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General Epistemology        Chapter VI-12       


VI-12 Mind control methods
& dictionary of newspeak



Section I: Mind control methods proper


Demystification: who manipulates

(Permalink) First of all, the purpose of this chapter is to denounce mind control as an attack on the integrity and freedom of persons, as serious as physical mutilations. But to do so, it is important to know about these methods.

Generally speaking, when we talk about mind control, everyone sees the straw in the eye of others, and not the beam in his own. Thus, some people are afraid of «cults» and other «strange» or exotic groups. But from this, they take refuge in an even more bizarre or dangerous repressive «established order». Others, on the contrary, think that «society» or «the government» manipulates them, and veer into conspiracy theories despite they are very visible manipulations.

In fact, experience shows that manipulators can be found in all walks of life, including among people who are considered «serious» or «nice». We even find cases where we do not expect them, such as in ecology (organic wine, «incombustible» hemp, etc.) or in spirituality (sects, false channelling, false contact, false tulkus, etc. I have a collection of them).


Of course, most people who denounce mind control are careful not to explain how you are manipulated. The reason is quite simple: if they explained it, then we would realize that they also manipulate us. For example, in a «documentary on cults», a «journalist» from the French tabloid Charlie Hebdo indicated «vegetarianism» and «meditation» as «mind control»! At such a level of ignorance, sure that these people are very easily manipulated.


In reality, a successful mind control uses the very functioning of our brain to trigger a feeling, a neurosis of opinion, or a belief, without us realizing that it is the manipulator who caused the change. The manipulated person then thinks that these elements of consciousness are the result of his own will, of his own feeling. To such an extent that sometimes he does even not remember the words of the manipulator!

This is what makes mind control particularly immoral, much more so than classical methods of coercion: an intrusion into the very heart of our thinking, our feelings, even into the very structure of our personality. Buddhism places manipulations among the most criminal acts, whose perpetrators go to the icy hells, where, far worse than the pain of flesh bursting under the frost, they feel the dreadful sadness of all the lives they have shattered.


Mind control methods are neither complex nor requiring exquisite knowledge. They are simple and well known. Every sociopath, every egomaniac or dishonest person finds them instinctively, simply from looking at us in this mindset. This is why it is of little use to look for «who» is manipulating, nor to blame this or that government, political current, institution, religious group, sect, etc. The only really useful thing is that everybody learns to protect himself from manipulators, and for that, they know their methods. Ideally they should be learned in school. This is what we are going to do in this section, while classifying these methods into similar categories. (Those categories are a bit arbitrary, because they largely overlap)

To show examples, I try to sprinkle a little bit on everyone. But sorry, I have been much more around in the ecology and spiritual circles, so I have picked up much more there. It must be said that false notes are easier to spot in a symphony than in rap, hi hi hi hi hi!

Notice to whose who do not read me: well, I know it is useless in this case, but I shall write anyway that you increase the risk of being manipulated by dishonest people who will have read this chapter. I decline any responsibility in this case. If you deliberately cultivate ignorance, then what happens to you is your own fault.

Lie and its variants

(Permalink) Lie remains the most classical and common mind control method. The whole art of lying is in the fabrication and presentation of a lie in such a way that it is accepted by the victim. In a general way, nobody accepts a blatant or gratuitous lie. The liar must then dress his lie with a «vector», bait or lure, which then carries the «payload» beyond the victim's defences, to wreak havoc in his heart or mind. There are many ways of doing so:

- Use an authority (real or fake): television, fake facebook videos, dominant male, costume, blouse, real authority, etc. Thus television lies about 20% of the time (as anyone can immediately check by comparing its statements with reality). It only reaches the marginals who still trust it, but there are still enough of them to distort the elections.

- Using a psychological weakness of the victim. For example, a jealous spouse will bite mindlessly on any accusation of deception, because this flatters his perverse taste. It is then easy to wreak havoc on his family.

- A situation of suffering. Victims of criminal activities (wars, pollution, gangsters...) will accept any accusation against their aggressors, even absurd ones. For example, during the battle of Okinawa, the sadists had fun telling the population that they would be tortured, to incite them to commit suicide, or to hide in tunnels with their beloved sociopaths. More recently, feelings of anger and frustration caused by terrorist attacks allowed the spread of racist lies, despite they are so out of fashion.

- In an unexplained situation (unexplained death or disappearance, unknown or unusual phenomena, government denial, etc.) the frustration of not knowing will cause people to cling to partial clues, allowing the spread of lies which would otherwise be deemed silly or absurd. One example has been the so-called extraterrestrial abductions (chapter VII-2), which gained credit from the bizarre attitude of the US government on UFOs. This case allowed propagators of lies to pose themselves as important persons. The unexplained disappearance of the MH370 aircraft gave rise to a flowering of liars who claimed to «know» what happened, claiming to be «clairvoyant», or «investigatiors» in chamber, and of course that the governments were lying. This case is interesting, because usually these delusions are not accepted. But when there is a mystery, people are desperate for any «truth» to hold on to.

- Lying by omission is not saying anything false, while inciting people to think something false. The biggest one currently known is that states have a «debt», justifying sadomasochistic austerity policies. The omission is not to say that the said debt is only an accounting trick (chapter VI-8).

- Lying by amalgamation. For example, at the moment when I wrote this chapter (January 2019), the demonstrations of the «yellow vests» are taking place in France. Most of them are peaceful, but the media make the whole movement bear the exactions of a small minority, in order to discredit the whole.

- Lying by false type of logic (chapter I-7) is the daily routine of television «debates», which often present a Yin☯Yang dialectic as a clan opposition, e.g. young against old, progressives against traditionalists, women against men, ecologists against economists, etc. The media then have an easy game at throwing in the arena «thinkers» who are stupid enough not to realize that neither of them can win. This process ensures advertising revenue for the media, and a false sense of freedom of expression for the spectators sitting around eating chips instead of doing something useful.

- Lying out of confusion, «simplification», etc. Since things are often complicated, people often cling to such «simplifications». It is then easy to make them accept a «simple explanation», which seems more accurate to them, but which hides an essential element of the truth.

- Horizontal oppositions, vertical confusions, or confusions of axis (chapter I-5), are little known, but extremely frequent. This is why I devote a whole chapter to them, with examples. These confusions are at the origin of most social and political disputes, or ideologies.

- Neurotic adherence to clans and parties is very dangerous, because the victim accepts any assertion from them, while the neurosis suppresses the perception of problems and lies. Thus their party or religion can force feed them with a continuous stream of rubbish, without them protesting. More generally in Chapter VI-11 I analyse how the right-left caricature of politics results in a very accurate manipulation of elections.

- Prejudice results in the same effect: the victim accepts any pejorative statement about the targets of the prejudice. This is the basis of racism, populism, extremism, and other pathological political parties.

- Hiding underhand motives under an apparently virtuous statement. A very common example is «to accept only natural contraceptions». The lie is blatant, since there are no really reliable natural contraceptions. The plan is to ensnare a man, and to have children anyway. And after, to get rid of the man, in order to get the family allowances, and use the children as hostages for alimony. Err, well, yes, I know. But sorry, each time I heard this expression, it always ended that way.

Amalgamation, confusion and slippage

-(Permalink) Abusive generalisation starts from a peculiar case to a generalisation to a whole. For example, when faced with a delinquent Arab, or an aggressive vegetarian, to say they all are. Or simply to imply this. It is certainly an intellectual disability, but it is also a conditioned reflex, which comes from our chimpanzee ancestors. The role of the manipulator may then simply be not to point at the mistake, since we already did it for him.

- A vicious concept leading to another. The most blatant case today is about the so-called debt of the governments: the existence of this «debt» induces the idea that we are at fault, and therefore that we must be punished by sadomasochistic austerity measures. Sadistic politicians can then have fun with reducing wages, cutting on medicines, etc. without raising protests. And nobody wonders how such an astronomical debt could be established (In fact we see in chapter VI-8 that this debt is a simple accounting trick: It is the current monetary creation which is «due» instead of given. Moreover it is given to private companies).

- An ideological virus (chapter V-12) is a simplistic, incomplete or unproven assertion, which induces thoughts that go far beyond this assertion. For example, in the presence of a vegetarian, saying that «we must not be sectarian» is true, but it inoculates the idea that vegetarians are sectarian. There are many ideological viruses of this kind: «everyone has his own truth», «truth is relative» «we must not do morals» «it is your unconscious which makes you say that» «It is human nature, we cannot do anything about it», etc. For example, the «human nature», although devoid of scientific or spiritual existence, is regularly used to justify negative opinions, and the maintenance of the sadomasochistic order. But «revolutionaries» and «ecologists» also have their own: «it is natural», «instinct», «genes» etc. or on the contrary «it is chemical» «it is tampered», to justify... the same thing.

Recent notions such as the Brexit were effective ideological viruses: a concise formula bringing together all the frustrations in a totally unthinking, chaotic action with no plan for the future. Very effective in ruining the target country, by the own hands of its people.

Another recent ideological virus is the notion of «alternative facts»: we have seen «journalists» asking very serious questions starting with «now that we are in the post-fact society...».

A marxist ideological virus is the notion as what we must be dirty. Least we can say, it's not really in Marx's writings...

-Accusation of ulterior intents. For example, in the problem of climate change, the suicidal people often claim that those who are aware of the problem actually have a «political agenda». This is the accusation of ulterior motives: accusing someone of hidden motives. But it also is a projection: the accusation actually applies to those who utter it.

Inducing feelings and thoughts

(Permalink) A simple example: a television program describes conspiracy theories about extraterrestrials, pyramids and so on. Normally this nonsense is ridiculous or boring. But pathetic and scary music background turns the clowning into a strange or extraordinary revelation.

The magma of pointless emotions which serves as «music» in supermarkets serves a similar purpose: a form of anaesthesia, which diminishes our defences and our perception of time. You went in for a very specific item, thinking you would be there for ten minutes. But between looking for the shelf (which of course was changed of place) and taking advantage of it to buy other stuff, you come out one hour later, and are surprised to have spent so much time.

The greyness of the cities, their cacophony, the square forms of «modernism», the hideous tags which try to gouge your eyes out, the rap, the gooey «variety» music, televisions in waiting areas, all pursue the same goal: to saturate your sensibility with pointless emotions, without letting you be yourself or enjoy life for a second.

More generally, we associate a lie with an emotional vector, which will pass it on. We had an excellent example with a TV show like «Santa Barbara»: the good guys were all white, and the bad guys were all Hispanic, all in a chaos of egotistical, absurd or tragic «love» attachments. Whatever the character we identified with, we alternated positive and negative emotions, but which average finally gave... the anti-Hispanic racism, appeared by that time. With the known results today. It is a complex case, but today we are shown the «sufferings» of people exposed to... a «Linky» electricity meter (in France). Or to the «infrasounds» of wind turbines...

Causing neurological reactions

(Permalink) The principle here is to provoke a neurological reaction, according to the principle of bee smoking. It is often thought that smoking confuses the bees with false information. But in fact it goes much deeper: when a bee smells smoke, it goes into fire-fighting mode. But in doing so, because it cannot perform two tasks at once, it loses awareness of the need to defend the hive against looting. This neurological phenomenon also occurs in humans:

- Cries, conflict or argument monopolise the attention, and thus bring constructive debate to a halt. Agitated people then appear as the only terms of the debate. In politics this is the role of the extremist clowns.

- Similarly, a person who starts talking loudly (literally or metaphorically) focuses the attention. Another way of doing this is to stand in opposition: people then try to correct the person. This brings the contradictor to the foreground, as the main person of interest, while each correction gives him the opportunity to say more nonsense. This is how a handful of climate-denier nutcases were able to pass for a large movement, and delay climate solutions for more than twenty years.

- The «Immediate goals» make us lose sight of the real purpose or meaning of our lives.

- The «economy requirements» similarly distract us from real goals. As a result, many people with noble or useful projects find themselves spending their time in a useless «job», instead of receiving the means to work on their project. Means which exist, however, since billions are offered to speculators without any project.

- Noise paralyses the thought, and makes the perception of vibrations impossible. This is why manufacturers let cars make so much noise, or why motorcycles add so much noise. It is the only real reason for all those silly and useless new tools with deliberately unpleasant sounds: motor rakes, hedge trimmers, etc. This is the reason why television tampers with the spectral composition of voices, in order to better penetrate walls, and why its speakers speak louder than the interviewees. Meditating or simply enjoying life is more difficult with a television than with a toothache! Still for the same reason, thugs and revellers shout to pump our energy, and to prevent us from enjoying life. Because they cannot torture or slaughter us as they would like, all these people devote considerable energy to preventing us from being ourselves, simply by making noise. Unlike light, we have no natural defence against noise, because nothing in our Darwinian evolution prepared us to live with thousands of idiots hopping and clucking around us, their egos amplified by machines.

- The vibrations (chapter V-17) of colours and shapes have a huge effect on our feelings, and therefore on our decisions. This is why we are told that vibrations are not scientifically proven, that they do not exist. But everybody knows what they are! The dominant grey in today's world (concrete, metal, cars, costumes, video games, deliberately desaturated colours) favours pessimism and depression, and thus indirectly favours submission. The square and aggressive forms wich invade us with this ultra-clean «modernism» break our sensuality. People then take refuge in porn, which at least flatters physical sexuality. But in doing so, they only go to the other extreme: the animal instead of the inhuman. This is why there are so many incitements to pornography, while eroticism and love are denigrated. It goes without saying that attacking human beings at such a fundamental level as their vibration is necessarily the feat of deeply sick people.

Intimidation and other sadomasochistic games of domination and submission

(Permalink) The «systems» (Chapter VI-13) of political, religious, economic, financial or psychological power have no other justification than sadomasochistic amusement. For the dominant, of course, but often also for the dominated, who benefit the situation in other ways: the false comfort of being «accepted», or of not needing to think.

You will say that the dominated are not consenting. Actually, yes, they are, at least in part. Truly non-submissive people try to escape from the system through alternatives: economy without money, life communities without power, places of free thinking, free art, etc. But especially, in doing so, they start by not starting to have those «psychological problems» which almost always ruin these activities. I participated in several such attempts, and each time people immediately rebuilt a new system of psychological control, instead of freeing themselves. I have seen it too often, and in too many different places, to think that it is at random, or that I had bad luck. And I can still find examples in 2019.

In reality, a person who really tries to escape the system will soon realize that domination is through psychology, and will therefore seek to master his psychology. But he can do so even covered with chains.


I always wondered how sociopathic sickos could all together detect in fractions of a second that I was one of their favourite targets. I saw this many times in high school, and later when I was meeting leftists and other pseudo-alternatives. I cite here a contrary experience: when I was at the Collège Naval in Brest, there was a grotesque and dangerous hazing (forbidden by the management, but often practised in secret). One day they cornered me in front of the bar of the cafeteria, to do the barmyness in question. But when you have glasses, you know that this kind of brutality can have serious consequences. The option of minimum damage is then to let it happen. So I didn't react to their hands coming up to me. They all chickened out! But the curious thing is that they all reacted in exactly the same way, in less than a few tenths of a second! Telepathy being excluded between sociomorons, there is only one explanation: they all reacted to the same unconscious code, to a sign that I emitted without knowing it. I suppose these codes are from the chimpanzees, and are somehow hardwired in our brains. Which would explain why neither the victims nor the dominant are aware of them. Neither sociopaths do, but since they cannot control their thoughts, they are available to react immediately to these codes.

Not being a psychiatrist, I never really was interested in these codes. I just notice when someone gets caught up in them. On social networks or in virtual worlds, the most physical codes are not visible. But I noticed that sociopaths still detect their targets, and several of them can even synchronize. In general, it is when we talk about subjects they consider taboo: kindness, ecology, vegetarianism, non-violence, etc. Or more subtly, when we make nuanced assertions instead of their endless dualistic oppositions, thus showing we are not in «their camp». Since I know the problem, I systematically avoid showing sensitivity to them (by replying them). Still some continue to try to pick arguments, sometimes for years.

The result is a simple way to detect sociopaths... and their submissive sycophants. Put a disabled person, a Jew, a non-dualist, and watch them all go against him, in their eagerness to reassure themselves about their «normality».

Sociopathic amusement: destruction of personality.

(Permalink) An extreme case is «gas lighting», a sadistic amusement aimed at destroying a victim's self-confidence. This game was played under the name of zersetzung in a sadomasochist club in the former German «Democratic» Republic, the STASI. The documents seized at the time of their arrest provided an impressive list of victims, whose lives they poisoned with false accusations aimed at their social, professional or private life. But the principle of zersetzung is even more vicious: altering the victim's environment, while denying these alterations, so as to make them lose their self-confidence. For example, the victim would find obvious traces of intrusion in his home, such as objects which were moved, but without any other proof of the intrusion. The victim then thought that he was a victim of hallucinations or other mental disorders. Or lies were served to the victim's friends and family to socially isolate him or her: accusations of adultery, homosexuality, espionage. I say that the sickos doing these insanities were really doing this for fun, against people who most often were doing nothing political, and were surprised to find their names on their lists. See what Psychcentral says about the symptoms of gas lighting, and how to detect it.

This is an extreme case, by its scale and its «scientific» application. But these practices are extremely common. We simply not believe that a partner or a friend could be that sick. The most visible symptom for a victim is that the patient causes intense displeasure, guilt, or feeling to be not worthy, to the point of depression or even suicide desire. Many «inexplicable» suicides happen this way. But the victims do not consult a doctor, for fear that it is them who are considered sick, «depressed», «paranoid», etc. And this is what often happens: even a doctor has difficulty accepting that a situation can be so perverse... when he is not simply an accomplice.

More subtly, the patient appears as a «wise man», or even as a «realist». So how can you tell him from a real realist? It is extremely simple: a true realist will propose solutions to achieve our life goals, whereas a patient will try to divert us from these goals. One of the reasons why it took me so many years to realize the duplicity of the «amis de la douceur et de l'harmonie», is that they declared they encouraged me, even in my own purposes. But they were actually putting «necessary» obstacles in the way, such as need to build a workshop (I already had one), or accusing me of being «hooked on the computer» or being «an intellectual». During my leftist period in Bordeaux, it was the systematic accusations of «phallocracy».

This kind of accusation of ulterior motives, of which we cannot defend oneself, is a precise signature of a sometimes sophisticated system of repression, patiently pursued for years, often organized in secret meetings of a subgroup of the community. This is what I came to understand, among the «amis de la douceur et de l'harmonie», when my former companion once came along and said «we decided». Not being a sociopath herself, she stupidly betrayed herself in this way. «My» leftists in Bordeaux also had such secret meetings, such as the day they decided to exclude a woman because «she was not participating». But if you don't have such evidence, you refuse to consider such a situation, for fear of being paranoid.


Proxies. Sociopaths also like to use proxies against us: people they set up against us, and who will hurt us for no apparent reason. But they are not the only ones. It is a very common manipulation method. One of the most extraordinary cases I could find is instinctotherapy, which (in the years 1985-90) had a radical recruitment method: they told everyone «your friends are converted and enthusiastic», giving the impression of a lightning fast expansion of their movement. More importantly, many people then abandoned or condemned their friends whom they thought had been converted to such an idiot thing as instinctotherapy. This was Burger's way of taking revenge of whoever did not considered him seriously. But in the same time, Viviane, the director of the «amis de la douceur et de l'harmonie», was using the same method, and I think she led many women to abandon their husbands. Including my companion, so I know of what I am speaking about. I also saw her using social workers as proxies against my children. Which seems easy enough, given their low level of psychoeducation, or even their lack of basic experience in life: I saw several times in this profession girls who even not had children themselves.


Triangulation is the fact for a sociopath to use your relatives or friends (the proxies) against you. In this way, he does not reveal himself. In case of a problem, he uses the proxies as fuses. The principle is simple: the sicko «charitably warns» another person of a problem you might have. He specifies that it is better not to discuss the issue with you, so that the proxy avoids checking.

You, of course, do not see anything, only that one of your friends or relatives suddenly becomes cold and distant, even angry. And you wonder what you did wrong.

This happened several times with the «Amis de la Douceur et de l'Harmonie», where several persons suddenly became distant. One of the rare visible symptoms is that the proxy suddenly starts staring at you, I got this several times, without understanding at the time. I also saw a social worker doing this: a stranger then started staring at me. Since the proxy is not usually a sociopath himself, he is not very good at playing this game.

As seen above, instinctotherapy used this method massively, and I myself let down several friends, thinking they became instincto.

Creating fake news and manipulating social networks

(Permalink) Fakes news are not a novelty, the Protocol of the Elders of Zion are often quoted, an anti-Semitic fake widely used by the Nazis, but in fact of Soviet origin. One of the best known Soviet fake news is the claim that AIDS was created in a laboratory of the American Army. But there probably have been hundreds of others. The CIA was, moreover, their best emulator, and is credited with a radio speech by Norodom Sihanouk, patiently cut and pasted word per word to manipulate his people. A challenge at the time, when magnetic tapes had to be physically cut and glued, so much so that we wonders if this story might also be a propaganda lie. But today you can do that in a few minutes, with an editing software that everyone has on his PC.

But the manipulation of the Internet and social networks was pushed it to a degree that even Orwell had not imagined. And all this without the need for a central government, which is expensive to maintain and not very decorative.


A fake new must appear plausible, for example claiming to be a scientific result, a historical or immediate fact, a statement of a personality, etc. This simulated plausibility must be sufficient to avoid attracting attention: the victim does not check, and the trick is done. Of course not everyone accepts this, but there are enough naive people to tilt the elections balance in the wrong direction. After the elections, denials can deflate the best-known fake news. But it is too late: they have built up neuroses of opinion, which remain, and which then filter out the real facts and denials. Or this denial simply doesn't reach the vivtims in their Internet bubble, which isolates them from reliable sources. This Internet bubble is maintained by sites which manipulate the links the victim receives, but the victim can also isolate himself, for example in a dualistic rejection of «the system».


An Internet bubble forms when a person does not monitor advertising tracking cookies: his or her reputation follows him or her from one manipulative site to another, which then always serve him or her stories he «likes», confirming the neurosis of opinion.

This is the reason why so many sites receive totally disproportionate «advertising revenues», even for non-existent ads. Google and facebook are typical in this case, having received billions for rather discreet ads. But most «Internet media» are based on the same business model: being paid to manipulate. Even without any other purpose. Even if it is not big electoral manipulation: just showing «teens» having a beer party is already a socio-political manipulation, intended to break the idealistic youth, by sending them back a rotten image of themselves. This is easy to check this, for example on Youtube: From a private window, devoid of any history, by typing a random letter, almost only dirty videos appear, but none of the fantastic contents which nevertheless are on this site.


Finally, fake news protect themselves from being questioned. For example that the MMR vaccine would give autism, protects itself by denouncing the big pharma lobbies who would hide the truth from us. And the ecologists let themselves be caught, because there are precedents: the tobacco companies' lobby, the asbestos lobby, and so on. In fact the original fake new is a fake denounced by the fact check sites. Bookmark this site: its investigations are more useful than Google (which is saying a lot).


Social networks also are easily manipulated, by fake accounts, voting robots, trolls spreading false news or creating polemics rotting the social life. Just a few years ago, I did not dared to talk about the Koch brothers' manipulation network or the olgina trolls, but today everything is on the Internet. So we know the source of almost all the fake news and reactionary «movements» on the internet. And we even know how much trolls are paid: between 2500 and 3000 dollars a month. Imagine, for a Pakistani, that is a fortune.


It is therefore important, in order to protect oneself, to:

☺ Always have an ad blocker in your web browser. This cuts off the funding of verbiage and lies sites (You still can unblock it for a few sites with relevant ads). Opera has a native ad blocker.

☺ Never click on a banner claiming that they respect your privacy: this is how they violate it, by claiming to have your «consent»! Moreover, these sites are often part of a network of croocks: if you accept on one site, then all the other sites are informed. They can then violate your privacy by claiming to have your consent. They can then serve you manipulated content, according to what they call your «preferences», thus locking you in your Internet bubble. It goes without saying that the content of such sites is perverse. An honest site doesn't need to ask you to lower your defences when you enter!

☺ Avoid using Google (which has just been caught funding climate deniers groups, October 2019. But this is only the nth scandal). Use instead DuckduckGo which respects your private life, Ecosia who plants trees, Qwant more accurate than Google, or Lilo which provides green news (2019).

☺ Never accept curious, unexpected or shocking news without checking from various sources. The typical case was the false 2016 accusation that candidate Hilary Clinton was running a paedophile ring. This accusation was very smart-guy-who-knows-well-the-system, but the fact that no police investigation was mentioned, not even a journalistic investigation, should have alerted the most naive from the very beginning. Similarly, in the 1970s in Toulouse there was an atrocious story of a neo-Nazi group having assaulted and mutilated a student. But one day when I asked for more precise information, I was told that these neo-Nazis had just been «beaten up», without complaint, without police investigation, without anything! So the case was clearly a false new, by sadistic sickos enjoying the disarray they were causing.

☺ Always check the fact check sites, like ProPublica, Snopes, PolitiFact, Hoax Buster.

The falsification of scientific studies

(Permalink) Recent history is, of course, all the scams associated with the denial of climate change. But the groundwork had already been well prepared by the merchants of drugs, tobacco, asbestos, nuclear power, pesticides, etc. Earlier we had the scientific justifications of racism, lobotomy and so on.

The principle is simple: from one or two crooks, but capable of presenting an university title, one builds private «foundations» or «journals», which then post falsified «studies», but satisfying all the rituals of a scientific publication: white blouses, university titles, reading committee, black ink on white paper, quotations, complex statistical calculations, large samples of «subjects», multiple overlapping publications, and even support here and there within real universities. Then, when the «theory» is «accepted», it is discussed in real universities, and thus becomes «the science».

This has been done many times, with Lysenkism («Communist Science»), Behaviourism, Sociobiology (denial of consciousness), etc. (More examples in Chapter II-7). Thus, false theories on the effects of tobacco, climate change, etc. had a gateway to the most respectable universities. The latter rejected them, but these false ideas continue to gravitate around, in fake scientific sites, «foundations» and «think tanks» where common people cannot differentiate them from real science.

Another variant has been the Heidelberg Appeal, where real scientists were encouraged to sign an apparently benign text, with a very general warning against «extremists» at the bottom, in small print. But the appeal was then used to criticize Greenpeace and environmental activists... Scientists then realized that they had been tricked, and they now cite the Heidelberg Appeal as an example of manipulation. But several other similar «appeals» have since taken place, by «scientists» who were the only ones who do not see climate change.


All of this has the appearance of science, and can even deceive real scientists for years. It also very effectively abuses politicians, who continue to base important decisions on it, despite the warnings of honest scientists.

For the general public faced with the danger of a factory, or an occupational disease, etc., this system results in one of those countless and interminable «expert battles», giving the feeling that science is imprecise or unable to decide. Yet if they are experts, they should either agree or mutually recognize the limits of their knowledge. For them not to do so, at least one of them has to be a forger. And in general, it is very easy to know which one: it is the one who hurts, while pretending that you the victim is paranoid, faking it, etc.


The denial of the climate crisis illustrated these methods ad nauseam: truncated data (cherry picking), confusion between time scales (confusion between geological eras, ice ages, the industrial era, etc.), fake news such as the influence of the sunspot cycle, etc. The whole thing has been repeated millions of times on all the forums that the Internet can count on. The bill paid by the Koch brothers for this purpose alone amounts to two billion dollars, which allows them to pay nearly 20,000 trolls full time for five years (Third World rate). I have even seen a post saying that the role of CO2 is «not falsifiable»!!! Exactly it is, both in the Popperian sense of the word, and... in the common sense as well.

The false logic of sophistry.

(Permalink) Sophisms are false reasoning, but which can be convincing, since they contain logical flaws which are not very apparent. A sophist is therefore someone who seeks only persuasion, but without reference to the truth. He is therefore indeed a manipulator, a sort of prestidigitator of the mind. But he is above all a bad, unscrupulous person, who is disturbed by the real truth.

If Socrates and Plato were to return today, no doubt they would immediately denounce the climate deniers as the most abundant source of sophistry in the whole History of Humanity. Let us give some examples:

Sophism: «The climate has always changed». True, but in different contexts the consequences were quite different (and if we had to endure them, it could even be worse than today. Let us imagine the USA covered by ice, or on the contrary dry like the Sahara).

Sophism: «There have been times with a higher CO2 level, but not a higher temperature». Exact, but with a different layout of the continents, the climate did not react in the same way to CO2 as it does today. A detail that only scientists can find.

There are other deliberate confusions, as with the sunspot cycle, confused with a climate cycle.

Such manipulations obviously do not affect sensible people. But they do affect enough people to influence elections, and thereby achieve their suicidal goal.

Ideological viruses

(Permalink) We defined ideological viruses in Chapter V-12: a generic statement, without content in itself, but which induces vicious reasoning or conclusions. We even listed a few of them:

- «Everyone has his own truth», or «truth is relative». This is the last argument for someone who has been shown that «his» truth is false.

- «You must not do morals». Perfect for justifying anything. Much used by educators seeking to mislead children.

- «It is your unconscious» (many variations: «your ego», «your ideology», «your mental», etc.). To give yourself a veneer of psychology, spirituality, clairvoyance, etc.

- «It is natural» «instinct» «genes» etc.

- «It is human nature, there's nothing you can do about it». Usually to justify reactionary opinions.

Ideological viruses are very popular in intellectual or pseudo-progressive circles. Most often, they are used to cut off discussion, presenting a false point of view as unquestionable. More subtly, they induce different opinions, which then appear as indisputable «facts». For example, «I want only natural contraceptives» is a common scam to have children while pretending not to want them: get ready for alimony.

Politics also has its own, such as employment, the crisis, etc. which are used to justify anything, including against employment and against the economy.

Section II: scientific studies on manipulators


Books and scientific research on mind control

(Permalink) Georges Orwell's «1984» remains the classic description of a totalitarian society, where people who refuse to be subjugated are hunted down and tortured. He introduced concepts such as the «memory hole» (modification of archives to support the current shenanigans), newspeak (language modified to make people lose important concepts, see the newspeak dictionary I am proposing) and, as it was done in the USA in 2016, «alternative facts» (including the very premonitory Flat Earth) intended to break our critical mind and our sense of what is true or not: «double thinking» then allows to accept the inconsistencies of the system without asking questions.


Aldous Huxley's «The Best of Worlds», on the contrary, describes an apparently happy utopia, but where underlying absurd conceptions, coupled with the total lack of introspection of the characters, lead to situations just as painful as 1984.


«Stalking the Soul» by Marie-France Hirigoyen, psychiatrist and victimologist. This book was a revelation for many: it describes how sociopaths function (chapter V-13), and how they seek to harm and destroy us. Thus many behaviours looking like simple interpersonal problems are in fact deliberate attacks by psychopathic sick persons. And against these aggressions, the only resource is to flee. This book is the first of an abundant series of reflections. It also is very profitable to check the reference statements of psychiatrists on psychcentral, and their methods to identify the stalkers.


«Political Ponerology: A Science on the Nature of Evil Adjusted for Political Purposes» by Andrew M. Lobaczewski, psychologist. This book had a much more discreet reception than the previous ones. Yet it describes an essential fact, to which Marie France Hirigoyen devotes only one sentence: sociopathic patients are very skilful at obtaining power at any level: in family, in religion, at work, in politics. It is essentially their pathological actions, amplified by the instruments of power, which lead to dictatorships, wars and political repression. Or which, in a democracy, give this feeling that society is a hostile and corrupt «system». Therefore, sociopaths are of course found in totalitarian regimes, but they also manage to interfere in democracies, which functioning they paralyse in more subtle ways (Chapter VI-11). Very classically they also are at the origin of the degeneration of religions, and of course the creators of cults.

Being perverse does not even protect oneself.

(Permalink) Sociopaths have no control over their own psychological mechanisms. They are, let us remember, psychotics, chapter V-13, incapable of becoming aware of their abnormality, let alone wishing to cure it. It is therefore extremely easy to manipulate a sociopath. However, we cannot make him do just anything: he will only do something bad, which is not very useful. Moreover, unlike normal people, they have no empathy: they never can be intimidated or broken, they will always continue their nonsense.

The main way to manipulate a sociopath is to show him that he does not matter to us. To give a personal example, I was dependent on a sociopath to drive me to lunch every day. So I waited for him to get up and come. But each time he would take longer and longer, pretending to look for something, or to finish a job, while I was stepping on the pavement. One day, instead of showing my impatience, I sat down with a book. He got up immediately, and never did it again. This is how I realized that this person was a sociopath, and that many of his past actions were explained by his desire to do harm.

Why we cannot win against a sociopath or a manipulator

(Permalink) Basically, we can say that all manipulators, whether they are great gulag torturers or little schoolyard hazers, whether they are pseudo-gurus of a cult or depraved priests of a great religion, whether they are petty crooks on the fringe, perverse social workers or managers of large banks, we can say that they all are sick, to simplify sociopaths: seeking to do evil, while being perfectly aware that it is evil. This gives them a very particular way of functioning and interacting with us, which they are incapable of changing, and which ultimately makes them very recognizable, once we understand that the problem comes from them.

Basically, we could compare them to players who do not follow the same rule as the others. Let us imagine that on a chessboard, you move the pieces according to the rules of the game, but in such a way as to draw a flower (I know chess is not made for that, but let us imagine the experience). With two partners looking for the same result, it is easy! But a sociopath will always play to checkmate you. Well, if we know the situation, it would be stupid to get involved. But let us imagine that we believe that the sociopath has the same goal as we do. Then we would not hesitate to trust him, for example by exposing one of our pieces to draw a petal. We do not know, we do not even imagine that he will not respect our flower. He, on the other hand, will see in our movement a «weakness» which gives him an opportunity to break us. Knowing very well that we want to draw a flower, he will then knowingly place his pieces in such a way that our own movements put us in check. That is all he will think about, because for him it is only the affirmation of his ego which matters: the poetry of the flower is of no importance for him. Your purpose in life, he calls this your irrational behaviour, your empathy, he calls this your weakness, because both offer him the possibility to harm and eliminate you. In fact, all normal social interaction require trust, because one deliberately exposes oneself to bad actions, simply hoping that the partner will not commit them. Just like when you expose a piece to draw your flower. And he will think about it every turn, because he has nothing else to do with his life. Whereas all you think about is building your flower.

And this can last for years, for example in a marriage: you try to build your happiness together, and he does everything to break it. If you think that he is playing the couple's game correctly, then you do not understand where the disputes and suffering come from. You wonder what you have done wrong. This is how he destroys your personality: lack of self-confidence, feeling of being bad, etc.

If you become aware of the problem, and you begin to face him as equals, according to the rules of HIS own game, then you will be dealing with a seasoned player, totally unscrupulous, while for you everything is new. And even in the unlikely event that you manage to get rid of him, then he still wins: you perverted yourself by playing by his rules.


This is why one of the essential rules when dealing with sociopaths or manipulators is to never get into their sociopathic game, and more generally in a conflict between egos. The best thing to do, of course, is to stop the contacts, but this is not always easy. It can cost us large parts of our lives: our work, our family, our community, our children! This is what happened to me when I left the «amis de la douceur et de l'harmonie»: no more meditations in nature, and no more wonderful Eolis drawings (I stopped receiving inspiration, for the continuation I promised). I had to go back to the city and find a job. I thought at least that justice would help me liberate my children, maybe my companion, out of there. But the solidarity between sociopaths took revenge on my children, who suffered several years of abuse without me being able to report to justice. They had to denounce themselves the problems at school. And still they were made to pay this last move with another two years of harassment by sociopathic social workers, who severely breached their self-confidence.


Often the only solution is to accept the humiliation of the destruction of our own ego. Or to make the sacrifice of our desire for revenge or reparation, on the altar of rebuilding a healthy and positive personality. This is an endeavour which will require all our attention, and therefore comes before any revenge. It even is incompatible with such a desire.

In this, we could consider that sociopaths are exactly what Catholics call demons: to escape from their grip, you needs a total renunciation, close to death. The complete elimination of all evil within you. Then what is left of you is the essential, and your victory.

Section Three


Dictionary of newspeak


Newspeak is a concept described in Orwell's novel 1984. It is a manipulation method which changes the meaning of words. For example, in the novel, the word «peace» is used to describe preparation for war. If then someone wants to talk about peace, then there is no more word available, or his speech appears confused and contradictory. Such a manipulation is far too effective not to be used everywhere, and not only among the totalitarian «socialists» that Orwell denounced. No era or field is spared.

But rather than giving complex explanations on a field which has no general rules, I provide a dictionary of the newspeak, which I will update as long as I can. Thus many manipulations are denounced in an extremely practical and compact format, even in topic which did not found a place elsewhere. But considering the amount of text here, the frequent updates, and the possibility to use it for other purposes, I placed this section in a separate php include file, which I will then be able to show in other pages.


For words in «ism» or «ist», a tendency in the evolution of the language is to reserve them for dogmatic systems of thought (e.g. rationalist, spiritualist) as opposed to the corresponding free spirit attitude in the same field (e.g. rational, spiritual). However, this is not a rule which can be trusted: for example Buddhism is not a dogmatic system... and cyclism is not even a thought system!


Manipulations of the language are often made in very precise historical circumstances, for extremely limited and immediately forgotten stakes. But the biased meanings then remain, and often takes the place of the true meaning, rotting everyone's communication. Often, we even not remember the authentic meaning, neither who carried out the manipulation. But it can remain in place for centuries. Some of the examples quoted here date back to Antiquity! Semantic warfare, much like anti-personnel mines, uranium shells or defoliants, can continue to generate suffering and destruction long after the perpetrators are dead and their hopeless motives are forgotten.


An important case is that of words which have been invented by specific people, for example «Utopia» or «Conviviality». These words have been created by well-known people, who have made their meaning known through details in books which are known and accessible to the general public. The least that can be done in this case is to acknowledge them as the authors of the word and not to try to change its meaning. Would one use the word «General Relativity» to designate a pseudo-science? Obviously not, because that would spoil Einstein's idea. Then why would we be allowed to use the word «Utopia» to name anything else than a social project or model?


Some people will claim that the modifications I denounce as newspeak are part of the natural evolution of language. That's a bit easy, especially when they are the ones who claim that their manipulations are natural evolution, and our additions are not natural evolution. What I do not accept is that a text written at a certain date would be understood later with the opposite meaning. That a person who tried to express something generous and positive should be taken later as a fascist or a selfish. The evolution goes in the direction of improvement, enrichment, clarification. What goes in the other direction is not evolution, it is rotting.


Others also claim that English is what people speak (French is what people speak, in my original text). This position is the one of many dictionary makers, who are quick to systematically engrave in marble all the new blunders and manipulations as the «definition of English». Such a way of doing things gives a strong and definitive legitimacy to gibberish or manipulations. On the contrary, dictionaries should be a source of clarification and culture, with specifying the history of words, their different meanings, and the manipulations which were done to them. For example: «Utopia m.n. 1. project (Origin: Thomas Moore). 2. newspeak: impossible». At least this way of doing things will be clear and useful for everybody.


Being in this way critical of reference dictionaries is a defence of the Freedom of Thought, which involves preserving our heritage of Communication and Expression, our ability to understand each other, human beings, thanks to a clear language, known to all and sufficiently fixed.


It will be noted that, being a French native, I have less experience in the nuances of US language or English language (this book is UK English, as it was started before detailed spell correctors, with still a bulky paper dictionary). So, since many newspeak cannot be directly translated, I did not attempted to provide the same list in both languages, and I provide less in English. But this does not mean there is actually less. In more, some translations are misleading, like the Popperian «to falsify»: in English, it means «to prove wrong», which makes sense in Popper's view. But the French «falsifier» means «to tamper». This does not qualify as newspeak, but it is totally misleading. Yet this mistake is common in automated translations.


Finally, the oldest additions date back 1994. At that time, I was still having my first computer, an Amstrad PC1512, with the big 5 inches floppy disks and the drive which made schlonk schlonk schlonk. I was just coming out of the «Amis de la Douceur et de l'Harmonie», and was in the middle of a legal battle to allow my children out. So I had plenty of newspeak at hand. So I started this dictionary, not knowing if it would ever be of use. When the Internet appeared in 1997, I was able to start publishing my creations, to make them useful to everybody. But in the meantime, I had undertaken many other activities, hence the delay. The book «General Epistemology» coming to its end finally offered me an opportunity to publish this dictionary, in the chapter on manipulations.



The dictionary



Exact meaning: for a seller, making his product known. This means showing it, speaking of it, etc. after a defined deontology.

Newspeak meaning 1: method of hazing, through showing unwanted images or noises, ugly, shaming or deleterious.

Newspeak meaning 2: method of social normalization, by showing the norm and shaming the deviants. For instance the woman is busy with the kitchen, the man with the car, while both hearing rap.

Newspeak meaning 3: method of manipulation of the Internet and media, by creating falsely independent opinion sites, while hiding the real source of funding. We guess that these ads must be massively over-billed, to make Internet companies earn billions.



Aesthetics (1998)

See art



Aggressiveness (1996)

True meaning: To attack, take the initiative of a conflict, for purposes of harming, making suffer, steal, destroy, etc. Sometimes reduced to: take an energetic initiative, without harming intent.

Newspeak meaning: To go toward, take an initiative.

Origin of the manipulation: jargon in some psychology texts, or advertisers.

Effect of the manipulation: entice in thinking that violence is necessary, and even that this statement is a science result.

Replacement: never use this word in the special sense, even in the peculiar context. Better to speak of initiative, pugnacity. Always correct the dishonest use.



Alcohol (1998)

True meaning: Legal drug in the West. Psychedelic and euphoriant in occasional small dose. Strongly addictive. Repeated use produces personality troubles and serious diseases. The overdose can be deadly.

Origin of the la clarification: scientists and specialists of drugs.



Alternative facts (2019)

True meaning: lies, often massive or delusional.

Newspeak meaning: anything written on the Internet or said in the TV becomes the truth.

Effect of the manipulation: confusing the notion of verifiable fact.

Prevalence: Starting with the USA elections in 2016.



Animal (1998)

Reduced meaning: Cats and dogs only. The reminder is only meat.



Antisemitic (2004)

True meaning: who hates or attack the Jews.

Newspeak meaning, as we were seeing things in the years 2000-2010: who criticises Israel policies.

2024: Until now, the standard paradigm was that Israel was abusing the Palestinians. Which is not true, since 2005 that Palestinians enjoy a de-facto independence. But the 7 October 2023 attack by the fascist hamas group brought a serious change in the understanding of the situation. That a group of sexual depraved like the hamas is supported by «democratic» governments, political parties, ONGs, and even by the United Nations, unveiled a systemic antisemitism, not directly as visible appeals to hate, but in different standards to judge Israel's actions. Yet this is a welknown trick of hazers, since the playground's toilets: to push a designated victim to the point where this victim has no other choice than brutal reactions, and then say that this victim is «violent».



Aparatchik (1998)

True meaning: in Russian (soviet or ex-soviet) literally a person of the system, who gets his power only from his social position, without consideration of legitimacy or personal sincerity. This meaning can be generalized to any civil servant or party person, who owes his power only to his place but not to competence neither to honesty.

Newspeak meaning: honest people who legitimately use the power which was entrusted to them.



Arguing, argument (2023)

Exact meaning: the fact, in a discussion or in a decision making process, to examine different motives and implications, called arguments. For instance, the argument of cost. This is a common collective decisions process, where some, possibly all the participants have to change their way.

Newspeak meaning: the fact of disputing, exchanging arguments with the purpose of defeating the adversary without changing our own position. «Argument» is then a weapon, and a newspeak for an important communication method.



Art (1998)

True meaning: Whatever contributes, through various skills, to create Beauty, meaning, nice vibrations, or express a social, philosophical, spiritual project.

Newspeak meaning 1: placed in a museum, so that we forget to use it in reality.

Newspeak meaning 2: Any gathering of sounds, images, etc. even cacophonous or reactionary, sometimes immoral, shocking or grotesque. Modern art, rap, «varieties», etc.



Atheist (2005)

True meaning: who does not admit a divine level.

Correct meaning 1: atheist by Cartesian doubt (elaborated or naive).

Correct meaning 2: atheist while still recognizing the existence of moral rules or principles, which do not depend from personal or social choices.

Pejorative meaning: who refuses the divine level from refusal of the Good. Who refuses any morals, and as a consequence the idea of any spiritual principle underlying this morals. Who refuses the spiritual approach (Especially in others).

Just attitude: some very pejorative words like «miscreant» or «infidel» should not be used indiscriminately against all the atheists. I propose to use them only in the case of refusal of the good. To use them against members of another religion always is a fault.




True meaning: (From the Sanscript) physical appearance taken by a god while visiting this world. (The avatars of Vishnu).

Weakened meaning: in a virtual world, appearance taken by an user to the eye of other users.

Pejorative meaning: degeneracy of an object, a project.

Just attitude: find other words, not to denigrate the first meaning.



Beatnick (1994)

True meaning: American cultural movement, contemporary of the Hippies (1960-1970), of same «aspect», but differing with several essential points: no spirituality, no non-violence, rock music, more or less far left thinking.

Deviated meaning: confusion or amalgamation with the Hippies.



Behaviourism (1998)

Scientistist theory trying to eliminate any morals or happiness search with pretending that the domain of the mind and of consciousness could not be studied scientifically. Despite its extreme form is condemned by scientists, it is still having a pernicious influence in numerous science domains today, especially the taboos on the study of consciousness and of the mind, or crimes against animals (vivisection) and the chronic difficulties of science to apprehend the ethical aspects of its activity. Numerous Scientistist, psychological, sociological, economy theories take its dogma without naming it.



Biology (2000)

Curiously, this science, which is meant to be the science of life, studies only the less living aspects (organism, biochemistry, genetics...) to the point of being unable to discussing the meaning of life or happiness. Yet this is the first question I would ask it.



Boyfriend (2020)

Normally it is a lover. But this word is ambiguous:

-we do not know if there are sexual relationship

-it has a connotation of superficial or short term relationship.

Right attitude: say lover or companion if there is sex, and buddy or friend otherwise.



Bran (2022)

Ambiguous word, as it means either the nutritive protein layer of the wheat grain, or the indigestible straw envelope. The confusion allows for various scams, such as separating flours in their components to sell them separately, or to say that we can «add bran» to make whole grain flour (a fraud in some countries)



Buddy (2019)

True meaning: friend, but with less implication.

Newspeak meaning: buddy system, to favour people on the basis of superficial criteria.



Call Centers (2023)

Newspeak meaning: dens of phone stalkers, usually crooks impersonating various companies or organizations.



Celebrities (2021)

(French: people, often written pipole by derision of the fake anglicism)

Newspaper gibberish: people whom television speaks about, even if there is nothing to say about them.

More recent Newspeak meaning: Member of the new privileged social classes: new financial nobility (great executives, bankers, and everybody who does not need to work in a job) and the new clergy (politicians, medias). The official «citizenship record» was established by the Xcheck program from facebook, which granted them the privilege of not being moderated on this site. The third estate is still us, thanks, and we still must work, pay and shut up.



Communion (1994)

General exact meaning: Very deep union, based not on the exchange of ideas, information or feelings (communication) but on the sharing of the same vision, or the same deep feeling of the situation, or of life in general. In this way communion can lead people to have the same ideas, feelings or behaviours, even without communicating with each other.

Specific exact meaning: The Christian ritual of Communion, which takes up the above idea of communion between the practitioner and God. I remind here the true meaning of this word, because all too often the ceremony is understood as a simple ritual of admission to a clan, without real communion.



Communism (1998)

True meaning: marxist regime or party more or less seeking to completely eliminate capitalism.

Newspeak meaning: in USA politically illiterate right wing gibberish, confuses all together the Democrats, left, communists, socialist and ecology.

See marxism, socialism, left, liberal.



Computers science (2000)

Computer science seems to be a great poesy breaker and desacralizer of vocabulary: Icon, Avatar, conviviality, all are words which were used to name important concepts.

One thing I would also like the software companies to understand, is that, when I use a word processor to write poetry, then I am writing poetry, not doing computer science. So it is not a time to debug or to make absconding configurations. The day they think about it, it will be visible: they will offer rhymes in word processors (checked in 2020: still not).



Concept (2003)

True meaning: the mental representation of a thing, which is used by the mind to apprehend the objects of the world, like a pair of pliers used by the blacksmith to grasp the working iron. (common etymology: conceptus). For example, the concept of chair is the idea of a low piece of furniture to sit on, or even any approaching object.

Gibberish meaning: given the importance of this word, it is rather arrogant to divert it to mean the appearance of a magazine, an advertising image, etc. Even if it is not called newspeak, it cannot be denied that it is confusing gibberish.



Consensus (2003)

True meaning: the fact that all the partners in a group, a project, a conflict, manage to agree each and every one of them on a decision, on a project.

Newspeak meaning: the opinion of only some people self-considered as serious.



Contemporary (art, music, architecture...) (1996)

Normal meaning: everything which is from our time, for example world music, New Age painting, ecological architecture...

Newspeak meaning: the so-called «modern» art, very marginal, a cold and dehumanized product of modernist ideology, known to the public only because it is heavily financed by politicians and administrations. This manipulation allows to refuse living artists because they are not «contemporary»...



Conviviality (1994)

True meaning: This word was created by the philosopher Ivan Illich (defence of the third world, society, ecology) in his book «La convivialité», published in 1973. It qualifies a system, political, economic, social, or technical, which can easily be controlled by life without imposing anti-life constraints such as high qualifications, excess of work cut off from nature, social problems, or strong centralism. Such a system supposes many relations and communication between its actors. This book is important and well known, as it is at the origin of many ideas and reflections developed later by the ecology movement (in the broadest sense). The following manipulations are therefore clearly deliberate:

Weakened meaning: user friendly, intuitive. (especially in computing)

Improper meaning: Some dictionaries give: who communicates easily (Petit Larousse Illustré, 1981), or jovial, or even who likes to party! (confusion with the French «convive» (guest).

Newspeak meaning: In the 1980's, the word was applied to pornographic messengers or pubs! I even found it in 1999 to qualify a horror book!

Origin of the deviation: the French newspaper «Libération», which could not pretend to ignore the true meaning of the word.



Cool (1999)

True meaning: non-violent, calm, relaxed, good mood, pleasant to live with. This word was popularized by the Hippies, in this meaning. But it appeared as soon as 1965 in the song «girl from Ipanema», with the meaning of «very gentle».

Newspeak meaning 1: found in the end of the 1970s this word to say: who drinks wine, eats meat, dresses in black, etc. Some don't lack front!

Newspeak meaning 2 (2003 and following): everything in the grotty-punk fashion.

Origin of the manipulation: the grotty-punk movement. This kind of manipulation is called a reduction (of the meaning): a word with a strong and useful meaning is used irrelevantly, which makes us forget the true meaning.

Degenerate Meaning (2015): fashionable, remarkable, often hasty or violent.

Right Attitude (2019) It seems that this word is regaining a more positive meaning: interesting, remarkable, desirable, etc.



Créative, Creation (1998)

See art



Credible (1998)

See serious. (with a nuance of trust, in the exact meaning).



Critic (review) (1994)

Original exact meaning: among artists, to discuss the means used by one of them, to evaluate possible errors or limits, in order to do better afterwards.

Degenerate meaning: non-artists art critics, who criticize while they do nothing themselves. To grant oneself the label «critics» quickly became a way for malicious people to justify their presence in a debate where they were not invited, where they had nothing to say because they are not part of the work in progress and had no proper motivation for this work.

Today the word was generalized in all fields, and among others in information, philosophy, etc. But the most often this word names a negative attitude of ignorant people who insinuate themselves in a field where they are totally foreign, or even frankly hostile, for the sole purpose of denigrating, destroying or discouraging. However, destructive criticism is justified against negative ideas (criticism of fascism, for example).



Cult (1994)

Ancient neutral meaning: a small religious or spiritual organization, or a branch of a larger one.

Recent meaning: Following the scandals (1975) of allegedly spiritual organizations which practice forms of mental manipulation or slavery, the word took a very pejorative, even insulting meaning, deploring dishonest practices, ranging from simple swindling to psychological torture or even murder.

Newspeak meaning: Any spiritual organization, by amalgamation with those targeted by the recent meaning. The spiritual practice itself, or associated curative practices (vows, fasting, retreats, donations...) are considered as ill-treatment.

Origin of the manipulation: Anti-spiritualist reaction, collective ignorance, rotten press journalists.



Cultism (1994)

see: sectarianism, cult

See also: tolerance, fundamentalism.



Cynical (2001)

This is the oldest example of newspeak I have found: 2500 years old! Semantic warfare can kill long after the conflict has ended. Will anti-personnel mines last that long?

True meaning: an ancient Greek philosophical school, the Cynics, founded in the 5th or 4th century BC by Antisthenes, and which most famous representative is none other than Diogenes. These people, in the name of freedom and of the search for happiness, rejected social conventions and related moral principles.

However, it is not clear whether this rejection was conditioned by the happiness of others, or whether it served only their ego, as already in the Newspeak meaning:

Newspeak meaning, which became standard because of the above ambiguity: which rejects all morality, for the sole benefit of personal interests or of ego.

Right attitude: yes, as in Orwell's novel, there is no word for the refusal of arbitrary conventions motivated by happiness! To say «cynical» in this case incites into thinking that this refusal is justified only by the interests or by the ego.



Debate (1994)

True meaning: exchange of thoughts and arguments, aiming at going around a topic, to see all its aspects, the implications for the different participants, for educational, research, or decision-making purposes. Sometimes it can be stormy!

Newspeak meaning: a fight between participants who have no intent to make any concessions. Such a debate necessarily involves logomachy and manipulation. It may seem very courteous, but it is always perfectly hypocritical!



Demon (2021)

This is an example of a newspeak which passed in current language, while its original meaning was forgotten. Initially, in Greek philosophy, a «daemon» was a counsellor spirit, midway between a totem and a guardian angel. This newspeak was part of a large batch of demonization performed by the Catholic Church, in their efforts to eliminate the remnants of the antic religions.



Deva (1998)

Spirits of the places. This word, used by various movements (spiritualism, New Age...) is in fact an inaccurate translation. In India, a Deva is a deity (literally: a Blessed One, as in Christianity). Whereas the spirits of the places are called Nagas (literally: Snakes, with in India have a positive symbolism).

Desirable Attitude: use the term «spirit of the places» instead, while recalling «deva» and «naga», if necessary.



Devotion (1994)

True meaning: An attitude of respect and trust towards a teaching, practice or spiritual teacher.

See also: Love.

Deviated meaning: bigotry, ostentatious gestures in full view of everybody.

Newspeak meaning: Submission of an adept to his sect. The attitude of slavish submission without a critical mind is NOT devotion, and it is confusing to use the word in this sense.



devil (2000)

True meaning: symbol, personification or the principle of evil, suffering, destruction. He wishes suffering for all, including those who worship him.

Newspeak meaning: Many manipulators claim not to believe in God or in the Good, but they speak or behave as if the devil was real.



Dialectic (1994)

True meaning: thought process, method for. For example: Yin☯Yang dialectics. See also this word.

Newspeak meaning: Conflict or struggle of ideas. Some people even go so far as to affirm that philosophical opinions and views never have validity in themselves, but that they are born, impose themselves and disappear according to the balance of power. This way they can try to impose their ideas without any real philosophical basis...



Duality, dual (1998)

See: non-dual, non duality



Economy (1998)

True meaning: A set of activities and methods designed to meet the needs of all.

Newspeak meaning: A set of activities and methods designed to enrich some at the expense of all.

Economic necessity (or imperative), Newspeak meaning: A deliberate choice to put the personal interests of the privileged well ahead of social justice, ecology, etc.



Elf, Elves (2023)

Exact meaning: angels-like characters of the Norse mythology, wise, good, physically beautiful and loving nature. The idea devolved throughout the Middle Age, but it was revived by Tolkien in «The Lord of the Rings». After the movies, developed an Elven ideal of beautiful bodies and kind persons, to the point that I proposed the name «homo Elficus» for the next step of evolution after «Homo Sapiens».

Newspeak meaning: caricatural or grotty characters of video games, boosting disinformation against the Elven ideal.



Ego (1998)

Newspeak meaning: here first, because it was the original meaning, but very questionable: according to some psychologists, the ego is our personality, in what differentiates it from the influence of others.

Spiritual meaning: the set of psychological conditioning which makes us behave in an egocentric way, or think as if we were more important than the others.

Scientific meaning: the activity of the brain, its determinisms and its inference engine, as opposed to consciousness as a spiritual, even divine entity. I define this meaning in my book «General Epistemology"»...



Entheogenic (2021)

Real meaning: none. (There is a psybient music group called «entheogenic»)

Newspeak meaning: propaganda of the drug lobby, for substances supposedly capable of «making us see God», that is producing spiritual experiences. In fact, they are hallucinogenic substances, which inocuity as much as effectiveness are very yet to be proven. None are known to enhance compassion, non-ego or non-dual thinking. On the contrary, by disrupting the brain they make true spiritual experiences more difficult.

Replacement: I propose the term «rhodoproboscidogenic», which more realistically describes what these things actually do.

Disclaimer: I was requested by God's public relationship services, Heavens, to place this disclaimer: «It is impossible to obtain nor entitlement neither privilege in the access of spirituality. You can come here only when called, and this happens only when you get enough merit».



Esoteric (2005)

True meaning: In religion or spirituality, which deals with spiritual areas not directly visible to the eye, such as the nature of God or karma, as opposed to what is directly visible (exoteric) such as rituals or ethical practice.

Limp meaning: incomprehensible, complicated, abstruse, unobservable, speculative.

Newspeak meaning: In the case of the denial of spirituality, claims that spirituality is pure intellectual construction without existence of its own.

Origin of the manipulation: fundamentalist atheists.

Attitude to follow: explicitly undo the alteration of the word, giving it back its original meaning, not using it in other senses.



Ethics (2003)

See Morals



Eugenism (1999)

True meaning: a set of methods and objectives aimed at producing better persons.

Newspeak meaning: selection of individuals based on race, religion, etc.



Euthanasia (1998)

True meaning: to ensure a gentle end of life, when palliative care are no longer effective, while in the same time ensuring the best possible arrival in the afterlife.

Extreme newspeak meaning 1: getting rid of people you don't like.

Extreme newspeak meaning 2: inexcusable murder.

Right attitude: The debate is in fact complex, between the available medical data, the possibilities of palliative care, the will of the person, the spiritual imperatives of the transition to the after-life, the problem of pain, loss of consciousness, etc.



Exchange (1994)

True meaning: Any action or gift that is more or less reciprocal. If an exchange must necessarily be fair or symmetrical, then it must be qualified as a conditioned exchange, known as a contract (one gives only on the condition that the other gives an equivalent counterpart). In many fields (economy, love, humanitarian support, education...) a non-conditional exchange (for example a gift to someone who suffers, who is in poverty...) could avoid a lot of suffering. See my book «True Economy» for these delicate questions.



Expression (1998)

Exact meaning: to manifest what is deep within us. True artists often make great efforts to achieve what they have been inspired to do.

Newspeak meaning: to do anything, as long as it is easy. It is even better if it is vulgar, dirty, ugly, noisy. And if it bothers people, it is because they are «bourgeois». The result is «our expression» and nobody has the right to criticize it. On the other hand, the supporters of the newspeak sense have every right to drag real artists in the mud.

See also: Art.



Fake news (2022)

Normal meaning: false new, often outrageous, creating anger or hate, for purposes of manipulation of the opinion, or to inflate the ego of the creator. This problem started numerous reactions, such as fact check sites, Internet archives, etc.

Newspeak meaning: in the semantic battle against truth, the meaning of this word was inverted, against science, against checkable facts, etc.



Fanaticism (1994)

This word has no ambiguity in meaning, but its new «synonyms» integrism and fundamentalism have some. See these words.



Fascism (1998)

Usually this word refers to an authoritarian political regime, practising cruel acts or violating human rights, such as the nazi regime. Generally speaking, extreme right-wing regimes are considered to meet this definition, but it must be noted that extreme left-wing regimes very often also meet this definition. But the most interesting definition of fascism seems to be the one given by Wilhelm Reich: the refusal to accept the energies of life. This definition can be applied to many political regimes, but also to individual behaviours: sociopaths, delinquents, family breakers, hazers, etc.

But, next to the Hitler-type authoritarian dictatorship fascism and its emulators, whose type is the famous «1984» by George Orwell, a new kind of fascism of the «free» and «anything goes» type has appeared, foreseen in Aldous Huxley's no less famous «Brave new world», and which leads to exactly the same result. It is today illustrated by the grotty-punk movements and related, as well as with some extreme forms of geneticism or scientistism.



Fantazy (2003)

Normal meaning: style of books, movies or games featuring magical or extraordinary beings, often in a nature, ancient or medieval context.

Newspeak meaning: in the fantazy style, the struggle of the good against evil is a convenient pretext to joyfully display evil, and to show in detail repulsive or even satanic scenes. Prefer the word epic. And style.

Rule of conduct: do not adapt an epic novel into a fantazy film, for the Valar's sake.



Feminism Feminist (1998)

True meaning: a movement of thought and action aimed at restoring equality between men and women, in the face of certain sexist segregation of which women are victims.

Newspeak meaning: Sexism against men, women supremacism.




Newspeak meaning: this word is a judicial fiction depriving the unborn child of the Human being statute, and reducing it to a piece of meat which can be disposed of.

Effect of the manipulation: trivializing abortion, hiding the sinister side.

Prevalence: Was created by abortion advocates, and has been used officially by doctors and governments ever since.



Freedom (1998)

Exact meaning: the ability and possibility to fulfil or realize our desires, our aspirations, our unfolding. Freedom can be thwarted by external natural obstacles, or by the will of other persons. But it is most often limited long before by our own state of mind, our prejudices, our mental limitations.

Newspeak meaning 1: the absolute right to do whatever comes in mind, regardless of others and often even at our own detriment.

Newspeak meaning 2: the principle that we must keep silent, refrain from claiming our rights or being respected, in order to respect the «freedom» of our aggressors in the newspeak meaning 1.

Newspeak meaning 3: principle in the name of which we must absolutely do everything that can destroy us: drugs, violence, acting crazy in car, etc.

Newspeak meaning 4: in contrast to the precautionary principle, we absolutely must do everything that science allows, even if we know it is dangerous and useless.

See also: tolerance



Freedom of expression, freedom of the press (2006)

Exact meaning: The right to express various opinions, criticisms, styles, ideas, artistic styles, etc. without being restricted by power or ideological interests. There are two known limits to freedom of expression:

- sticking to saying exact things.

- do not harm.

Newspeak or journalistic gibberish: the right to talk nonsense, slander, mock, etc...



Fundamentalism (1994)

We have here a very special case, a «born newspeak» word, a manipulation anticipating the real need. This is very serious, in an epoch where we are sorely sorely lacking religious integrity.

True meaning, as inferred, but it did not existed before the Newspeak meaning: integrity, in the face of more or less inappropriate compromises or deviations.

Newspeak meaning: religious deviation of a Pharisee or violent type.

Origin of the manipulation: anti-Iran propaganda.

Newspeak meaning (1995): Muslim.

«fashioned» newspeak meaning (1995): any person who does something sincerely.

Replacement: A word to be avoided, so as not to endorse the various propaganda which used it. Say «fanaticism», dogmatism, intolerance. Say the exact spoiled meaning: Integrity, Sincerity, Purity, Consistency.

See also: fanaticism, integrism.



Friend (2019)

True meaning: friendly relationship, mutual gift of energy between two persons not having sexual relationship or similar.

Newspeak meaning 1: desire to keep a person available for help.

Newspeak meaning 2: clan relationship with a person, a group, etc.

See also: Love, boyfriend, girlfriend



Fuck (2003)

Slang meaning 1: slang word denigrating the sex act, or assimilating it to humiliation of the woman by the man.

Slang meaning 2: to break, cheat, defeat, defraud. As if performing the sex act was one of these actions!

All this stinks. And tell a lot on the so-called «liberation» of whoever uses this vocabulary and concepts.

See also: screw.



Genetics Geneticism (1998)

True meaning: study of the genes, with as possible aims improving the human condition: health, eugenism.

Newspeak meaning: fascist scientistist ideology reducing life to experimental material, and all the nonsense which can be done must absolutely be done.



Genre (2023)

This word comes from the «gender studies», a Marxist attempt to infiltrate the LGBT movement. The «genre» is presented as a social construct, un order to make feel guilty people who do not want to change sex, or to muddle children, to recruit them or to mutilate them.

Rule of conduct: avoid this word. People who really want to changes sex no not need to bring others in this direction.

«Gender dysphoria» is an imaginary disease invented in order to make gender surgery paid by the Social Security.

People victim of an error at birth are not «transsexual», they are just wanting to live their lives normally.

People who do not want to change sex are not «cisgender», simply they are not part of this movement.



Geopolitics (1998)

True meaning: none

Newspeak meaning: imperialism.



Girl (2003)

True meaning: still unpaired young lady, and who can still offer her heart.

Vulgar or sexist meaning: woman seen only as a desirable body.



Girlfriend (2020)

Normally it is a lover. But this word is ambiguous:

-we do not know if there are sexual relationship

-it has a connotation of superficial or short term relationship.

Right attitude: say lover or companion if there is sex, and buddy or friend otherwise.



Globalisation (2020

Exact meaning: the fact of switching to a world wide economy, a world wide culture, etc.

Newspeak meaning: colonisation by capitalism. Lawless international capitalism.

If some capitalists invented the Newspeak meaning to hide their craving for world domination, the fact of rejecting any international exchange as «globalisation» is the feat of a marxist left which seek to dominate the world as well.



Guru (1994)

Etymology: millennia old Sanskrit word.

True meaning: person who achieved a high spirituality, and who can give the impetus, example, or teachings to guide us. This word is usually restricted to spirituality. But a psychotherapist (even scientific) operates just as a guru.

Weakened meaning, to be avoided: influential person: a financial guru.

Serious newspeak meaning 1: swindler, manipulator, false master of a cult

Serious newspeak meaning 2: using this word to mean that the very fact of being a spiritual teacher is considered a scam or a manipulation.

Origin of the manipulation: Around 1974 when the scandal of the cults broke out, immediately instrumentalized by the media and the administrations in a rejection of any form of spirituality.

Correct attitude: In this 21st century ignorance is no longer appropriate in the spiritual domain. It can therefore be considered that the use of the word in the newspeak sense always is a deliberate manipulation. Given the importance of the concept, we must vigorously claim the real meaning.



Hell (2000)

A lot of people speak about hell as a good thing, as a fashioned place. Let me express some doubt: hell is, by definition, a place where we suffer, a place where we are not free. So if you follow people who invite you to go to «hell» places, you are warned. Besides, they will not even wait for your death to make you suffer.

See also: devil



Heresy, Heretic (2001)

True meaning: One of the many particular conceptions of the spirituality and nature of Christ, especially in early Christianity.

Newspeak meaning: doctrine considered by dogma as false or abominable. Dogmatism is a serious spiritual fault.

Diminished meaning: The word is used in everyday language without spiritual connotations, either literally or pleasantly to indicate a ridiculous or excessive condemnation.

Origin of the manipulation: It's not Jesus, it's not the Apostles, it's not the Saints...

Right attitude: avoid using this heavily discredited word, and recall its meaning of an arbitrary condemnation.



Hippies (1994)

True meaning: an utopian American (and somewhat European) social and cultural movement characterized by non-violence, as well as a search for poetry and kindness, which led them to be called «Flower People». Their culture was a way of life in communities, a still confused spiritual search, soft music (especially acoustic guitar and songs, like Joan Baez). They also are famous for their freedom of clothing and hairstyle. The movement failed because of a lack of maturity, society's refusal, or with deviations such as drugs.

Newspeak meaning: reactionary and low intellectual level insult against non-violent or long-haired people. This ridiculous phobia of long hair is a bit out of fashion; it must be said that it has sometimes bordered on paranoia.



Homoparentalité (2004)

Sexual fantasy of some homosexuals who want to imitate a family with children. Inventing a word makes it looks like existing and recognized.




True meaning: a set of rules and practices designed to protect us from health hazards or to keep our body and mind in good condition.

Scientistist meaning: only protections against microbes are considered hygienic: vaccines, excessive cleanliness. But protection against pollution, unsuitable food, junk food, noise, moral aggression, aggressive advertising, are not considered as hygiene, but as green and dreamy stuff.

Newspeak meaning 1: rejection of certain practices such as naturism, sleeping naked, single father raising a daughter, etc.

Newspeak meaning 2: Phobia of the body, considered as a shameful and dirty thing.




True meaning: Christian religious image, in the Orthodox churches.

Weakened meaning: image used to start a software, in computer science.

A little respect, let's find something else. Otherwise the day when we are looking for spirituality, we find computers!



Idealist Idealism (1994)

True meaning: partisan of the Good, of progress, of a generous ideal, of an harmonious project. The consequent idealist is in a way an engineer of the mind.

As reality is often a source of limitation against our projects and ideals, the word often has a non-pejorative connotation of optimism (idealizing would be the ideal).

Very special or ancient meaning: the theory as what the universe is a projection of our individual thinking. Do not use this word in this case: solipsism is very appropriate.

Newspeak meaning 1: same as the exact meaning, but to denigrate it.

Newspeak meaning 2: To denigrate any spiritual, sentimental, ethical or artistic motivation, which cannot be reduced to material, egocentric or power desires...

Purpose of the manipulation: All this to make believe that optimistic or idealistic people are «in the realm of ideas», immaterial and therefore illusory, and that they will not have any concrete efficiency!

See also: realistic and utopia



Ideology (2003)

True meaning: axiomatic system (according to logicians) or conceptual system (according to spiritualists), to which it is adhered to without foundation, or which contains errors or unrealistic assertions.

Newspeak meaning: the word is used against any idea that the manipulator disagrees with.

Origin of the manipulation: Marxism, itself the prototype of an ideology.



Important (Internet sites) (2024)

The Internet sites that the system wants us to look at. For them, our sites are «not important», and then they are poorly indexed, or not at all.



Industrial (1998)

True meaning: activity or production of industry.

Green newspeak: tampered, toxic

See also: natural



Ineffable (1994)

True meaning: A feeling or experience which cannot be compared to anything known, which has no words to describe it in the language. Example: concepts which word was made newspeak become ineffable.

Confused meaning: very beautiful, very pleasant.

See also: sublime



Infidel (2005)

See Atheist



Information (1995)

True meaning: Information describes reality, be it material reality (actions, objects, words) or inner reality (feelings, intentions). It informs us objectively about what the others are.

Newspeak meaning 1: Any text or image. The person who produced it or who presents it does not care whether it corresponds to a reality; his only purpose is to provoke an emotional reaction which can serve this or that propaganda or trickery, or simply to make people watch the commercial which follows.

Newspeak meaning 2: lie, defamation, false accusation.

Newspeak meaning 3: propaganda ideological.

Attitude to follow: denounce the newspeak meaning and treat those who use it as liars and manipulators. Denounce and boycott the media which distort reality. Sue them for defamation.



Informed (1998)

True meaning: who knows, who has access to reliable information.

Newspeak meaning: who reads the press of his clan, the rotten media, or other sources of intoxication. Who accepts materialist, imperialist, nuclear power, etc. arguments.



Instinct (1994)

This word has no unambiguous and precise definition, and its variety of meanings all are more or less open to discussion.

Meaning 1: Innate, genetically programmed behaviour or desire. The different human instincts are male-female desire, family love, play, hunger, group bonding, aversion of danger, attraction to nature, sunshine, flowers and bird songs, Alliesthesia sense. Natural instincts vary greatly from one person to another. It can also be amoral or immoral, for example racism.

Sense 2: form of animal intuition, such as finding one's way in impossible conditions, or to take care of oneself, etc. (I had a colleague at work who saw a lost dog coming back through fifty kilometres of unknown countryside).

Sense 3: presentiment, or prescience of danger. It can be part of the normal thoughts flow, or appear in an instant of superconsciousness.

Sense 4: a gesture performed without reasoning, by the basic nervous system, such as instinctive shooting.

Bizarroidal meaning: some people oppose the «low instincts», which generate disturbances and perversity, to the noble and moral motivations.

Newspeak meaning 1: there is a widespread belief in the existence of a more or less extrasensory, infallible and sovereign instinct, in some way sacred, which would imperiously dictate the conduct to be followed in an incredible variety of situations, including when nature is logically caught off guard. This is often used to justify any asocial or criminal behaviour, but this concept does not match any reality.

Newspeak meaning 2: unhealthy, repugnant or immoral pulse or prejudice, to which is given the imperative value of a divine command.

Origin of the manipulation: If some people, in the 1980s, have tried to spread the disgusting «instinctotherapy» cult, they all are far from being the first to justify their vices in this way. We may even wonder if sade himself was the first.

Attitude to follow: We probably need to reduce the use of the word to strict genetic programming (the meaning recognized by the scientists) and in the other cases use intuition, feeling, intention, prescience...



Integrism (1994)

The French variant of «fundamentalist». See this word.



Intellect, intellectual, intellectualist. (2000)

It is fashionable, in a wide variety of circles («left-wing», spiritualist, New Age) to denounce intellectualism, using relevant arguments (sclerosis of intelligence, negation of intuition, of feeling...). Unfortunately, people often just perform a simple inversion of values, which can go as far as a returning to arbitrary beliefs (disguised as «intuition»), or to a sentimental dictatorship. Or even to basic dictatorship, as with the Red Khmers.

Anti-intellectualism is also... an intellectual a priori, refusal of being confronted to more intelligent or better educated people, and therefore able to spot the mistakes of the manipulator.



Internet (1998)

True meaning: a communication mean, to access knowledge.

Newspeak meaning 1: zone of no law, where everything is possible. Form of panic where ordinary laws are no longer valid.

Newspeak meaning 2: support for advertising.

Newspeak meaning 3: mafia of search engines and social networks controling the access to the normal sites: the medianet.



Intuition (1994)

There are several legitimate meanings, for a fairly broad concept.

Exact meaning 1: Direct access to a knowledge which does not involve deductive thinking or reasoning. It is an ability of the neural networks of our brain.

Exact meaning 2: the appearance of a feeling or a vibration, a sensibility, such as for example the capacity to feel what people are, simply by seeing their faces. (Not to be confused with morphopsychology which is an intellectual analysis. Incidentally false) Added 2020: this capacity is called empathy, and it is a normal function of the brain. It can be extended by the use of meditations like «putting oneself in the place of others».

Exact meaning 3: ability to organise knowledge directly, or to skip steps in reasoning to get straight to the point: an intuitive software.

Exact meaning 4: deep paradigm which creates itself spontaneously, and can bring diverse and distant people to common attitudes. For example the ecology intuition, or an invention made by several people independently but simultaneously.

Exact meaning 5: supra-sensory acquisition of information, feelings or ideas, during ordinary state of consciousness (premonition of a danger) or superior states of consciousness (NDE, high spiritual realizations).

Incorrect meaning: Some scientists, in disagreement with dictionaries, call intuition the ability of creating and using mental images. This is in fact visualization, an ability known and used for centuries in the spiritual and artistic worlds.

Newspeak meaning: a priori, idea that one wants to impose and justify by presenting it as an intuition, that is to say, something which cannot be questioned because it is supposed to be superior to intellectual knowledge.



Irrational (2022)

Irrational (adjective): Contrary to rationnal, see this word.

Irrational (noun, substantive). This word has no meaning, since «rational» or «irrational» are adjectives, which apply to a way of thinking or a behaviour. It is however frequently used as newspeak to designate parapsychology and other phenomena heretical in the eyes of rationalism. It should be noted that the only dictionary which endorses this newspeak is the one of the Académie Française, supposed to protect the French language from such distorsions.



Jihad (2024)

True meaning: one of the five duties of Muslim practitionners, of legitimate defence of Islam against violent aggressions. This activity is thoroughly regulated by the Kuran and several Hadiths (comments): only against armed men, not against women or children. Today in societies with a rule of law, there are other recourses, and this activity is restricted to immediate vital threats on persons, for Muslims as with other citizens.

Newspeak meaning: Terrorist acts against anybody, in the name of Islam or in the name of God.

Newspeak on newspeak: Pretending that the jihad or Islam are intrinsically about attacking people.



Job (1998)

See: occupation.



Junk science (2003)

Climate deniers newspeak: scientific studies which demonstrates the existence of real dangers.

Correct meaning: In fact, junk science is the false denial studies which hide the existence of real dangers: falsification of scientific results, lies in the media, infiltration and pressure on public authorities, etc. all trying to look like science.



Left (2020) Leftist (2023)

True meaning: any marxist or non-marxist party favouring social justice and economical equality.

Newspeak meaning: in USA politically illiterate right wing gibberish, confuses all together the Democrats, the left, Marxists, Communists, Socialists and ecology.

See also: marxism, socialism, liberal.



Liberal Liberalism (1994)

True meaning: for freedom

Newspeak meaning: for money, against the State. This is the credo of most right-wing parties.

Gibberish meaning: in the USA, against global conventions, the right wing calls the left «liberals». We don't really know where they are now.

Rule of conduct: avoid this word.

See also: marxism, left, Libertarian



Libertarian (1998)

Proponent of freedom. This word is little used, even used in a pejorative sense, because it is the one used by anarchists. Theoretically, this word should be used rather than the very capitalist «liberal». But given what the anarchists did with it...

Added in 2020: not to be confused with Libertarianist.



Libertarianist (special USA meaning, 2019)

Extreme right political movement advocating the rejection of morality and the elimination of governments in order to give free rein to corporate interests alone.



Love (1994)

True meaning 1: desire to bring goodness or help to one or several persons.

True meaning 2: love relationship, mutual gift of energy and tenderness between two persons, including sexual relationship or similar.

True meaning 3: family relationship, energy gift to growing children.

True meaning 4: respect of the speech of a spiritual master, devotion

Acceptable meaning: desire to enjoy something, desire to be with a person.

Weakened meaning: sexual desire without emotion.

Newspeak meaning 1: attachment, possession, desire to keep a person available to ask for help.

Newspeak meaning 2: clan relationship with a person, a group, etc.

See also: buddy, friend, boyfriend, girlfriend.

Love is the most important feeling, which conditions too many things to be overlooked or denigrated. We must recall the authentic meaning of this word, in any occasion and any other time, and always distinguish it from attachment, desire or possession.



Lucid, Lucidity (2006)

Exact sense: the ability to be conscious, or, more specifically, to know all the stakes of a situation, possibly without hiding the most unpleasant ones.

Sociopathic language: ability to disregard any morality, remorse or sensitivity to others.



Lucifer (2021)

This is an example of a newspeak which passed in current language, while its original meaning was forgotten. Initially Lucifer was considered a positive spirit, the «Bearer of Light».



Male chauvinist (1998)

See phallocrat



Manga (1998)

Originally the name of the work of Hokusai, one of the greatest Japanese cartoonists of the 19th century, at the height of the classical art of this country. The word was taken over to designate a style of Japanese comics linked to various grotty-punk ideologies: The stereotypes of this style, often caricatured, are an extreme antithesis of Japanese classical art (pointed chins instead of the classical rounded faces, eyes ostentatiously not slanted...). Nowadays, ideologies faded, and there are some very nice productions using these stereotypes.



Maoïsm (1998)

fascist ideology as what the most stupid must stalk all the others. Great experts in slaughter, newspeak and torture.



Marijuana (2004)

A drug without interest. Save for the dealer.



Marxism (1998)

Ideology which features the unpleasant ambiguity of being at the same time idealistic (fraternity, equality...), dualistic (opposing people) and anti-spiritual. This ambiguity is inevitably found in the results, since Marxists often began by slaughtering everybody, thereby admitting their own inability to resolve this contradiction.

Newspeak meaning: in USA politically illiterate right wing gibberish, confuses all together the Democrats, left, communists, socialist and ecology.

See also: communism, left, liberal.



Migrant (2003)

One of the many euphemisms for talking about non-white people, without feeling racist. Missed, it also became a racist word. As to myself, I don't like euphemisms. A cat is a cat, a Latino is a Latino, and a racist is a moron.



Miscreant (2005)

See Atheist



Metaverse (2023)

Exact meaning:

-The set of all the virtual worlds

-A subset of virtual worlds which are connected together in some way.

Today most virtual worlds are still using a screen and keyboard interface, since computers are not yet powerful enough to fully support headsets. The latter also have little or no control.

Newspeak meaning: using a 3D headset. Since they are still a technology promise, few virtual worlds use them, and they are often reduced at showing us dinosaurs or zombies attacking us.



Morals (1994)

Exact meaning 1: THE morality. Respect for life and happiness of beings. Absolute Morality is not an intellectual construction and therefore cannot be apprehended without the help of intuition or meditation. More precisely, it is necessary to have realized the non-duality between apparently contradictory terms, for example, discipline and freedom.

Exact meaning 2: A morality. A set of rules of conduct towards other conscious beings, towards life, and towards oneself, in principle inspired by the meaning 1. These rules are normally intended to ensure the integrity and Happiness of all beings. There are several historically important ones, and many others are known.

Newspeak meaning 1: to denigrate the exact meaning 2 and especially the exact meaning 1.

Origin of the manipulation: ancient, with libertine or anarchist movements. Taken up today by educators, social workers and others, who do not want to «moralize»... in a society where the rejection of all values has become a game. Woe to those who lose... We even get to the point where, faced with a moral rule, some people do arrgh shocking like the bourgeois women of the past in front of a naked calf.

Very serious newspeak meaning 2: system of arbitrarily chosen rules imposed on others in order to preserve an ideology or a peculiar interests: Travail-Famille-Patrie, bourgeois morality, etc.

See also: consensus, ethics, virtuous.

Right attitude: see my book «General Epistemology», part six, for an example of an objective approach of morality, on sufficiently solid bases.



Music (1998)

True meaning: The old dictionaries gave the definition: the art of combining sounds in a pleasant way. But, in order not to shock the grotty-punks, the most recent dictionaries deleted «in a pleasant way».

Grotty-punk newspeak meaning: any unpleasant combination of sounds.

See also: rap.



Mysterious Mystery (1994)

Original meaning: theatrical representation of abstract spiritual or religious themes, illustrated by a parable. The aim is to identify oneself with a realised being, which is certainly more productive than identifying with a character from a spy movie or thriller.

Common meaning: unknown, incomprehensible.

See also: Greek and Antic Mysteries.



Myth (2005)

Exact meaning: the founding narrative of a culture, civilization or religion, which provides the framework for its interpretation. A mythological narrative can be real, interpreted from real facts, or completely imaginary, without diminishing its function.

Gibberish or newspeak language: imaginary fact or event. Avoid using this meaning, which is at best confusing.

Newspeak meaning: A fact which existence is denied. For example, a person unable to live as a couple will denounce «the myth of perfect love» to exonerate himself of his incapacity.



Naive (1998)

Original meaning: a natural, simple, spontaneous being, who was not previously formed by a context or an apprenticeship. For example a naive artist.

Pejorative meaning: a person a little silly, gullible. This pejorative connotation is a pity, given the original meaning. The language should be clarified.



Narrative (2020)

Newspeak meaning: This word is used to disparage truth, authority, science, etc. as mere stories, thus negating any truth in them.



Nationalism (1998)

There are two meanings, a positive and a negative:

Positive meaning: the culture and specificity of a group.

Negative meaning: Hatred of foreigners.

The problem is that, each time we invoke the positive side, then the negative side feels called. So that it is better not to speak of nationalism at all.



Natural (1998)

True meaning: production of nature, which exists without human activity.

Green newspeak meaning: adorned with the virtue of health, infallibility, etc. (Amanita phalloides, alcohol…). Often accompanied with malevolence towards everything which comes from intelligence and human work. This is a seed of a green totalitarianism, to crush before it grows.

See also: organic and industrial.



Naturist Naturism (1998)

Philosophy or practice of the relationship with nature, attitude of sensual or sensitive communion with nature. Naturists are sometimes nudist, but not necessarily. Nudists are not necessarily naturists.

Just attitude: naturism when there is communion or philosophy, and nudism when there is not.



Neurodiversity (2019)

This concept is questionable, because it assumes that some mental conditions would be «another form of normality». This may be true in some cases, but others clearly are a burden for the victim.



Neutral (2022)

Exact meaning: who is not taking side, who supports both sides equally. This is an important quality of governments, judges, commentators, etc. who must not favour any person or category.

Newspeak meaning: when the concepts, qualifications or methods of neutrality are applied to a situation with an aggressor and a victim, then it legitimates the aggression, and often it binds the victim.



Non-dual Non-duality (1998)

True meaning: The fact that two logical statements, or two objects, are true simultaneously, although they are contradictory according to Aristotelian logic. Originally this is a notion of the spiritual realm, but I give a scientific definition in the first part of my book «General Epistemology».

Possible misunderstanding: We must be careful that some authors (especially scientists) use the word non-dual to say dual, and vice versa, hence possible confusions. I chose the majority opinion, the one of specialists (spirituality) that dictionaries more or less confirm.



Normal (1998)

Exact meaning 1: Who is in good physical and mental health.

Exact meaning 2: Who behaves in a sociable, situation-appropriate manner.

Exact meaning 3: Usual.

Imprecise meaning: In medicine, sociology, etc. there is often is a confusion between average and normal.

Newspeak meaning: Who behaves according to the dominant ideology. Materialist. Who does not ask questions about life. Who has no sensitivity, who only sees money and its laws.



New Age or New Era (1994)

A cultural and spiritual movement which was progressively constituted in the United States and then in Europe, from 1980 onwards, characterised by a spiritual and naturist search, often naive. It results from a new need for spirituality, which does not recognise itself in the traditional religions, judged sclerotic or too directive. This freedom resulted in a catch-all where the interesting, the folkloric and the lame come all together: the emergence of the «Aquarian Age» or a rapid period of awakening, astrology, alternative medicine, massage and various yoga, extraterrestrial contacts, mediumship («channeling», often bogus), ecology, naturism, painting, music, crystals, geobiology, numerology... Generally discreet and not very politicized, this movement has brought very interesting artistic productions in painting and music (censored in the French mass distribution), but also beliefs and cults, some of them dangerous. For these reasons, today (2020) the New Age no longer exists as such, even if its artists continue to operate. Those who really want to accomplish a profound spiritual work will soon find themselves dissatisfied with the approximations of the New Age, and they will finally return to the great tried and tested traditions, the only ones today capable of proposing a truly founded and effective spiritual work.

Deviating meaning: an insult against the spiritual.



Notoriety (2021)

True meaning: The fact of being known, by our actions, our competences, etc.

Newspeak meaning: Person favored by Internet search engines or by wikipedia, through the tampering of search results: multiple links artificially pointing toward the same site, preference granted to «celebrities», to social networks, to advertising sites, etc. against pertinent content pages, but that the system does not like.

Origin of the manipulation: wikipedia, search engines



Nuclear (1998)

Satanic cult practicing human sacrifice. But cult hunters do not notice it, because it is future generations who are sacrificed.



Nudism, nudist (1998)

Practice of living naked in nature or in public. See naturist



Objective (1994)

True meaning: Valid for everybody in the same way, which does not depend on a personal or particular point of view: The shape of an object is objective, regardless of the perspective image we have of it from our point of view. (See also subjective). For example the laws of Colour Harmony are objective, independently of the various personal or cultural tastes possible among these harmonies.

scientistist newspeak meaning: Material, tangible, as opposed to abstract, the later supposed to be of the only domain of belief or dream. Pro-nuclear power, etc.

More general newspeak meaning: Who sees more specifically the reasons to recess, to doubt, to be in evil, than the reasons to hope, to move forward, to do a good job. Pessimist, supporter of evil. Who sees more dirty, cruel and ugly things.

Origin of the manipulation: undoubtedly ancient, but spread in the administrative and capitalist language especially around the 1970s, and scientistist in the 1980s.



Occupation (job) (1998)

True meaning: none.

Newspeak meaning: activity within the framework of the money and contracts system. This word is often used with the unhealthy hypostasis that anyone who does not have an occupation within the system of money and contracts is useless, and that any activity outside this system is worthless.



Opinion (1998)

In the absolute, opinions are useless. Indeed the only interesting thing is to know the reality, whether it is material, spiritual, moral, etc. Any projection of our mind, be it dogma, error or belief, takes us away from this reality, veiling it, which can only lead to inconsistencies and suffering.

In practice, reality is not knowable directly, but only through a process of trial and error (the evolution of scientific theories in the material realm, or the evolution of individual consciousness in the spiritual realm) where theories follow one another, each one approaching reality a little closer. This imperfection of our human apprehension may explain individual errors or the limits of an era, but it cannot justify:

-neither infringement of freedom of opinion.

-neither the right to do anything in the name of freedom of opinion.

-neither ideological conformity.

-neither perverse opinions (sadism, egocentrism, imperialism...).

-neither the sophistry as what reality is a matter of personal opinion (not even in the artistic or aesthetic field).

-neither finding normal or inevitable that opinions are asserted according to power balance.

-neither to say that the evolution of knowledge, of the mind of civilization, is aimless and without direction, that it is not a search for truth, for the Good.



Order (social order, law enforcement, policing...) (1998)

True meaning: maintaining social peace and people's rights in the face of abuse or violence.

Newspeak meaning: maintaining abuse or violence in the face of social peace and people's rights. Example: the «forces of law and order» protected the construction of a nuclear power plant, which is a very serious violation of public order.



Organic (food) (1998)

A kind of hypostasis common in ecology circles is that an organic product would inevitably come from an artisanal production method, which is expensive in terms of human labour (which for long slowed down the development of organic products, and does not go in the direction of reducing working hours).



Pagan, paganism (2001)

Very pejorative newspeak meaning: Any religion other than Christianity.

Origin of the manipulation: the Roman emperor Theodosius, around 380.



Page Rank (Internet indexation) (2021):

The «notoriety» of an Internet page is calculated by google after its «PageRank»: the number of links pointing toward the considered page. Not only this number is not an indication of the relevance of a page, but in more it can easily be gamed, and it is massively gamed by advertising sites and medias. Other search engines claim to use better algorithms, but until now none replaced my page on General Epistemology in a philosophy or science rubrique, where persons ignoring its existence would be able to find it. This is how a search engine is supposed to work



Paranoia (2004)

True meaning: serious, often dangerous mental illness, one of the main symptoms of which is to attribute hostile intentions to people around.

Weakened meaning: a person who feels wrongly threatened, who sees manipulations or plots everywhere.

Newspeak meaning: a person who denounces an aggression or persecution of which he or she is really a victim. Then the perpetrator tries to make the victim look sick.



Pardon, to Pardon (1994)

Noble exact meaning: to be able to pacify negative emotions towards a person, after having suffered or been harmed by the actions of this person, and to return to a state of Love or sincere Benevolence towards this person, even if we do not tell this person.

Limp meaning: compromise, agreement of non-aggression with a person who harmed us or caused us to suffer.

Completely deliquescent meaning: forgetting, pushing everything under the carpet, and starting over again the same nonsense at the first opportunity. Pretend that everything is fine and avoid speaking of the problems, put a charitable varnish on it. Exposing ourself inconsiderately.

Newspeak meaning: the forgiver is considered naive or masochistic.

Truly cynical newspeak meaning: To do the great lord and «forgive» one's victim. Always beware of people who forgive easily or with great show. Added in 2000: false forgiveness, or the guilty person forgiving the victim.



Partner (2003)

True meaning: a person with whom we share a relationship or activity.

Newspeak meaning: a person with whom we have a conflict together.




True meaning: pure (saturated) colour diluted with white. Originally it was the pale pastel blue used during the Renaissance, then pastels, a kind of chalk used to work with a white background.

Newspeak meaning: muted colour (desaturated), diluted with grey. This is actually called «coloured grey».

Effect of the manipulation: to prevent our appropriation of high vibrations.

Prevalence: Many photos, movies, newsreels, etc. have their colours muted, in order to break the natural vibrations. A Brother LC985 printer has a grey filter called «natural» activated by default, which must be unclicked each time it is used in order to have the natural colours.



Pedoclast (2006)

An especially repugnant individual, worse than a pedophile I would say, who breaks children by taking sides against one of the parents and organizing their discord and separation. Particularly common among social workers and some legal professions.



(The) people (2003)

See also: Celebrities.

True meaning: everybody while logically excluding privileged minorities and the government.

Newspeak meaning: The most stupid, dirty, reactionary or violent.

See also: Populism.



Personal (2004)

True meaning: a set of perceptions and actions which are personal, not copied from other people.

Newspeak meaning: Standardized behaviour which is fashioned, or imposed by the TV.



Personal development (2021)

Personnal development is like Canada Dry: it looks like spirituality, it tastes like spirituality, it does rituals and poses of spirituality, but it is not spirituality. At best it makes feel good, at worst it is ego inflation. In fact, personnal development is what had become of cults, watering down their methods to avoid rejection, but still with the same motivation of money or power.

True spirituality can accommodate thousands forms, styles, cultures, ideas, conceptions. But it always features:

-An ethical effort or respect for other sentient beings

-An effort of psycho-education, to eliminate neuroses, prejudices, opinions, etc.

-A training of the mind to eliminate dualism causings social divisions or extremism.

-Rejection of drugs, as enemies of consciousness.



Personal page (2021)

True meaning: Internet page where a person, a family, a small group, etc. Speaks of itself, its activities, its memories, etc.

Newspeak meaning: Any page on any topic, science, ethics, art, spirituality, politics, fiction, etc. by a person who is not recognized as a «celebrity» by wikipedia or the Internet search engines.

Example: In the beginning of Internet (about 1998) I found my page on General Epistemology listed among the great philosophers, antic or modern. Today it is considered a «personal page», ignored by wikipedia and unfindable otherwise than with typing its title. (Continuation: see PageRank)

Origin of the manipulation: GAFA, wikipedia, search engines



People (2003)

True meaning: everybody while logically excluding privileged minorities and the government.

Newspeak meaning: The most stupid, dirty, reactionary or violent.

See also: Populism.



Phallocrat (1998)

True meaning: sexist, who does not like women, in the case of a man.

Origin: feminist movement (1970s)

Newspeak meaning: Man. Sexist slur against men. Any man who shows a sexual interest in women.

Origin: Feminist movement (1970s).

(You understand?)

Clarification: of course the feminist movement demands equality, and therefore respect for both men and women. The insults against men come from the women supremacist movement, which uses the dualistic spirit to parasitize the feminist movement and destroy it from within.



Popular (2004)

True meaning: what the great majority of people love, think or do, excluding the various elites, governor and privileged.

Newspeak meaning: what the dirtiest, atheist, ignorant and stupid people love, think and do, excluding normal people who went to school.



Populism (1998)

Ideology as what the stupidest, mentally limited, vulgar and dirty people must run the society. Not to be confused with democracy, where everyone can give his point of view.



Pornography (1998)

A perverse sexual attitude which attaches an idea of shame, filth and prohibition to sexual pleasure, in order to deprive us of the beautiful vibration of love and the force of liberation which comes from it. See also prudishness

Newspeak meaning: Used to denigrate any form of sexuality, including nice and legit ones.



Positivism (1998)

Scientistist theory which attempts to reduce all life to what is materially observable. Although in its extreme forms it is condemned by some scientists, it still has a great pernicious influence on many scientific fields today, notably the taboos on the study of consciousness and mind, on unexplained phenomena, the denigration of spirituality, and even psychological blockages on certain physical disciplines (cosmology «before» the Big-Bang, quantum effects… although in 2020 these taboos are disappearing).

Positivism also extends in other fields, law, economics, sociology, psychology, where it always is a denial of precisely what is most human in these fields. See Chapter II-7 for a discussion of positivism.



Psychedelic (1998)

True meaning: which exacerbates feelings, sensations. Etymologically: «which makes the soul visible». This is how the Hippies used this word.

Generalization: a fashion, a style. There are psychedelic musics, and even some classical musics perfectly deserve this adjective.

Newspeak meaning: Today's dictionaries (le Larousse, or wikipédia) say it is the state caused by LSD. Shame on those limited people who can have emotions only with drugs. And they give us lessons afterwards...



Public (the) (1998)

True meaning: everybody, with all the variety of tastes, opinions, lifestyles, interests, etc....

Gobbledygook Meaning: Those who use this word often seek some kind of approval for their personal tastes or opinions. So the audience is, depending on the needs, made up exclusively of punks, anti-Arabs, soccer addicted couch potatoes, etc. but never of you and me.



Pudor (1998)

True meaning: a defensive reaction against aggressions such as pornography, sexism, materialism, prosaicism... consisting in hiding one's body, feelings or mind.

Sad meaning: PTSD appearing as shame or fear, resulting from «educative» sexual agression (shaming) during childhood.

Idiot meaning: to consider the body as an object of shame which must be hidden.

See also: prudery.



Prudery, prudishness, pudibondry (1998)

Sexual perversion attaching to sexual pleasure an idea of shame, filth, prohibition, in order to deprive us of the beautiful vibration of love and the force of liberation which flows from it.

See also: pornography



punk (1998)

Fascist and reactionary ideology, limiting and anti-freedom, based on a sophistry as what everything which is beautiful, which brings hope or progress, is «bad», «corny» or «bourgeois».

Origin: Around 1977 the real punk movement took place in England, which tried to denounce a too fixed image of the sclerotic and taken over militant. This movement thought it was irrecoverable, because of its link with garbage («punk» in the literal meaning). In fact, this movement is the one which was the most taken over ever. In France this manipulation was visible very early in the tabloid «Libération», probably in reaction against the true alternative movements (ecology, communities...) still powerful at that time. But it probably had other sources, to spread so quickly outside the restricted audience of this newspaper. For example, the big music publishers also actively contributed to it, by imposing this style in music, as the «fashion of the youth».



Puritanism (1998)




Quantum (2020)

True meaning: in physics, a fundamental law saying that certain phenomena occur according to a small number of values, instead of continuously.

Extended meaning: anything which is counted, or which experiences jumps in its definition.

Gibberish meaning: Some crooks use this word to sell «quantum» snake oil powders. As a result of this nonsense I had to change the title of the chapter VII-4 of my book «General Epistemology» from «How Psychophysical Phenomena would be Quantified» to «How Psychophysical Phenomena Occur» so that nobody would confuse my work with this nonsense. Also see note 91.

Newspeak impact on this book: One of the main findings of this book is that, not only physics, but also consciousness and other phenomena, also happen by jumps, without defined reality between them (Chapter V-2 and following). Hence my use of the word «quantum», between quotes, as an analogy. But a theory of consciousness is, understandably, already hard to digest for classical scientists. But now, the rotting of the word «quantum» will certainly be the main obstacle into the acceptance of my work, making it at once confused with pseudoscience by tired scientist who will not try to read further than the title. I even had to change some chapter titles for this reason! This newspeak even looks exactly as if was targetting my work. Cheers, this means that we are entering the second stage of acceptance (among four stages: the theory is ignored, ridiculed, repressed, and accepted).



Racialized, racized (2024)

Media gibberish, in their efforts to raise racism. Booby trapped word, with multiple meanings, born newspeak. We can retain for definition: which attracts undue attention on the race of people, most often with imputing collective intents on the targetted race. Thus it is a fundamentally racist word and concept. Some authors use it to denounce racism, but this may be understood otherwise, like vectoring the intent imputation. Thus this word is to avoid.



Racist (2002)

True meaning: who does not like people of a different race from his own.

Newspeak meaning: White



rap, rapper (1998)

True meaning: anti-music designed to attack the listener or to break any notion of beauty.

Origin of the fart: emanation of the grotty-punk movement of the fascist city gangs. It is also very curious to see how quickly rap was imposed by the media and music publishers, while so many other interesting or positive styles are held in the shadow.

See also: tag.



Rape (1999)

Exact meaning: any sexual intercourse with a non-consenting person or a person incapable of informed consent (minor, mentally handicapped, animal...).

Newspeak meaning: any sexual intercourse between a man and a woman. Even imaginary, this act deserves punishment, on simple accusation, without trial.

Origin of the manipulation: dualistic «feminists», women supremacists. This is typically an example where denouncing an injustice, but without bringing spiritual progress, maintains the exact same level of injustice, just inverted.



Rational (1994)

True meaning: Which is in the realm of reasoning, of logic.

Newspeak meaning 1: Partisan of: materialism, atheism, money, paperwork, capitalism, technocracy, pollution, nuclear power, highways, war, power, force, etc.

Newspeak meaning 2: Put one's ego or interests before the others. This is one of the dogmas of economic studies, especially econophysics simulations. This dogma is the reason why these studies always «demonstrate» that we need capitalism.

Newspeak meaning 3: anti-beauty, anti-nature, anti-spirit.

Purpose of the manipulation: to serve grotesque interests, while avoiding that moral or human considerations come to denounce them.



Rationalism (1994)

There is notable ambiguity about the meaning of this word. Normally, a rationalist is a person who is in favour of the exact meaning of the word «rational». But more often than not, people who call themselves rationalists are actually trying to reduce life to its material aspects alone, to the exclusion of all sensitive, moral or spiritual bases which are inaccessible to them. They also exclude any motivation other than egocentricity. This ideology is often used as a caution by criminal activities such as nuclear power, destruction of nature, vivisection, etc...

In the absence of consensus on the exact meaning of the word, it is best to avoid its use.



Realism, Realistic (1994)

True meaning: which considers what exists, which takes reality into account, regardless of whether it is good or bad. For example, in science or in technique, a realistic simulation reproduces the behaviour of a real phenomenon, with sufficient accuracy.

Reduced meaning: as reality is often a source of limitation in relation to our projects and ideals, the word often has a pessimistic connotation: for example, a realistic compromise, in relation to an ideal that we cannot achieve. But the word does not intrinsically have this meaning.

Newspeak meaning 1: pessimist, advocate of evil and limitations.

Newspeak meaning 2: Politically reactionary, partisan of money, capitalism, nuclear power, suffering, etc.

Newspeak meaning 3: Motivation based on material, egocentric or power desires, as opposed to spiritual, sentimental, ethical or artistic motivations.



«Reality» shows (2003)

Exact meaning: none.

Newspeak meaning: the different types of such programs are just the opposite of reality. Some present an artificial world of rich, young and handsome people, others present Machiavellian scenes where people who are supposed to be living together in friendship are in reality put in competition, with a big financial incentive to exclude each other. Cameras in the toilets, anonymous «voters», snitches who point out the losers, people confiding their sorrows to be insulted and humiliated, grotesque staging... all this stinks of Huxley's Brave New World, unless it is a «clean» modern version of the incredible spectacle of public torture in the Roman arenas. That such things can even exist at all is worrying enough; that there are so few protests speaks volumes about the degree of decay of the television viewers and of the public authorities who are supposed to control the media. All these people live in their own world. And it is a very ugly world.



Realpolitik (1998)

Newspeak meaning: Politics which disregard any morality and humanity to satisfy only appetites for power.



Reconciliation (2003)

True meaning: The fact that, between enemies or people who harmed each other, to return to a state of sincere friendship, without anymore resentment or desire for revenge.

Newspeak meaning 1: The act of submitting again to someone who already hurt us.

Newspeak meaning 2: Protecting criminals, such as collaborators in France in 1945, or torturers in Algeria.



Recreational (2019), about drugs

True meaning: none

Newspeak meaning: legal fiction as what drugs have legitimate and positive uses

Origin of the manipulation: Intellectuals and the drug lobby



Recyclable (1998)

In the beginning, claims of this order were not going further than logos (hence the addition of this word on the indicated date). But today 2020, industrials understand the interest of recycling. So we have an example of the positive evolution of language and of what it covers.



Redneck (2020)

Neutral meaning: country people in the southeast USA.

Positive meaning: endearing or self-derision by the above people.

Pejorative meaning: boor, idiot.

Political meaning: reactionary, right-wing, stupid, populist.



Real, reality (1998)

Some people speak about «their» reality, to justify themselves, and of «your» reality, to lower you. It is therefore better to be clear and to speak about objective (others, what exists) or subjective (oneself, what one perceives), possibly non-dual. But these words also have catastrophic connotations. This constant war of meanings shows the importance of the stakes.



Religion (1996)

Traditional Meaning: System of knowledge of the world, of relationship with the divine plane, and the practical way of life derived from it, usually given by people who have had particular abilities or revelations.

Modern Meaning: An attitude of seeking and practicing a moral life respectful of others, or of seeking and understanding the laws of life and spirit.

Perverted meaning: Attitude of exclusive emotional attachment to a more or less closed system of beliefs or dogmas.

Newspeak meaning 1: (very old) system of dogmas and power, claiming to be a religion.

Newspeak meaning 2: (modern) This word is used to denigrate any spiritual or moral search and to assimilate it to a belief without foundation.



Representative (noun) (2005)

Exact meaning: a person who conveys the opinion of a group in an assembly where decisions are made, disregarding his or her personal opinions.

Newspeak meaning: A person who has a mandate and do whatever he or she wants with it.



Representative (adjective) (2005)

Exact Meaning: Representing the variety of a population, group, etc. For example, in an opinion poll, a representative sample responds like the entire population, including presenting diverse, majority or minority opinions. (Creating representative samples is a complex discipline based on statistics).

Newspeak meaning: Representing only technocrats, capitalists, materialists, etc.



Repression, suppression (2023)

The mistake about repression is to consider that its purpose is to prevent or punish certain activities, opinions, knowledge, practices, etc. In fact, repression is everywhere and always a purely and only sociopathic or sadistic activity, pure stalking, which should be denounced as such. To recognize a motive or an intention for it is in a way to play its game, to justify it. We therefore need to speak of repression without specifying repression of what. It is not need to advertise the pretext.

Well, intelligent people may try to prevent certain dangerous behaviours. In this case, they use humane and respectful methods. They do not repress lifestyles, musical instruments, scarves or hair. They don't need no black uniforms or hateful grimaces.



(To) respect (2003)

Exact meaning: to respect someone, not to harm them, not to denigrate them, to accept them.

Newspeak meaning: to be afraid of someone, to submit to them, to be racketed.



Responsible (1994)

Exact meaning 1: Able to take appropriate decisions. Able to take responsibility for the consequences of one's actions (and to correct them, if they are wrong).

Exact meaning 2: Chief. Person in charge of.

Legal meaning: the one who will pay.

Newspeak meaning: Capitalist, barmy civil servant, rationalist, etc.



Roleplay (1998)

Normal meaning: A game where each player plays a role, like in the theatre, but without a pre-established scenario, just a framework. It is thought that computers and the Internet made roleplaying possible, but in reality children have been roleplaying for thousands of years.

Newspeak meaning: Violent, anti-poetic, immoral, even satanic game.



Romanticism (1998)

We can see roughly two meanings to this word, without trying to find out which one appeared first:

- Poetic and lyrical vibration, a bit naturist, based on the great love, wide and unlimited...

- a form of masochism for sad or tragic things, without hope.

Often the two are mixed. Always be careful, because some books claiming to be romantic can break your heart.



Rhythm (music) (1998)

True meaning: dominated by rhythm, instead of harmony or melody.

Newspeak meaning: noisy, fascist.



Sartorian (2021)

Always be wary when new words appear in the media without we are given their definition. This usually means that some closed group believes that its internal folklore would be a universal social norm. Especially this curious word, with its very remarkable black and masochistic vibration, evoking some strange mortification ritual. If we look for the definition in dictionaries, we learn that it is a clothing style. Yes, but which? Another suspicious sign is when dictionaries suddenly become evasive: «elegant», they say. Yes, well, an elven tunic, a kimono or a sari are elegant, so that this does not tell us anything. «Tailor style» say other dictionaries. Which does not mean anything either, since a tailor is supposed to do what his client requires him to do, whatever the style.

So you will not get anywhere until you select images as search results. Try before you read... Bingo! A «Sartorian» suit is an expensive capitalist suit and tie. On Youtube, you find people explaining such basic things as not letting the corners of your shirt collar show above the collar of your jacket. That's surely what will solve the climate crisis!

And, as we guessed it, this word and this style are indeed masochistic in many ways:

- The mortifying practice of wearing uncomfortable clothes denying the sensuality of the body, with low vibrating colours.

- Expensive clothing as an ostentatious sign of egocentricity or irresponsibility, in a world where so many people and activities still lack the essentials.

- Discrimination against those who cannot or do not want to dress in this way.

- If you are Hindu, Chinese, African, Japanese, etc. wearing this style says that you are still colonised.



Satan (2021)

This is an example of a newspeak which passed in current language, while its original meaning was forgotten. Initially Satan was a neutral or beneficial deity, still adored today by the Yazidi people. This newspeak was part of a large batch of demonization performed by the Catholic Church, or earlier by Judaism, in their effort to despise the other religions.



Science, Scientifical (1994)

Exact meaning 1: method based on reasoning (rational thinking) and observable facts, which allows to explore the real world. It is also called epistemology. Science is efficient, but today its action has been arbitrarily limited to material fields only.

Exact meaning 2: A body of knowledge about the world, acquired by this method.

Exact meaning 3: All the people and institutions who apply this method.

Perverted meaning: belief in the absolute accuracy and omnipotence of science (scientistism).

Newspeak meaning 1: Materialism, negation of any knowledge or experience which cannot be reduced to something material.

Newspeak meaning 2: Technocrat, supporter of nuclear power, of conception fiddling, of GMOs (2003), etc...

My book «General Epistemology» aims precisely at removing these ambiguities, and to propose a complete science which would include the domains of the mind.



Scientistism (1994)

This is a rare word in English, trying to translate the much more common French «scientiste» (used by French scientists themselves). Given the importance of the concept, I fostered the English word.

Exact meaning: Attitude of belief in the omnipotence of physical science. This attitude is psychologically equivalent to a modern religion (in the perverted sense) which priests would be the scientists and the temples the laboratories, with the people of ignorant worshippers.

Origin of the manipulation: This word appeared recently (in French science literature) to distinguish between 1) science itself, in principle devoid of ideological and moral preconceptions, and 2) a reactionary and inquisitorial ideology which set itself the goal of fighting ecology, alternative medicine, parapsychology, UFOs, spirituality, even the human spirit itself. The basis of scientistism is the refusal of any motivation other than self-centred materialism, disguised as discourse on objectivity and rationality. See these words. This origin is ancient, but it takes organized forms which are dangerous for public liberties, such as the anti-ecology negationist propaganda of the American media barons (Added in 2019: it would have been better to listen to my warnings...).



Spam (2023)

Exact meaning: useless emails sent to billions of random Internet users, by sick person in order to attract attention on their ego. Also used by scammers.

Newspeak meaning: Type of hazing where legit messages are suppressed, under the pretext of spam. This is often done from political censorship.



Screw (2003)

See also: fuck.



Sect (1994)

Ancient meaning: before the years 1973-1974 this word meant only a small group, spiritual organization, religion or a division of a larger one. It is often found in the literature of that time, and still in English, or in Buddhism, without any pejorative meaning.

See: Cult.



Sectarianism, sectarian (1994)

True meaning: Person with narrow views, or scorning those who do not have the same opinions as them.

Newspeak meaning: Anyone who has a specific commitment against a vice or harmful attitude. (Vegetarians, non-smokers, non-drinkers, non-violent, spiritual practitioners, heterosexuals, chaste people, people with religious commitments or vows, etc.).

Origin of the manipulation: sectarian people introduced into naturist, spiritualist, ecological etc. circles.

See also: sectarianism, tolerance and fundamentalism.



Secularism (2004) (From «Laïcité», in French)

Exact meaning: The fact that people of different philosophical and spiritual choices live together harmoniously. A form of government which does not propose or impose philosophical or religious choices.

Newspeak meaning 1: Atheism, materialism. Form of government which represses religions or spiritual practice. More subtly, a form of government claiming to be democratic, but which imposes values of egocentrism, materialism or competition which are opposed to spirituality or to religion.

Newspeak meaning 2: racism, from opposition to certain religions. This meaning has recently been reactivated by extreme right-wing Islamophobics, and led to several laws or «regulations» which discriminate against spiritual practice.



Security, security forces (2000)

These words are mostly translated from French. In English there are several words for the concept.

Exact meaning: a situation or condition where people do not need to fear attacks, accidents or risks of any kind. The operations of the security forces (or police, or law enforcement, or protection forces) aim at maintaining this state in the face of accidents or attacks.

Newspeak meaning: the so-called security forces (or police, or force of order, or protection forces) are in fact used for aggression on people: dictatorship, repression of rights or social movements. In the USA this include people wearing weapons or organising «self defence» groups.

Computer newspeak: bug. When a function of a software does not work, the manufacturer says that the function has been removed for security reasons.



Self defence(2020)

In English this word confuses two different and incompatible concepts, which are rendered by two explicitly different words in French:

Legitimate defence: the legal authorization to use violence against an attacker, after clearly defined and restrictive legal rules.

Auto-defence: the fact of preparing oneself to a supposed attack, by stocking weapons, organizing militia, preparing traps, etc. In France this is illegal.




Exact meaning: none. Do not use this word for a self-portrait, nor for a respectful souvenir photo of a scene.

Newspeak meaning: self-portrait made in such a way as to grotesquely distort the features of the face, appropriating and distorting the background in a celebration of the photographer's ego.

Prevalence: massive advertising by the media and big internet companies.



Sensual (1998)

Exact meaning: to communiate through the senses with nature or with others. Who enjoys or makes others enjoy through the senses.

Newspeak meaning: sexual. Limiting this word in this way denies the communion with nature, consciousness at the moment, etc. In this case, of course, the sex is necessarily pornographic.



Serious (1994)

Exact meaning 1: Who gives himself the means to be effective.

Exact meaning 2: Who counts, who deserves to be taken into consideration.

Exact meaning 3: extreme, tragic.

Ridiculous meaning: Dressed in a suit and tie. (gently aging)

Newspeak meaning: Materialist. Supporters of: money, paperwork, capitalism, technocracy, pollution, nuclear power and greenhouse effect, highways, war, power, force, etc.



Sex (1998)

Exact meaning: one of the joys of life, a consequence of Love.

Newspeak sense 1: pornography

Newspeak sense 2: sex considered as a vice, from pudibondry.



Sexually Liberated (1994)

Exact meaning: liberated from the absurd sexual and sexist taboos, according to the libertarian and feminist conceptions which were common in the different movements: Communities, Hippies, etc. (see these words)

Newspeak meaning: who only inverted values and thinks he is free to do everything with his sex: misconduct, vices, lack of respect, sexism, seduction, abandonment of companions or children, transmission of dangerous diseases...

Origin of manipulation: those who understood nothing, but nothing of nothing!



(To) share (1998)

Newspeak meaning: to deprive oneself for the benefit of others. If you are with people who don't like you, they will ask you to share (deprive yourself) even if there is enough for everyone, or even if they don't need what you have.



Slut (2003)

Exact meaning (slang): dirty or evil person.

Newspeak, shabby and sexist meaning: denigration of women who like sex. Pornographic denigration of women, or of sex in general. To top it all off, it is by persons who want sex!



Soccer (1998)

True meaning: game.

Deviated meaning: fanatical religion. But what about sport? Or, simply the pleasure of the body in the game? Nothing to see, Where there is only money and fat spectators.



Socialism (2020)

True meaning: non-marxist left, or any party favouring social justice and economical equality, while not seeking to totally eliminate capitalism. Example: in France, the Parti Socialiste.

Newspeak meaning: in USA politically illiterate right wing gibberish confuses all together the Democrats, left, communists, socialist and ecology.

See also: marxism, left, liberal.



Society (2001)

Exact meaning 1: A group of people who may have various types of relationships with each other.

Exact meaning 2: The society: the whole of all individuals, as a group with various interactions between them.

Newspeak meaning: THE SOCIETY as a set of limitations and laws established by a small group of individuals who claim to speak on behalf of all.



Sociobiology (1998)

Native newspeak meaning: fascist theory, aiming at eliminating any morality or pursuit of happiness, by trying to reduce the fields of mind and consciousness to biological phenomena. Although in its extreme forms it is condemned by scientists, it has nevertheless a pernicious influence on many fields of science today: taboos on the study of consciousness and mind, crimes against animals (vivisection) and the chronic difficulties of science in grasping the ethical aspects of its activity.

Derived legitimate meaning: scientific study of the behaviour of social insects.



Soviet (1994)

Exact meaning: who remembers what a Soviet was supposed to be? A people's assembly, a decision-maker, in a neighbourhood, a village, a factory... therefore a very interesting form of direct democracy.

Newspeak meaning: the word was taken over by the Soviet Communist Party, which emptied it of its meaning and replaced it with simple local executive bodies, imposing the policies of the central government without any local feedback.



Spontaneous, spontaneity (1998)

Exact meaning: without calculation, without any pre-established cultural or ideological mould.

Newspeak meaning: absolute right to do whatever bag comes in mind, whatever the consequences.



Subjective (1994)

Exact meaning: Dependent on a personal or particular point of view: the image we have of a given object is subjective, dependent on the perspective we have of it. Personal tastes and cultural preferences are subjective, among the different Harmonies of possible colours.

Newspeak meaning 1: word denigrating the partisans of life, hope, progress, optimists, supporters of the Good, ecologists, spiritual, peaceful, etc., etc.

Newspeak meaning 2: word denigrating all the deep aspects of the human being and of life, which cannot be apprehended by a rationalist or materialist approach, such as morality, feelings, the nature of consciousness, the purpose of life, etc...

Origin of the manipulation: spread in the administrative and capitalist language especially around the 1970s, and scientistist language in the 1980s.

Replacement: Depending on the context and the interlocutors, it may be useful to prefer words like: biased, personal, sensitive, depending on the negative or positive meaning. But, given the seriousness of the manipulation, we need to claim the exact meaning of the term. In concrete life, especially in disputes, it is important not to be trapped into making a «personal case» of more general claims about the primacy of human sensibility over a narrow, materialistic or unscrupulous vision. Narrow vision which most of the time serves only as a screen for grotesque interests... highly subjective!



Subjectivism (1994)

Native newspeak meaning: A word invented by the scientistist and rationalist propaganda to qualify what it considers «subjective»: morality, altruistic motivations, love of nature, feelings, poetry, the Spirit, etc.

Exact meaning nabbed from the newspeak: hehe! Why not use this word in its etymological sense, very interesting. This would allow ecologists, spiritualists, alternative medicine, etc. to start by cleaning up their own homes, since these movements are not devoid of «some» subjective content...



Sublime, sublimate, subliminal (2003)

Contrary to what some may think, these three words do not have the same etymology, and their meanings are very different.

Subliminal: below the threshold of perception, but still having an effect on the brain. For example an advertising poster with a woman dressed in ochre. From the corner of the eye, it looks as if she is naked, which draws the eye to the poster.

Sublime: very intense or very different, beyond the usual perceptions, very high. This sense is close to ineffable.

(to) sublimate: according to psychoanalysis, what was initially a very material desire is transformed into an artistic creation. This process, if it exists, does not look healthy.



Suppression (2023)

See also: Repression.



tag, tagger (1998)

Images arranged to be as ugly as possible. Dirty or screaming colours, satanic references, twisted or upside down letters, grotesque and deformed faces, sharp and aggressive shapes that would like to pop out our eyes...

This style of fascist graffiti is an expression of the grotty-punk movement, a typical result of the ideology as what anything is art. We imagine the fortunes they spend, in painting and working time, in order to defile all the walls of the country.

See also: rap

Just attitude: say «graffiti». Even if graffiti are not necessarily appreciated on our walls, they don't have the carefully studied ugliness of tags.



Taste (2003)

True meaning: personal preference (subjective) among the possible beautiful experiences.

Newspeak meaning 1: bourgeois taste, pretending to define the «good taste» for all, by an extremely restrictive and often sad choice, prudish or masochistic. In its name we are not allowed to do anything.

Newspeak meaning 2: «Youth» fashion, claiming to define what is «trendy» or «cool» by an extremely restrictive and often sad, pornographic or masochistic choice. In its name we are not allowed to do anything.



Tatcherism (1998)

Sexual trouble of the repressive kind, which also expresses by stifling the economy («budget cuts») and the scientific research. We observe that politicians who practice the first always do the two others. Countries which practise this kind of policy pay for it by a significant economic or intellectual backwardness. (Added in 2019: the proof: the brexit)



Techno («music») (2003)

See rap



Technocracy (1994)

Exact meaning: irrational attitude, belief that technical criteria are imperative and must take precedence over any other consideration, human, sentimental, poetic, etc... Absolute and arbitrary power of bureaucrats and technocrats, a new breed of lords.

Newspeak meaning: Yes, we found this word to designate the protectors of nature and animals «from Brussels» in election propaganda in 1994, from an French organisation that we shall not name, but which aim was to defend hunting, fishing and other cruel traditions. There are some who do not lack air, it must be said.



Terrorist (2003)

Exact meaning: nobody can express any support for these sickos who blow up airplanes or car bombs, destroying tens or hundreds of innocent lives, without anyone even understanding why they are doing this.

Newspeak meaning: We cannot forget either that between 1940 and 1944, people who we now call Resistance fighters were called terrorists by people who were the sole cause of all the violence of that time. And we can easily find other more recent examples.

So let's think before we call someone a terrorist...



Theory (2023)

Exact meaning: a scientific theory is a series of concepts, hypothesis and their relations, attempting to predict how phenomena should happen. Building a science theory obeys specific criteria, such as a logical structure, well defined concepts, self-consistency, testability (Popper), minimizing hypothesis. Finally the theory must withstand the experimental tests, or the confrontation to real data.

Colloquial meaning: we sometimes use this word for an explanation of things, and work on them until trials or facts prove or disprove the theory.

Newspeak meaning: a conspiracy «theory» is especially not a «theory», since it denies tests and facts, it make wrong use of logic, and it adds fancy hypothesis at will. So we should abstain to say a «conspiracy theory» and keep the word «theory» for the rational and fact-rooted approach.



Tobacco (1998)

Legal drugs in the West. The effect is the elimination of the most subtle consciousness. The use causes serious illnesses, in the consumer and in those around him. (passive smoking, child in the womb). Denial of this fact has been the subject of organised scientific fraud (the Ragnar Rylander affair).

Origin of the clarification: scientists and drug specialists.



Tolerant Tolerance (1994)

Noble sense: Attitude of respect for the differences and convictions of others. Respect for the freedom to think and to live according to one's choice. Originally this concept was created to put an end to the absurd religion wars, and to (re)create a healthy climate of understanding and sharing between diverse practices. This need is more than ever relevant today.

Weakened sense: Compromising attitude allowing something to be done that is reproved or considered harmful: tolerance houses, tolerance towards drugs, tobacco... (sometimes in administrative language, to accept an exception in the rules).

Newspeak meaning 1: to do nothing against various vices or inconsistencies (non-poetry, tobacco, alcohol, sexual misconduct, etc.) (see also sectarianism).

Newspeak meaning 2: To endure the aggression and suffering inflicted by the vices or inconsistencies of others. (see also freedom)

Origin of the manipulation: People of low psychological value, infiltrated in naturist, spiritualist, ecologist, community, etc... environments. It is often a psychological projection, because these people are themselves very intolerant, and savage against the values they destroy in this way.

Replacement: The concept itself is a little bit tricked, since it doesn't indicate what we should be tolerant to, and in the name of which moral reference.



Tramp (1998)

Exact meaning: a person inable of a normal social life: housing, hygiene, etc.

Numerous false idea surround this word.

- Poor does not equate tramp. The author knew rich tramps, and even a company manager tramp.

- Reversely, a poor can find himself, against his will, with the appearance of a tramp, but if you offer him a shower he will accept with gratitude, while a true tramp will refuse it.

- That tramps would be generous and philosophers. In real, the philosophical or charitable veneer of many tramps is never really deep, simple alibi or symptome among others of their mental state.

- That a poor and a tramp are the same thing. This is false, and a serious insult to all the people who find themselves in the street.

In reality, to be a tramp is the manifestation of a poor psychological state, or despondency. The problems that tramps arise will never be solved without adressing this mentals state. True charity commands to start there.

As to the true poors, they are not in need of charity or sorry looks, but of a more sensical society which does not create unemployment or exclusion.

Important: Tramps and poors as well often refuse offered food, and this can be understood as a lack of sincerity. However the reason is different: some received poisoned food. So, if you want to offer them any, without giving money, offer them instead to pay their shopping.



Truth (1998)

Exact meaning: what is real, which can be seen in the physical world, or which validity can be seen in abstract worlds such as mathematics, morality, philosophy. See also reality.

Newspeak meaning 1: The personal opinion of the speaker.

Newspeak meaning 2: For perverts and other inquisitors, any arbitrary statement or accusation. More recently, conspiracy theories have been added, such as the «truthers».



Truth, truthers (2020)

Exact meaning: none.

First award of the most henormous and brazen Newspeak in this dictionary: truthers, brandishing incredible falsehood and defending them as «the truth», with anger and violence. The worse example are those wackos who denied school mass shootings, harassing and attacking the parents of the victims.

Correct speak: never use the word «truth» in this meaning. Use the other newspeak «narrative» ha ha ha!



Unemployment (2003)

True meaning: The fact that a person cannot find an employer to work for earning the money he or she needs to live. This concept contains several dangerous hypostasis:

Hypostasis 1: Having a job is presented as a social duty by people who otherwise refuse to ensure the fair distribution of the same work.

Hypostasis 2: An activity outside the scope of employment is not counted as work.

Newspeak meaning: sadomasochistic (findom) practice of humiliating people and making them suffer, by restricting the number of jobs available.

Unemployment is observed only in the capitalist economy. Wherever work is used to satisfy needs there is no unemployment. In any case there is so much to do today, that forcing people to do nothing is really irrational.



Unstable, instability (2001)

In computer science, an euphemism for a system which crashes. And it crashes when it is badly done: a botched job because of competition, or a bug introduced on purpose to be able to offer an expensive after-sales service.

Origin of the manipulation: who you know. But I also saw «free» software which did not worked without an expensive after sale...




This word is undoubtedly the most classical example of newspeak manipulation. So much so that this word can be used as a test to see how serious a dictionary is.

Exact meaning: Society project. The philosopher Thomas Moore originally invented this word to present his conceptions of an ideal society, in a fictional form. By generalization, it refers to an example of a typical society, as an illustration and demonstration of this or that conception.

Newspeak meaning: impossible, unfeasible, even dangerous (confusion with dystopia).

Effect of the manipulation: blocking our plans to change society, or to innovate.

Prevalence: All manipulators and reactionaries use this word to say «impossible». To the point that it is one of the most reliable criterion to recognize them.

Replacement: social project, plan, model, archetype. This word should never be used in the sense of: impossible. Claim the exact meaning, use it.



Virtue (1994)

Exact meaning: rule of morality, respectful attitude of.

Noble exact meaning: In ancient traditions, the word virtue meant power, capacity. This word is sometimes used in English in the sense of power: «in virtue of the Theorem of Pythagoras...». The idea is that to apply a true Virtue (moral attitude or rule) is not a pious wish with a hypothetical and distant result, but rather an operational power which effects can be seen, sometimes spectacular and immediate.

Perverted sense: pudibondry, affectation of morality.

Ridiculous meaning for those who not yet understood: virginity (only for women, men being exempted from «moral» obligations in this respect).



Vibration (1994)

If this word maintains itself despite the multiple denigrations it is subjected to, it is because it is important and irreplaceable. Curiously, its meaning has been weakened or overused, but not really changed. A vibration is more subtle than an emotion or sensation; it is what remains when they passed. Sounds, colours, smells, the look and light of a landscape, the tone of speech, the look and appearance of a person all are carriers of vibrations. Although few people admit the existence of vibrations (since it is «New Age»), most people perceive them, more or less consciously, and call them more vague terms such as «mood» «impression» or «effect».

The word vibration is confusing because it suggests that there is «something» which vibrates mechanically (ether or something else). Or it is confused with sound, and the author has seen spiritualists trying to «hear» the vibration or «subtle harmonics» of a mantra. On the other hand, vibrations are like radio waves: we are attracted by the ones which are of the same «wavelength» as us (since the word appeared in the same time as radio). This is how friendships and loves are born, or how we are attracted to this or that type of situation. Whether or not we consciously perceive vibrations, they always reach our psyche. To be unconscious of vibrations (or worse, to deny them) can thus expose us to manipulations, or even to serious dangers, for example by meddling with malicious people with disturbing vibrations, or by accepting without being wary the deleterious vibrations of «modern art», or the satanic vibrations of grotty-punk music.

The word was invented by one of the first abstract painters, Kandinsky. His paintings do not «represent» anything, simple spots of colour supposed to carry a vibration. This art was pushed much further since then.



Viril, Virility (1998)

Exact meaning: The quality of a good man, his ability to please women, to make them happy in love or sexually.

Newspeak meaning: violent, aggressive, sexist. This deliberate manipulation is ancient (the Romans, or even sooner) and must be denounced without remorse, because there is really something despicable in equating sexuality with a form of violence.



Virtual (virtual worlds) (2021)

Virtual worlds are being ostracized and denigrated: accusations of pedophilia, and confusion with 3D headsets (when in reality one is still using the screen). Worse, the content of 3D headset demonstrations is reduced to a very small number of ugly or lame stereotypes: dinosaur attacks, zombies, tennis.

So people «don't know» what the virtual is, and when you ask them where they stand about it, they give blank looks, sometimes embarrassed. On the other hand, they are very familiar with video games, which are virtual worlds, but with imposed objectives and content: violence, competition, submission. Or they talk about «virtual meetings» with Zoom, which is only a teleconference system, far from the real virtual life.

So the fantastic possibilities of virtual worlds are kept in the dark. The system wants to control even our dreams!



Virtual money (2023)

Exact meaning: currency without legal tender, used as a convenience between members, into virtual worlds. It is often pegged to a legal currency, to avoid speculation and other dishonest uses.

Newspeak meaning: floating currency without legal tender, used a means of speculation, tax evasion or illegal transactions. This dangerous newspeak is part of the denigration of virtual worlds.

For the Newspeak meaning, say instead: cryptocurrency. This better explains what they are: hidden from the control of society. This also avoids the mixup with virtual worlds.



(to) visualise (1999)

Generally speaking, it is a matter of creating a mental image, either by recalling a memory, or by creating it from scratch. In the second case it is a form of imagination. Visualizations are very much used in spirituality, and it is indeed a matter of guided imagination, and not an extrasensory process where the image must «come».



Weak (2003)

Sociopath's language: Designated victim. A person who is able to change his or her behaviour to avoid harm to others. A person who has something to defend, susceptible of outrage when receiving slander.



Woke (2023)

It is advisable not to use this word, which can be understood in totally opposite ways, depending on the audience.

Newspeak meaning: in USA politically illiterate right wing gibberish, belittles all the advanced movements: ecology, spirituality, LGBT rights, gender equality, racial equality, etc.

Useful meaning, in evolution: It appears more and more that this is a generic term for all the kliphoth (chapter I-3 and chapter I-4) of the progressive movements: #metoo (Feminine suprematists inquisition, kliphah of gender equality) «gender» «studies» (sexual mutilations of children, kliphah of LGBT rights), Whites all are racist (Black suprematists, kliphah of anti-racism). It is also used to nab the politically correct and all sorts of «progressist» bigotry. These movements all are a very dangerous devolution, that psychologists are starting to denounce, especially pediatrists facing sexual mutilations of children.

Added January 2024: after wikipedia, at the origin wokism would be a racist and sexist movement with marxist blather, where the races replace the social classes. So that this movement compounds the tares of both extreme right and extreme left. Its purpose seems to be a boosting disinformation against the real social movements for gender and racial equality.



Women's lib (1998)

See feminism




Exact meaning: Any activity that you don't want to do, but which is needed to achieve a given goal.

Reduced meaning: Only an activity that is paid for, or which result is sold. Any other activity is not counted in economic statistics.

Newspeak meaning 1: their activity, for thieves, burglars, traffickers, etc...

Newspeak meaning 2: Useless activities which bring no profit to anyone, but which still consume human life time and resources: advertising, financial...



Yin☯Yang (dialectic) (1998)

Exact meaning: according to Taoism, two apparently opposed but simultaneously true values. The resulting dialectic. For instance feminine☯masculine, authority☯freedom, cold☯hot... These are qualities of an object we're talking about. See the spiritual literature which speaks about it, or my book «General Epistemology» first part.

Gibberish meaning: some common dictionaries falsely define Yin and Yang as "energies" or "cosmological principles".



Yougster (1998)

Common exact meaning: reduced in age.

Modern exact meaning: person with an idealistic, open, sympathetic, adaptive state of mind. This is unrelated with the age of the body: some people are never old, others are already old at 14. At most we could say that some generations see more young people than others.

Newspeak meaning 1: member of the grotty-punk movement, thug... (just the opposite of the modern meaning!)

Newspeak meaning 2: a person who has all the rights and who must be obeyed.



Zionism (2004)

This word contains an ambiguity that few know, but that many cultivate happily. Originally the word was used by the Jews to refer to the right to have a homeland, a right that no one can deny them. But today it is used by Marxists as a serious insult to criticize Israel's policies: in this sense a Zionist would be a racist imperialist. In this way, the Jews understand any criticism of the Israeli government as a form of racism. Is it purposely, to create a confusion which specifically targets the Jews?

















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