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General Epistemology        Chapter I-6       





The most significant practical conclusions we have to draw from the diagram, it that to place ourselves on its right-hand side or its left-hand side is a personal affair or a little importance affair; what only matters is always to place ourselves the highest we can. However to go up in the diagram is not always easy: this requires an effort, at least in meditation (an Aristotelian analysis, although always useful and sometimes essential, is seldom enough). In some cases, this may require years of work on ourselves, to acquire the required psychological, moral or spiritual qualities (altruism, self-control...). This is however within reach of any normal person who really wants it. But right now, the safest path is the central vertical axis, the Middle Way where we can go up faster while creating the less suffering for us and for the others. But we must also understand that «middle way» means that the two Yin or Yang extremes are harmonized. This does not necessary means the middle of the diagram, it sometimes happens that extreme ways are more suitable, to the situation or to our means.


Understanding of the diagram provides a simple and sure mean to understand a variety of moral, political or social problems, as these problems precisely result from confusions and hypostasis (note 5) which cannot be made any more when the diagram is known. The solutions may often be external to the person (Police, laws) in the bottom of the diagram, and interior (psychological or spiritual work) in the top.


I claim that quadripolar logic and its diagram are a fully valid logic, as well as the Aristotelian logic, but from which the very basements are different. It cannot be reduced to Aristotelian logic without losing its subtlety or leading to confusions. It is more powerful than the Yin-Yang dialectics, because it clarifies cases which remain confused in the latter. It is different from traditional diagrams (Qabalah...) in what it expresses relations between terms of logic which are generally valid, and not between metaphysical data peculiar to only one system. Just as Aristotelian logic requires a mind training (reasoning) the quadripolar logic also requires a training (meditation) about which we have to recognise an equal epistemological and heuristic statute (note 2).

According to this, I shall normally use quadripolar logic (and the others) in the following texts, eventually without acknowledgement. I refute in advance as silly any criticism of these texts which would not be founded on a real understanding of the diagram. This is also true for all my future writings, and even for my last novel «Stranded on Earth», chapter 10, where my own comprehension of the diagram started to emerge. As long as quadripolar logic will not be a common knowledge, I shall try to explain it before using it, out of elementary politeness. But I may happen that I employ it without prior warning, while speaking with persons who think they know everything, or who think that of course they are more clever than me. If you are deadpan, please come too.


I do not know if we could build the equivalent of a mathematic, or even to demonstrate theorems, with quadripolar logic. To each generation its job.

Let us also mention here the possibility for an hexapolar logic© (note 93 on the use of © content). In a quadripolar diagram a second Yin-Yang dialectics is added in the front/back direction. The diagram then becomes a volume centred on the vertical axis, which can be cylindrical, parallelepiped, in form of octahedron or spinning top, according to the considered problem. For example the solid of colours is of this kind, but its form is rather a potato (or a spinning top to simplify). Of course the degree of harmonisation of both Yin-Yang axes must be identical and evolve simultaneously, otherwise to associate them this way would be arbitrary. An ascending trajectory in such a diagram could for example take an helicoids form around the central axis. I speak about that here, because I have a feeling as if we often find ourselves in similar situations, in the spiritual unfolding, but from a point of view each time higher, as if we were going up on an helicoids path. (note 8)

Perhaps is there objects which to be apprehended require even more complex logic, with more axis, or other things about which I do not have any idea.

We may imagine what happens in the case where the variables indicated by the two axes may be measurable (that we are able to find matching numbers to express them). The quadripolar diagram (hexapolar, etc...) thus becomes a space of phases where a movement on the horizontal axis is described by the second order differential equation, with the damping term on the vertical axis. This may be a good representation of various physical phenomena, such as a parametric adaptative suspension for a vehicule. However it seems that the very notion of measurement is contradictory with the Yin-Yang dialectics, which is always transcendent. Thus the quadripolar logic must generally be considered as transcendent, and measurable only in special cases where it does not express all its power. Only the fuzzy logic can behave the two ways, measurable or transcendent (depending on when it runs on a calculator or on a neuronal network). Curiously, Iran is half way between Greece and China. Maybe there is a geography of logics, as in ancient time there was a «tender map» for love feelings.


We can note that intuition, our capacity to estimate a conclusion without intermediary reasoning steps, or accounting with faculties such as artistic sensitivity, is just the natural functioning of the brain. More accurately, neuronal networks, either natural or artificial, have this capacity, to give a synthetic response in only one operation, without neither analysis nor intermediary reasoning steps (unlike program computers do). This feature of the brain is obviously visible in the way our consciousness is able to instantly draw a conclusion, while accounting with complex or non-measurable data, what is usually named intuition, instinct, and that I name here synthetic reasoning. If we think well, analytic reasoning (using Aristotelian logic, analysis and reasoning steps) is less natural to our brain, and it is not astonishing if it appeared later into human history. However we must not jump on the conclusion that analytic mind would be bad or inferior: only a part of analytic mind allowed me to really understand the quadripolar logic, from Yin-Yang traditions which are often ridden with axis confusions. And it is also very fortunate if our brain is directly able, without hard training, to use synthetic thinking to understand problems which obey to transcendent logics, fuzzy, Yin-Yang or quadripolar. As these problems are the common case into any spiritual or social domain.


A terrible mistake would be to oppose Aristotelian or analytical logics, with non-Aristotelian or synthetic logics. Refusing either of the two simply makes us blind to large parts of reality. Many scientists refuse to see all the human parts, making of science a caution for dangerous immoral or selfish ideologies. On the other hand many New Age people emphasize intuition and reject analytical reasoning, leading to an inefficient spirituality ridden with cults and fancy theories.


The non-Aristotelian logics are imitated, in electronics, by artificial neural networks. However we note that, contrarily to Aristotelian computers which surpassed by very far the human brain, electronic neural circuits are still very embryonic compared to the same human brain. The main reason probably is a deep skew in favour of analytical reasoning, when synthetic reasoning is still largely misunderstood. Also only an analog neural circuit could really imitate thought, for reasons which will be explained in the fifth part.







General Epistemology        Chapter I-6       







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