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Chapter 9

The Dumrian's dilemma.



Of course the new of the discovery of Dumria was publicised immediately. Steve Jason received the Nobel price for this, which he shared with Jampa Kongchok.

Shedrup Ling technicians were soon able to design a device using the simple Dumrian communication protocol indicated by the geostationary emitter. The communication fully established very quickly, first in main Earth languages, that the Dumrians already learned from their observations, and then in all the variety of Earth and Dumria languages.

Any attempt to have a progressive contact, to avoid cultural shock, was overcome by a powerful desire of everybody to meet this other mankind of the stars. Some exobiologists quickly explained to the Dumrians that they designed a progressive approach, to avoid them a cultural shock. But the later had an unexpected reply: they laugh, as they also planned to progressively contact Earth, to also avoid it a cultural shock! Exobiologists of both sides felt a bit confused, and this was nicknamed the joke of the Century.


So we could quickly learn the history of Dumria, and the dilemma which tore this peaceful world following the vicious data they received from the «anti-suicide» conspiracy.



Dumria was one on the rare civilisations which evolved without any religion or spiritual insight. It nevertheless evolved in a brilliant and happy civilisation, which covered all its planet with magnificent palaces and wonderful gardens. Art and beauty, pleasure and happiness were the main affair in all the Dumrian's life. Not seeking any meaning of existence into the spiritual world, they focused in the material world, trying to make it as beautiful as they could. All the Dumrians were artists, painters, singers, gardeners... All their buildings, even private homes and factories, were round-shaped incredible cathedrals, Kremlins, Taj Mahals, pagodas, colourfully painted, rainbow-like, or in pastel hues. They tried to make all the necessary activities a dance, a play, and spoke only in singing, and moved only in dancing.

This constant search for material happiness also led them to develop their incredible sexuality, but from the very first contacts Dawa Dhondup warned them of the problem it may cause to Earthlings, so they kept modest about this. Of course some problems occurred, but the sexual aspect of the Dumrians was really different of that of the Earthlings, and thus much deceiving for porn addicts. Especially Dumrian women had no breasts! Dawa also warned them for the risk of viruses or hacking into their computers, and from the very start cautions were taken, such as not disclosing the Dumrian computer languages and protocols.

Of course the Dumrians never deviated of ecology laws, at no moment of their evolution. They had very harsh seasons, with the very inclined rotation axis of their planet. Imagine on Earth the North Polar Circle going through Seattle, Montreal, Paris, Ulan Bataar, and the Tropic just under: Chicago, New York, Barcelona, Beijing, Hokkaido. Imagine descents of freezing cold and snow on Amazon or Congo, with 200km/h winds. All the Dumrian trees evolved with thick trunks and curled up forms, and wind sculptured most rocks in strange shapes. On the other hand, this climate was most constant than on Earth, without glaciations. Thus was Dumria climate, which allowed civilisation to appear only around the equator. Civilisation appeared in two places (versus 3 on Earth). These peaceful people also evolved virtually without conflict, on the contrary they considered strangers as a source of diversity and happiness. To say hello to a stranger would have been translated by «I admire your difference». When the two main civilisations encountered, they merged without one eliminating the other. Even some minor streams were carefully preserved.

Being not enemy of themselves, they clearly identified their enemies: cold and fire, work and boredom, disease and death. They developed a strong medicine science, and mastered genetics. They used tunnel effect microscope to read their DNA (or a slightly different molecule playing this role) and transcript it under the form of computer data. From this they were able to edit and modify it, with a gene processor software coupled to a powerful gene database. From where they could write it back into DNA, using again an automated tunnel effect microscope, and to inject this DNA into cells, to give birth to artificial beings. They went so far as completely rewriting all their genetic features into a rationalised and ordered system, eliminating all the genetic diseases. Slightly changing the genetic code allowed them to get rid off all the viruses, while cancer was thwarted with a complex defence system: any unauthorised cell duplication resulted in the cell displaying target signals, or in a self-destruction. Changing cells membrane composition to fluorinated hydrocarbons also allowed them to gain a simple and fail proof immunity against all the bacteria, to the only cost of having to eat fluorinated hydrocarbons, and to recycle them from toilet wastes.

But they also achieved a very strange thing. To understand what, you may figure that series of genes are a representation of the body shapes. For instance the first HOX system discovered into human genome is a series of adjacent genes, each coding for a segment of the human body, from top to bottom. The foetus formation begins with the emission of an hormone at one extremity of a shapeless heap of identical cells. This hormone diffuses in the whole heap, achieving various concentrations along it. Each gene in the HOX series reacts to a given concentration, so that each of these genes expresses all along the future spinal chord. The cells of each area thus react in emitting special hormones, which in turn trigger other form generation systems into the concerned areas. For instance a given group of cells at 20% of the length, sensitive to the matching concentration, activates a group of genes which forms buds of arms, which in turn will give the detailed form of an arm, and the like to each part of the body. Thus forms of the body appear from an hormonal map of them, hormonal map which is first coded into the genes. When the foetus grows, it does this following the hormonal map. But just after the hormonal map is used, it disappears, and if there is any mistake, it can never be corrected after. It is a congenital deformity. This working explains why certain substances provoke very precise deformities at very precise moments, by interfering into an individual code of the hormonal map. It is also the reason why the body is able to generate its forms, but only once: when forms are altered or suppressed, they cannot be repaired in any way, as the hormonal map is no longer present. A severed limb cannot reappear, and the body has to undergo ageing and death, even if it contains all the data to self repair.

The Dumrians, who somewhat disliked to work, consecrated all their efforts to gene science, and partly neglected other sciences such as physics, explaining why these domains were late compared to genetics. They were seeking for immortality, nothing less. And they succeeded in their projects. They were one day able to give birth to children which body hormonal map was always present. These new Dumrians enjoyed perfect bodies, virtually free of any diseases, much more resistant to shocks, burns and other external conditions, self-anaesthetic, and able to repair without traces very severe burns or injuries. The hormonal map was also a protection against congenital deformities. These bodies were also virtually immortal, as the hormonal map was forever present: any damage due to wearing or ageing could be repaired indefinitely. The Dumrians even carefully maintained the genetic variety of their specie, and peculiarly kept the racial genes in the same proportion they were before.

Soon this new generation completely replaced the ancient mortal forms, and the Dumrians had to bear very few children, only to replace accidental deaths. This explains why they all look young, with very few children and no olds. They also designed these beautiful slender and supple bodies and clever brains to allow for whatever art forms and sexuality they would want, so far they had to design «hormonal switches» if they wanted to be able to work from time to time. For this they designed a genetically modified berry which was soon nicknamed the «freak work berry»... (There were also other kinds, more enjoyable...)

They also managed to immortalise their brains, with the same methods. Neurones connections are also built with an hormonal map, much more complex than that of the body. To master this map allowed the Dumrians to eliminate all known psychiatric diseases, and to grow adult minds from very young. But strange and sometime terrifying new mental diseases appeared, in which they could not find any material explanation. The first generation to enjoy these brains, which is still the majority today, also suffered an however foreseeable problem: They were excellent in many pre-programmed fields and trainings, for instance mastering easily difficult music instruments, but could learn news only with difficulty. A completely unforeseen problem would also be, later, the difficulties to learn non-Aristotelian logic and meditation.

Thus they were very happy... a time. Death was still present, as accidents could still happen, whatever cautions they could take. Especially very banal vehicle crashes constantly levied their toll. They had only repelled the fatal date in an unforeseeable future. And it was useless to try to repel it further: it should come anyway. So the Dumrians were very happy in their marvellous and peaceful world... but this happiness became tinged with a background of melancholy, and punctuated with appalling tragedies.

It is some time after that the Dumrians discovered the quantum telescope. They were late in quantum science, but very keen of astronomy and space exploration. There were already thousands of large optical telescopes working everywhere, and their planet soon covered with quantum telescopes. (They did not enjoyed very much forced work, but they were sometimes able of passionately involving for a precise goal, obtaining results amazingly quickly). Of course they were also confronted to the missing planets: evolved civilisation disappear without traces, together with their planet. They, as on Earth, discovered the time capsules left by such civilisations, explaining that they undergone a «spiritual transition» toward a spiritual paradise, and speaking of mind, consciousness and spiritual worlds.

The Dumrians thus began to imagine that they did not seek immortality where it really is. But these notions of abstract mind were difficult to understand for them. And still more mind troubles appeared: they were loosing their most ancient memories, and all were awkward in accepting these new conceptions of mind. They corrected this with a new genetic and hormonal map of their brain, able to understand non-Aristotelian logic, and more supple for learning, as it kept an extra stock of unused neurones. But with the very slow turnover of the population, it could not be effective before thousands of years, and at the time of their meeting with the Earth «Anti-suicide» conspiracy only about a hundred thousand of young Dumrians were really able to master the new concepts, over more than a billion of total population.

They soon discovered Earth. It was the time when the Greeks were building the Parthenon. They recorded a fantastic insight into the past of Earth, events, daily life, past splendours and monuments of which only ruins remain today. This data since allowed us to put faces on all the great names of the past, as well as on ordinary people. Their movies show things like people walking in antic Rome streets, a pre-Columbian Maya temple ceremony, Alexander the Great in India... They also recorded libraries, and especially the whole content of the Great Library of Alexandria and thus their offering to Earth was really invaluable.

They witnessed the evolution of Mankind, trying to understand our motives and thinking. They witnessed the building of our religious monuments, but alas the meaning of them was difficult to figure from only texts and statues... and especially difficult to understand when they witnessed people getting out of them to go to war. They soon understood that they may have many to learn from Earth, but also that they ought to be very cautious with its irrational and cruel people.

Witnessing the exceptional science boom on Earth, they placed the quantum emitter on orbit, with the message, waiting for Earth contacts.


When this contact came, the content was unexpected. It was mainly a warning against religion and spirituality, when they hoped for explanations in this field. In fact Dumria was discovered on Earth by scientists opposed to extraterrestrial intelligence, who immediately placed this discovery under cover. The most incredible is in fact that they discovered SEVERAL TENS actually inhabited worlds, and managed to hide all, with no less than three accomplices working in key functions of the General Planet Catalogue, just in Steve Jason's office! The inhabited planets were simply not registered! This could be explained as the data outcrop of the quantum telescopes was so huge, that only very few was manually processed. To detect intelligent life, the scientists of the Catalogue used special form recognition softwares, detecting things such as straight roads, hollow buildings, floating or flying vehicles. These softwares worked very well, except that the accomplices managed to short the warning messages, which went unnoticed, and even removed the planets from the Catalogue, so that nobody never checked again! This invaluable data was simply lost for all, and not likely to be recovered, as such general surveys were made only once, and nobody could notice that some planets missed over several billions. The case of Dumria was more complicated, as it happened that a Russian team automatically recorded revealing images of Dumria with a process of their own, as Russians like to do, intending to study them before placing them into the Catalogue. The conspirators had to hack into their database and replace the Dumria data with fake images! They had to do hurrying job for this, and used parts of other maps. We know that it is this poor forgery which precisely allowed the discovery of Dumria.

So there were other inhabited planets in the Galaxy, but only some others were likely to use quantum telescopes at that time. The Dumrians pointed quantum emitters toward them, while all the others are at various steps from prehistory to modern science. This solved a mystery: even if civilisation last very few time from prehistory to spiritual transition, probabilities indicated that they are so numerous than some should however be visible in the galaxy at a given moment. So the apparent absence of such civilisations was not due to a theoretical science problem, but to the conspiracy's fiddling. It even appeared that in fact most civilisations evolve directly to a spiritual civilisation without passing by science and techniques, and thus never emit radio signals, nor they left technical remnants or libraries when they undergo the spiritual transition. Dumria itself used few radio techniques, of low power, and it was very far. So no SETI project ever found it, although it was scanned several times since 1999.

Grossly when the «anti-suicide» engaged the contact with the Dumrians, they explained them that spirituality is an illusion, and that the «spiritual transition» is in fact a death. From their exchanges with the Dumrians came some of the strange mind theories of the Applied Mind Science University, and some of their theories on the fatal disappearance of the planets were in fact specially designed for debating with the Dumrians, and only after used for propaganda on Earth.

But the new generation of Dumrians (those with the latest version of the hormonal brain map) were not fooled so easily. There even were some scientists to note that the whole theory of spirituality and spiritual transition is consistent, if they admitted that consciousness and spiritual spaces could exist independently of material space, exactly as mathematical spaces already do. This theory could also explain the strange psychiatric diseases some experienced, where the consciousness disconnected from their brains, and even some kind of dreams where they had unexplainable perceptions of far away objects or persons. But older Dumrians, the majority, needed tens of years to understand this, when the conspiracy was urging them to accept their own ideas immediately. So a dilemma appeared between the ancients and the youngs, between the first and second brain map owners.

Of course the Earth «anti-suicide» conspiracy immediately began to add fuel to the fire, and a conflict arose between Dumrians, maybe for the first time in the history of this planet. It is known as «the Dilemma». The conspiracy of course was exciting the non-spiritual majority against the less numerous but more influent new thinkers. Things went as far as some exchanges of blows, an appalling thing to Dumrian eyes. Seeing this, all the Dumrians felt extremely sorry, and reacted in a way none of the conspirators could never have expected.

On Earth, the conflict mind and clan mind are so deeply implemented that it seems natural to anybody to have friends and enemies. Only highly evolved persons really experience this situation as basically an illusion of our mind. And it is really difficult to figure this, as we can «objectively» see persons who try to harm us and others who try to help us. So thinking that all these people as basically the same as us is not a spontaneous Earthling's behaviour. So it is usual to see on Earth unpleasant people, bandits, dictators, and police and armies, and only few people realise how incredibly dreadful and weird this is. The Dumrians did not had such a conflict and clan mind. Their formed essentially one group, and it is precisely this which allowed them to be so happy together. They felt the new born conflict as a great trouble of their whole society, and never as the fault of the other opinion. It was a society trouble they had to face all together. So, when the conspiracy began to send plans of machine guns, police arrest lists, mind control methods and the like, they really felt that this was absolutely not the solution.

Even if they were thinking more slowly than the humans, the Dumrians did it methodically, and all of them did, so that they were in fact far more efficient in thinking than the conspiracy expected. The Dumrians understood that if these guys had clan mind, perhaps there were other clans on Earth, maybe more interesting. So they took some distance with the conspiracy. They replaced the general message on the geostationary emitter, in hope than other Earthlings noticed it. They continued the communication with the conspiracy, but far more cautiously, and asking them some disturbing questions: «Are there other opinions on Earth? What is the use of the religious buildings we can see on Earth? Why is there war on Earth? Why don't you give us a communication with your official government leaders? Why don't you connect us to your Internet network?» They got at least unclear replies, and did not enjoyed very much the conspiracy blocking and using alone the contact point they indicated for all the Earthlings. They also observed their little game of rolling the screen when official aircrafts were approaching. All that reinforced them in their impression, which they expressed with some humour: their interlocutors were not in the clan of the Dumrians. And they resumed their study of the new thinkers.

At the moment where the Shedrup Ling University discovered what was going on, there were only some bitter philosophical exchanges between the conspiracy and the Dumrians. But the later purposely did not changed the contact point, so that the Earthlings should discover the conspiracy sooner or later. Just as Tcheugyal expected, they had a system to warn them about what was going on with the conspiracy's screen, especially if new co-ordinates were indicated, and all the more if they were precisely into a great modern monastery. So the Dumrians reacted in only some minutes, and the communication established.

It soon resulted from this that Earth and Dumria had many to exchange, and that they could have tremendous progress together, but this is another story. To give an idea, the most powerful Internet communication backbone never created functioned between the two planets only one year later, allowing any of the inhabitant of the two planets to look at any site in the two worlds. A gigantic hypernet operated over a thousands light years gap. Just the browsers of the two planets had to be replaced with versions accepting both URL and transfer systems, the Dumrian DECCG music-based system, together with the Earth HTTP, so that nobody had to change his usual customs. All science data was exchanged, and anybody was able to download the marvellous Dumrian songs of fluted voices and crystal chords, together with astounding colour views of their palaces and gardens (many Earthlings were somewhat ashamed to send images of their old concrete houses and ugly machines). Sounds and colours were electronically processed in order to compensate for the differences into sensory systems, and to give the best «subjective» rendering. Everybody was able to see Vercingetorix fighting the Romans, or a great ceremony in the Athens Parthenon. The Dumrians even managed to record High fidelity sounds of Earth's past, with observing the vibrations of flames or hairs with special high speed telescopes!

But above all the Dumrians received at last their first contacts with authentic spiritual teachings and techniques, and opened their first meditation centres, which immediately had a great success. Later, even monasteries appeared (which main diet was probably a «chastity berry»...). As all the conscious beings, the Dumrians enjoyed happiness and disagreed with suffering and death. So they were fleeing suffering and death, and were very efficient in this, with their extraordinary mastery of genetics. But they were fleeing suffering in an awkward way: strait on ahead, like hens on the road in front of a car. And like the hens, they were caught a day or another. So they learned the more subtle spiritual way to avoid suffering, the yoga of «accepting suffering»: things are like that, and that is all. Just to enjoy life when it is here, without having dark thoughts about a possible future death. And when death is there, to also accept this experience, and anyway get a new life in a new body or in a spiritual world. They even understood the strange mental diseases they had to suffer: simply the consciousness of some Dumrians disconnected of their brain, from time to time, to have some dream like experiences, which looked terrifying and insane when they did not understood it, but which became a play when they mastered it.

But the majority Dumrians with the older version of brain map experienced a big problem for learning meditation and non-Aristotelian logic, needing forty years where an Earthling needed four. So many Dumrians began to live dangerously, enjoying mountaineering, wild animals, forays in the polar regions, secretly hoping, if they die, to reincarnate into bodies with the latest brain map version... if not on Earth! At least in one thing they progressed far more quickly than most Earthlings: in not being afraid of death.

The Dumrians received all the spiritual teachings of every religions, and, after experimenting all, they selected the most practical and effective methods, without keeping to only one religion. Many of them had only little bad karma, so they could soon engage into the Tantric practices. Their wish for a perfect body and their overwhelming achievements in the domain of poetry and beauty were also a priceless advantage, which in fact allowed many dedicated Dumrians to advance more quickly than humans, once their main problem solved. But, if theoretical teachings could pass through the hypernet, human warmth was much more difficult to code into electronic data: the indispensable initiations were impossible to transmit at a distance. But that was not a problem: only five years after the first contact, great Tantric masters began to reincarnate on Dumria!



But there was still another little problem to settle. The Dumrians were really angry against the «anti-suicide» conspiracy, which fooled them for seven years, preventing any true contacts with Earth, that contact they hoped so much for more than two thousands years. Especially, following the conflict, some got only the ancient brain map version, when the new was already available, and thus they were feeling deeply mutilated. They asked for a trial, in more of the one already in progress on Earth. To make a trial with the defendants and the judges thousands light years apart, the idea was terrific. But they did. Of course, as it was impossible for the Dumrians to actually punish the conspirators, so they asked the Earth authorities to engage into applying the sentences they would pronounce. This was not without debate, as many feared that these sentences would be cruel or inhuman. But the Earth authorities also did this, charmed by the idea of arresting people they could not charge otherwise, such as the Applied Mind Science sect. And a bunch of 1600 persons were found guilty of «inducing clan mind» or «anti-happiness activities», and sentenced with years of poetry training or spiritual retreat... that they did!



Liu Wang did not sued Tegal for the hijacking, but he had been anyway charged for several less serious motives in the USA. The FAE were still not very well-known in the USA, and Liu had to appear in order to help Tegal and make the judges understand what he experienced. They were impressed and gave only a clement sentence or three years of jail. Tegal was very co-operative into dismantling the conspiracy network, and he took profit of his jail time to write several books to denounce his former ideology and manipulation methods. From his good conduct he was liberated after two years, and then he went away and only few heard of him again. He did not became Buddhist, but the purpose of the FAE is not to enforce into a given religion, but to restore the true freedom of thought.




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