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Dumria        Chapter 5       


Chapter 5

Expectations and discoveries



The same team was again in a meeting, except the woman behind the folding screen. But there was now the colonel Orgyen.

The trimpon Rigzin Dordje Phala spoke first.

«The police report shows that the helicopter was spotted in a desert place, along the main road Milarepa ( note) (Tibetan roads were bearing saint names, in place of numbers). It was abandoned in a little glen, out of fuel. There were traces of a car, but impossible to follow, as the road is tarred. From the wheelbase and swing radius we identified an ancient model of Chinese van, not very common in Tibet, and we also carefully registered tyres imprints. The helicopter was identified as a Chinese civil servant shuttle, stolen three months ago.

-Hey, we lose their trace.

-Yes, they made us. The only positive point is that the Chinese government does not seem involved in the hijacking. They even much helped us, exchanging with us their radar records. They had recorded the beginning of that helicopter trip, without noticing that it was the stolen one. You know, there are thousands of helicopters like this, in China. So they are now in the process of identifying from where the helicopter started, and the police is now surrounding that area.



-Not too quickly: they do not want to warn the bandits too soon. There is no evidence that Liu is now in China. So they work discretely, just to get information, and note any suspect car. We clearly explained them that Liu's hijacking could be only a small part of a much larger plot. They were somewhat sceptics, but co-operative. They at least understood that it was an international affair, and did not wanted to see their country accused.

«Investigating in the Tibetan police intelligence, we found that the spot indicated by the Dumrians is now occupied by a group of about twenty persons, with trucks and prefabricated barracks. They claim to be a scientific team of the private USA University of Applied Mind Science, New Jersey, in expedition to examine migratory birds and radioactive dust spreading, or other unclear things. Police was suspicious about them since long ago, as they were not really looking at birds, but there are no charges against them. The radioactive forbidden zone is now wild and scarcely inhabited. It is perfect for wildlife studies, but also for hiding suspicious activities.

-The strangest is what they do in the radioactive desert» explained colonel Orgyen. Without his military suit, he was not looking very much like a colonel, but rather as a clever and active man, with a pleasant face, dressed with a neutral Tibetan suit. «We also had them in sight since long ago. The day they do nothing, or just manoeuvring from time to time one or two telescope or sampling device. But the night they use to unfold on the ground a 30m large greenish fabric, and with an image projector they project on it series of strange green drawings and texts.

-Oh gosh! An emitter! They communicate!

-Sure: green light, the colour of the most common quantum telescope fluorescent material! The same as used with the Dumrian emitter!

-What did they send?

-We have some records. Their content is not clear, even if it is in English. It is mainly warnings against religions and spirituality, and cook theories on mind and on the missing planets, looking like answers in a debate. To warn migratory birds flying over Tibetan monasteries, I guess.

-Antireligious debate? What is this mess? What are these guys doing with the Dumrians?

-They are fooling the Dumrians in speaking in the name of all the Earth! Pooh!

-We had some concern about anti-religious activities going on in our country, continued Orgyen, but when we warned the home ministry they told us to do nothing.

-Of course, they are infiltrated.

-Or simply they earn a comfortable rent from the Applied Mind Science University. As usual in such situations.

-This affair is serious. We noticed that each time we flew over them, the screen was rolled up, while satellite views showed it unrolled, at night. But they have no radar to detect us approaching. We only recently found that they have a lidar (note), used to watch the whole sky without being noticed. We studied its scan and designed a special flight schedule over them, to avoid being spotted. Thus we could observe the unrolled screen and the messages they send. We once purposely crossed the scan: they immediately rolled the screen, in only 15 seconds.


-Good pretext, to observe birds.

-That depends what we understand with birds. They are really looking at birds, don't you think so?

-At least, their propaganda is illegal in Tibet, and they know it.

-Sure that this affair is still more serious that we expected, concluded the trimpon. If there was not an hostage, we should immediately warn everybody, starting from the UNO Council.

-The hostage is even not the main reason to keep silent for the moment. If we warn people, the whole secret organisation would be warned too, and escape or engage into who knows what dreadful action. But what we can do right now is to alert all our networks. We can anyway reach safely prominent responsibles of the UNO and of various national governments members who are in our network.

-I think this is premature so long we do not know what is really going on. The hijacking of Liu made a scandal in Tibet and all surrounding countries, as it took place in a sacred place dedicated to the best compassionate training. There are even popular demonstrations in Tibet, India, China, Mongolia, Turkistan, and a world-wide support. Think that there was a very well known German intellectual injured in the attack! This is enough to cover our investigations about who is behind the hijacking affair without speaking of this Dumria affair. So there is only a need to warn only useful people right now, and to progressively enlarge the circle of warned persons, with only the data they need.»

The trimpon had a last thing to say:

«My US colleagues traced the blackmails from an office in a military science laboratory in Arizona. The military police is now investigating who was the sender. They are suspicious about a group of some scientists and engineers whose names follow. That's all, but that's much.

-OK dear trimpon. Now it is my turn to give informations, replied the Shedrup Ling director. We do not have so powerful investigation means, and we work slowly, but efficiently, in gathering, checking and correlating apparently insignificant facts, such as remarks, or votes. All our data is in this small e-book, seemingly of a common model, of which exist only some copies in the world. It is always off the computer network, so that nobody can find it. Even if somebody steals it and tries to open it without the correct password, all the hot content is erased, and it displays only general well known philosophy texts, such as Richard Trigaux's «General Epistemology», in the Latin translation.

-Aoh, how dreadful!

-The Applied Mind Science University is well known from all the scientists, as it is just an umbrella for some activities which are absolutely not scientific. This is an already old habit, as already in the 20th Century such umbrellas were used to spread socially nasty ideologies, such as behaviourism or sociobiology, in the guise of explaining scientific theories. Of course, «certain» popular reviews immediately repeat these theories as being «the science», even if usually real science is completely excluded from their concerns. Other attempts were made in the 21st Century, and now the Applied Mind Science tries to promote a set of «psychometrics» or «neurological» theories, which try to take over ideas about personal development and the like, to make with this a «scientific and neurological» explanation of happiness. Of course of a completely egocentric happiness, but which brings very spectacular results in the short run. Many people get fooled and enthusiastic with this, despite the foreseeable tremendous personal and social consequences in the long run. They also claim to be a «rational» substitute to ancient religions and modern spirituality as well, bringing immediate and better results without all the religious rituals and concepts. They have millions of adepts world-wide, and are considered as a serious threat in most religious countries, and even in European lay countries. They were forbidden in Arabia, Iran and the like, but without success, as they progress secretly. Even in Tibet they have adepts, and propaganda was found even in monasteries.

«This «university» is a part of a much wider and less public movement, which may have started as soon as 2000, from negationist Heidelberg-minded scientists at that time. Now this movement is engaged into what we usually call the «anti-suicide» movement, which tries to oppose to the idea of engaging the Earth into the process which will lead it toward the «abstract transition» (note) to a spiritual world. But in fact we find behind this all the traditional anti-freedom and extreme-right stuff. For this they tried to develop very ingenious theories on the disappearance of evolved planets, ranging from an intergalactic conspiracy to subtle quantum effects in the brain, leading to the destruction of the planet when certain consciousness abilities appear. The most clever would be that advanced science produced a «phase transition» in space itself, producing a texture (note) which invades the entire planet. In that texture the usual matter particles have a much weaker mass. When the boundary of the texture crosses normal matter, this matter is transformed. Its mass is dissipated under the form of gravitational waves, and only a microscopic object remains of the planet, with a very low mass, but still the same baryonic number (note) than the planet. This object then turns in a micro-black hole, which soon dissipates with Hawking effect. Even computer simulation were conducted on this, which produced a terrifying movie where the Earth is like eaten by an invisible thing, with white hot lava squirting all around. Of course, after this theory, everybody dies on the planet, and there is no spiritual world, and the spiritual transition idea is a world wide conspiracy of the religious and of the «tantric ideology» to destroy the world. As at random, there are more than one million Internet sites dedicated to explain these theories, even if only less than a thousand of persons world-wide really try to promote them.

«This is a basic censorship method on the web: to make so much noise that seeking the truth requires too much work. You can virtually not make a search on any subject you can imagine, soccer, ice creams, Aztec philosophy, without finding an «anti-suicide» site. But true spiritual sites are now impossible to find into lists of thousand pages using the same search keywords. Search engines managers are furious.

-All this is just sheer delirium.

-Yes it is, but delirium using the worse mind control methods, backed with powerful financial means, and using military-like commandos. We scanned our data: the uniforms used this time were already seen into similar hijackings in China, also implying the «anti-suicide» movement. We also traced financial means, which come from a small set of rich extreme-right people and banks, owning some well known and honest companies, likely to be unaware of the use of the money they earn. Please trimpon, recall the names of that Arizona scientists... (A special connection mode of these computers allowed making copy-paste with the finger, from one computer to the other!) Got them! They are all in our database of members of the «anti-suicide» network, silently infiltrated into the US Army. Nobody knows their opinions, and they can be charged for nothing. But they all had negative votes into several science management affairs, and we identified them from this.

-No charges? There will be some changes with what we found.

-Not to hurry. This time it is enough to arrest them, but there are still missing links between them and the commando. How did these people warned the commando? Where is it based? Who trains and supports it? Where did they brought Liu? One thing is sure: if she is still in Tibet, they cannot bring her out, as all the boundaries are locked.

-They shall not try, so long as police is present everywhere. Everybody is so upset against them than even true Tibetan bandits could run to the police to denounce them.

-It is enough that we tell the public that researches has stopped. They will try to move to another country, as it is too dangerous for them, here in Tibet.

-Good idea, but chances to get them are weak.


-Please Dawa La, what do you observed this time?» asked the director.

«I had some observation time, answered Dawa. The main fact I noted in direct connection to our affair is that several quantum telescopes on Dumria are permanently looking toward Earth. But we cannot know what they are exactly looking at. We did not found other emitters that the one already found in orbit, but this does not make sure that an unofficial one may not be working somewhere from time to time, like the one on Earth.

«A close look to Dumria is really an insight into a very strange world. At first you think that the first building you look at is some marvellous palace for a king, but when you look around you quickly find that ALL the buildings look as palaces. And I checked: ordinary homes, collective meeting halls, factories, and even a garbage recycling plant I found, all look marvellous, in round and elliptic shapes, with extra towers, decorations, sculptures... It is really incredible, and in colours it must be a movie scenery. It really seems that the Dumrians are very fond of beauty and fairy like landscapes. Many buildings are geometrically arranged with very old trees, making them very ancient. We rarely found such an intensive concern for beauty on former inhabited planets. And it is not a recent feature on this planet. It seems that Dumria evolves slowly, or that it is still at this stage since a long time.

«I undertook a systematic survey of a sample of several villages on various continents. The styles of buildings and gardens vary widely, but these astonishing basic features are constant everywhere. But the strangest is that we did not found some kind of artefacts we should expect. We did not found secure places such as banks or jails. It even seems that some houses do not have real doors, only shutters (which are common, with the strong winds and colds.) Looking closer I found NO LOCKS and nothing of this kind. I found no money handling devices, and even no cash desks in shops. Not to speak of armies or weapons, I did not found any.

-It really looks like a paradise world!

-It is Shangri La!

-Not difficult to achieve this, replied Sangye Tcheugyal. It is only a matter of mastering mind disturbances, and we can do this on Earth right now. You know that some already do it, in the Beyuls.

-Yes, Rinpoche (Dawa was always showing very respectful of Tcheugyal). The problem is how they could have gained such a powerful mastery: I found absolutely no religious buildings or artefacts in the Dumrian samples I observed.»

This time Tcheugyal himself looked astonished.

«I carefully observed several villages with this in mind. We can find on Dumria many kinds of community buildings. Music halls, with sophisticated music systems and an incredible variety of acoustic instruments. Dance halls or outdoor places. Movies, and interactive movies. Strange theatres, where spectators and stage are mixed. It even seems that every individual house contains rooms dedicated to music, painting or movie. Even the simplest Dumrian house would be a very rich luxury villa on Earth. But I never found anything which resembled the simplest religious object or artefact.»

There was a silence. Such a feature was effectively not very common. It was especially noted that all the planets which undertook an abstract transition did it only after a strong spiritual involvement period.

«Of course we could expect that the Dumria religion would express in this constant search of beauty. There are an incredible number of statues, which could have a tantric meaning, or be the result of a search for an ideal. It seems that, from their harsh climate, when the Dumrians build something, they build solid. So many building or statues may be in fact very old. The Dumrian civilisation could be in a very slow evolution, or in a state of achievement since a long time. And there is a strange clue for this.»

Dawa left a silence.

«I never saw any child.»

This time there was a silence! This feature was really incredible. These people did not reproduce?

«It really looks as if the Dumrians were immortals. No children, no olds, no trace of disease. Only once I found a person who looked like injured. He had a severed leg, and also a missing hand. But the wrist showed buds of fingers! Without this, I could really think that the Dumrians are really immortal, like Vajra bodies. But they have only material bodies, like us, which need to eat and use toilets.»

Dawa terminated:

«I think that perhaps the very long life of the Dumrians and their absence of religion are linked together. You know that in Buddhism as well as in Christianism or any other Earth religion, the motivation of religious practice and ethics comes from the need to escape suffering and death. If the Dumrians enjoy an extremely long life and few suffering, in a very pleasant world, they could lose any spiritual motive.

-I think, concluded Tcheugyal, that this planet perfectly illustrates this vision of the God Realm, as seen in the samsara wheel ( note). Samsaric gods are very happy and dedicate all their time to marvellous activities, beauty pleasures, game pleasures, sex pleasures, which absorb all their life time and thinking power, and forbid them any insight or reflection on the meaning and direction of their life. Thus there is always a moment were this has an end, and at that time the samsaric gods fall very down, and experience a terrific suffering of frustration and horror of their new condition. I think these people really need help».







Dumria        Chapter 5       







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