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Introduction to General Epistemology

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Introduction to General Epistemology
Seventh part: «unexplained» phenomena


VII-1 context and deontology


Some unexplained phenomena are just curious, but others require some hypothesis which may drastically change our lives. Hence the fundamental interest of studying them, instead of stupidly hiding or denigrating them.

However the worse censorship today is boosting disinformation by the conspirationists. This proving more effective that naive censorship, the media now promote the conspiracy deliria to denigrate science. And it works, shaping many distorted views among the general public.

Internet is often described as a disinformation booster. However its primary purpose is still operating, for the smart ones who know to use it: sharing informations and ideas. Part of the inquiries here used serious Internet sources and resources.

The bulk of this part will be on UFOs, the mysterious phenomenon which saw by far the most events and publications. But I shall list others, deep riddles or small local mysteries.




UFOs are the most spectacular unexplained phenomenon. However there has been so much boosting and reducing disinformation that we must start here with the fundamentals:

We can speak of an UFO case when an UFO report resisted all known examinations after an inquiry by competent people. Those inquiries are the only thing we can scientifically reason with.

To ease scientific studies, we attribute each case a «credibility indice» and an «indice of strangeness».

The best introduction here seems to be the historical order, where serious studies and disinformation reply each other.

From 1944 to 1950: the «Martians»

Early UFO appearances were «explained» as war weapons, spy planes, and finally «Martians» when people started to see what looked like «characters».

From 1950 to middle 1970: ET hypothesis and censorship.

Throughout these times, the extraterrestrial hypothesis was the most popular.

However this epoch was also marked with a strong reducing disinformation: state agencies, and soon the media, were censoring observations, or proposing ridiculous false explanations, or considering witnesses as mad. Real studies by science institutions were scarce, but they already affirmed the reality of the phenomenon, if not explaining it.

This irresponsibility of society incited citizen to gather into inquiry groups. It was the great epoch of the amateur scientific study of UFOs, and we still owe these groups a large database of detailed cases studies and thorough checking.


The idea that ETs were visiting Earth had an inevitable consequence: they could try to contact us. At a pinch, some special cases (The Carousel of Washington) looked like indications that «they» were preparing to do so.

This situation allowed some persons to pretend to be «contactees», entrusted by ETS in spreading nice spiritual messages. By the time, it was difficult to assess their credibility, and this went on until the New Age movement in the 1980.

My own inquiry led me to encounter several contactees around 1985, while placing myself in their own mindset (as if I was a «believer»). However none proved sincere, and the content of the messages was devoid of any real spiritual insight. I since consider that most people pretending to be contactees are crooks. Without excluding the possibility of real contacts, but they would not happen that way.

Today 2022, pseudo-contactees are still active in conspirationnism.

1978: the psychical hypothesis

This idea started with Bertrand Méheust, who spotted strange correlation between UFO encounter scenarios and previous fiction literature. As if the phenomenon was creating its scenarios from «Jungian archetypes». Later on, John E Mack developed further, with the «psychical hypothesis»: interferences of some spiritual realm into the physical world. All this fitted much better the observations, at a time where the naive ET hypothesis was running into more and more trouble and incoherences.

1980: the false ufology and boosting disinformation

Censorship having failed to curb the interest of people in UFOs, life haters started instead boosting disinformation: publishing false UFO theories (Monnerie) and numerous false cases in the media, in order to give a feeling that UFO are not serious. This largely succeeded in discrediting ufology to the eyes of the general public. But it also had an unexpected consequence: the rise of conspirationism, accusing society of having hidden bad intents. In the beginning it was limited to saucer circles, invoking ET themes. Which already neutralized all the large citizen associations of the previous period. Later on, in the 2010, conspirationism gained far right politics, with a more «acceptable» content no more referring to ETs.

Hessdalen and the scientific study

In Hessdalen, Norway, UFOs appear often enough to allow for an observation post by universities. They caught a lot of camera footage and even a spectrum.

These sub-chapters also give an updated list of scientific organizations dealing with UFOs, amateur or institutional.

«ET Abduction»

ET abduction, Alien abduction, or UFO abduction, has been a fad in the turn of the 21th century, where numerous people believed that they had been hijacked in flying saucers by malevolent ETs, the «Grays». Long story short, it was a manipulation by mainly two writers, Whitley Strieber and Bud Hopkins, who played on a confusion between CE3 and a benign phenomenon: sleep paralysis (That I also experienced myself). Of this awkward adventure, only two serious things remain:

-the resemblance between the scenario of sleep paralysis and close UFO encounters (CE3)

-the ease to control sleep paralysis visions, with appropriate visualisations (My contribution).

The plasma hypothesis of UFOs

This hypothesis, started by Paul Devereux, notes the resemblance between UFOs and many different phenomena: ball lightning, earthquake lights, Hessdalen lights, Will o'the wisp and other «spooklights». The common point would be plasmas. The strong point is that this hypothesis covers a lot of phenomenon, the weak point is that there is no physics explaining the duration of balls of plasma. Unless there is some mysterious connexion between plasma and consciousness.

2022: official recognition of UFOs by the US navy.

After years of silence, UFOs finally resurfaced around US navy ships. The Navy was then obliged to officially recognize UFOs as real.

We then had several other recognized observations in Ukraine and in Iran. The three cases were also more or less mixed with real military crafts. It is interesting to see that UFOs are reappearing in a war context, and in connexion with threats of nuclear war.

VII-3 UFO and CE4 in the Theory of the Logical Self-Generation.

(Permalink) Reminders: In the previous parts, this Theory was doing gentle things, like explaining consciousness without assuming anything mysterious or hidden. But now we are to see that it also provides a simple and robust theoretical framework to explain the «unexplained» phenomena and their modalities of appearance. In doing so, it meets the request of the parapsychologists for such a theoretical framework.

What can it say about CE4? What becomes my theory in these most extreme situations? Time is now to test it in its ultimate consequences

We saw in chapter III-8 that the theory of the logical self-generation allows several categories of universe to exist:

-mathematical «universes»

-physical universe like ours, containing particles which interact in a space-time.

-psychical universes, which directly contain elements of the experience of consciousness. We know that such universes exist, as they are seen in NDEs (chapter V-9).


Now, about UFOs and especially CE4, the strong idea that I present here is that psychical universes could occasionally interact with the physical world. It would then appear a space domain in the physical world where the self-generation laws would be different from the surrounding physical world. This situation would then explain in a simple and logical manner all the absurdities of the UFO observations, including especially of the CE4: violation of the laws of physics, Méheust's laws, influence of the witness's thinking, impossibility to keep evidences, and even the two phases often observed in CE4: «terrifying», then more Human,

I like this theory, which explains the outline and the details as well, without assuming anything odd or any additional element.


However, a first unclear point is what causes the interaction, what starts the domain. Indeed, such a domain must violate several rules of chapter III-3: two different logical self-generation systems normally cannot exchange information. Possible causes could be the very consciousness of the witness, a «collective spirit» of mankind, occasional «discharges of energy (like lightning), extraterrestrials, angels, or even simple «space tourists».

A second unclear point is how objects can be manipulated without losing their atomic structure. Or, more generally, how a self-generation law can manipulate in the same time physical objects, made of atoms, and psychical objects, made of images, forms, etc. Few people though to ask this question, which however is crucial for the understanding of the phenomenon.

A possible explanation is that there could be several ways to act on the physical reality. There is an example of that, in pure physics: Bose-Einstein condensates, where a group of atoms lose their individuality, and behave all together like a single quantum object. Similarly, in the case of a CE4, the body of the experiencer would behave as in a spiritual world, like the idea of a human body. However when the phenomenon stops, its atoms reappear, and the body becomes a physical body again, identical to what it was before, but in a different position. If it was totally transformed in ideas, then it would not reappear at all, as in some spiritual events like transubstantiation.


In the above hypothesis as what spiritual or extraterrestrial entities would enjoy some unknown way to manifest in UFO form, the fact is that they do not do this in an organized way. This could be caused by the difficulty to produce the interaction, or the difficulty for evolved beings to interact with current Humans.


On the effects of CE4, it may not be possible to violate the laws of physics in any random way. Some basis must remain always true, such as the law of entropy. However we also saw (in chapter V-7) that entropy plays differently in the psychical worlds: organizer instead of destroyer. This explains that CE4 can produce physical healing or spiritual progress.


The hypothesis of a psychical domain directly predicts the laws of Méheust, especially the fourth.


A question is if the experiencer perceives the scene with his eyes of flesh, or directly with his consciousness.


We can also determine our conduct when meeting the phenomenon. Since it is rare, the media should inform people of this conduct, instead of playing the fools.

-Enter in meditation

-Meditate that the «entity» is your Yidam, or God, etc. (careful that he is actually not, so please don't take all what he suggest as face value!)

-If the experience shows ugly or evil aspects, visualise the reverse, beautiful or beneficial. But especially, do this in non-action, otherwise it will strengthen the bad.

VII-4 Appearance Modalities of psychophysical phenomena

(Permalink) Warning: Due to pseudosciences boosting disinformation, I abstain using the word «quantum» about consciousness, or only between quotation marks, as if it was just an analogy. Still it is more than an analogy, as we are to see.

Reminder: Quantum Physics

We saw in the part IV on physics that the Logical Self-Generation Theory leads to the quantum physics, Copenhagen interpretation.

Reminder: «quantum» consciousness (note 91)

We also saw (chapter III-6 and chapter III-8) that exactly the same metaphysical or logical principles apply to consciousness. And it is easy to check that consciousness also self-generates by «quantum» leaps (chapter V-2), with «fields» and even a «Copenhagen interpretation» of consciousness (chapter V-2), where it does not need «something» which would make it to «exist».

Of course there are important difference with the elements of physics. So that a disembodied consciousness will self-generate in a very different manner from a consciousness linked to a brain. This is very visible in the NDE, and explains why this experience is so strange.

The «magical instant».

We saw in chapter V-4 and chapter V-7 that in some cases, a logical self-generation process needed a «magical instant», a particular and unique iteration, when it stumbles on a paradoxical situation where its usual laws cannot predict what happens next. This case is then handled by the rule 6 of chapter III-3: the creation of a new logical self-generation law, and of a new self-generation system.

This is what happens in what physicists call a «symmetry breaking» when a new laws of physics appears, and which was actually observed during the experiments of the RHIC in Brookhaven.

In the field of consciousness, we also find this notion of a special and unique «magical instant». However, here, self-generation laws are more fuzzy, and the number of «fields» and «particles» much larger. So it seems that, unlike physics, these «magical instants» are more common, or even that they would be part of the ordinary operation of consciousness. But they would still appear as inflections, as instantss where the consciousness comes out of a routine: awareness taking (Eureka moment), decision-making, free will, instant of superconsciousness, spiritual evolution, etc.

Psycho-physical science

I prefer this more precise term, rather than «parapsychology». It studies the interactions between consciousness and the physical world.

The logical self-generation theory leads to a simple and scientific definition: a parapsychological phenomenon is what happens when there are exchanges of information between the physical self-generation process, and a consciousness self-generation process. And, since both come down to a series of logical iterations, with all their content, then, exactly as we saw in chapter IV-8 where mathematical artefacts appear as photons, then such exchanges of information between different processes appear as objects or phenomena in the physical world, or as perceptions or new ideas in the world of consciousness.

Such a simple definition bases a real psychophysical science: how such exchanges can occur, and what their effects will be. We can even predict the odd nomenclature of parapsychological phenomena:

-From the physical brain to consciousness is, well, ordinary consciousness.

-From the material world to consciousness: ESP. depending on our state of consciousness when it happens, we have an instant of superconsciousness, a premonitory dream, an OBE.

-From consciousness to the brain: freewill. Maybe even the events memory is in this case.

-From consciousness to the physical world: psychokinesis, and its variants (poltergeist, healing...).

-In the «psychical taking off», the consciousness temporarily loses contact with the physical brain. Depending on modalities, we have an instant of super-consciousness, a sleep paralysis, an OBE or a NDE.

-Integral phenomena imply several actions forming an organized whole, for instance a CE3.

Mode of appearance of a psychophysical

Normally, two different logical self-generation processes cannot exchange information. The fact is that our consciousness and the physical world do. So what is starting the interaction?

For free will, we saw in chapter V-4 that the action of freewill on the brain took the form of an ephemeral space domain, where the laws of physics were slightly violated. We spoke about a «magical instant», that is a single nib in the logical self-generation process of the physical world. But this «magical instant» is a different event of the regular quantum interactions.

Other phenomena could also manifest with a «magical instant»: instants of superconsciousness, ESP, etc.

If we place ourselves in the «quantum» vision of consciousness, as seen in the beginning of this chapter, we deduce that such «magical instants» also appear in a «quantum» manner:

-They are favoured or inhibited by the influence of different «fields»: stakes, feelings...

-They occur or not, according to a purely indeterministic «quantum» random.

-The result is not always determined

-Their effect remain limited to what cannot be determined by the current self-generation law.

Such a vision suddenly lightens a number of mysteries, especially why the parapsychological phenomena occur only in a random way, or even in an elusive way, or only in specific situations.

This provides with ways to observe them more frequently, while some other negative «fields» can instead block them: humiliation, public curiosity, «scientific» hostility (chapter II-9).

Diffuse textures and magical places

The idea here is that the interaction of mind on matter, though usually weak, would never really be zero. It could strongly depend on the place, or on people. We could thus have «magical places», or a greater probability of phenomena in certain circumstances. The PEAR experiment has shown these weak effects, and how they depend on personal circumstances.

At a pinch, even some negative emotions like fear would have effects too. This is quite visible in sleep paralysis (Incubi, succubi or «alien abduction») and in CE3.

On the other hand, it seems quite clear that certain adverse circumstances cancel out any effect: noise, television, prosaicism, hostile persons, etc. It is a common observation that a place seems «magical» to us, with positive emotions and things going in a pleasant way. But if disputes and problems have occurred, then this magic disappears.

«Integral phenomena» and other profound interactions.

Some «integral phenomena» go much further than an unique nib: they affect a large number of physical objects, in a coordinated way, for some duration. For instance healing, UFO encounters, transubstantiation, etc. Science not yet had the opportunity to observe transubstantiation, but a more benign phenomena has been observed: the Tukdam.

In the case of transubstantiation, the atomic structure is lost, and the inverse transform becomes impossible. But in a CE4 this return occurs.

Integral phenomena are too organized to arrive only by chance: they tend to demonstrate the mastery of a «spiritual technology» by some consciousnesses, who would use them for their own purposes.

VII-5 Other unexplained phenomena

(Permalink) This chapter is about various enigmas, some of which may lead to interesting discoveries, or to which I bring a contribution:

-Abduction (Boosting disinformation, natural but interesting phenomenon, personal experiences)

-Atlantis (ancient story, archaeology fiction, an interesting recent explanation)

-Barisal gun (Unknown, probably natural)

-Bell island incident (Unknown, remarkable phenomenon)

-Bovanenkovo crater or Yamal crater (Probably natural, I propose a theory, the thermokarst)

-Spooklights or will-o'-the-wisp (Unknown, remarkable phenomenon)

-Siberian cauldrons (Remarkable, unknown. I investigated on satellite photos, without results. Probably a fictional account)

-Facilitated communication (False, scam)

-Contactees (False, my investigations unmasked several of them. Possibility of real ones)

-Patomski crater (Remarkable phenomenon, probably natural)

-Dyatlov Pass Incident (Unknown)

-Free energy (false, scam to investors)

-Earth Lights (Unknown, remarkable phenomenon)

-The hum (Unknown)

-Caldera Ina or Mercury Hollows (Unknown, remarkable phenomenon)

-Indigo Children (False, but involving real questions about education)

-Olympus Maculae (Lycus Sulci) on Mars (Remarkable phenomenon, my investigation refutes a common explanation)

-Moodus noises (Natural phenomenon, I got an interesting element)

-Nuclear weapons neutralized by UFOs (Remarkable phenomenon, interesting sources, possible proof of an extra-human intelligence)

-Moonshaft (Remarkable phenomenon, possible paleoartifact, but unknown or secret place)

-Mayan Prophecy 2012 (False banner operation by the media to discredit certain social movements)

-Taby Star (Remarkable phenomenon, unknown. I propose an original explanation)

-Tukdam (Strong parapsychological phenomenon. I am an eyewitness)

-Instrumental Transcommunication (Unknown. My brief tests gave nothing)

-Noise of the Col de Vence (Mundane explanation. I investigated on the place)

-Yonaguni (Natural phenomenon)



Introduction to General Epistemology

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