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General Epistemology        Chapter V-20       


V-20 The planetary Logos



(Added on April 26, 2020)


It is a concept which appears in many sources over a long period of time. It is very useful to explain a number of things which remained unclear throughout this book, if we take the effort to give it a more accurate definition. Hence the interest of devoting a chapter to it, especially when we realize the possible applications.

But let us start by looking at the sources:

The tradition

(Permalink) There are many sources postulating the existence of a spiritual entity associated with Earth, with life on Earth in general, or with Humanity in particular. Depending on the conception, it is a deity, an impersonal force, or a group of evolved beings. I quote here the different sources, with my comments in parenthesis and in italics (like this). (Please note that quotation does not necessarily mean endorsement.)


☻The expression «planetary Logos» itself seems to have appeared in the spiritualist circles of the early 20th century. According to the versions, it is a simple data bank, an intelligence coming from life on Earth, or an intelligence in charge of controlling this life.


Sanat Kumara, god of the Earth, who appears in sources as old as the Chandogya Upanishad, more recently taken up in Theosophy (spiritualism of the early 20th century).


Shambhala, a secret place where universal monarchs (chakravartin) and wisdom beings reside since the beginning of Humanity. The best known source is the Tibetan Kalachakra Tantra (11th century), but this Tantra draws from older sources in the Upanishads. According to Kalachakra, Shambhala is located in the northwestern Himalayas, but shifted «into another dimension» (to use a modern concept.)

An important concept of Tantric Buddhism is the one of the three bodies: the physical body, the bliss body, and the truth body.


The Gaia hypothesis, initially proposed by scientists like James Lovelock, presenting the biosphere as a physical living organism (with regulating functions). This concept was extended by the New Age to a spiritual entity.


☻ The Young's archetypes, containing prototypes of ideas, themes, etc. They were evoked by Bertrand Méheust as one of the possible origins of UFO encounter scenarios.


The collective unconscious, a concept derived from psychoanalysis, containing ready-made models of the functioning of consciousness, or even collective objectives and decisions.


☻ The etheric body of the spiritualists. (In fact the origin of this concept is the 19th century science, and the notion of aether. This aether of physics already had very contradictory properties (infinitely rigid and infinitely fluid), so the scientists loaded it with everything they could not explain: the conduction of sensation and of will in the body, the formation of the body, its chemical composition, etc. It is to follow science that spiritualists adopted the notion of etheric body in the beginning of the 20th century, for instance by Anthroposophy. But since, scientists found other explanations for the formation of the body, and they totally abandoned the aether.)

Did the etheric body disappeared with it? Maybe not. There could still be something in vibrations (chapter V-17) or for the formation of the cyrlikars of the brain (chapter V-19). So, the Logos could be based on an etheric body of Earth. And so long we are at it, all the planets would naturally have one.


A spirit of the places, (sometimes wrongly called a Deva), chapter V-17.


☻ Rupert Sheldrake's morphogenetics fields (In our nomenclature, Sheldrake's idea translates into the addition of a new law of self-generation into an existing logical self-generation system, chapter III-3. In physics, these are the phase transitions of the Big Bang. In the realm of ideas and mind, it may be more simply the addition of an element of karma to the existing stock, for instance ecology awarenesss)


Hasidic Judaism (According to Rabbi Gershom, quoted in «Reborn in the West: The Reincarnation Masters» by Vickie Mackenzie) defines five levels constituting the human being:


☺ 1 nefesh, the biological life force of the body (the physical body in our terminology)

☺ 2 ruach, the lower emotional mind or ego (the neural ego in our terminology, chapter V-10)

☺ 3 neshamah, the individual higher consciousness (the logical self-generation process of consciousness, in our terminology, chapter V-2)

☺ 4 chayah, the collective unconscious of the group. In the Hasidic system, Chayah corresponds quite well to the idea of a planetary Logos discussed in this chapter. Rabbi Gershom assigns a special place to the Jewish people as guardian or intercessor of this Mankind's collective unconscious. (Fact is, while a lot of the people I met in my like tried to isolate or denigrate me, on the other hand I have never been mocked or attacked by a single Jew. All of whose I ever met were my friend, or at the very least they were on good terms with me.)

☺ 5 yechidah, the level of unity with God and the Creation (Transcendence, in our terminology, chapter V-6).


☻The concept of egregore, or spirit of a group. (chapter VI-13) The Logos would then be the egregore of the whole life on Earth.


☻Even scientists considered the idea, under the name of the noosphere. This is an original concept by Pierre Teilhard de Chardin and Vladimir Vernadsky (This also is a book by Patrice Van Eersel). But scientists being scientists, they are not happy with just theories, they need experiments. This is how came the Noosphere experiment of the Princeton University, which successfully detected several synchronous pulses of similar responses in random generators, in relation with large spiritual prayer events and some others.


☻ In fiction, we cannot avoid thinking of Zonama Sekot, the living planet, in one of the many series of the Star Wars franchise, who appears to visitors in the form of a child. Or Ursana, the spirit of «nouvelle Terre», in the «Altor» series by Moebius and Bati. Still in the same serie, Atman, a spirit regulating the ecology of the Vishdane planet.

Still in fiction, I myself described in my 1989 novel of the Eolis, an extraterrestrial intervention on Earth's Logos, supposed to happen at this same date. Well, I am not a primary source, the concept of planetary Logos was already well known in the New Age. What is interesting however, is that this intervention produced the expected results in the real world, as soon as the following years, even if the book was salvagely scotomized by the editors. (There still is a legal deposit from this time). Indeed what happens in the Logos does not need to be «real» to indeed influence people.


☻ There are obviously false sources, but which take up the same idea: pseudo-contactees, false announcement of the return of Maitreya, etc.


So many independent sources tell that, obviously, the idea is... in the Logos.

Our interpretation

(Permalink) The planetary Logos of the traditions is undeniably a disembodied consciousness, and therefore a logical self-generation process of consciousness. However, we have no way today to know whether this process shares the traits of an human personality: self-awareness, intents, plans, etc.

However, it is possible to see it operating. For example, ecological consciousness first appeared in a small number of people. Then it spread rapidly, and today it is «hardwired» in people taking birth. There even is a pattern in successive waves, each time higher, like a rising tide, in several fields, such as ecology and spirituality:

☻ Premisses 50 to 80 years in advance: naturism (1920) for ecology, occultist circles (1900) for spirituality. Other more discrete waves are discernible even earlier.

☻ The movement starts in a relatively isolation from society, the decades 1970 for ecology, or 1980 for spirituality, in the form of the New Age.

☻ The movement degenerates and experiences a relative eclipse, the decades 1980-2000 for ecology, the decades 1990-2010 for the New Age.

☻ The movement is starting again, more mature, and especially in the whole of society: decade 2010 for ecology, and today 2000, for spirituality, both in growing social recognition.


The question which arises however, is how could such an entity come into being? Indeed, it could not benefit from an evolution in an individual brain. The most common hypothesis is that it would result from the evolution of all the consciousness on Earth. This allows it to accumulate all their capacities, possibilities and stock of karma.

Another question is what is its exact nature: a simple inventory of thought archetypes or ways of being (Young), a conscious entity (Gaia hypothesis), an egregore, or an organized set of evolved conscious beings (Shambhala)? I see no way today to answer these questions scientifically. In fact, it is very likely that at least the stock of archetypes, and the egregore and the community of the masters exist, as they may have appeared separately.

Are there evidences?

(Permalink) There are numerous clues strongly suggesting the action of a force external to the individuals, a kind of model of a human personality, of the whole sets of its sensations and experiences of consciousness. Let us take an example: a blind from birth is suddenly healed (with a surgery, for example). What we observe is that such a person finds an usable vision almost instantly, despite his neurons which never were trained. It seems he does not even see double, even though the control circuits are usually frozen before the age of 6. The only mistake I heard mentioned is when a person tries to grasp an object several meters away from her, not yet having realized the distances. An optometric test of the eye-convergence circuits shows the same dazzling speed: on the first test, it fails. But in the second, one minute later, the test passes.

What probably happens is that the self-generation process of an individual consciousness would not start from scratch: it would be adumbrated at start, by a kind of archetypal model, already containing all the consciousness experiences of its species, instead of starting a completely empty self-generation process of consciousness. Thus the new consciousness would receive a complete inventory for all its Cyrlikars (chapter V-19), something that the genome of the body is quite incapable of providing. But which would play the same role as the genes in the spiritual realm! In doing so, the consciousness has access to the complete results of 400 million years of brain evolution. It is quite staggering, when you think of the thousands of species which exist or which have disappeared, but which archetypes would still be there, some for hundreds of millions of years.

A particularly intriguing case is that of tetrachromat women (who inherited an abnormal vision gene from their colour-blind father). It has been shown that at least some of them are able to discern four basic colours. That their brains are capable of this is already remarkable, but their consciousness must also possess the four sensations in its karma inventory. This is possible in both cases, if Humans have had tetrachromat ancestors. Yes they do, but this was 200 million years ago, in the time of the first dinosaurs! It is amazing (but proven) that genes are able to survive for such a long time. But apparently this is also true for karma.

This idea is still vague today, but it would explain many things which were left blank in this book, about the growth of the person and the appearance of different types of consciousness experience. In Chapter V-2, we even tried to create an entirely new sense: echolocation. And we were surprised at how easy this process was. Echolocation is widespread throughout the animal kingdom, so it is not surprising that its archetype can suddenly manifest itself in a human. Except that none of our evolutionary ancestors practised it... ruling out any genetic explanation.

Which makes us feel how much we are all brothers, animals and humans.


Added May 5, 2020: There are things which demonstrate the speed and depth of the changes taking place in Mankind:

The call from German business managers for an ecological exit to the covid-19 epidemic. Yes, the managers of Krupp, the ancient symbol of nazi militarism!

☻ The Morgan Chase bank, seen as crooks only a few years ago, is firing Lee Raymond, the architect of climate denial.

The Pentagon officially acknowledges having seen UFOs, thus ending 67 years of denial.

Such an accumulation of news of this calibre, in a few days (end of April 2020), clearly indicates a profound change in society, and no longer into only some avant-garde fringe. So a Marxist-like dualism not only is now inadequate to understand this evolution, but it also becomes an obstacle. Even the materialist atheist Greens are now out of the race! Shouldn't have «fired the gurus», dudes.

Working with the Logos.

(Permalink) The «divine» nature of the Logos would suggest that we are his subjects, and that we should not seek to influence it. The very idea even seems «sacrilegious». However, we shall see (chapter VI-2, in the fourth foundation of ethics), that Transcendence expects us to build our world responsibly, instead of flatly following its directives. An activity which can include adding new elements to the karma stock of the Logos. These elements will then be available as inspiration, for incarnated humans, or in the karma stock of children to be born.

In fact this activity is not even new, it officially started in the 11th century with the Tantra of Kalachakra, which also introduced the notion of a community of awakened beings: Shambhala. Thus the practitioner of Kalachakra visualizes his retreat place as the Mandala of the divinity, or straightforwardly the whole world as his Mandala! Even Kalachakra's paredre has an evocative name: Vishvamata, «mother of the world», which adds loving kindness to the authority of the universal monarch (Kalachakra as the Chakravartin). This is a unique but fundamental characteristic of the Kalachakra Tantra: it is here to achieve results in the world, not just for the sake of the practitioner. That the Dalai Lama is so keen to offer this initiation everywhere in the world tells a new deal: the future of Mankind is now everybody's business.

It is difficult to find a correlation between the inception of Kalachakra and world events. However, other more recent events show interesting results, such as the inter-religious prayers for world peace performed by more than a billion people. One of them was followed shortly afterwards by the end of the Cold War.

Such a result made a lasting impression, and since then many initiatives have been praying for the world, on all kinds of themes and formats, whether in classical religions or using New Age concepts. The world is changing so fast today that it is difficult to know which action is causing what. But out of the 19 results of the Global consciousness project (Wayback machine) with probability is less than 2%, six are great collective meditations, including one gathering one billion participants in 1999 (The one at the end of the Cold War is not included, as the Global Consciousness Project started in 1998) (The death of Gaddafi is also found in these 19 events, but I did not count it as a «positive event», even if many people would.)

It cannot be firmly stated that these meditations would be the only cause of the progress of Humanity. But the injection of many positive archetypes is certainly a welcome help, whatever their origin. And what is more, it is a help that everyone can contribute with, whatever their religion or spiritual level, and which finally proves to be more effective (and less dangerous) than traditional demonstrations. All the more so, than today the Internet allows people to demonstrate without leaving their seats, with petition sites such as avaaz, or

There still are brakes. For example, the tetraethyl lead generation is responsible for the grotty-punk movements of the 1980s, and then, as they grow older, for the revival of racism, fascism and other reactionary movements such as climate denial, anti-science, etc. Another danger is the negation of consciousness, by pseudoscientific groups like the Project Alpha, or the Wikipedia Guerrilla Skeptics (Wayback machine). But that evil is trying to polarize society against progress is rather reassuring: it is clearly progress which is holding the conductor's baton and sets the pace. That some have to be dragged walking backwards is pathetic, but of little importance.

As for Shambhala, is there really a community of spiritually ascended masters? Are there really angels or extraterrestrials trying to help Humanity? We have no firm evidence at this time (see chapter VII-2, sub-chapter on contacts). But if this exists, we are approaching the time when it can be revealed.

At last, the existence of a planetary Logos for Earth implies that it can exist Logos for other inhabited planets. See that… they would communicate. See chapter VIII-8.


Added October 2022: A simple meditation that everybody can do is relaxing, meditating or praying as we use to do, as in our usual spiritual or religious practice. We then visualise that all the Earth around us is entirely bathed in white light. Prayers can be added, if we know to pray in non-ego and non-action, without attachment to the result. Some saucer groups or New Age groups offer such meditations. My advice here is not to associate yourself with such groups, which drain our energy or bring in parasitic concepts: conspirationism, false contacts, etc. They could do more harm than good. Proceed alone, it will be more effective.

Only one consciousness for everybody?

The titles you escaped: «An universal consciousness», overused by the New Age. «A field of consciousness»: even worse, as it induces the misconception that consciousness would be defined according to location, and therefore dependent on the physical world. «the Theory of quantum fields of consciousness»: there I beat you.

(Permalink) Added in November 2023: the notion of a planetary Logos still leaves one problem: normally, different logical self-generation processes do not communicate with each other. However, the notion of planetary Logos implies massive communications, at least during the formation of an individual consciousness. Indeed the latter receives numerous elements from the Logos, for example the type of sensory experience for each living species.

A possible answer is that there would be in fact only one process for all the conscious beings (an understanding which makes useless the above attempts of titles). But it would behave a bit like the mycelium of mushrooms, which exists everywhere in the earth, diffuse and invisible. But sometimes its cells gather to form a mushroom. Similarly, the unique consciousness would exist everywhere in a diffuse manner. But when a brain is available, it would then invest in it, for intense and detailed experiences. This while remaining a unique logical self-generation process linking all the consciousnesses together.

But then, why don't we perceive all these other consciousnesses? Because of our frenzied grasping at the signals of our material brain alone, the neuronal ego (Chapter V-2 and chapter V-10), which makes us neglect the more subtle signals which arrive through consciousness alone. But meaningful exchanges would still occur when important issues arise. We would then experience this communication as an instant of superconsciousness (Chapter V-8).

That our attachment to the sole activity of our brain produces the illusion of being separate beings is one of the reasons why all spiritual disciplines aim at releasing this attachment. Past a certain point, we become receptive to the universal consciousness. However, this does not happen as we imagine: our ego is not going to start telepathing with everybody (And we do not have Jesus and Buddha for breakfast). Simply, when the ego stops hogging on us, elements of truth reach us, general (awareness taking) or on the contrary focused on an immediate issue (instants of super consciousness, chapter V-8).


This diffuse self-generation process of consciousness connecting all the others then explains the planetary Logos. It would be the «basic process» not focused on a brain (The mycelium, in the allegory of mushrooms). Transcendence («God», chapter V-6), has been explained as the final result toward which the undisturbed consciousness tends. In this case, it does not need to communicate, because this result is potentially present in all the consciousnesses, individual or collective. But the Logos needed an explanation not adding supplementary metaphysics.

Even an ecosystem could have diffuse conscious experiences, thanks to its «body» made up of multiple living beings. This is what we incorrectly call the devas, personalized in many religions, chapter V-17. Although we also have sensations of this kind in the middle of the desert, and even when looking at photos from Mars.


This could explain many things, including the many commonalities between individuals. Let us clarify that many human traits have a genetic origin (there necessarily are genes which build our brain circuits, even if most are still unknown). But the addition of such traits to each new generation, for example ecological awareness, cannot be explained by genetics. We talk about this in more detail in chapter VI-16 et chapter VIII-9, with different hypotheses such as a spiritual elite, or even extraterrestrial influences. But these things can also be explained with the idea of a unique self-generation process for all the consciousnesses, which would then be the Logos. In this case, the novelties (including those created by people who remained unknown) are added to a «library» defining the Human, and available to all children born from this date.


This theory allows for some interesting predictions.


If the experiment of the Global Consciousness project allowed to detect the influence of consciousness, it did not allowed to discern the influence of the Logos from those of individual consciousnesses. It would therefore be interesting to do it again in triple blind (Chapter II-9), that is in secret, to avoid any external influence. We would ensure the first and second blind if the people with knowledge of the experience are retired or isolated, without knowing world news. We would thus have an interesting proof of the existence of the Logos itself, without the influence of individual consciousnesses.


We could also compare an individual consciousness to a wave on the ocean of universal consciousness. It would even be more accurate than the allegory of mushrooms and mycelium: the wave has its own determinism, which allows it to exist and last, instead of just falling instantly. In the case of consciousness, how long can it maintain itself?

As long as we are in a living material body, the activity of the brain would be a sufficient cause to keep the «wave» erect above the «ocean». But when the brain dies? We remember that, in the afterlife, with only consciousness elements, we do not perceive an environment external to us: to have a perception, the elements of consciousness of this «exterior» must also be shared «in us» (Chapter V-7). Can the individual «wave» maintains itself under these conditions? This probably requires it to have its own structures. Otherwise we would arrive at a state where we would still be conscious, but without being able to say who we are in a crowd («dissolution» of consciousness, chapter V-10). This has been discussed in spirituality, particularly Buddhist, where we find various conceptions of our functioning in the Afterlife. We probably share more or less of ourselves in groups (Egregores), in couples, etc. This state of partial loss of individuality is sometimes observed in large group enthusiasms, where ideas can arise that no one remembers having them first. But probably the notion of separate individual consciousnesses is so interesting that it could also be maintained as a «role-playing game» in heaven. We have a strong karma for this anyway, which may be sufficient to retain our individuality even in a sea of common perceptions. A sea covered with all kinds of waves and other strange things...


Another question to which we can now provide some answers is whether an individual consciousness can disappear at death, or even before.

By egocentricity? Probably not, because egocentrics often have complex and structured consciousnesses. But, if they are unable to share any part of it, then they must experience a great loneliness in the afterlife, populated only by their own dreams or nightmares. There are indeed a small proportion of NDEs like this, but scientists have not really been able to connect NDE types with personality types.

Could it be that a life is so worthless that consciousness would disinvest of it? If it is collective, this possibility has to be considered seriously. This would then be the case of all these people who are not interested in anything, who tolerate the flat music of the media, who are not bothered by noise, who vote by remote control, who declare a passionate love only to hate a few years later, etc. It would then be logical that these people have no NDE, and therefore no afterlife. I hope there are other valid reasons for not having an NDE, because 85% of unconscious zombies this is quite a lot.

We then arrive to an interesting vision, where the universal consciousness rides on the most evolved brains. Then repression (by murder) has the opposite effect of intended: the universal consciousness start riding the brains of children, of which they strongly accelerate their evolution. This is how repression would speed up the evolution of mankind, instead of braking it.


A final case would be for criminals and bad people, rigged with feelings detestable to consciousness. However, hatred is also an attachment, which could structure their consciences as well as good feelings. Except that this attachment to evil would bind them to unpleasant afterlives. We also have a small proportion of «hellish» NDEs, but I am not aware of any cases of NDEs by proven hate criminals. It must be said that they rarely die of cardiac arrest in hospitals...







General Epistemology        Chapter V-20       







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