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The missing planets

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Chapter 8

May 25, 2081.

A strange consciousness experience.



Soon in the Morning, Steve Jason had a walk in the flower garden, not far from the alley were took place the attempt of assassination against Jean Delcourt. There was two policemen guarding the place, but Steve simply avoided them, loathing to think about such horrible things.

This flower garden was a very nice place, and it was a real pleasure to be simply here, at the only fresh moment in the day. There were many unknown Malagasy flowers and odd trees such as the famaka, and rocks, and even a brook with small bridges. Black and white furry varikandra monkeys were playing in the foliage, which green was made much more vivid by the red of the laterite alleys. There were many small places with benches, propitious to solitary work or meditation.

Coming into one of these shadowed places, Steve was absorbed in the contemplation of some flowers, and stayed like this for a moment. But a slight noise warned him that somebody was behind him, in a shadowed recess of the place, whom he did not notice at first. Turning back, he found Liu Wang, in light purple loose shirt and trousers with some colored embroided flowers, in a strange position: she was doing her Chi-gong, this pleasant Chinese yoga which involves slow and elegant movements from a posture to another. Liu could not miss to see Steve, but she did not stopped for this, and continued her slow dance.

She was very nice, with her half-long shiny black hair, and the points of her small breasts showing beneath her shirt. Steve suddenly felt stupid to such stare at her, but Liu stopped and started a small friendly laughter.

«Hello! Want to try? She asked.

-Hello! Hey, yes, why not... one day.

-OK, one day. And for today, have a walk?

-OK, a walk» he replied, somewhat awkward with an unexplained shyness. Strangely, despite he was e-friend with Liu since ten years, he had the feeling to only discover her, and she was completely different of what he was thinking. He knew Liu Wang as a technician, a scientist, an intellectual, he discovered a woman, and more a nice and warmhearted woman. The e-relation makes easy far discussions, but also makes an easy filtering of reality. Real relation does not allow for such a filtering, and he had to accept Liu doing Chi-gong in purple shirt.

They walked a moment, silently. There were students also taking some rest in the garden, or doing Yoga, or reading, or doing some gymnastics, or simply crossing the garden to join their classroom. Only few were speaking, and always with a soft voice, not to disturb the place. There were also gardeners, taking profit of the fresh temperature for some craft work. Steve and Liu neared toward their guest house, toward their own work, crossing a place with patches of shadow and sun. Suddenly one of the gardeners ran at them:

«Hey! You! That's You?»

Surprised, Steve and Liu faced the man, who continued his address:

«Oh yes it's you!

«Hey sure, man! A hard fist like you, I cannot forget it! You half demolished Droodsy, he is now in the hospital with a fractured jaw and some teeth loose! Shit! Serves him right!»

Liu and Steve realized that this man was nobody else but the half-breed, a member of the gang who attacked them in the street two days before.

«And Kaptan also, completely washed out. Did not speak since two days. Made by a chick! What it was? Karate?»

Steve and Liu first reflexe was to be on their guards, but they immediately felt that there was no danger. The man who faced them was the same man who attacked them two days before, and who was strangely stunned by Sangye Tcheugyal. But he was now clearly a completely different person. (Except for the language!) His clothing was really different, now a true African style, colorful, but simple and not harsh. His hair was made. In his own style, but made. No bad smell. But above all, the heinous regard was changed into a joyful smile and somewhat mischievous wide open eyes, that Steve and Liu sincerely wished it would never tarnish again. If this was the work of Tcheugyal, it was really a nice job done. But how?

Liu eluded the question of what was the fight technique she used, far more powerful than Karate, but which very existence must even not be evoked in front of non-initiates. She simply answered, with a slight look toward the other gardeners: «You have a job?

-Yes I have! I am now «exploited» (he funnily stressed on this word). It's fine, I discovered all, the flowers, the trees, and look: we are now digging holes to plant here «pachypodium lameri» (he spoke Latin words as a young child doing serious things). Hey hey, you know, it is just vontaka, to prick tourist's ass. I took the job yesterday afternoon, and I found it marvelous, to discover the flowers, the garden, the trees! And the work! It is like a play, a body-building! But in place of just pumping iron, there is something new which exists after! Marvelous!

-It is really fine if you took an occupation! Said Liu with a somewhat motherly voice Steve never heard. You know that there is a lack of workers, so if you can do something useful! And it is a very nice job!

-Oh, I am not a mate... mathematics whatsit.

-Every work has its honor. Science is useless if it does not contribute to something nice. In my home at Chongking I have a great flower garden I cultivate myself!

-Oh nice! I love it! Me, I found a room down town, just before the campus, in the social district, with a shower and all the gear. It's better, as if Kaptan knows I am working, he will kill me. I prefer doing gardening that to mess around with these bloody bastards. Finish with them. Out. Fuck off. I can even go in a shop without being chased out, as I have my own money! No need to ask to Kaptan if I can steal something! Of course the shop keepers make furious faces to me, but now I am honest, I tell them.

«It is your friend, the big bald guy, who arranged all this for me, with the district social workers. When they saw me coming, first they was very afraid! But your friend speaks to them and now they help me. He also speaks to the police, and they do not jailed me, just I must not leave the place. Maybe I shall only get common utility work. And even if I must go some months in jail, shit and shit, I am free now! Far more than with Kaptan!

«Your friend? Who he is? What did he did to me?»

The half-breed suddenly lowered his voice, as to speak of some secret. He stopped smiling, and was now looking profoundly moved. But Liu nor Steve did not knew what to answer. So Liu just asked the half-breed what happened. He somewhat hesitated, but was finally very happy to confide in them.

«The guy, you know, I was about to make his face with the razor. He simply not moved, just looking at me. I felt like paralyzed, shy like a young chick, like completely out of place. But then it was still much stranger... I suddenly found me in another place, completely different.

-Ha, made Liu, as if she perfectly knew what was the matter.

-Ho, made Steve, who perfectly did not knew.

-It is true, I swear! Maybe you do not believe me, but it is the truth!

«So I found in another place... for three days! And after, I just come back, in front of your friend, as if there was not three days! With my razor and all the mess! You think that I was surprised! And Kaplan and Droodsy on the ground!

«And you know what happened during the three days? »

Liu was simply hearing him, as for a very natural thing. But Steve could not stay without wondering and fiddling his hands. He heard about such things, as the NDE, but ignored that it could be provoked. As it was undoubtedly Tcheugyal who provoked this strange experience, voluntarily, by some unknown power of his mind.

«It is true, look!»

Pulling his hair away, he exhibited a small wound, just at the top of his head, like a small but very neat hematome.

«I was bleeding, just after, but I received no blow!

«You see, it's true!

«At first I was in another place. I remember very well, a place with only grass, sun and trees, and plenty of flowers. But it was absolutely not the same thing than with Kaptan: in place of mocking at the flowers, I found them so nice! And their smell! And the sun! It was completely incredible, very strong, very pleasant, so that I trembled! I began to fight this, not to fall in the emotions like a bourgeois, but the more I fought, the more powerful it was, and at the end I shouted as if I was tortured, but it was with pleasure!

«It lasted a long time, maybe hours, and finally I accepted the emotion. It all ceased completely, and I found myself lying in the grass, simply enjoying the pleasure of the light and the flowers. It was still very strong, but only when I wanted it. The strangest is that the grass was not broken, it was still intact as if I never was there.

«Suddenly I realized that there was a man just before me.

«I first though he was your friend, his face looked the same. But he was different, with hair, more slim, and wearing only a long white loin cloth, a golden belt, and many jewels, neck lace, bracelets, and also jewels in his hair, very nice, with gold and nice shiny colors. He was looking very gentle, but still with a virile chest. He was just there looking at me, and smiling like... like... (He hesitated, with a quiver in the voice) do not mock me: like a mother. I asked:

«Who are you?»

«It was strange, as there was no sound, and my mouth did not moved. Everything was strange, I remember I had not my tattoo on the arm. It was as in a dream, but very clear, much more than in reality. He answered:

«It is not very important to know who I am. There are explanations for all this in this house, on this way». I did not hear his voice, his lips even not moved, but I knew what he was meaning. He showed me a path that I did not noticed before. And he suddenly disappeared on the place, like a movie which stops. Everything was very strange in there, and very pleasant. There was the sun, and the silence. The silence itself was a great pleasure, it is strange, is it not?

«I followed the path, and just behind a group of trees there was a house. A white small house, with trees around. There was patches of shadow of the trees on the house, and the shadow was not gray, but blue. There was also many flowers. Some of the trees were green, but others were light blue, like transparent. The house had a flat roof, white walls sloping inwards, and a door in the middle, with uprights also sloping inwards. There was a pediment above the door, with a drawing, all in bright gold.

«I get in the house. There was a man inside, like awaiting me. He was completely white and luminous, so what he was lighting the inside of the house. With this light I had no shadow! But what I feel with the Light Man was very pleasant, very moving, and I did not though to fight him! It was like... don't mock me, like to be loved. But very strong. Not like fucking, just the pleasure, in my heart. It was so new...

«The Light Man asked me:

«You went here voluntarily, don't you?»

Steve suddenly realized that he was hearing at this story as we hear to a story we are very sure it is true. He, the scientist, the physicist, could already read such stories of NDE, OBE or «abduction» in books, without rejecting them, but without becoming a hot supporter, a very common attitude among scientists since the inception of General Epistemology in 2000. But to hear such a story from its direct experiencer was completely different. It took a very consistent and moving dimension that he never expected, resulting in a very strong feeling of sincerity and reality.

Something in Steve's look may have told to Liu that he was deeply impressed, as she briefly glanced at him with a question in her eyes. Without a word he understood that she had understood that he was about to realize something important...

Steve knew Liu for years, and they both considered each other as good e-friends. But Steve was now feeling as if he encountered Liu for the first time... In fact he knew her only in a neutral professional field, without emotion nor beauty, neutral professional clothing without embroideries, neutral gestures without slow dance... This kind of silent communication they were experiencing now is impossible through computers. Even her subtle perfume could not pass through the best smell encoders. Now Steve was encountering a flesh and warmth Liu, deeply involved into strange spiritual experiences...

Enrique (It was the name of the half-breed, who originated from Cuba) had to tell a complicated story where, the first day, he received several great initiations to life realities, with at first to love and enjoy the great beauty of life, light, flowers, human body... The white man he described was nobody else that the «light being» many NDE experiencers were describing at the beginning, and who is a symbolization of our higher being, together with higher aspects of the consciousness. The second day (but there is no real day and night into the symbolic world of the NDE, it is just an appreciation of time) was just opening to others, with visions of suffering people, even including a very instructive view of a former buddy in an incredibly disgusting hell for porn people. Enrique thus received deep imprints of Compassion, including for his former gang buddies, so that he did not started to hate them. The third day was less definite, seemingly a play and a rest in various different places. There was also the encountering of delicious young women whose only activity in life seemed to be loving. Enrique was just too shy to be found a «bourgeois heterosexual»! But this did not stop these female angels...

At last came again the white loin cloth man, who gave Enrique very precise instructions about where to go and who to visit, after coming back into «real» life.

The first reaction of Enrique, after coming back, was to follow Tcheugyal, but the later did not permitted this. Somewhat angry against him, Enrique turned back into his gang's slum, where he got news of his buddies. But the filthiness of the place, its sadness, its coldness in emotion, its poverty in heart, its emptiness in purpose, began to appear painfully, by contrast with what he experienced. So Enrique escaped and spent the night wandering around. When he woke up in the morning, he found himself in front of a small Buddhist temple... that he had just visited in his experience! It was really the same place, even the trees had the same shape! Enrique had his proof: the entire story was true, it was not an illusion. He tried to get in, but there was nobody.

So Enrique went back in town, curious to see that «social services» he considered as the devil only the day before. He went to the office indicated by Tcheugyal and found there only two nice and shy Malagasy civil servant young women, staring at him as if he was about to attack them! Of course, Tcheugyal just arrived at this very moment, to arrange things with the social service and the police.

Enrique finished his story and asked to Liu:

«Do you believe me?»

She answered immediately with a strong sincerity in her voice:

«Yes I do believe you. I know some other stories like this in China, with Buddhist or Taoist masters. Suddenly very nasty people become good and gentle. There was a famous case in a village in Chongking district, two years ago, with a criminal, who so obviously changed that after everybody granted him pardon, even the judge. And the man who did that, a beggar Yogi, just disappeared at once, without nobody able to find him again. This is incredible, but it is true, and I am sincerely happy that this happened to you, Enrique. You are now able to live a meaningful and pleasant life, to work, to be happy. Perhaps to marry.»

Hearing such a strange idea as to marry, Enrique just made a wide round mouth and round eyes like a fish, then he suddenly burst in laughers and moved to join his work mates (who were quite leisurely waiting at him to resume work). This encounter thus finished with some merry good-bye.


Steve and Liu resumed their walk, toward their own work (analyzing the Centaurian library). Steve was amazed, enthralled, all you can imagine, and he had millions of questions to ask to Liu. But he simply remarked: «To take a naughty guy and make a nice guy of him, if I could have only one spiritual power, I would choose this one!»


Liu stopped walking and began to stare at Steve, and he understood that what he said was really relevant for her. Of course, Liu was Buddhist (or taoist, or both, as most Chineses) and Steve realized that speaking to her about Compassion or helping others was a far better mean to reach her heart and soul than to speak her about exobiology, even Centaurian. Steve studied things only from the outer side, from an intellectual point of view, when Liu had a far more profound and global involvement in her study and of the meaning she was giving to this study, whatever it was a matter of exobiology or to simply have positive relationship with her close life mates. (Some by joke named this new very exciting science field «endobiology»)

«You can do this, uttered Liu, frankly looking at him straight in his eyes.

-I know... after one thousand years Yoga retreat!

-The main thing is first to really want to help others, she said while resuming her walk.

-I could not imagine that it was possible to help them so drastically, with such a Teaching NDE»

-Initiation NDE, or Whole Being NDE, or Reform NDE, or Full Awareness Episode... There are public appearance of this since only some years in China and Tibet. And yet people think about this as to a new major spiritual release to Mankind.»

Steve realized that they were speaking at low voice, with their faces close together. He had discovered Liu under a completely strange and unexpected aspect, again as if he really discovered her for the first time. He was about to ask for more data about FAE, Full Awareness Episode, but Liu foreseen his question:

«Would you like to come some months in Chongking? I have some students interested in your statistical approach of stellar databases, and...»

It was really the matter with databases. Steve felt that it was a rather personal invitation, so personal and from a so nice and profound woman that he felt his cheeks getting hot.

«That is possible, and... My current work can easily be switched to China. No problems.

-You may have some contacts with Tcheugyal and other masters. I am preparing to move to Tibet. Even before this, we could make some easy trips to Amnye Machen, it is not far». The name of these far mountains was sounding as which of some magical place, were incredible things would be possible. It was however not the strangest place in Tibet.

«How to have real contacts with such people?

-There is only one mean: require for teaching, require for practice, require for helping others! You know, compared to the barbarian 20th Century, our world is better, but it is still very far from being perfect! Tcheugyal has much work with his students!

-OK Liu, I shall come.

-Ho, thank you Steve!»

They even did not though they would have to ask for passports and things like this, as the tense between China and USA was only a forgotten memory. Except that now the USA government was getting upset with this new reverse brain drain: more and more good scientists fleeing their homeland for the most unexpected small countries they could find... But they could do nothing but to accept the fact: science belongs to whole mankind.


The midday lunch was somewhat moody, as there was no news from Tcheugyal, and still expectations about when he would give his announcement, if he was really to give it one day. So people were getting worried, as the next morning they had to leave the place. Would the conference thus fall short?


Steve spent most of the time on his e-book, to find of course no new element about some unexpected discovery which would have precipitated Centaurus end. This search was required by the conference managers, but for Steve this question was settled, since the «disappearance» process, whatever it was, not only was clearly foreseen by the Centaurians, but that they even positively worked to prepare it during many centuries and generations, that they hoped and acclaimed it. The last decades coming found the Centaurians devoting only to that, and abandoning space colonization projects, keeping alive only some industry plants on their moon. The last years they definitively repatriated all the crews from space.


Liu and other team members had to do similar searches in other domains, but the evening found them converging to the same conclusions. No traces of social tenses, on the contrary all mention of such troubles disappear while the process unfolds, as in a perfect society. No trace of extra-Centaurian intervention, unexpected astronomical phenomena and the like.

There was a small meeting just before supper, for the team members. With still no Tcheugyal. But John Dexter affirmed he was still in contact, announcing his statement for «tomorrow or never».

Finally everybody was tired and somewhat discouraged, and the day finished like this, with no new events.



The missing planets

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