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General Epistemology       


Sixth Part: Index/Summary














VI-1 Purpose of this part

How the scientific study of consciousness (in the previous part) allows us to engage in the scientific study of society, ethics, etc.

VI-2 Foundations of ethics

The purpose of life found in chapter V-5 allows to base an ethics which is objective, constant and independent of the culture. The three fondations of ethics. Their metaphysical basis and their spiritual implications.

VI-3 Tools for the understanding of ethics

The simplicity of the foundations of ethics seen in the previous chapter must not hide the complexity of the real situations to which they apply: non-Aristotelian situations, dependency situations, the categories of persons, and the difficulties to guide people. This chapter does not offer any miracle solution, but numerous intellectual tools, some original, others which already demonstrated their huge efficiency.

VI-4 General Ethics

This chapter deduces the main rules themselves of ethics: respect of the persons, fundamental rights, fulfilling the needs, etc. Conventions like property and power are also discussed in a critical way: their massive use today does not make of them self-existing facts impossibles to change.

VI-5 Love and sexuality

This chapter analyses the numerous problems specific to this domain: biological basis of the desire, and its use by consciousness. Origin of the varied desires, and their consequences. The general conclusion is freedom, non-dual with the need to respect the sensitivity of others. This mostly translates into not showing our activities in public, and especially in the refusal of forced conversions.

VI-6 Unions, families and children

Analyse of the various types of unions, in the perspective of the preservation of the happiness of their members, and the fulfilment of the needs of the children who depend of them. Relationship between the union and with society at large. Definition of the true love, and how to maintain it. Children's rights. Impact on children of practices such as surrogate mothers, homosexual adoption, etc.

VI-7 Ecology

Basic reminders on ecology, it scientific and spiritual connexions. How society in general, and especially economy, must be inserted in ecology cycles. Technical, social or spiritual solutions. The human need to live in a natural world, with other forms of life.

VI-8 Economy

The true role of economy: to meet the survival needs and expression needs of everybody. Analysis of the existing systems. The fair solution, True Economy, is based on altruism instead of egocentricity. However it can work only in Non-Action. By lack of it, a control is always needed, for an economy functioning into neurosis and egocentricity.

VI-9 Culture, art and aesthetics

Even Aesthetics lies on some objective basis, which appeared along the Evolution, and which define our humanitity. The exemple of flowers. The relationship with the body and its definition of humanity.

VI-10 Politics

The stories of clans and power taking are only childish games, or smoking. The true purpose of politics is to serve society and the persons, with taking general decisions in this way. Analyse of the existing systems, in order to unravel the good one, based on a non-dual cooperation between the various activities.

VI-11 Why democracy does not work

How the dualistic opinions systematically paralyse the votes, leading to the hackneyed 49-51% opposition between two nearby identical parties. Study of a possible solution to gather positive votes, and a network to work together.

VI-12 Mind control

The mind control methods used by the governments and the medias. And by the others too...

VI-13 The «system»

Although we are not under a dictatorship, people are still submitting to parasitic powers, or anti-freedom anti-life «establishments», that nobody can stop or neutralise. Negative egregores. Secret powers.

VI-14 The ideal society

Psychoeducation allows people to control their society without ever being parasited by an «establishment». Fractal structure of the decision power. Hints at what could look like such a society: non-violence, freedom, social recognition and abondance for everybody, ecology, nature, spirituality, beauty, variety.

VI-15 Can Mankind disappear?

The various causes which may bring the disappearance of Humanity. If a total disappearance is unlikely, the today idioties can still bring large reductions of the population, or a totalitarian stasis blocking our evolution. Clearly the war against evil is not won in advance.

VI-16 The future of mankind

Study of an ideal society in the short run. The various methods to control our evolution: psychoeducation (the less expensive), spiritual evolution, eugenism, Darwinian evolution (the most expensive) Study of the evolution in the long run.







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General Epistemology       







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