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The missing planets

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Chapter 7

May 24 Afternoon, 2081

John Dexter, exobiologist, USA

Questions and answers.



There were many persons trying to meet Jean Delcourt in the near hospital, but only much selected few were authorized. Jean had to rest, and he just gave a message for everybody, that his injury was not serious, but painful at each breath, as the ribs were damaged. He would attend the afternoon conference, but from his bedroom. In fact, the team had foreseen such kind of events, and even worse, so that the absence of Jean should not be a problem.

The effervescence in the world somewhat calmed. The Arabians showed the path to avoid further troubles in the stock exchange: the Europeans did the same, although reluctantly. American countries were also preparing to do so, except the USA which were still proud defenders of liberalism, the cost of which they supported alone. This started a dispute against this country, which somewhat placed the missing planets affair in the background. So are the economists and the politicians, always running after their immediate purposes without any long run insight.


The assassination attempt on Jean Delcourt also started a huge protest against those politicians who were taking decisions without referring to people, as democracy should require. The whole UNO civil servant clan involved in the case was now under pressure, and it appeared that this clan was also involved into anti-ecology or anti-religious decisions, or in «peace negotiations» eluding the rights of the victims. High level meetings were being planned in order to settle this issue. Maybe drastic changes in the UNO staff would result, and even in the UNO policy itself. On the other hand, many pointed out that the missing planet affair really had to be managed at highest level in the world. But time was still for scientists to investigate and discover what was going on, what was the danger, if danger there really was. It was not a matter of minute emergency, and thus there was time for a thorough study before world leaders to take appropriate decisions, after referring to world peoples, and after really understanding what the stake was. Most people agreed with this more rational approach, including the members of the missing planets staff and Phantom project. It was not required to assassinate knowledgeable people, but to hear them.

More serious press releases and papers were also explaining the affair with more accuracy and honesty. For this purpose many journalists and Internet networks were invited to ask questions, together with representatives of governments and UNO.


John Dexter first gave a summary of the previous conferences, and presented the different hypothesis, while stressing on the fact that none of these hypothesis could completely explain the facts. He also mentioned Tcheugyal's ongoing work, as maybe the best known explanation, but without unveiling it. Tcheugyal himself planned to make his announcement one or two days after. This was somewhat frustrating, as many planned for long ago to leave the day after, toward other appointments.

Then the questions started, answered by John or by other specialists, such as Irénée Anfanassy, from Owanba's team, Steve Jason, Abdelraman Borzog from Erzeran's project, Liu Wang and many others.

It is not the matter here to report the irrelevant questions, or questions about the assassination attempt. We shall see only the questions related to the issue itself, and what it involves.


«Question: You interpreted buildings resembling temples as religious buildings. Are you sure of such an interpretation? Do you really think that religion is common to many planets, and not a creation of our Earth only?

-There is always some doubt about such interpretations, but we are however quite sure of it. Of course it is difficult to deduct the real spiritual content of a religion only in examining its buildings; but the buildings are relatively easy to identify. Each building, whatever it is, has a function, and is organized around this function. Generally, the disposition and size of rooms, the presence of furniture, images, machines... easily allows for this identification. In the case of religious buildings, we can easily identify common assembly halls, monastery-like buildings, or quiet retreat places far from community hustle. Their religious purpose can be deduced from the presence of images, statues, proportions or symbolic design of the building. We even tested our interpretation on Earth religious buildings, observed with our own quantum telescopes, and the result was rather comforting for our interpretation system. Atheist students who did not knew that these images were from Earth (we blurred them purposely) correctly identified most kinds of great assembly halls, retreat places, private altars in houses, and even the Peace Module from our own space stations. They correctly discriminated them from political assembly halls, teaching halls, theaters, markets, rest or leisure places, and were even often able to find out of which religion or epoch were these buildings, thus discovering our trick!

«As we found such religious buildings in nearby all cases, it is reasonable to assume that religion is widely spread in the cosmos, even if we cannot access its content or meaning. The only access we have to such content is in the Centaurian case, but other readable libraries are likely to be found soon. I must even point out that our Earth religious buildings are relatively poor compared with some huge achievements of other civilizations, such as mountain-sized temples, of an incredible complexity, spherical space temples, or individual dwellings systematically organized around a small private temple! Another difference is that the style and shapes are more commonly the circle and the sphere than our usual rectangular shapes.

«About religious buildings from the Centaurian moon (there was town sized life support bases for building the libraries), there are four main styles, one of them looking very much like a mosque. We could thus deduct that there were four major religions, but this time we get into a spiritual interpretation which is much more delicate. But we are still studying the content of the libraries. There are history sections, which mention several religions, five are often quoted (You see the figure is not the same) and there are also spirituality sections, that we did not yet explored.


«Question: All this data were not deposited in libraries only for you, scientists. It is the Centaurian heritage, which belongs to whole mankind to whom they offered it, and even to any civilization in the Galaxy. Will you publish it?

-Ahem. We did not yet reflect about this. All this is so new. But I think your request is founded. Yes, I think we have to publish at least an easy access summary, and... Why not everything. But it is a huge work. Anyway I do not see any relevant objection to make everything available for anybody.


«Question: Is it really true that you found new inventions or technical means in the data? If so, there is a problem of intellectual property: who will be the owner of the rights? Who will earn money with the patents? (Laughters)

-Yes it is true that we found new things. We especially clearly identified the formula of a very effective superconductive material. I think it is a real progress for Earth, as nowadays superconductive materials are expensive and degrade with ageing, thus making superconductive machines and plants difficult to maintain. You know that we had problems with the Planetrans, which unexpected cost limited its expansion, and we are still traveling in aircraft much of the time. This could solve this problem, but we did not yet found mention of the Planetrans in the Centaurian libraries. Maybe these people were less interested than us in moving all the time.

«There is also clear descriptions of magnetors, superconductive sheet devices able of commuting powerful magnetic fluxes, as transistors are able to commute electrical currents. With this we shall be able to build true Planetrans full speed switches.

«It is likely that more other technical know-how lays in the Centaurus 1296 libraries, and even in the technical remnants on that moon, which can be easily observed.

«About who will be the owner of the patents on extraterrestrial knowledge, this is a relevant question. This situation arises for the first time, but we shall have many other cases. We already had some discussions about this. What I personally think, is that this knowledge being offered for free by another civilization, we could regard it as being in the public domain, a collective patrimony, and that anybody could use it without owing rights. But on the other hand, obtaining this data was expensive, so maybe we are going toward a compromise: the first users would owe rights, but for only a short period of time, for instance one or two years. Your question is good, but, you know, time of wild capitalism is finished! We did not yet explored the economy sections of Centaurus, but it could release some surprises! Do you know that we did not yet found any mention of money, and not often of war?


«Question: You state that there was a transition of the whole planet from our usual concrete state to an «abstract» state. Right, but what do you exactly mean with «abstract state»?

-We specially surveyed this section, which was the first and the main. Centaurian data is organized in a hierarchy: identification data is displayed in very large images, which can be observed with quantum telescopes from the whole galaxy and abroad. This is the first row in the hierarchy. In the tumulus themselves, the main story of the disappearance of Centaurus 1296 is displayed in the largest format, without superposition. In can be observed from thousands of light-years. This is the second row in hierarchy. Then shelves contain extensive scientific, social, historical or spiritual data on the Centaurian civilization. These smaller images could be accessed from Earth only because we are lucky enough to be relatively close to Centaurus 1296. This is the third row in hierarchy.

«The main explanations about the «abstract» transition are in the second row, which was easy to survey and to understand, in some days. Exploring the third row and interpret it may require years, and we have to do this in order to really understand in details what happened on Centaurus 1296. But the second row data is already very clear, and does not allow for any mistake: One day, suddenly, a process undertook centuries before by the Centaurians went to a climax and produced its expected and planned result: the whole planet switched from an ordinary material state to an «abstract» or «spiritual» state. This is quite clear and many different persons interpreting the story independently went to the same conclusion. On the other hand, no theory in physical science ever prepared us to such an «abstract state», and it is this which makes the story incredible and exciting.


«Question: Are you sure that the planets really disappeared or changed of state?

«Yes sure.

«But before we had to examine different hypothesis.

«The planets may simply have changed of physical state, without really disappearing. The first idea is that physicists produced unexpectedly a black hole which swallowed the planet. A second hypothesis was that the planet slightly changed of quantum state, thus becoming simply invisible to the quantum telescope, while continuing to exist in the ordinary meaning of this word. We can even imagine that, for some reason, the civilizations shelter their planets with something which makes them invisible to quantum telescopes. But none of these hypothesis really stands, as in every cases where there was satellites, these satellites got loose, were released of their orbits around the missing planet, to get solar orbits matching with their ancient position around the missing planet. We even made very precise tests with this, as we could even recognize geostationary satellites, from their both aspects and orbits. The planets are not only getting invisible, but their physical mass itself is instantly removed.

«The only physical hypothesis we could imagine is that the matter of the planets undergoes a supersymmetry transformation, which makes it insensitive to gravitation. You also know that the supersymmetry partners of ordinary matter particles obey the Böse-Einstein statistics, which makes them behave like the light: all the planet disappears in space in some fractions of a second. But physicists could not trace such a transformation, which besides would require an incredible amount of energy.

«So no known physical hypothesis can explain what happened.

«We can even not admit that the planet is moved or hijacked. In a case where there were so many satellites, all these satellites formed a very dense network around the planet. It was absolutely impossible for the planet to pass between two satellites, many of them being only distant of some kilometres. Nevertheless the analysis of the orbits of these satellites indicated that they were all released from the gravitation of the mother planet at the same moment, with an accuracy of only one minute. The planet really disappeared, dematerialized, in so short a time. And we found other cases with the same incredible features, including Centaurus were many satellites and space stations were left.

«I must confess that when we realized this, we were all really impressed, and even somewhat scared. Which force, what creation was thus able to make a whole planet to disappear instantly without trace?»



The missing planets

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