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General Epistemology        Chapter VII-3       


VII-3 UFO and CE4
in the theory of the logical self-generation.



(Permalink) In the previous parts, I used vague terms such as «psychical» or «spiritual», to evoke the necessary role of consciousness in these phenomena. Religions always described such interferences of the spirit in the physical, but without ever explaining how they happen. Classical science, after excluding the consciousness of its investigations, made itself unable of explaining these interactions: the classical scientist can just accuse the witness of being mad, or worse «irrational» (the scientistist equivalent of «heretic»). At last, scientific ufology and parapsychology (2014) consider the spiritual, but it cannot theorize on it: in the monstrous vacuum left by classical science, there is no way to apprehend the consciousness, and even not to say what it is.

However, we saw in the previous parts that my theory of the logical self-generation of consciousness explains very well the ordinary consciousness, and even free will and spirituality, without assuming anything mysterious or hidden. It provides a simple and robust theoretical framework to explain the «unexplained» phenomena and their modalities of appearance, thus meeting the request of the parapsychologists for such a theoretical framework.

What can it say about the CE4? What becomes my theory in these most extreme situations? Time is now to test it in its ultimate consequences

(This chapter assumes the hypothesis of John E. Mack, of an interference of a spiritual world into the physical world)



The CE4 are a situation where no other theory than the logical self-generation can play and make accurate predictions, without massively using ad-hoc hypothesis. Okay, anyway, in a situation which so radically questions everything we know, it is difficult not to make a few hypothesis. But my hypotheses is the less assumption-greedy, and they are specifically identified. I see mainly two, that we shall see some lines further.

What would be interesting as a research is to try to check precisely the said hypothesis. It is a way to validate the theory, and have some grasp on the phenomenon, instead of just accumulating incomprehensible stories.


We saw in chapter III-8 that the theory of the logical self-generation allows several categories of universe to exist, depending on the type of objects which appear at each iteration of the self-generation process. We even found three:

-The mathematical «universes» (conceptual systems, series, computer programs...) of which we do not speak here.

-Physical universe like ours, containing particles which interact in a space-time. These particles make no sense for consciousness, but their organization can be perceived by consciousness, since our sensory organs transform the physical information (vibrations, photons...) into scenes and sensations which can be apprehended by the consciousness (sounds, images...).

-Psychical universes, which directly contain elements of the experience of consciousness: images, sounds, emotions, etc. in a fuzzy logic space resembling our physical world. A familiar example is the dream (although it is not a universe, we feel it the same way as we would feel a psychical universe). To be noted that an individual consciousness also matches this definition, although it is not properly speaking an «universe».


This is for the theory. But do true psychical universes really exist? We have at least one case of observation, the visions of the NDE beyond the light (chapter V-9), when the experiencer perceives paradise worlds and other crystal cities. These visions appear like a dream (with an heightened feeling of reality, compared to the physical world). However they are not dreams produced by the brain, which is stopped at this time.

The visions of the NDE are therefore a fairly good proof of the existence of psychical worlds, even if they do not yet allow us to conclude to the existence of objective psychical worlds, where several persons could meet, communicate and share a common experience (in contrast to a dream where we are alone, perceiving only the appearance of other people). The only indication we have of the existence of such objective worlds is the Bardo Thodol, which science value is that of a testimony going further in the world of the NDE.



This was the reminders. But about UFOs and especially CE4, the strong idea that I present here is that psychical universes could occasionally interact with the physical world. It would then appear a space domain in the physical world (formerly called texture, in version 1) where the self-generation laws would be different from the surrounding physical world. This situation would then explain in a simple and logical manner all the absurdities of the UFO observations, including especially of the CE4:

-That the laws of physics can there be violated, including time. We studied in chapter IV-3 the nature of time, and why the time in two different universes flows differently. There is then no problem if it flows differently in the domain, thus explaining simply the strangest of all UFO enigma.

-That each RR4 is apparently unique, in its way to change the world. In fact, each domain starts with a founding event (similar to the Big Bang or symmetry breaking which followed it). On this occasion, specific self-generation laws will be created, and they will then perpetuate all along the lifetime of the domain. Each case will therefore be an arbitrary mixture of the laws of physics and of the laws of self-generation of consciousness, explaining all the «magical» phenomena which take place there. These phenomena are really magical, this meaning actions of consciousness over material objects, and not a manifestation of some unknown technology.

-That the phenomenon is necessarily temporary (Méheust's elusivity): when the domain stops existing, all the objects it contained become physical objects again, possibly modified, but without unexplainable properties. In clear, no evidence remains.

-More generally the modalities of the appearance of the phenomenon, related to the witness thinking, as in following Méheust laws 1, 3 and 4.

-The interactions between the thought of the witnesses and the phenomenon, or between collective myths and the phenomenon, or the uncanny resemblance of CE4 scenarios with the scenarios of sleep paralysis. This similarity suggests that the consciousness of the witness would create the scenario of the encounter, as it would encounter into the domain similar conditions to the ones in a sleep paralysis.

-The two phases often observed in the RR4: first a «terrifying» phase dominated by the Machiavellian «greys», and a second phase which appears more human, or even angelic. I also sometimes observed these two phases in sleep paralysis, and we find the same structure in the NDE (first commonplace visions of our surrounding, and then the wonderful «light»). The first phase would be dominated by the expression of common archetypes genetically coded in the brain (chapter V-16) (that Méheust identifies with Jungian archetypes), while the second would be the result of the spiritual consciousness taking power, according to the entropy-free process we saw in chapter V-7. Thus the «greys» would be none other than monkeys, of which we would still have gene-encoded representations in our brain, while human or angelic characters would be the expression of our spiritual consciousness.

-We even come to explain some recurring details of the scenario, when the «entities» refuse to give evidence (or they withdraw them) or when, after a sympathetic moment with the witness, they throw him with disdain out of the «ship». These elements of the scenario are similar to some elements of dreams or NDE, symbolically expressing the impossibility to bring such evidence, or that the domain is about to end. (Similarly the NDE experiencer is warned that he has to return)

-Some often wondered what would be the actual motivations of the «greys». The answer is simple: as they do not exist as individual consciousness, they simply have no motivation, and their enigmatic behaviour would only be an incoherent series of symbols created by the own neural archetypes of the experiencer. Just as with the characters of dreams or of sleep paralysis.


This is the reason why I like this theory: it explains the outline and the details as well, without assuming anything odd or any additional element.



However, the first unclear point is what causes the interaction, what starts the domain. Indeed, such a domain cannot normally appear: it must violate several rules of chapter III-3: two different logical self-generation systems normally cannot exchange information.

So that to happen anyway, there must be a specific cause which starts the exchange of information. Such a cause then starts the domain, where the two systems interact. In fact, we have already saw in chapter IV-9 on freewill how such a space domain with spiritual influence can start. There is therefore no difference of principle with the CE4, but still a huge difference of scale: freewill just favours states of equal energy in a group of neurons, without violating the principles of thermodynamics, while a CE4 cheerfully violates all the known laws of physics, with effects billions of times greater than free will.

We can make several hypothesis on such a cause, without the known facts allow us to decide between them:

-The very consciousness of the witness. This is supported by reports where the witness becomes first aware of an unusual sensation (presence, fear, vibration...) before observing the phenomenon. However it is not clear why this would lead to such consequences in rare cases, and none in the other billions cases.

-A «collective spirit» of mankind. This was often proposed to explain the occurrence of mythological themes in the reports. However, as in the previous case, it is not clear how this would lead to strictly localized phenomena.

-To reply to the previous objection, we can hypothesize that spiritual energies may discharge occasionally, just like lightning, on any random guy who would simply be on the path. Energy of billions of people concentrated on one, it necessarily has extraordinary effects.

-Spiritual entities: extraterrestrials, angels, or even simple «tourists» of the spirit. This type of hypothesis is necessarily vague, but it has the advantage of making the interaction possible by some spiritual method unknown to us (and it also brings the extraterrestrials back on stage).

-Kind of a mini-«wandering universe», more or less alive, which would sometimes appear here, and sometimes there. This would explain the waves, and also places like Hessdalen, the «spooklights», the «ghost rockets» from Sweden, etc.


The second unclear point is how objects can be manipulated without losing their atomic structure. Or, more generally, how a self-generation law can manipulate in the same time physical objects, made of atoms, and psychical objects, made of images, forms, etc. Few people though to ask this question, which however is crucial for the understanding of the phenomenon (and others similar, such as transubstantiation at the time of death). Indeed, in the physical world, any object is made of atoms, whereas in the spiritual world, objects are formed of ideas (a «table» is the idea of a table, or an image of table, and not a cluster of atoms in the shape of table, this explaining very well the fourth Méheust law that we see further). I do not have precise answer on this, apart of invoking the idea of a table made up of atoms.

There are however some cases in pure physics, where objects seem to lose their atomic structure, to find it back later: in a Bose Einstein condensate (note 67), the atoms lose their individuality, to behave like a single giant atom. However, if we heat up the condensate, the individual atoms reappear, they were not destroyed. The information was not lost. If it was, the condensate would be forced to remain in this state, of a block of matter not formed of atoms, unable to return to the normal atomic state. This was never observed.

A possible explanation is that there could be several ways to act on the physical reality, several «logical handles» which could act simultaneously on the world, or in no-dual ways. We see this even with laws of physics: we can use a simple concept of a «magnetic field» sustaining a Maglev, while there are in facts billions of electromagnetic photons. So that our physical world would already have naturally the property of being able to manipulate objects at a whole, regardless if they are formed of atoms or not. A psychical action would just use this property. After all, the basic metaphysical assumption of the logical self-generation theory (chapter III-2) is that there is no hierarchy between physical and psychical objects, this allowing naturally the same cause to act on both.

In the case of a RR4, we can invoke a similar process: the body of the experiencer behaves as in the spiritual world, like the idea of a human body. However when the phenomenon stops, its atoms reappear, and the body becomes a physical body again, identical to what it was before, but in a different position. At most, it can show small changes, such as burns. These burns, often observed in CE3 and CE4, would not be thermal burns, but they would result of a slightly imperfect return to the atomic state, producing disorders at the molecular level. The effect is very similar to a burn, although we should not observe the specific chemical changes caused by high temperature (a testable point, on the witnesses). The spiritual eutropy (chapter V-7) may also explain the healing, while bringing the order of the spiritual world to the physical world. But what reappears then is a healed body, as if it had always been like that, with nothing material showing how it healed.

At a pinch, if the body was totally transformed into a pure idea, then it would be unable to reappear in the physical world when the domain disappears, since the information on its atomic structure would be lost. Such a thing would be what is attested in some religious stories, particularly in Tibet, where a meditator takes the appearance of a ball of light, before totally disappearing from this world, without leaving a corpse. Other stories tell of transubstantiation: the body of a saint is directly transformed into a spiritual body, disappearing of our world when he can no longer maintain the domain which caused this phenomenon. After this hypothesis, this is what happened to Jesus, between the Resurrection and the Ascension.

Who starts the phenomenon?

(Permalink) To say that a phenomenon is psychical is the same thing than saying that its cause is in a logical self-generation process of consciousness. The content will then be generated by this consciousness, or by others who will be involved in the domain.

An ordinary human is by far unable to provoke events of such a magnitude. The very existence of the phenomenon suggests other consciousness with much higher spiritual abilities, who may be then what we call angels.

We saw also in chapter V-17 the possibility of spirits of places, which would then explain case recurring in the same place.

Problems for extraterrestrials to control the phenomenon.

(Permalink) In the above hypothesis as what spiritual or extraterrestrial entities would enjoy some unknown way to manifest in UFO form, the fact is that they do not do this in an organized way (save the wave patterns). This could be caused by two types of difficulties:

-The difficulty of producing the interaction. For example if they need an «energy discharge», or if the phenomenon depends on a «wandering universe». Even when this interaction starts, it cannot sustain itself.

-The difficulty for evolved beings to interact with current humans (we shall see this with more detail in chapter VIII-8), not to mention officially contacting our irrational governments. This makes that many writers think that their behaviour would rather be of tourists visiting the wild folks in an unorganized way, or even with irony, without any other directive than not establishing any real contact.

There are very curiously examples of this kind of situation, about the last peoples not having any contact with modern civilization: Amazon, Papuans, Sentinel island. Indeed, in this situation, the UFOs, it is us! On photos taken from aircraft, these people really have the astounded look of witnesses seeing an UFO! The consensus which is however gradually emerging is to let these people in peace, and avoid any interaction with them (especially the Sentinels, who use to kill all visitors). And especially do not attempt to «convert» them to our way of life, even if they miss a lot of interesting things. That estraterrestrials have the same attitude toward us is way enough to explain their absence on our planet: would we be the primitives of the Galaxy?

This last point is most often invoked as the most probable solution to the Fermi paradox, as we shall see in chapter VIII-9.

We shall also see in chapter VIII-8 the case where extraterrestrials would try to influence or lead our world.

Effects of the CE4

(Permalink) It may however not be possible to violate the laws of physics in any random way. We saw in chapter IV-9 that we cannot create any law of physics, some basis remain always true, such as the laws of conservation, energy or entropy.


However we also saw (in chapter V-7) that entropy plays differently in the psychical worlds: organizer instead of destroyer. This explains that even physically violent or emotionally horrible CE4 can produce physical healing or spiritual progress. The reports often mention these two opposing aspects, the second happening quickly after the first.


A psychical cause will produce phenomena that are of this kind: the elements of the scene, instead of material objects, will be directly ideas. For example, a table, rather than being an assembly of particles assembled in a shape, will be directly a table concept, appearing with an image of table in the consciousness of the observer. But in this case, when the domain disappears, this table disappears, stops existing.

Thus the hypothesis of the psychical domain directly predicts the fourth law of Méheust, as follows:

The laws of Méheust

(Permalink) In 1978 was published a little book which should have changed the face of ufology: «Science fiction and flying saucers» («Science-fiction et soucoupes volantes») by Bertrand Méheust. The thesis of this book is that the UFO encounter scenarios, especially CE3 and CE4, are essentially dreamlike scenarios. Therefore these scenarios find their origin in the mind of the witness, or of mankind.

An important point of this book is that this type of phenomenon always occurs while obeying four laws:

1) Ostentation: the phenomenon behaves essentially as a mise en scène for a witness, as would do an intelligence intending to show, to publish. Sometimes secondary witnesses confirm the event, but do not take part in it.

2) Elusivity: the phenomenon behaves as if having the intent to escape the confrontation which would allow it to influence the society at a whole. It has an infallible capacity to do so. Example: a «crashed spaceship» remains throughout the night in front of the witness, but the «repair» succeeds just before the police shows up. Generally, the witnesses never have evidence (other than psychological effects). If there are, they disappear. Close witnesses do not think to take a picture, etc. Never is crossed the line beyond which the whole society is irreversibly faced with an irrefutable evidence of the existence of the phenomenon. (although it was close, like in the Washington events in 1952)

3) adaptation to the context: the phenomenon, as in a staging, is adapted to the context: large UFO in nature, small UFO in a room (without ever getting stuck in a window), silvery or black at day, luminous at night, replying by radio and on the correct frequency to a radar...

4) the phenomenon is bearer of meaning (be careful here that the word «meaning» is not about the «messages» of the «contactees» or the philosophical implications of the existence of extraterrestrials). Instead of a physical phenomenon (natural or artificial) which produces physical effects (light, heat, sound, shock...), the phenomenon directly produces images, scenes or sounds which have a meaning for the witness. The difference is a little difficult to grasp, but it is fundamental: the effect of the phenomenon on the witness or an object happens as an organized whole, complete without burrs, perfectly consistent with the purpose, instead of a physical action which would necessarily have defects or unwanted side effects. For example a healing occurs without any trace of intervention, only the desired organ is re-established in its normal state. This behaviour tends to show that the phenomenon has a psychical nature, acting in a psychophysical way, manipulating the objects of the physical world as if they were elements of a dream, instead of sets of atoms subjected to the laws of physics.


Méheust laws are clearly not laws of physics: all four show to varying degrees that the phenomenon has an intent, or at least some sort of determinism in the field of consciousness. Whether it is the conscience of the witness, or another consciousness which would cause it deliberately.

When Méheust wrote his book in 1978, he explicitly recognized the physical existence of UFOs. However it appears that a range of phenomena can produce these laws, including hallucinations or false interpretations of common phenomena (since, by definition, an hallucination is generated in the mind of the person who is experiencing it!). For this reason, I do not see the Méheust laws as a «proof» of the reality of UFOs. However they are proofs of the existence of a determinism of consciousness in a phenomenon whatever it is.

Physical or psychological perception?

(Permalink) Is the experiencer perceiving the scene with his eyes of flesh, or directly with his consciousness?

The question is important, and it is not decided, even in the mild case of sleep paralysis. Indeed, in this case, we often perceives our room... while our eyes are closed. Anyway, sleep paralysis being dreamlike, it is normal that third-party witnesses do not notice anything (a point which seemed highly strange if we interpreted sleep paralysis as being «extraterrestrial abductions»). The experience takes place in the only consciousness of the witness, with however strong influences of the physical world, in the form of extrasensory perceptions. I often got the evidence, when I woke up: the entity who lived in the dream turned out to be a commonplace object of my surrounding (fold of the cloth, light spot...). However these objects being ephemeral, I could not know their existence before the experience. In addition, we sleep with eyes shut... So it is clearly a case of extrasensory perception.

The case of the CE4 is similar, with however physical effects visible by secondary witnesses or measuring instruments. Secondary witnesses also see the UFO (or alternatively the main «private» case comes as the climax of a «public» local wave). They can sometimes see the experiencer enter in it, or disappear on the spot (case Valdez), and then reappear when the experience ends, without clearly identifiable traces of his adventure. Thus the CE4 (and all UFOs) are clearly in the physical world, in contrast to the sleep paralysis.

These differences between the two types of phenomena point to a fundamental difference of nature (contrarily to what I stated in the version 1 on this book, after the «investigations» of Bud Hopkins). However the similarities of scenarios, in addition to the laws of Méheust, clearly show that CE3 and CE4 scenarios are generated by a consciousness, and even that this consciousness in a CE4 is in a state similar to the sleep paralysis.

Conduct when meeting the phenomenon.

(Permalink) This hypothesis that I propose offers many occasions for experiences or checking, during any CE3 or CE4.

However the extreme rarity of these phenomena needs that everyone should be prepared for the useful attitude when we experience it.

The only effective way to spread this information would be through the media. This would offer them the opportunity to do what we expect of them: to inform. Instead of fooling around as they do so often.

But right on the contrary of helping, media and public authorities are making things difficult. It is even not exaggerated to speak of repression: John E Mack himself was subjected to an «inquiry» by a self-appointed secret «committee», who stated, in short, that «meeting extraterrestrials» was a psychotic symptom! Happily Mack was supported in this ordeal by the Harvard University and Laurance Rockefeller sponsorship. But it appears clearly that to scientifically study these things entails the risk of being considered heretic. Experiencers can also be stalked, and lose mates, job, family, or be targeted by «anti-cults» cults. However no study found any link between report of «abduction» experience and psychological disease or psychiatric disease, right on the contrary these things are more likely to happen to positive and healthy persons. What happened in reality is that, in this time, the idea that «alien abductions» were sleep paralysis did not appeared yet, while the mainstream media and publishers were heavily supporting the delirium of Strieber and Bud Hopkins, so that people just believed the media propaganda!! And I myself included these things in the version 1 of this book, on the basis of an article in a well known French science review «Science et Avenir»...

Indeed, when the media's propaganda and book seller's opinions prevail on scientists, ponerological situations are bound to happen...

This increasing confusion makes very difficult for witnesses to report their experience: how to speak without being targeted by hazing and exclusion? Who will record their testimony and make an useful use of it? Not only a lot of useful data is lost, but in more we are even coming to a point where it is very difficult to only estimate the number of CE3 or CE4 which are actually occurring. Fewer cases are reported. But this does not mean that there are less: I met several people who had interesting UFO sightings, but who refused to speak about it, especially to the gendarmerie (in France, a military body performing police duties, who was entrusted into identifying and investigating UFO cases).


Until the day someone will find a way to stabilize the domain. And that day, believe me, it will be really the end, of the balderdashes of the media and of the grey politicians.


In the meantime, if you face the phenomenon, I would give the following recommendations:

-Enter in meditation

-Meditate that the «entity» is your Yidam, or God, etc. (careful that he is actually not, so please don't take all what he suggest as face value!)

-Otherwise, meditate on the mental emptiness, Zen, Mahamudra, etc.

-Enter in a state of non-duality, specifically non-action.

-If the experience shows ugly or evil aspects, visualise the reverse, beautiful or beneficial. Do this in non-action, otherwise it will strengthen the bad.

-Cultivate the idea that the phenomenon is something normal, familiar, and even positive and friendly.







General Epistemology        Chapter VII-3       







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