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General Epistemology       


Fourth Part: Index/Summary










IV-1 Purpose of this part.

A good metaphysical system should allow to deduce the laws of physics. Why this part was rewritten, and of which physics we are speaking about.

IV-2 Quantum physics.

This presentation of quantum physics, the one taught in the faculties, does not pretend to be exhaustive, but rather at presenting in what quantum physics is different of our usual conception of material physics. Interferences between electrons, tunnel effect, Aspect experiment... are all much simpler to explain as logical self-generation process, rather than some which tricks on an absolute matter. And without mystery or paradox.

IV-3 The nature of time.

Time, elusive and mysterious for materialism, can be explained very easily and straightforwardly as the running of the logical self-generation process, perceived as the time passing by. Relativity and time, arrow of time and entropy, temporal loops, time and History of the universe.

IV-4 The nature of space

Similarily, space does not appears as existing by itself, but as the structure (in the meaning of the Sets Theory) of the sets of the nibs. Thus, what the physicists call the properties of space are in facts only constants of the logical self-generation process. Thus space appears as an emerging property, like the notions of pressure in statistical thermodynamics. A simulation to prove it.

IV-5 The relativistic space-time

This chapter reasons step by step: Relativistic effects as a perspective perception of the abstract Minkowski space. Placement of nibs in space, first, in a classical interpretation, then after the logical self-generation process. How the nibs generate space. Interpretation in Special Relativity, then in General relativity (gravitationnal field).

IV-6 Anthropic principle, logical feedback and creation

Weak (random) anthropic principle, strong (creationist) anthropic principle. Another interpretation, the logical feedback, can strongly influence the evolution of life, giving the appearance of a creation. But it may too be a major cause for some laws of physics.

IV-7 Causes of the laws of physics

Laws of conservation. Gravitation. Heisenberg uncertainties and fuzzy space at small scale. Properties of vacuum. Some laws of physics result from logical contrains, others were created during casual events (during the Big Bang).

IV-8 Theory of fields.

If photons are only energy exchanges between two nibs, then there is no need to suppose «something» which moves along their trajectory. If so, then the fields too can be interpreted as the influence of a great number of nibs, instead of being mysterious entities existing by themselves. Physicists however proceed in the reverse way: photons are just perturbations of the field. These two points of vies are non dual. This discussion leads to a general demonstration of all the universes being quantum, including consciousness universes, from the mathematical impossibility to solve the general case of differential equations with continuous functions.

IV-9 Can we create laws of physics?

The theory of the logical self-generation predicts that new laws of physics can appear when the existant laws lead to a logical indetermination (Version 1 of this book). This was actually observed in the RHIC experiment at Brookhaven (Experimental confirmation). So, the appearance of laws of physics does not come from mysterious causes, but only from the prevailing physical conditions when it happens. Example of the appearance of the three generations of particles. We can go further: the brain can provoke such an indetermination at the level of neurons. Example of the free will, which must necessarily violate the laws of physics.

IV-10 Cosmology

Some « classical» reflections on various topics such as the expansion of the universe, dark matter (Independent rediscovery), comets, the formation of galaxies, etc.

IV-11 The Wheeler experiment, or delayed choice experiment

(Experimental confirmation) This experiment well proves that the quantum states are non-local, which allows them to interract apparently faster than light. Designed in 1971, done in 2015, I described it with the correct result in 2000, from the logical self-generation theory.











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General Epistemology       







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