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General Epistemology       


First part: Index and summary





I-1 What is logic?

Basic reminder: With logic, the consciousness states affirmations over objects, then do reasoning to deduct other statements about other objects.

I-2 The Sets Theory

The axioms of the Sets Theory, far from being absolute, results from a clear choice, which already induce the results we expect to be demonstrated from the Sets Theory. So Aristotelian logic is only for objects clearly separated from each other, and also which properties can always be stated perfectly true or perfectly false.

I-3 Aristotelian logic... And others

Objects with different properties lead to other logics: graduated, fuzzy, non-dual, Yin-Yang dialectic...

I-4 Quadripolar logic©

This is a non-Aristotelian logic I discovered, which is very powerful. In a Yin-Yang dialectic, we introduce a notion of progressive harmonisation between the two terms, thus making two axes, one Yin-Yang horizontal, and one good/bad vertical. In numerous very concrete social, psychological... problems, (commented examples) this approach is able to remove many confusions, source of conflicts and suffering.

I-5 Reasoning mistakes in quadripolar logic

Axis confusion© , undiscernment among reciprocal situations© or homonymous situations©, diagram construction mistakes and other errors lead to a variety of subtle problems in society, politics, ethics, spirituality... Understanding of quadripolar logic can quickly alleviate many sufferings.

I-6 Practical conclusions about quadripolar logic

Quadripolar logic, despite of being a different presentation, deserves the full statute of a whole logic, as well as Aristotelian logic, and its daily uses may be as important and numerous.

I-7 Valid domain of a logic

What does determine which logic is to be used? Each of them matches with different sets of properties of objects in reality, on which we can check if it is efficient or not, valid or not. In History, various cultures and tradition in the world developed various logics, but each of these gifts belongs to the whole mankind.

I-8 Is quadripolar logic rational?

All the logics are equally rational and objective when correctly applied onto the matching objects for which they are valid. Beliefs, distortions and psychological limitations are not means to seek for reality neither for truth, they are not «logics». However the notions of rationality or objectivity are disputed, so that we need to discuss their exact meaning. The psychological bias©. As a similar problem also occurs in the discussion on epistemology, the main part of this discussion is in the second part.

I-9 Conceptual buildings and reality

A transcendent reality cannot be completely described with an unique conceptual system. Several systems, with different axioms or logics, are indispensable to give an approximate but comprehensive enough understanding of such a reality. Example: The notion of God, psychology, Buddhist studies.

I-10 Logical indeterminism

All the logics exhibit cases where we cannot state what will happen: paradoxes, actualisation indeterminism©

I-11 Abuses of language

Why such expressions as «It is logical» «war logic» «logic of the heart» are inaccurate or abusive.

















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General Epistemology       







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