of Middle Age. So, two of the planets indicated by the dumrian exobiologists were at this stage, and one could actually observe many venues or solitary retreats in rustic but well arranged buildings, indicating a fairly advanced stage of preparation to the spiritual transition. The continuous observation for over a month of a group of several large monasteries even allowed to observe, with the quantum telescopes, two individual transitions! The appearance was quite different of what can be visually observed on Earth: the practitioner's body becomes invisible to the telescope, and even opaque, forming a dark spot over the background. This transformation first appears intermittently along the channels or chakras (note 17). As a dark flame, it fluctuates, grows, disappears and reappears irregularly. Then one day it suddenly engulfs the entire body. In the first case, the opacity was reabsorbed few minutes later, leaving the meditation cell empty, without residual material body; in the second case it remained attached to the body for several days, at the level of the brain and spine. Other practitioners could see carrying the body in their temple, and honour it in a big respectful feast. The opacity went away only with the cremation, and still, it reappeared intermittently, like smoke above the oven. Several dark spots were also permanently visible on this planet, in the heart of... statues! Statues of deities in the heart of powerful temples... These strange and very unexpected findings of the quantum telescopes were giving a strong scientific credit to all the esoteric disciplines, by «making the spiritual awakening physically observable». Despites this, scientists had to quickly stop any publicity to these discoveries: the «black fire of the yogis» produced in many people a feeling of panic and strangeness, far away of the true luminous and enthralling nature of these phenomena.

The evolution of non-humanoid planets is similar to the one of humanoid planets, and there was one at the science stage of Earth in the 20th Century, a complex world with numerous countries, toward which Dumria was aiming its third emitter. There was another also engaged into the spiritual transition, although of more modest technical level. However, their aspect and even their sense of aesthetics were notably differing of Earth, so the images were published cautiously.


The greatest surprise however did not came from the humanoids; it came from animals. Some species, especially well adapted to their environment, never evolved toward limbs with the ability to use tools and modify the world, as the Dolphins on Earth. Into such conditions, technique has no meaning for them, especially when food and shelter were readily available from their environment. This did not forbad these beings to evolve toward complex brains, as much as the human brain able of reasoning and introspection, communication and language, emotion and sensitivity. Much free time and more communication with their mates were even more favouring spirituality than with humans, distracted by their numerous working hours. This situation is perfectly illustrated on Earth by the dolphins, and more generally by the cetaceans, who started their transition toward intelligence and sensitivity, despites the total lack of limbs, and probably despite the lack of our Aristotelian intelligence.

When such «animals» become able of language and communication, so they also develop what might be called a civilization. But this civilization is not manifested externally by the presence of artificial objects, on the contrary it lives in a cultural and emotional world which exists only in the spirits of these creatures: the «spiritual animals»! Thus the Earth's image analysis software, which detected only manufactured artefacts, had labelled these planets «animal», without even suspecting their brilliant psychical complexity!

Despite the surprise of Earth's exobiologists, their dumrian colleagues confirmed that these worlds were real civilizations, and it was visible from numerous highly organized meetings, where these beings were talking, singing, loving, meditating, or sometimes alas fighting too. It was not surprising if software seeking only geometric shapes or vehicles, had not found these civilizations!

In 2500 years of observation with their quantum telescopes, the Dumrians had filmed only one planetary spiritual transition, but it was that of a planet populated with beautifully shaped swimming animals, their skin covered with a short fur, which colour patterns had a very obvious sexual meaning. The Dumrians, unable to learn its name from the mouths of its inhabitants, had called it Bakouta, after a swift dumrian dance that these beings seemed to perform when playing in the waves. The planetary transition film was leaving no doubt: in direct observation, the planet suddenly became as bright as a star, and disappeared completely after only a few seconds. In observation through transparency, an increasing number of individuals started to manifest these opaque black spots which sign for the individual obtention. But a few years before the collective transition, paradoxically individual transitions became scarce, and stopped. Instead, spots started to appear and grow in certain precise locations, around the meditation centres. They were also emitting threads branching out over the entire surface of the planet, and even in its depths. Black flames were running along these threads at an incredible speed. A few days before the transition, a dark spot appeared in the centre of the planet itself. It first was growing slowly, irregularly, but faster and faster. The hours before the transition saw a tremendous activity of opaque spots moving from one individual to another, reaching even those who had remained refractory to the phenomenon, and even animals and trees. Then people ceased all activity, gathering or dispersing in a joyful frenzy, while direct observation was showing earthquakes, volcanic eruptions, huge northern lights and other extraordinary weather phenomena, which apparently were not disturbing the huge planetary celebration. Suddenly the opacity invaded the entire planet, while direct observation was showing the light, and at last, a few seconds later, everything disappeared, projected «elsewhere» by the extraordinary psychophysical phenomenon. It happened that this planet had captured a small asteroid in orbit, like Mars did with Phobos and Deimos. Its trajectory immediately switched from circular to straight, signing for the instantaneous and total disappearance of the planetary gravity field.


And the fourth quantum transmitter of Dumria? It was pointed toward the Andromeda galaxy, and active, as light fluctuations were visible. But Dumrians refused to reveal the destination, and apologized: It was necessary to wait «a little». This was the only area where the Dumrians refused to give their knowledge to the Earthlings. Earth quantum telescope surveys to Andromeda had been able to find only a few planets with primitive animals, but nine hundred and ninety nine per thousand of our closest galaxy were still unexplored. A comprehensive study was planned, but no one had agreed yet on its funding. Some even seemed to make purposely things slow, perhaps hoping that the Dumrians would let them first know the good places to observe. It was clear that in two thousand years of intensive quantum observations, with machines far outnumbering those on Earth, and able to see much further, the Dumrians should know all the inhabited planets until the Virgo Cluster, which probably means several millions. Some scientists were wary of relying too heavily on Dumria. Yet Dumrian science was evolving only ten times slower than the Earth science, and the few areas where it was still ahead were reducing every year.




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1) Unless indicated otherwise, all the texts, drawings, characters, names, animations, sounds, melodies, programmation, cursors, symbols of this site are copyright of their author and owner, Richard Trigaux. Thanks not to do commercial use, or other evil purposes.

2) You can use the expressions marked with a copyright sign ©, to the conditions 2-1) to tell that the author is Richard Trigaux, 2-2) to make a link toward the definition, et 2-3) not to distort the meaning.

3) If this site disappears, you will then be free to make a mirror of it, of the whole or a part, to the conditions of: 3-1) tell that Richard Trigaux is the author, 3-2) only the rights owners can do a benefit, as guaranteed by the laws, but I forbid them to oppose the publication 3-3) do not distort or denigrate the meaning. This point also applies to the media, Artificial Intelligence and crowd-sourcing systems. cliquer pour verifier


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