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The missing planets        Chapter 4       


Chapter 4

Social troubles.



Steve, Liu and Tcheugyal decided to have lunch in a restaurant in town. It was just a 15 minutes walk, but they soon realized that they lost their way. They ought to walk in the opposite way, and in place of the pleasant crowded streets of the old town, they found themselves into a sinister suburb.

Despite general social progress in the 21st century, there were still such unpleasant places where people gathered to experience a noxious ambiance of violence and social hatred. There had especially been a great effort on employment and social recognition of poor or neglected people. This effort had generally been successful, even in most poor countries as in Africa, which nearby all experienced a significant social wealth increase.

But this effort and its very success also made clear, by contrast, that violence and social tense did not had unemployment or poverty as only causes. This understanding was not easy, as the new forms of fascism were now hiding under a «libertarian» speech, for instance a contestation of social discrimination, pretext in fact for a powerful anti-white racism and anti-hetero sexism. The renewal of true spirituality also fired a very strong reaction, stating that we only have to do whatever we desire, immediately and whatever the consequences, before the absolute nothingness of death. This was not new, for since 1980 rejecting old-timed rigid forms of culture was already a pretext to mock at the progressive arts and culture at that time. Things went so far as governments promoting such kind of «freedom politics», and at random such governments were the main opponents to the social and ecological reforms from 2020 to 2050, and were even at the origin of some wars. Besides, only just installed, nearby all these governments immediately turned to very classical forms of authoritarian fascism.

Such nasty movements were on the decline in the 2070', but now the seemingly pessimistic vision of the absence of future civilization on Earth ignited them again, on the basis of a simplistic reasoning: If there was no future, it was completely useless to have effort for social progress, and all the less any effort for personal mind mastery. This new tendency was going right in front of the new policy (since about 2050) of most governments, international organizations and the United Nations, to favour for instance truly liberating spiritual traditions, and in general positive and social-friendly forms of arts and cultural life.

Of course science was also criticized, and this also was not new. So there were some expectations of demonstrations in the surrounding of the colloquium, even in the peaceful Madagascar and its gentle life-enjoying people.


So Steve, Liu and Tcheugyal were not astonished, in this ugly place with neglected houses and garbage on the street, to encounter a gang of half a dozen men staring at them, blocking the street with no escape.

The most aggressive was a slim black wearing «anti-racism» signs. He walked on Steve, shouting at him «This is not a place for bloody whiteys», brandishing a raster, a dreadful weapon resembling a torch lamp, meant to «liberate the mind» of the victim, but which in reality only induced an epileptic fit with flashes of light, used by the attacker to make hypnotic suggestions or to shout ideological viruses in a rhythmic style not unlike the rap «music» in the 1990'. Of course such a device never liberated anybody of anything, and the victims at least got serious neurosis or Stockholm syndrome.

Steve had just time to think he was in a situation of self-defense, with the first flashes and the ghastly noise of the object. His fist burst forth in the face of the attacker, who collapsed in the mud, spitting blood. Steve then seized the evil thing, to smash it on a nearby wall.

Another guy, a tall and stout white looking like the chief (there was always whites everywhere where there was mess in Africa) was dressed with tight shiny black trousers outlining muscles and sexual parts, in the style of the «liberator squadrons». With his face distorted by stupidity, the effect was only very disgusting and absolutely not erotic. He was walking toward Liu, as to rape her on the field. Steve's veins immediately filled with cold rage, but the fragile small woman just performed something like an elegant step of dance, and the scoundrel also fell on the ground, clutching his belly with both hands, pale and breathless, groaning with pain.

While the other bandits escaped, Steve and Liu just exchanged glances meaning that Liu also had some resources. Then they looked at Tcheugyal, and immediately knew that he also completely mastered the situation, but in a rather different way. His attacker was a tall slim half-breed, dressed in the harsh colored «African style» of the very fascist «Black Party». He was brandishing a kind of dangerous razor, but was now standing motionless, half a meter in front of Tcheugyal. The later was just standing motionless, as he was ordinary, without any self-defense gesture or mimic. Then the half-breed suddenly looked at both three, as if he was just awaking in an unknown place. Slowly he lowered his arm, still looking like astounded, letting his weapon fall on the ground with some apparent disgust. (Steve immediately seized it).


Then suddenly and without any explanation Tcheugyal turned over and began to walk toward safety (they were lucky enough to escape their attackers, but they could come again with more force). At some distance, Tcheugyal looked back toward the half-breed, waving his arm as an invitation. The Half-breed suddenly ran to catch them up, as if he feared to lose them. Just before the restaurant, Tcheugyal stopped to give him a paper and some money, and the half-breed also stopped reluctantly. He still stared Tcheugyal, his lips quivering, as if he was about to cry. Steve wondered what did Tcheugyal made to this man to thus so dramatically alter his behavior.


They arrived at the restaurant only ten minutes late, as if everything was normal, except for Liu's robe torn from the foot to the knee. This was really erotic, thought Steve. Liu and Steve did not dare to ask any question to Tcheugyal. His methods were clearly more subtle and more efficient than theirs.



The missing planets        Chapter 4       







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