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The missing planets        Chapter 9       


Chapter 9

May 26 Morning

The explanation of the mystery



Soon in the morning special warnings were made in the guest house and neighboring hotels: The last explanatory address of Sangye Tcheugyal was to be made at 7H, as many people had to leave at 10h30.

The hall was less crowded, but as much noisy. The stage was not arranged in the same way as usual, there was only one large velvety dark red armchair, but no table, and a microphone some metres besides. There were also tightened safety checks at the entrance.

People slowly started to understand that the speaker would not be a common person, and something in the ambiance was announcing some great event. The planned hour passing by slowly increased the tense.

There were the (new) representatives of the UNO, of international organizations, of national governments, of scientists, of TV and Internet, of newspapers. There were still some unoccupied guest places in the front row, with a special guard.

Jean Delcourt arrived in a wheelchair, and took place in the front row. Angela Dexter invited Steve and other members of the team to take place in the second row. John Dexter was appearing on stage from time to time, but did not started to speak. Tcheugyal could not admit to have such marks of honor as a lone chair on stage. Surely he was not about to make the announcement himself. But who?

There was a noise of opening doors and all the heads turned together towards the entrance. And the surprise was tall. Accompanied by Malagasy policemen and dark suited bodyguards, followed by Tcheugyal in his best Tibetan suit, several women and men in red and yellow robes began to move in the alley, and took place in the guest places in the front row. But one of them climbed on stage. Everybody recognized the silhouette of the most simpler Buddhist monk...


Nobody else than His Holiness the 15th Dalaï Lama was to address them. There was a huge silence with surprise...


The life of the 14th Dalaï Lama had finished as it began: in the service of others. He had renounced to his state ruler role, asking for democratic elections. This was done, and when Tibet recovered its independence, it proudly took again its row among the nations as a democratic country, with a president and a chamber of representatives.


Alas things did not went perfectly well in the new Tibet, as internal disputes among Tibetans now freely expressed, in the difficult context of a bled white country where everything was to be rebuilt. There were especially concerns about the economy system to be adopted: some wanted to quickly go to capitalism, others to more innovative systems. But at least freedom of thinking and studying was restored, and great monastic universities went back from India to regain their traditional seats in Tibet. Besides the popular spontaneous rebuilding of the precious religion, there also was a very voluntary government science effort, with foundation of universities in Lhassa, and very large telescopes in the northern mountain ranges, including the astounding OWL European project. Above all, Tibetans are very business effective people, and they soon managed to recover.


The 14th Dalaï Lama entered in retreat in the 2020', after issuing very serious warnings to the governments of the World, about the ongoing powerful disturbances of climate due to greenhouse effect and indices of nearing massive oceanic clathrates release. He warned he could not come again if things were getting still worse. This threat may have contributed to a firmer treatment of the ecological crisis. As a matter of fact, most government leaders of the former 20th Century just hand shook the Dalaï Lama to gain electors, just as we give an ice cream to a naughty child to avoid him crying. But with time passing by, as all the warnings of the Simple Buddhist Monk proved true, most of the World politicians turned afraid of him, and followed his advice in a way or another, even if they did not confessed this.


The 15th Dalaï Lama publicly reappeared in the 2030', as the son of a very typical Tibetan family, but they were not shepherds: scientists. He was soon officially recognized by the senior Tibetan religious leaders, including the true Panchen Lama... and also the false «Chinese» Panchen Lama! The later had undertaken Buddhist studies, while joking that «thus, there will be two Panchen Lamas now!».

As he himself predicted, the 15th Dalaï Lama was really «better and more powerful than the previous». In fact his childhood was punctuated with many miracles, and he thus easily gained a statute of unofficial but respected world counsellor. His influence even extended to Christian, African and Muslim countries, thanks to his respectful approach of other spiritualities, in such an extend that some considered him more as an interreligious leader than a Buddhist chief only.

He also greatly contributed, with his enlightened and respected advices, to the quick reconstruction of the new theo-democratic China, which was in the 2080' a smaller but still powerful country where life was very pleasant and purposeful. Despite the treacherous reefs where the Great Steersman had blindly conducted the country, despite the huge human toll of the ecological catastrophes nurtured by the former «communist» mismanagements, China was still overcrowded, although the age-groups were now more harmoniously balanced. But this made that Chinese government did not easily accepted immigration. Thus it was still a relatively closed and mysterious country, where new strange forms of Taoism were quickly developing, together with the classical Zen and Tibetan Buddhism, and some Christian and Muslim minor but significant streams.


After joining his hands in front of everybody and granting his eternal smile, His Holiness seated in the red armchair, and John Dexter, standing, spoke:

«Ladies and gentlemen, please apologize for this lateness, but His Holiness the 15th Dalaï Lama himself requested to make important revelations about the Centaurus 1296 case. This is a great honor for us all today to have here the personal visit and advice of His Holiness. When, some weeks ago, we realized that the Centaurian affair was to be solved only with a spiritual explanation, we requested advices of our colleagues learned into spirituality and Tantras, such as Sangye Tcheugyal Rinpoche. But only some days ago Rinpoche displayed the name Centaurus 1296 to other senior Lamas of Lhassa, and this gave a much unexpected result: His Holiness himself had things to say about this. Rinpoche immediately went in Lhassa to discuss this (we had very few time, as the conference deadline approached) and the result is there: The explanation of what was found will be given by His Holiness himself.


«Your Holiness, please.»


The simple Buddhist monk started with reciting the prayer:

«Sangye chö dang tsog kyi chok nam la

«Jangchub bardu dag nyi kyab su chi

«Dag ki jin dok gye pai sonam kyi

«Drola pen chir sangye drub par shok»



«May all sentient beings have happiness and its cause.

«May all sentient beings be free of suffering and its cause.

«May all sentient beings be inseparable from sorrowless bliss.

«May all sentient beings abide in equanimity, free of holding some close and others distant».


«Ladies and Gentlemen, hello, hello.


«There is at least one thing sure with the Centaurian people: their main affair in life was to seek for happiness. Just as us, and just as any other sentient being in the universe.

«They left us in their underground library an account of their evolution, what is usually called a time capsule, and that we call a Terma in Tibetan. And this data was quite clear to decode and understand, especially what the scientists called the second row data.

«Far before scientific data, appears in this unique document a concern for happiness and against suffering (the images defining the «good» and the «evil» pass by on the huge screen behind His Holiness)

«Centaurians used the same methods than us. They also had social concern, attempts of democracy, health care, contests for ecology preservation, peace keeping. It seems that they did not had so much economical problems.

«They were also seeking ethics or means of survival after death through religion, although the exact meaning of Centaurian religions is not of an easy access. This explanation is in the third row data, with so much matter that years of analyze will be necessary.

«But, and here we come to the «abstract transition» which caused so much anguish to our scientist friends, they discovered a unique mean to ensure an absolute happiness, definitively out of reach of any disease, ageing and death.

«This mean was simply a drastic change in their body, which transformed from a material body into a light body. (Murmurs in the room).

«How does it work? Ha ha ha (the 15th's laughter was still worse than that of the 14th's)

«Did you guess that this means also exists on Earth, since thousands of years?

«At various epochs (since the 8th Century in Tibet, and still sooner in India and China) yogis were able to perform such a change, and witnesses testify for this: after completing a years long meditation process, the yogi's body suddenly disappears, eventually taking the form of a ball of light just for the witnesses to see it. This is not a feature of a long ago forgotten mythical past, since nowadays in Tibet there are still many cases, and I witnessed one only some months ago. More, some started to happen in great retreat centers in USA, Australia and Europe, as the wonderful fruit of one century of development of Tantrism in these countries.

«What is a light body? It is not quite different of a material body. We also call this an illusory body, as it is only a projection of the mind. The material body also is a kind of illusion, of magical play. Thus to pass from the material body to the light body does not involve any mysterious physical or metaphysical process, it is just a matter of stopping our attachment to physical appearances. The material appearances really are illusions, in such an extend that a light body appears to its bearer much more real than a material body, and allows to enjoy much stronger and varied pleasant feelings.

«You understand that, knowing this, to follow the path of renunciation, for instance in becoming a monk, is a very good bargain! Especially when the result of this is such a light body! Ha Ha Ha Ha! (The laughter roared in the loudspeakers, and the sound engineer took a great pleasure to avoid to mute it)

«But you understand that to reach such a state requires other mind transformations, as to eliminate all mind defilements such as egocentricity, hate, pride, ignorance, prejudices... Otherwise, we would bring them with us in the light state, where it would be rather much more unpleasant than in the material world. Especially the thus obtained «light body» would be ugly, and rather unpleasant to wear. So it is not just an affair of «escaping the material world» to find happiness, the only really significant affair is to escape our mind defilements! The transition to the light body occurs only when the mind cleansing is complete, and it is impossible otherwise. Fortunately.


«What is new on Centaurus, is that they managed to undertake the things collectively. When, on Earth, we find only some rare individual obtentions. First there was individual obtentions, as on Earth, then small groups, then greater groups, and, at last, the whole planet.


«Quite simply.


«Centaurus 1296 never really disappeared, it still exists, but in a non-material state. It is now equivalent to a religious paradise. Of course, of a material point of view, it disappeared, it does no more influence its surrounding, and we cannot receive any information nor radio signal from it. But from the point of view of its inhabitants who kept a karmic connection with it, it still appears with its landscapes, buildings, trees, flowers... and from there they still see the material surrounding space, their sun and the stars.

«I think that life on Centaurus must be marvelous right now. But it is difficult to wonder what it looks like now after 10 millions years of spiritual evolution. As the evolution still continues in abstract worlds, although more slowly than with the goad of suffering.

«Is it possible to have spiritual contacts with the nowadays Centaurians? You will not be astonished if me, a religious leader, I answer yes. But you will surely be astonished if I answer that this already occurred.»

(There was a loud buzz in the room. But attendees quickly found the silence again, through respect to His Holiness)

«Only two years ago several termas were found in Tibet, and, more astonishing in the USA, in the Hopi Indian territory. This is theoretically impossible, as termas were all disposed in Himalayan regions by Guru Rinpoche, in the 8th Century. But we had to admit that the USA termas were also genuine, but not from Guru Rinpoche. Hopi priests said that the objects containing them were brought before the European invasion, by gods flying into light vessels. Also one of the Tibetan termas was found in a building made by slaves during the fascist occupation».

A beautiful image of a thangka painting appeared on the screen, representing a horse with an human head and two arms wearing twelve rosaries and a very precious book.

«Of course Termas are all written in a symbolic language difficult to interpret when we do not possess the key. Thus it was impossible for us to understand who was this horse with an human head, holding twelve rosaries and a precious new Tantra, with two Buddha protrusions on his head, a thing never seen before in our traditions. But my dear friend Sangye Tcheugyal suddenly found the solution, only two days before: the horse with an human head is a Centaurus, understand a Centaurian, with his two crown Chakras, and twelve Buddhist rosaries containing 1296 beads! (Again there was a huge Oooh of surprise)

«What does contain the Centaurus termas?

«They are the announcement of the public delivery of a new Tantra.

«As you know, Tantras are esoteric texts which contain data for advanced practitioners to obtain Arhat state or Illumination state with potent energy yogas. They often contain also various data on social life, astrology, behavior, family life, health...

«Tantrism exists since immemorial times. Its more ancient forms were in Kashmir, where it probably evolved from Greek Mysteries Schools, brought here by Alexander the Great. Then it spread to India, China and related countries. Later a Muslim form appeared, the Sufism. Tantra was introduced in Tibet only in the 8th Century, and developed here up to the time of the fascist invasion in the 20th Century, where Tibetan Tantrism began to spread in the world, together with other forms of Chinese and Indian Tantrism.

«Our usual Buddhist Tantras are numerous, such as Heruka, Guyasamaja, Yamantaka, Vajra Yogini... But the spiritual practices they describe are all intended only for a lone practitioner. Only the latest released Tantra in the world, Kalachakra, in the 11th Century, contains two parts: a traditional Inner Kalachakra, which is about the transformation of the practitioner himself, and the Outer Kalachakra, which involves the transformation of the world: the activity of the Inner Kalachakra is to go in the world and liberate all sentient beings from their sufferings.

«The new Tantra to come (maybe in 2100) also mainly contains lone practices, but this time it will also contain group practices, intended to obtain a collective result. And this is very new in Tantrism, even if the concerned groups are very small (close friends, families). Other Tantras are announced, still more powerful, for the centuries to come. They would allow obtentions by groups of practitioners, as in the first stage of the Centaurian story. It is said that once this stage completed, obtention of a light body would be much easier for everybody.

«Another very new feature in Tantrism is that the new Tantra will be delivered in several parts of the world, in various spiritual backgrounds, in place of being practicable by the followers of only one spiritual stream, such as the Buddhists. Thus there will be a Buddhist version, but also a Brahmin version, a Taoist version, a Muslim version, native versions, and even a Jew and a Christian version, thus allowing all these traditions to enter into the stream of the powerful and effective mind transformation techniques.

«About Muslims, who do not recognize prophets later than Muhamad in the 7th Century, I must precise that a new Tantra is not a prophecy, in this meaning that it does not intend to found a new religion. Especially not this one, which method is to adapt itself into existing religions: a Muslim practicing the new Tantra will remain a Muslim before all. But no matter the religious label: what is relevant anyway is to place ourselves into a compassionate ethical and generous path.

«But further, this new Tantra is a preview of the future deliveries to be made by Maitreya, the future Buddha, also known as the Iman Mahdi by the Muslims, the future prophet, and as the Messiah by Christians and Jews. So everything is clear and there is no cause for disputes about the authenticity or relevance of the new spiritual deliveries, which shall anyway be displayed in a forgery-proof manner.

«And where do the future Tantra comes from? From a mystical place we call Shamballah. Already the Kalachakra Tantra was issued from Shamballah in the 11th Century, in India and just after in Tibet, the chronicles from this epoch state this as an historical event. Later the links with Shamballah went somewhat loose, but it seems that they are now in the process of being reactivated, as several Yogis and oracles received messages, which content is not to be publicly displayed for now.

«What is Shamballah? It is not a material place we can reach by travel, it is a spiritual place where people can live only with a light body. It is nothing else that the embryo of the future «abstract Earth». When we shall undertake the «abstract transition» as the Centaurian did, we shall all join Shamballah, and Shamballah will become the new Earth. The «abstract transition» of Earth is already in progress, but it could not be complete before many centuries, the time required for all Earthlings to cleanse their minds and to transform the whole planet. For now there are only some thousand persons living in Shamballah.

«So, useless to make stock exchange troubles, neither to ransack supermarkets: this will not accelerate the process, but only slow it down! Ha Ha Ha! (This time all the assembly laughed together with His Holiness)

«How is all this related with Centaurus 1296? Simply that we were clearly indicated that contacts occurred between the actual Centaurus inhabitants and Shamballah. When? Perhaps today, perhaps 5000 years ago. But they occurred. Surely there were also contacts, and even exchange of persons, between Shamballah and many other planets. This is an usual feature in the «abstract world» where interstellar travel requires only to think at it, although it seems completely forbidden in the material world. But ordinary beings cannot enjoy such contacts, and even not to read reports of messages, as this communication implies the mastery of superior non-dual logic, and full mastery of our mind powers.

«It is very likely that Centaurians, and eventually beings from many other planets, will help us in the transition. But we are also able to lead this process alone, and it would be far better if we actually show able to do so. Thus, the influence of beings from other planets will be very discrete, and anyway in the non-action. No hope for an ordinary person to chat with them on the Internet!


«Another important announcement in the Centaurus terma is about this new phenomenon generally called «FAE», Full Awareness Episode. Some Yogis and great masters show able to project the consciousness of somebody else into an «abstract» paradise, where this person experiences a very great happiness and receives adapted spiritual teachings and benedictions. This is very much like in the Powa, but the person comes back on Earth, with her mind completely changed, although it is still the same person, the same stream of consciousness. But gangsters become good citizens, egocentric criminals become models of compassion, irresponsible politicians become examples of public-spiritedness. There even were some preliminaries since the end of the 20th Century, with phenomenon like the NDE, instants of super-awareness, OBE and even the so-called «extraterrestrial abductions». But all this was salvage and unmastered phenomena. If the two first were often a source of some spiritual progress, the later was more often bringing heavy trauma, as it proceeded only of unmastered emotions and weird phantasms, without of course never any trace of real extraterrestrials. Thus it is better if these phenomena are not so common today, or less public, more intimate, for those who really master them and thus create their own paradise. The new FAE is basically the same phenomenon, but strictly and completely controlled by a spiritual master, so that there is no risk and the profit is infinitely greater. It is still difficult, even for great yogis. But FAEs bring us much hope: that at the time of the Earth transition, EVERYBODY will be able to do it. There will not be good «elected» ones, nor bad «rejected» ones. Even the worse egocentric criminals will all cleanse their minds from their problems and defilements and they all shall join us and be happy too.

«Since some years in Tibet and China cases of FAE appear, generally involving criminals or heavy psychiatric cases who are suddenly completely healed, and even sometimes ordinary persons. Some started to also occur in India, and now Sangye Tcheugyal Rinpoche reports one here in Malagasy, just at the occasion of this colloquium, (murmurs) involving a small district delinquent who is now enjoying gardening right behind this building. I met him just before entering in this room, and it is true. I even strongly suspect Sangye Tcheugyal Rinpoche to have provoked this case himself! What the terma states about FAE is that the inception of this phenomenon is a strong evidence than the Earth is now engaged on the same path than the other planets you observed, with as a predictable result to also «disappear» when everybody will have cleansed their mind defilements.

«We shall even soon be able to produce FAE at a distance, and from this time it will be impossible to have dictators or nasty company managers. We found this confirmed in the third row Centaurian data, and it occurred very soon in the process. We ourselves are now entering the process.

«We shall also have to cleanse ecological problems such as the radioactive wastes savagely tipped out anywhere in nature and oceans (You know that whole regions of Tibet were poisoned with such wastes spread in pastures, and are still uninhabitable for thousand years). Many other places were polluted with chemicals, garbage, ugly buildings, engineered genes or weapons. Even if great efforts have already been made to address this, some places will need centuries of work to see life flourishing again. You may think that it is the 20th Century barbarians who are responsible of all this, but we are nobody else than these persons, living now in a new flesh body. So it is really our own karma, we have to cleanse all this. We have to do of our planet something clean, healthy, poetical and enchanting. Only after that the abstract transition of our planet itself will be possible.

«An infinite era of great and unspoiled happiness will begin at that time.

«To hasten this moment, we just have to be right now good citizens, good parents, good students, good friends, good spouses, conscientious workers, social-friendly and ecology-friendly managers, responsible civil servants and politicians. And for those committed in a spiritual practice whatever it is, to practice it thoroughly and enthusiastically, for the benefit of all sentient beings.

«I hope these news will dissipate any fear about what is just a natural phenomenon, a normal evolution of life. I also hope that these news will bring hope and courage to the world. We have still sufferings ahead, but now an end is within sight.

«Thank you for hearing, and be happy!»


There were no applause, but a very concentrated silence, as everybody was very busy to memorize these words and understand their meaning.



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