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General Epistemology        Chapter VII-1       


Sixth part

Unexplained phenomena


Chapter VII-1 context and deontology



(Permalink) Some unexplained phenomena are just curious, but others require to be explained some hypothesis which may drastically change our lives. Hence the fundamental interest of studying them, instead of stupidly hiding or denigrating them.

However it must be understood that «to disparage» is not only about a possible censorship by governments, but also about the boosting disinformation by the conspirationists and other balderdash spreaders. The second method proving much more effective that the first, the media now promote the conspiracy theories to denigrate science.


This part has been considerably reduced, compared to the version 1 of this book, because of removing the long comments on abduction, and the displacement of several other topics to part V on consciousness. These movements are explained by the fact that several «unexplained phenomena» are better understood today, and even in some cases scientifically accepted (NDE). However no significant progress was made on UFOs and CE4, which makes that I still present my psychophysical hypothesis, just in a more synthetic way.


Several things have changed in the world since the year 2000 when I wrote the version 1. At that time, the conspiracy theories, fiction archaeology and other nonsense existed only in specific groups, without great influence on the whole society. Today, they receive considerable publicity by the media, and they contaminate the public at large, to the point of sometimes becoming new «social standards». For instance the denial of the flights on the Moon took such a momentum that even the NASA had to defend itself. More generally, the denigration of science (climate deniers, religious fundamentalists) took a such a magnitude that it became a threat on democracy and civilization: democratically voted laws prohibiting the teaching of important scientific theories, or preventing ecological actions vital for our society.


There are many reasons for this attitude of the media. The first of course is to also capture a share of the money: fanciful but spectacular claims make more sales than investigations and facts. A much easier change since «bloggers» and other «crowd sourcing» who more and more replace journalists are not expected the conduct of the latter: accuracy of the reported facts, investigations and checks, objectivity and neutrality, absence of selection of facts. In addition, they are much less expensive to pay, and they are disposable when they do not think as they are asked to.

But conspiracy theories emerge as a censorship method well known by the worldwide propaganda services, called boosting disinformation: spreading false information brings confusion with the real information, and so it drags the truth in its discredit. It can still work when classical censorship, known as reductive disinformation, does no more work (the famous «debunking» of the 1950s, anyway impossible now with the Internet). Thus, the word «ufologist», which in the 1970s meant a person scientifically studying UFOs, became in the early 2000s a Newspeak word to designate a misfit who believes Yahoo or Le Point (French right wing review) when they tell that they saw a lizard on Mars (May 31 or June 1, 2013, the original lie coming from, a disinformation site of which, oh as by chance, we cannot find the owner on the Whois)

But the support of the media to conspiracy theories also serves a much more Machiavellian purpose: discrediting anyone who would denounce a real conspiracy. And we saw with the climate deniers, their «thinktanks» and their «institutes», that real conspiracies exist, and we can easily find other gangs of influential people who meet discreetly for underhand control of the politics and economy of the world without being hampered by democracy (which is the exact definition of a conspiracy). And that nobody pretends not to know: they each have their wikipedia page.


The first goal for bringing discredit on mysterious phenomena, is that people pay no attention to them. Several proven phenomena actually give serious indication on life after life (parapsychology, NDE), or even suggest possible external influences on our world (of course UFOs, but also some possible paleo-artifacts that we shall see in chapter VII-5). Such things are likely to have huge implications on our lives. Censoring them discourages people from caring for their minds, or to look at larger stakes larger than the grey world of the politicians.



However there are also some very gratifying news. The main one is Internet, and its fantastic boosting on knowledge-sharing, that I was still far from imagining in 2000.

Internet is a two-edged tool, since it raises either lies or important information. But for who knows to use it, it is easy to sort. For example Youtube, the most formidable snake oil spurter in this whole galactic sector, with its tight saucers squads soaring from the planet Photoshop, still allowed me to find some gems of great value, such as the Patomski crater (the best paleo-artifact candidate to my knowledge) or the curious case of the Dyatlov Pass (see chapter VII-5 for these enigma and the following ones). Other Internet sources like wikipedia allowed me to discover or to find back lights or unexplained noises seen and heard in different parts of the world (Moodus, ocean sounds from the NOAA, lights associated with earthquakes, Hessdalen, the strange and fascinating incident of Bell Island, etc.)

Wikipedia, despite its very oriented neutrality and its anonymous «editors» who get up at night to erase our corrections, appears today (2013) (2021: this is no longer true, but the archives may have kept records) as the most extensive source of UFO information directly available to the general public, or other unexplained phenomena, quite effectively filtered from idiocies (but not of pseudo-rational pseudo-explanations). Moreover, the disclosure of many government archives brings plenty of material for people who would resume the scientific study of this area (how should we call them not to be confused with the morons? Ufonomists?). Unfortunately these archives do not reveal really new things since the 1950s, save of course the confirmation of many cases, or the emergence of others. Especially, contrarily to some speculations, the governments were generally less informed than the citizen associations. Their only concern was in facts not having to deal with these oddities, reassuring themselves with the first pseudo-rational explanation showing up.


The bulk of this part will be on UFOs, the mysterious phenomenon which saw by far the most events and publications. But I shall list others, deep riddles or small local mysteries.


In the version 1, I studied here phenomena such as parapsychology, NDE, etc. However these things were moved to part V on consciousness, thanks to a better understanding and theoretical frame on how they can happen. For me these things are no longer mysteries.


I shall also mention fake mysteries or solved mysteries, because dishonest authors keep getting them out: no need to waste your time investigating the same facts for the hundredth time. A regular evacuation of wastes is part of the hygiene of the good scientist.

In the same spirit, I also expose manipulations, even if I keep repeating myself. No mercy or apology for the ones who interpose themselves between us and reality.







General Epistemology        Chapter VII-1       







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