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General Epistemology        Chapter III-7       


Chapter III-7 Concrete test:
and if we go and see?



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A thought experiment... to do in thought only!

(Permalink) Legal warning: What follows must be considered as a thought experiment only. I forbid everybody to actually do it, or promote it, and I take no responsibility of whatever could happen if anybody tries it. If you read further, you will see that there are other ways to achieve the same result, which are legal, and anyway cannot go wrong whatever my theory is true or false.


Here we go again, some days later, in one of the metaphysics workshop of the department of applied metaphysics.

Some students did not return; it should be said that the last lesson badly shouted them. At the request of other students, the professor prepared an experiment. If other universes exist, in which it is possible to have consciousness experiences, this must be checkable in a way or another, even if at first sight there are no direct means. That's no problem, let us make it verifiable, testable, by a mean or another. The professor asks for a volunteer, and a young dashing American physicist steps forward at once. The professor brought a travel bag (it is allowed to use material accessories matching the universe in which we work) which contains... dynamite sticks and a detonator. The young physicist is already less dashing, and stress goes up in the group.


The experiment is as follows: In our usual universe, called U, we attach the dynamite sticks around the head of the volunteer, that the detonator explodes, thus very cleanly destroying the material structures of this brain before they could generate consciousness experiences useless in this experiment. We call S the material structure of this brain and body at a moment T some microseconds before the explosion, when they are still intact. That is all for the part in our universe. Parallel to that, we prepared another universe U' with the process of nibs or by any other process the student will choose (The mark obtained will depend on the process). This universe is made in such a way that at a moment T' in its own time, some elements of the universe U' get assembled according to a structure S' functionally equivalent to the structure S of the brain and body of the volunteer at the moment T in our universe. We can for example make in U' a very advanced civilisation which is able to prepare the structure S' using a special machine. It is also advisable to envisage an environment favourable to the normal evolution of this structure S' thereafter. It should be noted that it is not necessary that the physical laws of U and U' are identical, it is enough that they allow the structures S and S' to support the same functionalities and thus the same consciousness experiences. Not difficult, and to say it is already almost enough to do it: it is enough to think to nibs which have the adequate properties, and the trick is made.

Good, we now just have to press on the detonator. Curious, the volunteer disappeared. It is too bad for him, because it is an enthralling experiment, and I had prepared an U' filled with flowers, sun and superb women. Right, let us admit he does it. What will happen?

Right, there will be meat all over the walls, will you say. This is alas the only thing we shall observe from the universe U, by lack of any mean of returning information from the universe U'. But the consciousness of the volunteer, in your opinion, what will it experience? After the most restrictive assumption of the material reductionism, such as the scientistists say, S is the cause necessary and sufficient for the consciousness of the volunteer. Since S and S' are functionally identical, and that S' appears with the state S had when it disappeared, then S' can be the cause of a consciousness experience which is the perfect continuation of the one that produced S, with all its content: desires, intentions, emotions, recollections... This consciousness (of the volunteer) will experience the brutal disappearance of U to its eyes and perceptions, to suddenly see U' appearing in its place, to then continue its life there, in this new environment which it will henceforth perceive like «real», «concrete», «objective», the only one perceptible, where it will act and lead its life. And U will be only a memory, a dream, a legend, unreal, unperceptible, untestable... by lack of any mean of returning information from the universe U!


Instantaneous teleportation. Waowww!


This reasoning is completely valid within the narrowest framework of nowadays science and the assumption of material reductionism. If we invoke a soul or any other conscious principle, it is necessary to find an additional cause which provokes its transfer from the structure S to the structure S'. This is possible, and we shall see this a little further. It is even simpler, because it is then not necessary that S is perfectly imitated.


I think it is of the utmost importance to understand that the possibility of changing of universe, allows for envisioning a formidable potential in terms of freedom and immortality, in a specially tailored universe which can make our dearest desires true: nicer body, marvellous environment, nice friends, absolute mastery on our existence... So, this research goes much further than the only metaphysics, opening fantastic practical application implying our dearest desires!


However the process described, although the theoretical best, has some practical disadvantages. At first, it would be better to be sure that S' is really awaiting us... what can be proven by no means! And, scientifically, it does not allow for a collective test of the theory. Only the volunteer for such a foolish experiment would see its result, if there is a result. For the others, it would not bring any information; it would just be a suicide, see a murder. It is a though experiment only, the easier to understand academic case for a materialist scientist. And myself, although I discovered it very young (at 19, in 1972), I never seriously planned to use it, even in the worst moments of my life where to change universe would however have been better. And then, we never know, if case it does not work...

(This is however this mean which was used by hundreds of idiots who expected to obtain a paradise with blowing themselves off, together with thousands of innocents, in the name of a religion which repute they deeply sullied. Some were even found wearing a «key of paradise» as a token given by a phoney manipulator priest, or clothes prepared for their future sexual life! I must say here that, even if my theory is true, I strongly doubt that these criminals will find a paradise with innocent blood on their hands.)

But it already exists: the tibetan Phowa

(Permalink) Hey, the volunteer reappears, somewhat piqued I think, because he missed such a nice experiment. The Mongol monk and several other students (Buddhist practitioners too, but who would have noticed it?) burst out laughing. On the invitation of the professor, they explain the much gentler process commonly used in Tibet since centuries, and which had been developed in India more than thousand years ago, at the time of the splendour of Buddhism in this country. When I found out that others had actually found effective methods many centuries before I myself predict their existence, was undoubtedly a great pleasure for me.

Tibetans do not cause the destruction of the material structure S. They simply noticed that this structure destroys itself alone, after some time. This event, called death, has very numerous philosophical implications on the meaning to give to our lives, which are often ignored in Occident, but taught to the very young Tibetan children. One of the best advantages of the Tibetan process is that, as the natural death occurs anyway, there is no risk to try a transfer at that time, and it is legal in all really democratic countries. We just have to wait enough time, but Tibetans noticed that, while waiting, the material structure S has other very judicious uses, such as accumulating enough moral merit to obtain a really nice universe U', what we call a paradise.

In spite of the great sobriety in assumptions of Buddhist philosophy, the technical explanation of the Tibetan process relies on the existence of a conscious principle, which can exist and have consciousness experiences with a material support or without this support. Like this, the transfer is simpler, as it is not necessary that S' be rigorously equal to S, and it is enough to project the conscious principle to obtain the transfer. The reasons which led us to also admit this principle will be explained a little further, in the chapter III-8, and in the fifth part on consciousness. We shall also try to see its nature. The process is called transfer of consciousness, or Phowa in tibetan. I shall not describe it, because some necessary precautions make that it can be taught only to persons having already some bases of Tantra practice (The inter-universe travel can be risky, and Lamas take only passengers having subscribed an insurance :P). Unfortunately, it is available only in Tibetan Buddhism, and perhaps in some other Hindu Tantric systems. It should not be confused with the promise of a paradise such as Christianism or Islam propose it, promise which is achieved only for persons who accumulated enough merits and good deeds. This promise also exists in Buddhism, but the Tibetan Phowa makes possible for everybody to reach instantaneously a paradise, even for the worst persons, who by the same occasion become good. This is really the ultimate justice.

The Phowa is a meditation which must be done at time of our death. We need to train before in our life, to be ready to face this moment where we do not always enjoy all our faculties. It is a common practice in Tibetan monasteries, and all the great Western centres propose training courses. I did myself three, in three different places in France, and I could with my own eyes see the small haematoma that this form of meditation produces at the top of the head, and I saw the Lama inserting in this small wound a kusha grass which remains planted upright on the head, in testimony of the success of the student. At the time of the technical explanations we were taught that some great Lamas are able to project the conscious principle of another person, in a very impressive operation which is sometimes accompanied with projections of small splinters of cranial bone, while the assistance faints and the like... It was also told us that during the invasion of Tibet, (note 42) many Lamas and Yogis used this as a suicide method, in order to escape torture. In the morning, the gangsters were finding a body sitting in lotus, smiling to a gentle paradise, dead without any apparent cause... There is even a choice of paradises we can reach, although some are more difficult to obtain than others. However according to the Buddhist doctrines these universes U' cannot be created by ordinary persons, only Buddhas (Human beings who actuated all their human potential) can create and maintain such universes U'. (This is not very different of the Christian concept where only God can create an universe). Such paradises are not constituted in the same way as our material universe, they are universes of pure consciousness, and we shall see this in chapter III-8.

And then if Tibetans have a so marvellous method to all gain access to the paradise, why don't they employ it massively? It is that for them, Phowa is only trifle, a spare wheel, to use only if death surprises us at too young an age, before to have achieved the far more formidable and exciting goals which the Great Vehicle proposes...

Why to evoke here this Phowa which belongs to a peculiar philosophical system, in a reflection which claims to rely on the most general and profound bases we can find? It is that, if we want to obtain a checking or a refutation of the thesis described here, then the simplest way is to ask to the persons who are able to give us a effective demonstration.

What science can say

(Permalink) As we cannot get information from possible U' or U'' universe, the only way to check their existence is with people who would come back from such universes U' or U''.

However such a person cannot create in our universe a structure of a brain containing all his memories, even with using a «special machine». This is because this would require again to pass information from U' to our universe.

The only way for this to happen is that persons have a conscious principle, able of gathering information and transport it from an universe to another, like a shuttle. It is important to note now that this information can be conscious memories, but it may also be only psychological traits.

So a concrete test (We now know that «concrete» means only «in our universe U» and nothing else) would be to confront testimonies of independent witness who may claim to have visited such a paradise or other universe. (They should manage to really meet in this other universe, or at least to visit the same place).


Of course, the good old timer scientist will say that all this is barmy and impossible. But the modern scientist will notice that there exist several categories of «unexplained» phenomena which could be manifestations of such communications between universes.

Oh, as at random it is precisely these phenomena which are «taboo»... what a coincidence... Are they planning to reserve the paradises for themselves alone? Hahahahahaha!


- Reincarnations, and especially Tulkus in a Tibetan context. There are numerous inquiries and some striking cases strongly suggesting that these phenomena are real, although there is no (as far as I know) strict science studies, with all the required checking, definitively assessing the real existence of the phenomenon. From here the interest of the methods used in chapter II-9, if we want this verification to be sure and exempt of any tampering or belief. Strictly speaking, reincarnations do not come from another universe. But the process is similar, as definitively no information can materially pass from a dead brain to a newborn brain.


- We should also find reincarnations from other planets or other universes, but the checking here meets a serious difficulty: as we cannot materially check the recollections, we need several truly independent reincarnations telling the same story. However always a doubt will remain that these persons communicated before the experiment, for instance they all read the same little known book.

This is the case of the Tibetan Deloks, mediums who claim to visit the other worlds. But what they describe is precisely what we can see in all the thangkas hanging everywhere...

In this case would also fall the «indigo children», who do not bring memories, but traits of personality. However this movement is highly suspect of manipulation.

As to the «techniques for recovering past lives in one weekend» which produce masses of uncheckable stories, everybody should know today that it is totally phoney: these techniques do only awakening the imagination, and this looks extraordinary only to people who don't have any.

However, identifying actual reincarnations from other worlds is an important enough question to sift through all this tailing in search of rare gems.

A real example would appear as a wave of birth of particularly wise individuals. Such a wave happened in the 5th century BC, with Lao Tzu, Buddha, Pythagoras, etc. who proposed some similar teachings despite the huge distance. Other waves are discernible, such as the Century of Enlightenment, or the 1960-70 years.

-Numerous «contactees» claim to be reincarnation of extraterrestrials (or to receive telepathic messages from them).

Given the importance of the stake, I am interested in this, since 1980, and I met several of them. Alas, all whose I met, and probably the vast majority, were at best confabulators or liars. Some inquirers see the wisdom of the contactees as an evidence of their extraterrestrial origin, an open debate since the beginning, with Adamski, the prototype of the UFO contactees. However I saw that stalkers or petty crooks are also perfectly able of writing very nice and very wise stuff.

So clearly any attempt to identify real contactees will have to first sift these blokes out with basic psychology tests. Same also goes for many New Age «channels», whom very technique is biased.


- OBE and NDE. NDE is the only phenomenon in this list which received a complete scientific verification. They clearly look like glimpses on other universes. However, despite numerous common patterns, NDE stories do not look like showing the same place, just as if the visitors of a far country would each report different monuments or landscapes. Clearly, the world seen in the NDE looks more dream-like than our physical world, its «physical laws» are different, more resembling a dream where objects appear out of our will or fantazy.


-At last, CE3 much look like NDE, and their existence is rather safe. Just like NDE, they look like glimpses of another universe, when the witness enters the «spaceship». However, CE3, and in a general way all UFO cases, also show physical actions. This is clearly something which should not happen, as two universes cannot exchange information: a physical object into one universe cannot act on a physical object on another universe. So we need another ingredient in this case. This arises an issue, as our previous metaphysical system seems not to allow for it. But it fact it does, as we shall see in the next chapter III-8, and further in the chapter VII-2, chapter VII-3 and chapter VII-4 when we shall study UFOs.


So, it seems that we have some serious indications that inter-universe interactions can occur, if not in the way we expected. We expected somebody bringing memories of a former life in another universe, we get memories of «other places» picked in special episodes where ordinary law seem not to apply (like gathering memories when the brain has zero activity). This strongly points at a conscious principle able of existing and have consciousness experiences independently of the brain. We shall see its possible nature in the next chapter III-8.

Also, this conscious principle seems able, into precise circumstances, to interact with matter. Astonishing? Not really: it needs to interact anyway, into ordinary life. If not, we would not feel the world, and we would be unable to move. Just that it seems have much more powerful interactions, into some special circumstances.


Ok, if the NDE case is scientifically checked, we still need more checking in the other cases. Clearly, we have work on the table.


To check such a theory would allow to speak of paradises as of real facts, constraining us to account with them, not as articles of faith or faint hopes to escape an absurd destruction. This would be obviously very useful, allowing us to manage our lives accordingly: to do what is necessary to obtain such a paradise, in place of losing our time gesticulating for material objects that death will force us to abandon in every case, whatever my theory is true or false.







General Epistemology        Chapter III-7       







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