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Dumria        Chapter 7       


Chapter 7

Unexpected but decisive observations



Steve had a lot to say to the Director and his staff, Dawa and Sangye Tcheugyal. Also Colonel Orgyen gave him all the data he already had recorded, relieved to at last find somebody seriously paying heed to his alarms. Steve explained that the Mind Science University was sending three types of documents:

«One, basic «philosophy» explanations, mainly based on atheism, materialism and refutation of the spiritual transition.

«Two, weapon plans and mind control techniques.

«Three, texts looking like answers in a debate on philosophy and the opportunity to use conflicting methods against the «youngs» or the «fanatics». These text also often speak of two «brain versions», the new being considered as a mistake. It is difficult to figure what «brain version» means, but it seems that there are two generations of Dumrians, with a somewhat different mind, and thus a different understanding of various subjects, mainly in the spiritual field.

«It is now sure that the conspiracy has a regular contact, going on since maybe years. It also seems that there is a conflict on Dumria, apparently between a majority of old non-spiritual people, and a new generation or an influent minority interested in spirituality. Of course the conspiracy supports the anti-spiritual clan, openly using here criminal methods they cannot display on Earth.

«A subtle but reassuring feature is that the conspiracy seems to recurrently argue in favour of using such means. This may mean that the Dumrians are not very keen for war.

-I understand them.

-Not astonishing. They look like very peaceful people.

-On Earth also, we found animals, and even civilisations like the Cretans, who were not threatened, and evolved in a peaceful, confident and defenceless behaviour. It is not extraordinary, and among the missing planets, other astonishing examples can be found. But generally when a aggression occurs, such beings are a very easy prey, and are quickly destroyed. I am really very afraid for the Dumrians. This conspiracy could ruin their planet in some years, simply in introducing a conflict mind among people unable to manage a conflict.

«We are also in a situation where a stronger civilisation could ruin a weaker one, like it happened on Earth at the time of colonialism, especially in America or in Tibet. Foreign aggressive values could ruin traditional Dumrian values in a matter of some years, bringing that world into a mess, and destroying a surely very special and very interesting culture. Reflecting at such topics is today somewhat lost of sight, as there was a general feeling that we could not meet extraterrestrials. But it was really a concern since as soon as the 1980' among exobiologists of the NASA, who designed a deontology to apply in case of extraterrestrial contacts. We are now in an emergency situation where this concern applies.

«This alone could justify that we have the right, and even the duty, to arrest this conspiracy and manage correctly the contact with the Dumrians, in a way respectful of their civilisation and honour. I think we even must do this very fast, and first of all to warn the Dumrians of that threat.

-Yes I agree, Steve, replied Tcheugyal, but I feel that the Dumrians are clever enough not to be manipulated by this poor conspiracy. Yes, they can send plans of machine-gun, but how could they themselves use machine guns against the Dumrians? So they can attack the Dumrians only on a philosophical level, and, if I read the texts the conspiracy sends to Dumria, it looks that they are short of real arguments in the debate.

-I hope so.

-Rinpoche, respectfully replied Dawa, you are right, but remember that in the colonial adventures in Gaul, in America, Africa, China, Tibet, the first noxious impact on peoples was generally on a philosophical level: social values, religion, social recognition and the like. Military means only came after, to easily take societies already ruined from inside, peoples who had already lost any self-confidence and any desire for self-defence. Not to speak of China where opium did most of the job, so that the English army just had to get in with little fight. So far that, in the last 20th Century, when ethnologist still discovered some unknown tribes in Papua or Amazon, they approached them very carefully, without displaying technological artefacts or interfering into their life. To avoid such problems, exobiologists long ago studied contact protocols in case we discovered an extraterrestrial civilisation. Alas we cannot employ them now, as a salvage contact already occurred.

-Why should not the Dumrians also had designed such contact protocols? It is quite clear: they are also very clever, in the God Realm. It is perhaps the reason why they continue to send the first contact message on their emitter, apparently only replying to the conspiracy from time to time. They are still waiting for the true contact».


The director Hervé Elzecher then asked to Dawa Dhondup what he observed.

«I continued my survey of Dumrian villages. First I checked that there are only villages, and never towns. That villages are often built around a factory or a science lab. But I found a special case: a village for children.


-So! They have children!

-Yes they have. But it is rather strange. On the middle of that place, there is a building which looks like a science lab, or a biology lab. Close by, something looking like an hospital, with advanced pregnant women in very cosy and nice rooms, and also delivery rooms. Then, around that building, scattered in a very pleasant garden with trees and flowers, there are small cottages, where live women with babies. Further there are two or three villages with schools and play places, and three time more adults than children, all working to make the children's life very happy and exciting. I did not found «teenagers» in that place, but they are perhaps somewhere else, or scattered among adults.

«All that makes that they perhaps have only one child for several thousands adults. This can simply mean that the Dumrians have a very long life. So they do not need to bear many children. But they do this thoroughly, and take a great care of their children.

«I also made two rounds of search for some clandestine Dumrian emitter. If they use the already known main emitter to answer the conspiracy, they do not use it very often. At least they do not systematically answer all the messages of the conspiracy. The conspiracy messages that Colonel Orgyen caught do mention such answers from the Dumrians, but we did not observed them sending an answer. This is not astonishing, as we did not observed their emitter longer than some hours since we discovered it!»


The trimpon launched again the discussion on the topic of the conspiracy groups in Tibet. He also brought an e-book with his own data.

«Our services already spotted various suspicious groups or places, which sometimes openly claim to be anti-spiritual, but more often hide under a benign appearance. But we spotted them as the providers of propaganda means or other indirect evidences. Maybe other could exist.

-Our Shedrup Ling data shows about twenty places in Tibet involved into «anti-suicide» movement, said the director. And yours, Trimpon la?

-Not so accurate, but about the same number.

-It seems that we cross-spotted about ten of them. This suggests that about thirty others could exist. Why not to observe these places? Heee...

-With aircrafts? Difficult, we cannot see inside the houses.


-Ho, director, what are you thinking at?»

There was a huge taboo. To use these methods for espionage or police purposes was just too easy. And too unfair, in regard of human rights. Imagine that someone can look at you every time, wherever you are, even at home, even underground, without any mean for you to avoid this, and even to know this. There was a huge taboo on this idea, and it was widely considered as a dishonest mean, just a temptation toward total dictatorship.

«To use the quantum telescope to look into these places?» concluded Tcheugyal, who never encumbered his mind with any taboo.

-Yes... This is a very special case, replied the trimpon. I... shall give the authorisation. But of course, it will be under the control of a police officer. And only for that event. Dawa La, I requisition your telescope. And you. This is a matter we already discussed in the ministry of Justice. All the conditions are fulfilled. It is not an ordinary hijacking. We could arrest some underlings right now, but if we do not hit immediately the whole organisation, it will escape and hide somewhere else, only to do other harm in the future. Not accounting the evil they may do on the other planet. This is a major threat against civilization. Not ours, but civilization anyway. Go, Dawa La, and feel honest.»

The trimpon was straightforward. Dawa looked somewhat astounded, but he quickly reacted. He sent a message to the telescope staff. He could disconnect the network and establish a direct link between the telescope site and Shedrup Ling, but this was not completely safe, even into the Shedrup Ling intranet. So they had to go on the telescope site itself. Half an hour later, a police helicopter embarked everybody, already bringing two police officers, in dark blue uniforms and caps. Less than two hours after the command of the Trimpon, they were over the telescope site. It was occupied with only some small buildings in the Tibetan style, filled with computers. A mine shaft head frame was also visible, looking like a clean white tower covered with a traditional roof. Steve could imagine the vertiginous dive of more than one kilometre in the heart of the mountain, toward the gigantic machine in its cave. But now that the tests were almost complete, nobody was allowed to the bottom.

They all installed into the guidance room. Dawa disconnected the telescope from the network, simulating a communication test with dummy data. He switched the telescope guidance system into the geological survey mode, the one allowing for spying on Earth. It could be activated only with several passwords detained only by magistrates and police officers, both of them required to avoid abuses. The trimpon Rigzin Dordje Phala and one of the police officers sat in turn before the computer screen to enter their passwords. Heart beating, cheeks burning, Dawa began to enter the co-ordinates of the first suspect place.

Dawa, Steve, Tcheugyal, the director, the trimpon and the two policemen sat each in front of a screen. A village appeared, with a cross indicating the suspect house. As if the walls were becoming transparent, all the inside rooms appeared, and the computer immediately corrected the perspective so that a plan view appeared.

«Nothing suspect at first view. But they are surely not Tibetans.

-Here: forbidden weapons.

-Here: a false altar, with numerous e-books inside» The two policemen were eagle-eyed!

«Marvellous your scope, Dawa La, we shall enjoy a visit to this house after. But there is not what we are looking for now.»

Steve thought that this instrument had a somewhat monstrous efficiency. They could even read on the lips of the characters, and some devices were able to see the vibrations of a hair, to translate it into sounds. In the hands of a dictator, it would be a deterring total control weapon, allowing to detect even a whisper anywhere on Earth, without niether possible escape nor mean to know who is observed or not.

They successfully surveyed the thirty suspect places. Sometimes nothing wrong appeared. Or only propaganda means were visible. But once there was a true arsenal with training facilities, concealed into underground caves. The two policemen groused with both amazement and indignation. Another time there was a jail, five cells, four occupied by persons they could not recognise. Torture instruments were clearly visible.

«What the hell is this. Put their images in the database of disappeared persons. We have to wait for now, but we cannot eternally stay in front of this without doing anything.»

At last an isolated former caravanserai appeared, two kilometres off the Milarepa main road, remnant of the glorious epoch of the Silk Road, with a small mosque dome in the middle.

«A jail, again, with two cells, both occupied.

-Somebody sitting in lotus: Dawa, zoom!» made Steve, excited

Liu Wang appeared on the enlarged image, sitting and murmuring her mantras. Steve cried with emotion.

«OK, made the policeman. And the other cell? An old man, also sitting in lotus. Perhaps an hermit they found too curious. In the database. Good, we missed the dinner with this, but we did not went in vain.

-Well, it is a good point. We know where she is. We just have to look at her. But to liberate her is another matter: there are four armed and trained guards, plus the chief, and ammunitions for a month. Look at that stock, in the mosque: there is enough to blow the entire building. What the hell do they plan to do with all that?

-Hey look in the garage: the van. They also have an e-news receiver on, with the chief looking at. Idea of a good joke: announce the police lock on boundaries has stopped. They get Liu in the van, but not the ammunition stock. If they are divided things are easier.

-And once Liu liberated, we can do something for the Dumrians.

-Good, said Tcheugyal with a strong voice. This is enough to catch them, but not to compromise the whole network. Let me explain you my plan. You used marvelously efficient relative methods, but now I shall perhaps add some absolute methods».







Dumria        Chapter 7       







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