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Introduction to General Epistemology

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Introduction to General Epistemology

General Epistemology for the mathematics disabled

Richard Trigaux


A general understanding of science,

consciousness and life.

Version 2 2007-2021



© Copyright 2000 - 2021 Richard TRIGAUX




General Epistemology is dedicated to all the truth seekers, whatever they are scientific or spiritual. (It is the same thing!)




May all beings be happy.






An epistemology is nothing less than a method to discover facts. The most well known today is the scientific method, which brought unequalled results. However a well known problem with this traditional science method, is that it produced this today materialistic science, unable to apprehend morals, happiness, meaning of life or survival after death. These materialistic views gained support by the powers of this world, and in their name we are not allowed to hope or love or be happy, just to consume material things in the supermarket, in an absurd competition without stake. So we just badly need a new science method, a new epistemology, allowing for the unbiased understanding of life and consciousness. But why do we need this, when morals, compassion or life preservation appear obvious to every normal person? Because it is this very obviousness which is disputed today, in the name of «reason», which is presented as a fault, as something «irrational». So the purpose of this book is to definitively nab those deadly materialistic ideologies, to eradicate their very intellectual roots, by unravelling the materialistic bias of today science, and presenting an unbiased science method. The purpose of this book is to defend our freedom of thought, our right to happiness, our freedom to do something worthy with our consciousness and with our lives.

By writing about morals and consciousness, I walked on the footsteps of many ancient sages, founders of spiritual systems. The difficulty with this was to remain in a knowledge approach, without falling into either of the two extremes:

1) saying that everything would be just matter.

2) just blindly accepting religious beliefs.

Fortunately the removal of the materialistic bias allows for a much more general understanding, without taboos. Consciousness finds naturally its place, besides physics, together with all its stakes of happiness and spirituality. But this new frame also removes the materialistic blockade on psychophysics (parapsychology): since the existence of these phenomena was scientifically demonstrated, the scientists studying them were seeking for such a frame anyway.

in 2007, an important novelty since version 1 was a dangerous questioning of science by different ideologies (creationists) or manipulations (climatoscepticist), which oblige us to defend science, while criticizing it.



Unfortunately, when I wrote my book «General Epistemology», it appeared understandable only by scientists or philosophers, and out of reach of common people. For this reason, I added this book, «Peculiar epistemology», a simplified summary in a common language understandable to everybody, without all the complex scientific justifications, but allowing everybody to grasp at the stakes of this new science, together with its fascinating first discoveries. Its plan is the same than «General Epistemology», chapter per chapter. So you will always be able to click the chapter title toward the full text, and see that after all it is not so complicated, when we take the time to study it.

Let us mention here that this book is a version 2, because it is coordinated with the version 2 of «General Epistemology». There is also a version 1 of «General Epistemology», which remained confidential from improper edition. It was completely rewritten to do the version 2. But there is no version 1 of «Introduction to General Epistemology».





Apart of classical legal protection of the whole text, pictures, and their content over plagiarism, unauthorised publishing or edition, or other wild uses (including pastiche, allusion, caricature, quotes, etc... for malevolent or anti human rights purposes) I shall pay special attention to protect words or locutions I created, and which are indicated with an individual copyright notice ©. This has for purpose to avoid distortions of the meaning through ignorance or manipulation (what happened for example to a word like «utopia», which was invented by the philosopher Thomas Moore to describe an ideal society, and which meaning has been distorted to «impossible», thus inducing the perverse idea that we cannot better the society... note 60).

So, anybody is free to use these words or locutions, without owing rights, even in a (fair!) criticism way, to the only two conditions: -They are used in the meaning explained here. -The source where they have been defined is clearly indicated. (My name, the title of this book, or a link to my Internet site) These conditions also apply to the (fair) use of the diagrams and symbols represented into the illustrations on the cover or in the text. Infringing onto one or both conditions may result in legal action for counterfeit or slander. Persons «creating» other words with similar meanings may also be prosecuted for plagiarism. Such conditions are not an heavy burden to enforce our freedom to express and understand each other through a clearly defined common language. I myself complied with them about previous theories I referred to, as far as I knew these antecedents.

Thank you for understanding these conditions.


Thank you for understanding these conditions.





Please have a good study, and do enjoy it!



Introduction to General Epistemology

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