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Lokouten        Chapter 16       





On Earth, about four hours after the arrival of the black sphere, amateur astronomers suddenly spotted the Neptunian moon Triton, shining one magnitude higher than normal. The new spread worldwide in some minutes, thanks to the astronomer's alarm network, and less than half an hour later a large aperture optical telescope was aiming at the satellite. It showed on its limb a thin bright crescent, as if a light source was illuminating it from behind Neptune. The rings arches too were must more luminous than usual.

The medias immediately spread the new on the Internet, toward the millions of subscribers to astronomy alerts, and several large optical telescopes started a non-stop observation of the phenomenon, connecting their cameras in real time on the network, so that everybody could observe it. A magenta stripe appeared on the Triton-facing edge of the Neptune disk, while Triton itself was taking still two magnitude of light. And more than a billion persons witnessed live a globe of white light, as big as Earth, emerging from behind the planet, so shiny that it appeared to the naked eye as a medium star.

What happened next was understood only much later. Two shiny objects could be seen. The first was hidden behind Neptune, lighting Triton and the rings from behind, before suddenly extinguishing one hour later, leaving only the usual spectacle of Neptune and its satellites illuminated by the Sun. The second object, white and shiny, dashed from behind Neptune, and started to decrease in magnitude, quickly becoming invisible to the eye. But optical telescopes could follow it for more than two years, always dwindling and moving on the background of stars, until it was not bright enough to be detected by any mean.

Of course, the quantum telescopes were immediately aimed at the two objects, but these machines were unable to detect anything at their location. It was quickly understood that the objects, observed by the optical telescopes with a four hours delay (propagation time of light from Neptune to Earth), were already long ago gone when the quantum telescopes were aimed at them. It was however tried to extrapolate the position of the second object, which trajectory was very regular, to aim a quantum telescope where it should be at the time of the observation. It was useless, no one could ever see anything, and these wonderful machines were, at this occasion, completely at fault. It was anyway never noticed anything unusual again, neither with the optical telescope nor with the quantum telescope.

Neptune's rings showed no deformation, and the movement of the planet and its satellites showed no detectable alteration. The scientific conclusion was that the mass of the two objects was very weak, or null.

Numerous spectra were taken of the second object, showing something which looked like a thermal radiation similar to the Sun, but without the slightest trace of any emission line or absorption line which may allow to identified any material or phenomenon. The only notable feature was that the colours were balanced in a way to give the ideal white for the human eye.

However Steve Jason and the team of Rolf Gensher understood immediately what had happened. There was only one object, which of course was none other than the Cosmic Guard's Mandala. It came close to Neptune at a much higher speed than light, and it suddenly stopped just behind the planet, illuminating Triton with its light. It stayed like this for one hour, the time of their first discussion. Then it left to another destination, instantly, without intermediate trajectory, disappearing on the spot in the eyes of any observer. The first luminous object seen by the optical telescopes was or course the Mandala, saw while it was immobile behind Neptune. Since it takes more than four hours for the light to arrive from Neptune, everything was observed after this period of four hours. And indeed the quantum telescopes could see nothing, because when they were aimed at the object, the Mandala had already left since three hours. The second luminous object was also the Mandala, but this time seen while it was approaching much faster than light. By virtue of the Einsteinian relativity, it seemed to move back in time, appearing to move away from Neptune. But this was seen as a movie of its approach, inverted in time. And, again, when a quantum telescope was pointed at this ghost light, it saw nothing, because the real object was gone away for long. Only the secret observations of Rolf showed the reality, as they were the only ones made by a quantum telescope when the Mandala was actually present.

The fact that the mandala moved faster than the light clearly showed its non-physical nature, as of course Relativity forbids all material objects linked to this universe to move at such a speed. However it had, along its trajectory, emitted physical light, which apparently behave in a surprising way, showing an inverted time. But this behaviour was perfectly in agreement with Relativity! And we remember the apparent paradox of the first discovered quasars, which jets seemed to move faster than light, by a simple effect of relativistic perspective. But these jets move at a smaller speed. If they could go faster than the speed of light, relativity would show them moving toward the quasar. This paradox gave rise to the idea of tachyons going backward time. Relativity forbids these objects, but the mandala, a non-physical object, apparently behave like a tachyon.


Steve and the team of KRG did not dared to say anything about all this, despite their burning desire of informing the scientific community and the peoples of the world, and show their records of the Mandala, from their quantum telescope in Lhassa. Maybe they should have done this at this time; it was not needed for this to reveal what they knew of the Mandala. Anyway, if it had physically manifested its luminous nature, it was for being seen. Moreover, with violating the limit of the speed of light, it also clearly shown its non-physical nature!


The excitement about the observations on Triton and Neptune somewhat occulted the observations on Ouarkatan. But in the hours which followed, the exosociologist noticed a sudden agitation. The war had inexplicably broken out over the entire planet at once, and several towns were rapidly destroyed. Even several nuclear explosions could be seen. Then everything fell into an indecipherable confusion, seen from Earth. The only sure fact was that the imperial city were very quickly looted and destroyed, and with them the temples of the scientistists, all methodically reduced to piles of rubble. The vast majority of observers were appalled, seeing this as a global catastrophe, with over fifteen centuries of scientific progress suddenly dashed out, just when the planet was to discover the quantum communication. It was as if the Earth suddenly fell from the space age to the time of Clovis. In facts, the media, power grids and transportation were soon unable to work, while people were fleeing the cities where food could no longer arrive, leaving their cars out of gas along the roads. There were twenty to thirty years of famine and a lot of deaths among all those people unable to farm. And this return to the Middle Ages seemed outweighed by no benefit: slavery was still there, wars and border appeared, and the massive destructions of the environment stopped only from lack of technical means to continue to perpetrate them. Later, the situation stabilized, the power had passed to influential members of the caste of the citizens, sometimes to the militaries, which controlled each an area of the planet. The concept of state was unknown from the Ouarkians, so borders were for long a subject of disputes and wars. Little wilderness was left, but the most inhospitable areas were abandoned, and thus protected.

Later, the observation of Ouarkatan showed the emergence of new cities, of very different styles, depending on the regions, and new public gathering buildings, of hitherto unknown style. But this is another story which would take centuries to be told.

Only Steve and the small group of the KRG understood that this suffering of the people of Ouarkatan was in facts avoiding them a much worse one. Certainly, this world would spend several centuries, or even millennia, before recovering its scientific level, and who knows how long it would take to awake spirituality and human rights. But the demented plans of genetic manipulation were irretrievably lost, without a single survivor to only understand them. So the inhabitants of Ouarkatan were now free to develop their humanity and evolve without threat. Just a pity that the Cosmic Guards did not allowed to intervene more extensively, more precisely, but may be it was better that way.


About one year after the events, everybody saw the luminous object of Neptune pass very close of the position of Dumria on the sky background. The technicians of the interstellar beams made the relation with the blackout which was observed one year earlier. But they still not guessed the truth. Shedrup Ling could still pass unnoticed at this moment, if some petty technician had not suddenly disclosed to the general public that the Telescope of Shedrup Ling had followed the object nearby continuously since the interruption of the beams, until the Neptunian phenomena. The correlation between the trajectory observed by the quantum telescope and the observation in visible light was perfect, and this time everybody had to admit that the object number two had in facts approached from Earth at fifty times the speed of light, was observed live par le quantum telescope of the Shedrup Ling university, while the light it emitted arrived much later on Earth, showing an inverted movie of its approach, inverted in time and spread on two years instead of one week. The object number two had become the object number one, which stood motionless for one hour behind Neptune, before switching off suddenly without leaving any trace.


Until now, only few dared to openly criticize Shedrup Ling: its honesty and its social utility were putting it out of reach of any public denigration. But in reality, the university was disturbing a lot of people, from its very epistemological purpose, which was giving heart to science, and especially with its work of uncovering mind control methods. In theory, these denunciations were aiming at cults and dictatorship, but it soon became much too obvious that, in facts, everybody was manipulating for long ago, including politicians and media who were claiming to be democrats. Many scientistists and politicians were also secretly hating it, from uncovering the incredible «anti-suicide conspiracy» some years sooner. These scientistists were in fact of the same opinion than the conspiracy, even if they could not support it openly, after the terrorist methods it used on Dumria. So, it is not really astonishing if the revelation about the secret observations, quite benign in facts, was quickly raised to the level of a huge scandal, even before anybody took some time for asking the responsible of Shedrup Ling why they did not published these observations.

We only too often see good people covered with hypocritical praise, and then, overnight, lynched and thrown lower than dirt, for a slight misdeed that will never be forgiven to them: honesty and integrity are so disturbing for the schemes and bad mentalities that the least fault is immediately used to break their image. The rage to denigrate is then still stronger than the victim was kept in greater false esteem.

The cabal raged more than one month, while incredible things were proffered. Anti-Shedrup Ling harangues could be heard even in the ONU stands, asking to confiscate, and even to forbid the international University. The fact that the University was international also was a great cause of anger, even if its founders had no agenda against any possible country.

Shedrup Ling leaders carefully avoided any comment, just giving their version of the events, where just missed what had not to be released to the public. Fortunately nothing ever transpired about the Guardians, the lokouten, or the intervention on Ouarkatan, known only two twenty very reliable persons.

The Dumrians were also submitted to considerable pressure, commanding them to reveal «the secrets of Shedrup Ling». The exosociologists of the Ezran team replied that they had no idea about this, and it was true. They much loathed this game, and they explained clearly that this was reminding them of the dark hours of the «anti-suicide conspiracy»: Earthlings settling their accounts through interposed Dumrians. Happily they had the fail proof support of the Earth exosociologists, who refused as a sheer madness to ask the Dumrians to arbitrate a dispute between Earthlings.

Then, by lack of real arguments, the media lynching ended to stop. There was a soccer world cup to keep the medias busy. Money gifts in support of the Shedrup Ling University even not faltered, students never were so numerous into its learning centres in the world, and other centres were opening in Argentina, in Africa, in China. The new conscious science was offering itself for free to all the poor countries the ancient materialistic science abandoned.


However, the alarm was very close. They would be allowed for nothing now. Rolf Gensher and the main directors or advisors met, and, in order not to take any further risk of seeing the University confiscated or destroyed at a whole at the occasion of another cabal or smear campaign, they took the decision to «disband» Shedrup Ling. More accurately, they separated it into smaller national organisations, which were now legally independent, although still bound by the same knowledge and the same methods. There was no more formal structure at the international level, and this rendered pointless many arguments against the University. But Shedrup Ling, far from killing itself, in facts immortalized itself, continuing to exist in the Dumrian way, without legal status or structure to subvert or to forbid, but as a powerful network of friends, acquaintances and common thoughts. Anyway it had fulfilled the role for which it was imagined: the General Epistemology was now recognized and studied all over the world. Its durability was ensured in almost all the countries by a number of teachers, laboratories, companies and governments which were using it to solve their social and moral problems. Its scientific ethics proposals were largely adopted by the UN, NGOs, human rights, and endorsed by the main religious leaders. Its spiritual science had helped to dismiss several major cults. Its agronomic discoveries had changed agriculture in poor countries from America, Africa and Asia; its spiritual discoveries were giving a meaning to life in rich countries, while its economic proposals at last offered means to end this shameful segregation by money. So, several autonomous universities were created in the world, in all the countries, under various names. The historic centre of Lhassa and its Tibetan dependencies was reorganized into two new institutions: the Peushoung Sherab Tsokpa, Government University Centre for physics and astronomy, and the second as a private institution under the patronage of several religious teachers: the Deykii Peljor Leykhor, or Activity Circle for Happiness and Abundance, combining agricultural science, ethics and spirituality, soon famous under the tibetan acronym of Deypeyley. The official documents organizing the dissolution did not even mention the psychophysics laboratory. But Rolf Gensher kept under his personal supervision the engineers of the psychophysics unit of Palomas in California, to which he joined the staff and knowledge of the former laboratory of Lhassa. This unit, meant to deal with epistemology, took the official name of PEC, Epistemological Centre of Palomas, although the name Shedrup Ling was still used for it twenty years later. This was fair, as here was the very heart of the ancient Shedrup Ling.

This was a huge loss of power for Rolf Gensher, but he did not cared: this was the ultimate accomplishment of the purpose he assigned to himself years ago: without central power, Shedrup Ling was now impossible to control or take over at a whole! The General Epistemology was now indestructible, free of any institutional shackles!

As to the psychophysical activities themselves, they were basically teaching, as Rolf was now knowing that beyond some point the researches and applications had to become confidential. So the PEC was mostly a private learning and training centre for people who were showing some ability in this domain. However it is expectable that such a pool of gifted persons was used for some researches, not to speak of some discreet but very nice political coups... The PEC disappeared from public scrutiny, into featureless isolated villas of the Rocky Mountains, Utah, Idaho, Oregon, and of course Tibet, where it was so good to live and work among psycho-educated people. It resurfaced only one century later, when the first official preparations of the spiritual transition were started. But the observers had to note that, curiously, the governments immediately recognized the PEC as the lead authority in these matters.

The Dumrians, on their side, somewhat flabbergasted with the swift pace of the upheaval which took place on Earth, choose to keep the name Shedrup Ling and the supreme authority of Rolf Gensher. For them, to cut their organisation in several parts was making no sense, since nor the parts neither the whole had any juridical definition. This was also a means to remind some Earthlings that Dumria was their planet, and that they clearly intended to remain the masters of their destinies, without bothering about the episodes of Earth's conflicts. So they were just continuing to work as they used to do, into game groups, which were supporting themselves alone, or were offering mutual help, depending on needs. As long as they were not autonomous relative to Earth, they had an absolute need of keeping the internal coherence of the teaching of General Epistemology, and thus of keeping a management from Earth. But they would soon be able to keep this coherence themselves, and no longer need any interference from Earth.

Sangye Tchögyal had no official role in the new organization of Rolf, but he still intervened some times in the PEC as a consultant or informal researcher, before finally retiring a few years later, in his eyrie hermitage in the north of Lhassa, where he only received a few close disciples, such as Kurt, Niels and Ulrike. Yonten Drolma, in the meanwhile, made herself immured in a discreet small retreat centre belonging to Kurukulla Gompa. A year later when the acolyte found that she was no longer taking her food, Geshe Kyoungpo came to open the cell: nothing else remained on Earth of Yonten Drolma than her clothes.

Steve Jason was officially granted a teacher position in Palomas (California), where he was not away from the PEC. It is at this occasion that he definitively left Tibet. «Impermanence», he said, laughing, toward Tchögyal, while climbing into the airliner at the Lhassa airport. But, as everybody who lived here, he forever kept a deep longing of the Land of Snow Mountains.

Lokouten        Chapter 16       







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