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General Epistemology       


Fifth Part: Index/Summary












V-1 Purpose of this part

Some useful definitions for the scientific study of consciousness.

V-2 Relationship between Consciousness and the brain

Dispelling the pseudo-scientific explanations of consciousness. Its true definition as a logical self-generation process, independent on the physical brain, yet strongly determined by it. The appearance of consciousness in Evolution and at birth. Comparison with the «soul» of the religions. The possibility of the influence of consciousness on the brain.

V-3 freewill

Definition of free will as a transfer of information from the consciousness to the brain. If reasoning and emotional sensitivity can bring some freedom, they are not such occasions of escaping the material determinism of the neurones. Such an occasion necessarily violates the laws of physics, appearing as a parapsychology phenomena, diffuse or obvious. Free will, legal liability and spiritual responsibility, in front of the horror of the condition of the psychological consciousness.

V-4 Domains with influence of Consciousness

The 1) RHIC experiment, with violation of the symmetry of particles, and the 2) violation of the laws of physics of the neurons under the action of free will, have a common logical basis: after the theory of the logical self-generation, a logical indeterminism produces the appearance of a new self-generation law. Examination of the functioning of a decision-making neural network, and how free will can produce a «magical moment», a temporary domain acting as if it was one of the learnings of the network.

V-5 The meaning of life, the good and the bad

Free of any physical determinism, consciousness produces itself its own purposes. To objectively find the purpose of life is then very simple, and allows in the step to define objectively and precisely the good and the evil, happiness, freedom, and morals, safe of any quibbling or dogmaticism.

V-6 The Nature and cause of the Transcendence

A simple answer to the essential question of the Transcendence, as a common logical cause to a great number of physical or consciousness phenomena. Its paradoxical nature makes it unprovable, while allowing each of us to decide its existence. Scientific and religious interpretation.

V-7 Supplements

How to understand paradoxes. Consciousness and scientific objectivity. The principle of economy of absurdity. The magical moment and logical self-generation law of consciousness. Entropy and consciousness. God is noble beautiful and magical...

V-8 The states of consciousness

Interpretation of the various states of consciousness after the theory of consciousness being a logical self- generation process interacting with the brain: waking state, sleep, dream, meditation, sleep paralysis (so called «abduction»), OBE, instants of superawareness, memory, coma.

V-9 NDE, afterlife and reincarnation

Same as previous, more a fine analysis of the different steps of the NDE, and what they tell us on the way the consciousness is connected on each part of the brain. Insight on the spiritual worlds and how reincarnation may happen.

V-10 The Evolution of consciousness: from the animal to spiritual enlightenment

The evolution of consciousness, from the animal to the neurological consciousness. The spiritual evolution, as a mean to escape the neurological consciousness. What is really the ego, why it is necessary to destroy it, and what happens when we do it. Scientific analysis of the concepts of high spirituality, and explanation of the parapsychological phenomena which accompany it.

V-11 The traditional Karma

After dispelling the common misconceptions, the traditional notion of karma appears equivalent to the classical science notion of cause and effect.

V-12 The neurotic consciousness

The usual state of a person without spiritual or psychological introspection practice, is the psychological (or neurological) consciousness, which appears under the form of a set of neurosis. How the neurosis manipulates us, the opinions, the neurosis of the «social order», the psychological bias, the positive neurosis, and especially how we get out of this mess: psychoeducation, which leads to the psychoeducated society.

V-13 Psychotic consciousness and sociopaths

A detailed analysis of the manipulation methods of the sociopaths, and their role in politics: ponerology. We have more chances to heal children sociopaths, if we start by stopping the ostrich policy about them.

V-14 the functioning of the brain

after some basic reminders, the self-adjustment process of the brain, then the self-building process of the brain by self-building mechanisms. How the variations and failures of these mechanisms can lead to the variety of abilities, tastes, orientations, see of mental troubles, without a simple relation with the genes.

V-15 Education

At the light of the previous chapter, education as a way to develop free and happy persons. The maturation of the brain, the basis of sensual and emotional education, psychoeducation, and the acquisition of knowledge. The education systems.

V-16 Instinct, intuition, phobia, phantasms, etc.

After dispelling the common misconceptions, what really are these things, and what we can expect of them. Especially, instinct is not a god, it must on the contrary submit to morals.

V-17 Prana, chakras, vibrations, energies, dimensions, spirits of nature, tree huggers and everything that the Muggles hate

Critical examination of various concepts, activities or phenomena, in the light of these theories on consciousness.

V-18 The consciousness of robots

Can consciousness appear in an artificial brain? How we shall treat these consciousnesses, in a world where the official religion denies consciousness? The criterion for the free will in robots. Discussion on the projects to escape death with reincarnating in robots: it is not enough to make a copy of the brain...

V-19 The cyrlikars©

This chapter was added after the others, as a global conclusion:
1) a summary of the whole theory
2) a clear proposal for a reproducible experiment validating the whole theory.
A cyrlikar is the functionnal association of a neural network, with the experiences of consciousness which arise when this neural network is activated.
The proposed experiment is to build an artificial cyrlikar, based on an electronic neural network, and test possible reverse functioning like free-will, in such a way that anybody can do the test himself.

V-20 The planetary Logos

Numerous spiritual traditions mention a group consciousness, linked to Earth. After reporting these traditions, we look at the nature, origin and role of such an entity. Then we examine how we can contribute to it, for the progress of mankind.









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