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General Epistemology        Chapter III-10       


III-10 Conclusion



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Thus, not only the epistemological arguments that we evoked result in considering these inner experiences as empirical facts and not as odd or «irrational» stories, but in more we get, with the concepts of psychical universes and conscious principle, a simple and rational theoretical interpretation of all the facts cursed by scientism (note 92): reincarnation, OBE, NDE, and even the incredible stories of UFOs, spiritual powers on matter, where the mind seems able to modify the «material reality» itself, as predicted by the assumption of the psychophysical universes. Therefore absolutely nothing opposes now a scientific study of all these phenomena, without prejudices or attempts to reduce them to matter.


Many empirical facts can be explained only if we admit that consciousness can escape the matter. That the consciousness can leave its material support cannot be explained by the reductionist assumption of the scientistists, and requires the larger assumption of an immaterial conscious principle. We saw in the previous chapter III-8 how such a conscious principle can be constituted, and how we are anyway compelled to consider its existence within the very framework of our metaphysical theory on the existence of the universe. We cannot naïvely state here that the mass of data which comes from India, Tibet, Occidental occultism or New Age is «true», by lack of sufficient checking. But I make firm on the other hand that if we find only one such fact true, then we are obliged to admit reincarnation, the NDE, the astral voyage and everything; we are compelled to admit the existence of an immaterial conscious principle, as well as the possibility for this principle to reincarnate, and even, with a similar process, to change of planet, and even of universe. This quite simply opens us the possibility of going into a paradise. A certainly formidably more useful discovery than all our technological marvels…


I sometimes experienced myself such «physically impossible» facts, certainly not very spectacular, but clear enough to convince myself of their existence. Being a scientist in the heart, I cannot admit that such enthralling fields, so rich with possibilities, are excluded from collective knowledge by arbitrary and restrictive prejudices, which strangely look like what the dogmatic Roman prelates formerly pretended to oppose to the new born science. The great mistake of materialist science is to define what exists with only what is observable with the sensory organs. This prevents us from understanding «why» this observable universe exists, it will always need an inevitably mysterious «ultimate explanation» (Big-bang, quantum vacuum, «branes»... (note 73) about which we shall endlessly wonder how it appeared and of what it is made). This restriction also prevents us from considering the existence of other universes, of intangible facts, and even quite simply of the consciousness. I however saw some papers passing by in scientific reviews: Some researchers start to wonder whether the consciousness is not «something more», an «emerging property», «not reducible to the only operation of the neurones». Cheer, and at random have a visit to the previous chapter III-8... (And check your financial support!)


The fact that the conscious principle can survive death, reincarnate or reach paradises, leads to incalculable consequences on our lives, in terms of happiness and evolution. It is thus a criminal censorship to refuse to study (even to hide or discredit) such an enthralling field! Specially, the direction of our lives will necessarily be different, and to ignore it can lead to catastrophic results, such as landing in a hell when we though to have correctly managed our existence.


Therefore it will have to be done, this checking. With the suitable epistemology, traditional or general, according to what will be relevant. To eliminate the wild imaginations and fabrications, which are expected to badly contaminate the data. To carry out a collective, international checking, by the institutions and persons who make science, to at least avoid any cultural or religious bias. Perhaps we should need some financial support, Mister the politicians who solicit our votes. I don't a priori oppose space stations, nuclear fusion and the like, but if we are able to spend colossal fortunes in such pharaonic undertakings, with a scientific return... say, specialised, then we shall really be able to save some small remainders to try to understand something essential in our lives, which is a major concern for absolutely all of us: where shall we go after death? How to manage to find pleasant conditions there? Is it really worth to make some efforts or sacrifices in our today world for a better future life, or is it only an illusion?


Happily, these studies are already going on, often with private funds to compensate for the failure of institutions. The results obtained clearly show the interest of these studies, allowing to state the reality of these phenomena. Isn't it really outstanding that these discoveries, fundamental for the happiness of mankind, are received with such a deafening silence, as well by great science institutes as by politicians and media? But we need to make do with this, when we know that, four centuries after Galileo, there are still peoples who think that Earth is flat. Today the power still thinks that life is flat. But this will change, when these men will learn that I invented an ESP bomb able to kill millions of persons, funds will come, that's sure!


We are lucky enough to see the emergence of a fresh new science!







General Epistemology        Chapter III-10       







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