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Resources for a better world: ecology, happiness, life, art, spirit and mind, books, musics, movies...

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Resources for a better world

Here are the useful adresses and resources I could find, on all what produces happiness (personnal or social), peace, living in harmony, poetry, beauty, harmony... Ressources are gathered in blocks by topics, with links toward similar subjects or pages.




Books by Richard Trigaux


Last update: April 27, 2013

In a general way, conditionned publishers don't do much to make the beauty or the truth known. The books presented here, despite they were intended for publishing, got only rebuffal, or swindles such as «online publishing» which do not follow their contract (do nothing for selling). Into such conditions, like many other authors, I leave my books visible online for free. At least, they will benefit their readers, if not me. You can still support my activities with a gift.


The Marvelous world of the Eolis


One novel and a webcomic visible on the site.


The True Economy


An economic system to directly satisfy our needs, and only our needs. Free download.


General Epistemology


A new understanding of reality, of Logic, of Physics, of Metaphysics and of Consciousness. Visible on the site.

The Version 1 is no more sold by the online «publishers». In more it contained numerous mistakes. For these reasons, I am writing the version 2, on the indicated page.


The world of Dumria


A series of three science-fiction novels, in the Jules Verne style, illustrating the ideas of the General Epistemology. Visible on the site.

The missing Planets Where the models predict inhabitable planets, only empty orbits are found. Until one day... A realy radical (and positive) solution to the Fermi paradox.

Dumria An impossible bug attracts the attention of Steve Jason on an apparently unsignificant planet... but which turns out to be inhabited! But at once, Steve's wife is hijacked, in order to silence him! The inquiry leads him through the steppes and mountains of Central Asia, chasing a mysterious organisation which wants to hide the existence of the wonderful civilisation of Dumria.

Lokouten A dark sphere is hurling into space, right toward Earth... What is the relationship with the Lokouten, these fantastic robots no science fiction author nevers spoke about?
















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I indicate these resources for their interest, but without any waranty on their content that I do not control. (and which can be modified without my notice)

(January 1st 2013) I created these pages in the beginning of the Internet, when we had to «surf on the web» to find sites. Then came Google and others, which made this search miraculously simple. So, for ten years I did not really updated these pages... However, since some years, I note that relevant sites are less and less visible in these search engines, hidden by an increasing number of verbiage pages supported by powerful financial means. And surreptitiously, the vital network of links which formed «the web» has disappeared: we no more control Internet! So I say to everybody:




Then I put these pages back in action.

Do not hesitate to create links toward these pages, or to tell me interesting links.