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Table of content



Chapter 1: Chapter 1 The Dumria World

Chapter 2: Chapter 2 The Dumrian computers and the online meta-game.

Chapter 3: Chapter 3 Tcheugyal's secret spouse

Chapter 4: Chapter 4 The new worlds

Chapter 5: Chapter 5 Aria Tara Center

Chapter 6: Chapter 6 A strange meeting in headquarters

Chapter 7: Chapter 7 Interstellar racism

Chapter 8: Chapter 8 Enken and Elaminaroa

Chapter 9: Chapter 9 J minus three

Chapter 10: Chapter 10 Anahata

Chapter 11: Chapter 11 A strange experiment

Chapter 12: Chapter 12 Stress and doubts

Chapter 13: Chapter 13 The Cosmic Guards

Chapter 14: Chapter 14 Go for punching up!

Chapter 15: Chapter 15 Back




The first book: The Missing Planets.

The second book: Dumria.














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