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Chapter 7
Interstellar racism



«Again a conspiracy? exclaimed Steve Jason, more tired than really angry. Dang, we cannot have a step on the path of knowledge without walking on a dog poop.

-Haha, Steve, calm down, after all it is very good if this is that way» replied Ulrike Meinster, one of the engineers of the KRG, with whom Steve was about to share his lunch in the Shedrup Ling Centre of Palomas, California.

This centre was located on a former ranch in a beautiful desert spot, a few hundred kilometres from San Francisco, with other laboratories and spiritual centres around. The place was beginning to be known as the «Psychical Valley», a pun with the «Silicon Valley». The cafeteria where Steve and Ulrike were having their meal was a small building, which plan looked like a bunch of grapes: multiple small round rooms for about ten persons each, connected by sinuous corridors and lit by low windows. Despite the blazing sun of the desert, this place was pleasantly fresh, even without air conditioning. The campus itself was built in low buildings, white, with large shell-shaped canopies to protect from the sun. Water tanks on the roofs, protected by mobile shutters, were used to store the freshness of the night, and to return it during the day. A drilling was allowing to irrigate oleander bushes and many poplars, which tender green was contrasting nicely against the ochre hills of the surrounding desert. Other similar buildings were visible a little further, belonging to friendly organizations. Nestled among the poplars, cosy cottages were housing students and teachers. They were almost all surrounded with flowers, and their roofs were solar collectors, integrated in a wide heating system. The latter was very welcome in winter, as the desert can be pretty cold. The entire campus was forming a kind of oasis of greenery and spirituality, aligned in a small valley between two reddish rocky folds. The surroundings were offering great excursions in a mineral landscape practically devoid of any human traces.


Indeed, very surprisingly, a form of racism was attacking the peaceful Dumrians. It was not a fully organized conspiracy, like the one Steve had found sixteen years earlier; but a kind of consensus had appeared between the extremist «thinkers» and all those who, from media celebrities to bar props, were feeling threatened by the success of the Dumrians, or humiliated by their kindness. This shameful feeling certainly started in a minority and diffuse way, but it succeeded in becoming public, as a result of statements by populist leaders. Thus, this ugly pox of the mind had insidiously received the statute of an «opinion trend which can legitimately be expressed». The big danger was that this feeling contaminates the majority of the population (still unaware of the public opinion manipulation methods) and then prevents humanity to enjoy the contributions of Dumria.

«You think it is good? These blokes are again bothering the world, with their stinking ideas and their sadness!

-Yes, I tell you, it is fine. While they do their anti-aliens racism, they do not think of doing it against other Human folk. Look, they have sections in Africa, they have NIIIGERS in their band! And even sections in ARRHAB countries! Do you realize, what a fantastic progress, their conspiracy is for ALL THE HUMANS! The aliens, well, why would they bother, that these idiots don't like them. They are quite safe, thousands of light years away. Nothing can reach them.

-Not sure they won't be troubled by some treachery, as in the time of the conspiracy, which almost managed to raise a war between them, only with mind control methods. Not sure either they do not want to take revenge in a way or another. With their science of psychology, they could do much harm to us, if they wanted, and we would even not realize that they are the cause. Anyway it is clear that the moral values and the psychological expertise offered by Dumria can be very useful. Racism can only arise distrust about this expertise, and attacking them is in facts equivalent to attacking mankind itself. It is always the same with fascism.

-Remember, Steve, that in a major anti-extraterrestrial propaganda movie of the 20th century, «Independence Day», we see the United States befriending with Iraq, their pet hate of the time. At a pinch, the Dumrians are crafty enough to use this effect to help Earth to unite as only one people, and abandon all war.

-You think? So gentle beings?

-Eh yes, I do believe it. Being gentle does not make us wimps. And the Dumrians proved beyond any doubt that they are not wimps.»


One of the incidents which sparked the first public racist statements was the affair of the Dumrian bank, that they had created with the money they received for their contributions in science and technology (chapter 2). Money which of course could be used only on Earth, as the Dumrians superbly ignore it on their home planet. Hence the idea of a bank helping the advanced social and spiritual goals. They were quick to make the fortune of citizen companies they were supporting, together with their many customers wanting to earn some money without condoning polluting or anti-social activities. This success soon obviously raised some jealousy, so far that some critics were speaking of straightforwardly confiscating the bank. This opposition made the Dumrians laugh a lot: they had absolutely nothing to gain or to lose in this venture, and what they were doing on Earth was only for the sole purpose of helping Earthlings.

So, at this occasion more than on any other, appeared this fundamental trait of the dumrian personality: for them, everything is a game, life is a huge play. Not a superficial entertainment to forget the real issues of life, but rather to explore them, to test them, to put them into actual situations. A romantic game, a courteous theatre, often funny, always moving, on all the themes of life. They even called the spiritual transition «The Game of the Big Leap». But these games were always cooperative games, where everyone wins, where everyone has fun. The purpose of these games was only to take pleasure into living the situations, and putting them into action, «as if». Never was it to assert one's superiority over a defeated opponent. For this reason the dumrian theatres had few spectators, and only some major players were moving crowds. So the game of the bank had for sole purpose to play to the economy with the Earthlings, while helping them in this area where they were considerably late.

However, it is needless to say that with such a mindset, cheating was excluded, and even completely inappropriate into the Dumrian mind, a serious offence against life, a thing that anyway nobody had any interest to do. This was understandable: into a competition game, cheating can be a means to win. This is profitable to the player, from here the temptation to do so. But in a cooperative game, cheating just messes the game, removing its interest. The cheater excludes himself of the situation, he can no longer experience it, and he is the first harmed, even if the cheat goes unnoticed. This failure also hit the other players, which experience is spoiled. Into the Dumrian mind, the word «cheater» was about a person as much away of life as on Earth the words «nazi» or «mad».

But the Dumrians quickly realized that, on Earth, the game of finance was essentially a ruthless game of power and cheating. They did not commented this, but all the analysts agreed that their actions did everything to break backward businesses and banks, and they had some success in doing so. The members of the Dumrian financial game never gave any explanation on their amazing stock exchange skills; they even anticipated moves that nobody else saw coming. The Earthlings who worked for their bank said that they received all their commands directly from Dumria, and Earth's spiritual masters who helped the Dumrians said that they did not mingled with this at all, they were even not informed. They just noted that, if the Dumrians had very little bad karma, then it was no surprise if they succeeded in all their undertakings.


Another very convenient «justification» for this anti-Dumrian racism was their incredible sexuality. This was just too easy. With the Internet networks of the two planets connected into a huge galactic Hypernet, it was futile to try to hide that the Dumrians were making love with everybody, stable companion, casual meets, complete strangers, of the opposite sex or same sex, in public or in private. For the Dumrian body and psyche, these behaviours were arousing no problem. So the Dumrians had no reason to prohibit or even discourage these practices, and plenty of reasons to enjoy them, what they did not hesitate to do... more than twenty times a day! They even had breaks for this, in factories and in laboratories! But this was really hard to take, for some on Earth. So all that our planet was still having of stuck wee-wees and puritan nutters went mobilized. Even the calls for tolerance of great religious leaders could do nothing to stop them.

Of course, appeared in parallel to this delirium the reciprocal delirium (note 29), which started to claim for Earth the same freedom than on Dumria! Kwak Kwak Kwakwunkwakwak!

But very «strangely», nobody claimed the freedom to do as the totally asexual Centaurians. The Centaurians, although somewhat humanoid, had a very curious reproductive system, similar to the thalles of ferns or mushrooms, or the rhizomes of some plants. Individuals, all of the same gender, had an uterus as only reproductive organ. At the end of this uterus, a gland combining the functions of ovary and amnios was producing from time to time a budding of foetus tissues, without egg or sperm, just like a plant produces a stolon. Then the foetus was developing here, his umbilical cord directly connected to the general circulation of the parent, without placenta! So even a solitary Centaurian could have children, in what was called «spontaneous» pregnancy, at around the age of one hundred years, over the two hundred and fifty years average they were enjoying. In this way, even a single individual could perpetuate the specie. But the Centaurians were also producing viruses by nasal secretions, which each carried one of their four hundred and twenty eight chromosomes. These viruses were easily exchanged during their very affective social life, like the flu on Earth. But instead of causing disease, these viruses were collected by organs similar to the human tonsil. From there, they were carried by special blood cells, into the uterus, where they could release their genes, and produce buds, in what was called «social» pregnancies. These children had the chromosomes of their «flesh» parent, but one of these chromosomes, sometimes several, was swapped with one of the «fecundator», most often unknown. This incredible reproductive system allowed several different cell lineages to coexist into the same individual, making of the Centaurians a species with complex genetics, resulting in a much faster mixing of genes than with sexual reproduction. This system was giving to the Centaurians an incredible resilience to genetic diseases, making them resistant even to radioactivity: deleterious mutations were disappearing after a few generations. So these beings were reproducing effectively, but without any form of sexual activity. This was not preventing them to however have a very intense and rich love life, structured into close-knit communities, kind of collective marriages of which very few wanted to escape. But our so-called «libertarian» seemed totally unaware of the existence of Centaurus, as friendship and love were of definitively no interest for them, they craved only for pure genital sex, what is taking place under the belly. Their only concern was to satisfy their fantasies of interchangeable partners, to consume and to throw away, just for the physical sensations. And thus, Dumria was just a very easy pretext. But only a pretext, as partners to consume and throw were precisely the opposite of the spirit of Dumria, as we shall see further.

Even the idea spread that the aliens were superior in sexuality, while the earthlings were bourgeois and stuck. Again it was a very abusive generalization. For instance, the inhabitants of Chardza were often putting forward marital fidelity, and chastity was a fairly represented value, in monasteries and in some peculiar environments. Chardza even had several small fully theocratic states, led by huge monasteries of tens of thousands of nuns. But Chardza was, like most worlds, a very diverse civilization, and there even were some cultures where homosexuality was enjoying a visible and valued social statute. Thus our knights of the genital deified the chardzian erastocrats, but they even not noticed the communities of nuns!

There even were some blokes praising the appalling Ouarkatan, thinking that it was the absolute freedom, the ideal happiness! But even here, the extraordinary debauchery which could be seen was a near exclusivity of the degenerated imperial cast. In facts the remaining of the population was enjoying a very Earth-like life, with its fidelity and its «accidents». Anyway, this hopeless example helped a lot to make understand that the egocentric «freedom» was as dangerous as the dictatorship in the name of order...


The comments on their sexuality did not at all make the Dumrians laugh. They just stated to whom had ears that «The psyches being different, the Earthlings can neither criticize nor imitate the Dumrians» and that «those who use others for their selfish pleasure are perverts, and those who enrage to see others taking pleasure are still worse.»


To show their sensitivity to criticism in this area was certainly a blunder from the Dumrian exosociologists. But they were easily forgiven, of being simply unable to only imagine that evil enjoys precisely the humiliation it produces. So their clarification, far from calming the game, just made things worse. And once the first public attacks launched, then went bolder all the cowards who did not dared to express their resentment against the happiness of the Dumrians, all the hopeless who had failed to accept this radical questioning of the most deeply rooted Earth's neurosis: conflict, money, property, power... So the Dumrians were soon called «anarchists», «lazy hippies» «bums», «wildly unorganized», or «gypsies», who would «pervert the youth», «undermine the moral of Earth», and so on, everyone knows the fascist tune, anybody can play at leisure to invent dozens of slogans of this kind, and offer them to the Guinness Book of Records.

Once the process started, the physical appearance of the Dumrians became, not surprisingly, an inexhaustible pretext for criticism. From their amazing «reptilian» features, the racist speech went on with all its deliria, following its immutable way of processing: the Dumrians were snakes, cold beings without feelings, «aliens», and even horned demons (allusions to the scales on their head, which sometimes reminded of horn buds) enticing into anarchy and all the sexual vices. The fact that they were in majority left-handed, while their amino acids were right, unlike those of the Humans, was also interpreted as a satanic symbolism: the Dumrians represented the opposite of Earth's values, a negative reflection of the divine realm, the antichrist, and so on, I probably miss the best...


The clout of the dumrian exosociologists came without warning, and in a way that nobody expected. They mounted an incredible conspiracy of Carnival on the theme of Dumrians racist against the Earth, with angry and very scaly tribunes referring to the «disgusting hairy rat» which was the first mammal on Earth, because of the «filthy habit» of its young to lick the sebaceous secretions under the belly of their mothers (which was the origin of lactation). Others wondered why the Earthlings were wearing floorcloths on their heads, referring to their hair, which had to collect an incredible amount of dust and dirt. It even quickly appeared that they were making outrageous imitations of the principal racist leaders of Earth, to such a point that they were very easy to recognize. But the idiots of our planet all fell into the trap as one man, taking the whole story literally, and focusing their rage on this «Dumrian conspiracy». And they spoke of provocation, calling for interstellar war, and even UN officials were fooled, bringing the issue on the agenda of the Security Council! They had to be discretely acknowledged, before this gigantic hoax came to ridiculise the United Nations. Fortunately the majority of Earthlings, not fooled, just came to laugh with the Dumrians, and even some Earth clowns made a sharp career start with playing the false racist tribunes: we remember this outrageously bearded and hairy man, and the famous «Mamma» who went on stage while breastfeeding her two twin babies, each hanging to one of her huge teats: even the fake Dumrians racists could not avoid to giggle live, discovering this Rabelaisian scene! Some even went as far as to create the very ordered political party «Earth Front», soon joined by many nostalgics of the black uniforms, who had valiantly swallowed the hook, and all the line up to the reel. Most television speakers, after an initial mix-up, were adding alarming news and unlikely allegations. Their favourite game was to invite racist «thinkers», provide them with alarming descriptions of Dumria, and then watch them shout and grin, while adding at times some oil on the fire. This is how, gradually, the dumrian exosociologists shared their science of play with the Earthlings...

At the very moment of this story, the joke was found, and the victims, mad with rage, were starting to prosecute, especially against the founders of the «Earth Front», with the great delight of the lawyers, who were greeting them with shiny eyes: the fun was not over!


The spiritual domain also gave rise to racism. We saw in the previous novels («The Missing Planets» and «Dumria») that the idea of the future spiritual transition of Earth fired a strong reaction of the most populist and fascists elements of humanity, and even a very organized «anti-suicide conspiracy». When the real contact was established with the Dumrians, they were eager for spiritual help, and they got what they asked for. But their selection of the various religions and cults made many angry. They certainly requested to receive the true teachings of all the major religions, but the vast majority of Dumrians very clearly choose to practice only the ones offering yogic and tantric practices: Taoism, Hinduism, and Buddhism. However Christianity, Judaism and Islam were not completely excluded: in 2102 they were all in the process of including tantric practices, such as the Great Continuum of the Christ in Glory, which had gathered millions of followers in recent years. And we could see prayer or concentration practices of the Middle Age reappearing from some French or Greek monasteries, a revival of Sufism, and a flowering of practices from the esoteric Hebraism, which appeared to be surprisingly rich in yogic practices...

However this was far from being understood by all the followers of these religions, and bigots, fanatics and dogmatists of every colour and taste started to scream all together that the Dumrians «were not understanding» or that they were «misleading the religion». This aroused some serious problems, with the reactivation of fanatic groups, and even a war. It was clear again that the culture shock was showing bare all the contradictions of the spirituality on Earth, wedged between a sincere desire for liberating progress, and the «spiritual justification» of narrow traditions and dictatorships.

But the harshest in this way were the cults, furious as they were, because they had sent millions of messages, without anybody on Dumria ever acknowledging them. They were screaming at the conspiracy, and here they were right: even before the official announcement of the discovery, one of the first messages of Shedrup Ling toward Dumria was the list of all the cults...


On Earth, the intellectuals quickly remarked that, when the Dumrians were speaking of positive things with Earth, they were doing this in the name of the inhabitants of the whole planet, or of the involved group. But when the matter was about issues, or about replying to attacks, it always was the Dumrian exosociologists who appeared on the screen... The Earthlings were doing about the contrary: the attacks were coming from peculiar lobbies, and the encouragements from the Earth's exosociologists, the UN, or positive groups.

Sometimes, politicians had to intervene, and at this occasion they had to learn to speak with only one voice. And those who were confusing gentle with stupid had to quickly understand the difference. The Earth's powers soon came to avoid openly criticizing Dumria. Malicious attacks were usually dealt by a small team of Dumrian sociologists, psychologists and exosociologists, the «humanologists», directed by Ezran, a rather unusual character, even for Dumria. Ezran was born from a test, during the development of the second brain version. Intelligence was pushed at the expense of artistic sensitivity, and therefore this dosage was not retained. But Ezran was a monster of intelligence and non-Aristotelian finesse, with an ANA IQ (note 30) over 280, seasoned in all the theatrical and psychological disciplines of Dumria, newly formed to Zen and Buddhist debate. Moreover, he was incredibly beautiful, like a blond fifteen years old angel, and his eternal smile made beat the hearts of millions of Earth women, sure at least to get only romance!

But what quickly terrified Ezran's opponents was his devastating humour, exposed in a very cheeky and totally dead pan way, and just subtle enough to remain understandable by the spectators.

When Ezran had to debate with an honest and sincere Earthling, whatever his orientation, he always did this with a great kindness, which won him many friends in all kinds of circles. When he was dealing with a sincere person, but with little discussion skills, he showed an ace of maieutics (note 31), and his debate partners were speaking of an unforgettable experience, where they were «understanding everything» and they were «going beyond themselves»... But on the other hand, a debate session between Ezran and a racist or other evil bloke was always ending in a few minutes, with a complete unveiling of the bare psychological stuff of the attacker, with Ezran still smiling, still showing a disarming kindness. Some, after such a hammering live in front of the people of the two planets, never even dared to reappear in public, and everyone with questionable motivations began to be afraid of the camera, as if it was a gun pointed at them, and scoot away when the angelic smile was appearing on the screen.

Soon the laughers came more and more to attend these debates, and, beyond the trivial racism, a new paradigm started to spread, still unconscious, much quieter, but more and more powerful: the dispute was not between the two planets, but between one side the kind and smart people of both worlds, and on the other side the idiots. And it happened that the later were recruited only on Earth: the vast majority of the Dumrians, especially the ones with the ancient brain version, at worst were just not interested in Earth, contenting themselves of continuing their life of pleasure, or studying leisurely some basics of the new spirituality.


At last, this racism issue became large enough to raise concern, about the relations between the two planets suffering of it. The UN officials in charge of the relations with Dumria were alarmed, and it was established a committee of sociologists under the authority of the UN. The committee also ran one of the largest ever public forums on the Internet. Many ideas or clarification anyway came from this forum rather than from specialists. The forum was moderated, but according to only one rule, called «One-one»: Every idea had to be expressed only once, but all ideas at least once. No intervention had to repeat what had already been said. Instead, participants were asked to express themselves through short paragraphs, each expressing an elementary idea. If someone had to mention an already expressed idea, he was requested to quote the relevant paragraph in a special hyperlink, which directly incorporated the paragraph in the new text. So, instead of a huge collection of millions of disparate messages requiring years of analysis, the total content of the debates was not exceeding that of a good dense book. But all the possible points were addressed, and all the original ideas were expressed at least once. For each original idea-paragraph, the number of citations (approving or critical) appeared in the margin, in order to assess the weight of each idea in the opinion. Also appeared, besides a quoted paragraph a symbol telling if the person doing the quote was in agreement, in opposition, in a synergy, in a Yin-Yang relation, etc. This system, contrarily to the democratic voting systems, was putting on an equal footing large opinion trends and original or innovative ideas, even if they came from a child or a tramp.

Without going into the details, at the time of this story the main view was that Dumrians had a psychological mastery, which was shared on Earth only by those who had followed a serious spiritual practice, whatever it was a complete psychoanalysis or a more Eastern introspection technique. The psychological deficiencies of the non-psycho-educated majority on Earth forced them, since immemorial times, to adopt neurotic behaviours and social structures, such as power, money, possession, violence... which certainly allowed Earth societies to function, but while sacrificing more or less of the personal happiness. Dumria, which was psycho-educated even before prehistory, was able to develop a civilization without these palliatives. To the eyes of the non psycho-educated Earthling, this society was looking as «without structure», confusing and «anarchic». But in reality the Dumrian society was a complex, subtle and sophisticated organisation, able of preserving everyone's individual personality, without any loss in social efficiency.

The most commonly quoted example of persistent Earth neurosis was slavery, utterly unfair, but which allowed Earth's Antiquity its magnificent achievements. Only with modern times, slavery was replaced by an apparently more fair solution: the employment system, where the employee was remunerated for the work given to the employer. But this apparent success barely hides the fact that, without remuneration, the egocentricity or laziness of the employee wins, and no more work is achieved. The employee has no real motivation to do the work, and psychological problems such as laziness, apathy or egocentricity are not solved (and no more on the employer's side, as they can be exploiters). So all the incentives or obligations to work, from slavery to employment, were only palliative, a huge social comedy aimed at hiding to all the true problem: we are too egocentric to willingly care for others. And, to address this, we only have replaced the brutal antic whip by an incredible socioeconomic subjection, les noisy but as much alienating.

Other examples were also quoted. Yes the power of the governments was able to create prosperous and organized societies, from the Bronze Age to the Space Age. But it also was often diverted from this purpose by egocentric dictators. Manipulating, possessing, humiliating: hatred was still there, and the complex democratic institutions of the UN, the European Union, the African Union, were constantly fighting against all kinds of attempts to manipulate them and use them for selfish or anti-social purposes. Hatred, clans, war and violence were still here, together with the need to protect the belonging of countries and people against all kind of greed and capture. The result of all this was that life on Earth, its laws and complex rules, its civilized institutions, remained a constant struggle against the highly predictable result of the most primitive psychological defects: hatred, selfishness, greed... Palliative, everything was just palliative, and the price of suffering to pay on Earth finally proved to be a much higher burden than the apparently poor performances of the Dumrian economy. And still, this was only for presentable Earth institutions: All too often these customs and institutions had done nothing better than serving forms of personal power, exploitation of man by man, or anti-life ideologies, anti-happiness ideologies: the police attacking and subjugating the honest people... If Dumria had no government or police, there was no crime or fraud either, especially not this disgusting prostitution which deeply shocked the Dumrians when they discovered it. If Dumria had no government, it is because the minimum psychological balance of the Dumrians allowed them to really behave like adults, and know and decide by themselves what they had to do, without the need to be commanded by a government or controlled by a police. Basically they worked less than the Earthlings, but with enthusiasm for what they were doing: the results were much better after all.


Others, to understand the Dumrian society, borrowed their comparisons to computer and robotic systems. In place of a very complex central computer (the government) and robots executing its commands without understanding them, with the risk of absurd mistakes (the citizen obeying the rules), the Dumrians were to be compared to smart and adaptive individual robots, able of understanding and adapting their task, each one at its own level, and able to lead to an organized and coherent common behaviour, without the need for a central management. The result of such a system is never optimal, but it is always close enough to give in practice a much better result than a centralized system which persists in its mistakes. For instance the Dumrians had begun to build nuclear power plants, as on Earth, planning to install thousands of them. But they abandoned as soon as they completed the third, when they realized that they could never get rid of the so dangerous nuclear wastes. So the havoc was much lesser than on Earth, as the Dumrians had to monitor only a dozen of inactive and neutralized plants, of which none had exploded. In this way, their system showed much more efficient than Earth's centralized system, monopolized by dumb and deaf ideologists, who went more and more tied up into the nuclear nightmare despite the advices of scientists and the protests of citizens, to the extend of triggering a dreadful genetic crisis. Not to mention the nuclear wastes monitoring, a true financial black hole, which already led several Earth's countries to bankruptcy, when the Dumrians only needed to watch some plants in a perfect technical health. At last the Dumrian model was always humanly sustainable, its actors being always the best placed to experience the advantages and inconveniences of their decisions.


Other theorists were invoking anthills or beehives, in which individuals, although each of a very modest intelligence, were knowing what they had to do, and were therefore able to run their community without needing any central power (even not that of the «queen», which is only an egg-producing machine). In fact, the central power structure is very specific to humans, if we except the ancient concept of the useless «dominant male», which is its origin into some mammals.


Neo-communists and anarchists dressed in black were quick to conclude that it was enough to remove all these institutions and laws, useless or perverse, to get back to a healthy functioning, as soon as the basic needs would be satisfied for all. Some even went to say that Dumria was the final state of completed communism, and that dumrian working groups were soviets. They provoked strong and varied reactions, and this time even the Dumrians replied, while previously they were carefully abstaining from intervening in the debate.

Ezran, with the company of several great Dumrian thinkers, made a live statement, short, but which became an historical landmark:

«If you try to imitate the Dumrian freedom with only suppressing your laws and your institutions, you will only plunge into the chaos. The chaos of uncontrolled psychological mechanisms and contradictory egos. This is what happened with your social movements such as the Hippies or Communism.

«The only effective way to imitate us is to solve your psychological problems, and become adult and psycho-educated persons. You have plenty of methods for this, whether in your modern psychology or into all your ancient spiritual teachings, of which we can only confirm the value. You can check, on the many missing planets, but also on your own planet, that the civilizations devoid of hate or greed were also able to thrive without anti-happiness institutions. Just look at your beautiful Cretan civilization, where no barracks were found, no locks in the goldsmith workshops, but who painted beautiful scenes of nature and birds, in a time where Rome and Athens were still small villages of uneducated peasants.

«Here is the only way to live in simplicity, without laws: to be able to choose oneself what is happy or unhappy to do. So we choose to do what is happy, without the need of anybody to command us or to repress us.

«Here is the only way to live in freedom, without master or contract: to have the desire for making something beautiful and useful of our lives. So we work with enthusiasm for this purpose, without the need for whip or salary.

«Here is the only way to live into abundance, without inequalities: that the happiness of others matters as much as ours, in or own eyes. Then everybody has all what he needs.

«Many among you think that we are lazy, because we work only when we like it. This is a deep misunderstanding. In facts we work much more than some of your civil servants, and what you call unemployment is completely unknown in our world. Things are like this, because we have purposes deep in our hearts, projects enthralling us, or problems we want to get solved.

«Things are like this, because life is a magnificent thing, there is so much beauty and pleasures, so much adventures and discoveries to share. Life has no other purpose that itself; consciousness has no other purpose than joy and happiness. Life is just an immense game, and this is why we play it, even when we work in our fields and workshops, because this is also part of the game.

«When we understand this, so we start to eliminate our psychological problems, which are the first and the only true obstacle on the path to happiness. And if we do this for this purpose, then things go fast. To elude our psychology problems, to refuse seeing them, to do as if they were not problems, this is to cheat with ourselves. Nobody wins, and especially not us.

«When we understand this, so we awake the desire of being busy to defend and better life, by art, by merry times, by science, by love, by industry, by game, which are all the same thing and we even not have words to differentiate them in our Dumrian languages: it is always «to do». Life is a wealth, and this is the reason why we have the desire to work, to share. Without nor salary neither masters to lead us. It is a game among other games.

«We would even be able of a military discipline, if this was useful to defend some cause. Even your most demanding spiritual masters are praising at large the discipline or our new monks. This is their game, and they play it without cheating.

«Some think that we are too free. But our only freedom is the true freedom: to actually do what we decided to do, without our psychological conditioning or neurosis making us do other things. But for everything else, we are just like you: we have in our storages only what we produced with our work, and we feel exactly the same need than you to rest at home, after a day in the factory.

«Contrarily to the fears of some of you, there is nothing pernicious in our world. We live, quite simply. Without artifices. But if our example, ill-understood, was to create trouble on your planet, a sort of pseudo-revolution, bringing violence and chaos, then know that this is not what we want. If this happened, we are even ready to cut the Internet connection and disappear from your lives.

«You must evolve following your own pace, and start with the beginning: know your spirit, and purify it of the anti-happiness tendencies. Only after, your palliative laws and institutions will appear useless, and you will forget them without a need to suppress them. We, on our side, were too unable to spare this psychological purification step, we just did it sooner into our history, even before hominisation, more than five millions years ago.

«At last we must do here our most humble apologies: it is the first time that we meet «extraDumrians». We have no experience of such a situation, and we don't necessarily know what is good to do, or not.»

Ezran did in no way spoke as a leader or commandant; however as soon as this time, the debate took a very different direction: how to understand the dumrian society and mindset, and how to get inspiration from it, in order to cure the Earth societies.

It was then understood why the Dumrians had translated their word «cheater» by the Earth word «fascist». For an Earthling, the two words stand to very different things: fascism leads to suffering through deprivation of freedom, while cheating tries to get more freedom. But for a Dumrian, to cheat, to gain a false freedom, to «liberate» oneself of the laws of life, leads as well to suffering, because then the game of life is distorted, leading to chaotic and painful situations. It was finally realized that the two concepts, authoritarian fascism and abuse of freedom, far from being opposed, were only the Yin and Yang inversion of the same mistake, which was leading to exactly the same suffering, and to the same limitations of the real freedom.


These discussions went in front of any other, in such an extend that, a few weeks later, in the time if this story, the top racist leaders were still yelling on their Internet sites, without no one thinking to silence them: only some obtuse adepts were still listening at them.




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