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Chapter 6
A strange meeting in the headquarters



Steve Jason entered into the small special meeting room of the director of the University of Zambu Shedrup Ling. The new director, Rolf Gensher, had preferred to place his head quarters into the Shedrup Ling Centre of Palomas, California. It was set in white low buildings, in the meadow of a former ranch, between two sunburn small cliffs.

He could not avoid looking for the partition screen where once stood one of the officers of the «secret police» of the University (see «Dumria»). But there was no more screen. The new director, Rolf Gensher, could not just renounce to this «police», so useful to monitor the anti-scientific and anti-spiritual activities which could still aim at their university, despite the dismantling of the «anti-suicide conspiracy» sixteen years earlier. Just now that its existence was known to the public and authorities, it appeared to bother much more people than it was really aiming at. So it was suppressed. At least officially.

Instead of the ancient wooden decor dear to the former director Hervé Elzécher, this room was set into a modern style, simple, into peach and orange pastel hues, more into Rolf's taste. The table in the centre and the seats were into the same colours than the walls, but bolder, with a computer screen and keyboard at each place. These warm colours were harmoniously balancing the cold geometric lines.

Rolf got up to greet Steve, and introduce him to the other attendees, all westerners. Maybe they were here already meeting for hours, after the mess of papers and empty cups on the table.

«We are just waiting for Sangye Tchögyal. Ah, precisely, here is his helicopter».

Steve raised his eyebrows in astonishment. Sangye Tchögyal was a nightmare for the administrations, unpredictable and capricious, more inclined to conspicuously travel by mule than with any modern mean. He had the art of never being available when required by the organization, while arriving completely by surprise when one would prefer to do without him. Tchögyal punctual and in an helicopter was therefore a sign of something very important. And even particularly important, to get him out of his retreat.

Several attendees were whispering in German; very probably they were engineers of the KRG, the powerful robotics company of Rolf. The others were silently waiting for Tchögyal.

When the later entered, it was an extreme surprise. Because he was bringing his wife with him. And he even was holding his hand, as if to clearly show that he was now married. Yonten Drolma had a really unusual look. She was still wearing her long dark blue Tibetan dress, with the multicoloured apron of married women, but her platinum gold hairs with large buckles had now grown to five or six centimetres, not enough yes to fall on the sides: this made her a kind of halo of golden light. Her smile and her eyes were even more amazing, angelic, as if in ecstasy. It was really strong, and the whispers stopped suddenly in front of the intensity of her luminous presence. Even the indigo of her dress seemed to radiate some inner fire. Sure, Tchögyal really could not choose an ordinary woman.

They both sat down, at Steve's right. He noted that Yonten were wearing ear mufflers, a genius little cap looking like a device for the deaf, plugged into the ear canal. But instead of amplifying external sounds, these apparatus were detecting the vibrations of the eardrum itself, using a tiny laser, and were sending them back in phase opposite, thus suppressing any ambient sounds much more efficiently that the old foam earplugs. They even were able of cancelling tinnitus and organic sounds, providing with a truly incomparable silence. So Yonten was simply not hearing their conversation, and she just had to wear opaque goggles to be entirely into her meditation. This device was considered as one of the very few technologies which had really bettered the spiritual practice: it was now possible to meditate as deeply as wanted, almost everywhere, even in town. But to make a serious retreat was still requiring to cut ties with the daily agitation, in a place where nothing and nobody could disturb us.

So Yonten sat besides Sangye Tchögyal, and put opaque goggles showing Buddha eyes in the style of the great Kathmandu stupas...

Rolf introduced the new comers.

There were here more executives of the KRG than of Shedrup Ling. Steve did not liked this, fearing for the independency of his university. In theory, they were two completely independent organizations, working in different fields, and Rolf was not confusing the two roles. But this was creating more and more organic relations between the two organizations, which resulted in a dependency in facts. And a dependency which was rather unfavourable to Shedrup Ling. But Steve remembered that executives of the KRG were all former students of Shedrup Ling, or other similar organizations. They were all high level engineers and technicians, some wearing classical white blouses, or even ancient suits and ties. But their eyes also told that they all had received some serious spiritual training. Even in this new born 22nd century, extensive training in both science and spirituality was still rare, and Steve was used to see only Hervé Elzécher and Sangye Tchögyal to do so. In addition, there were some strange ongoing rumours about the KRG's secret laboratories, and its psychophysics module that Rolf was leading personally. Steve suddenly had the impression that he was dealing with some new kind of technological knights, publicly busy at designing robots, but secretly pursuing a far more mysterious and profound purpose.


Rolf started the discussion without any preamble:

«All the communications with Dumria were severed, some days ago.


-Not for long, about half a second. The users of the common Internet of the two planets noticed nothing, as the data transfer protocols perfectly compensate for this kind of incident. But all the communication beams were really shut down. I well say all, despites they are independent»


We saw in previous chapters that several non-local quantum communication beams had been built between Earth and Dumria. The Shedrup Ling University, which was opening centres on Dumria, was co-owner of one of these beams, private, and based precisely on this campus of Palomas, in California, near San Francisco, where the meeting was taking place. It was sharing it with other scientific or spiritual organizations, also teaching on Dumria. This is how Rolf's team had been informed of the outage, despite the secrecy which had been immediately established on this issue.


«The different beams were not all cut in the same time, Rolf continued. As if an object was moving, cutting each in its turn. Moreover, as the beams are related to different points on the two planets, they are not parallel, they rather intersect at different distances on the route. This allowed us to calculate the distance of the object, and find that it was very close to Earth, one light year at most. Its diameter was about ten thousand kilometres, roughly that of a planet. If it is an object, because for now we have no idea of what happened. Steve, you who are a specialist, what do you think? What kind of object might be opaque to the beam of the quantum telescope?

Steve was startled a bit, absorbed as he was into the contemplation of his strange neighbour. Yonten still seemed wholly into her deep meditation, with her ecstatic smile and her hidden eyes. Her hand was still holding Sangye Tchögyal's hand, perhaps to give him some energy. Steve realised that even intensive yoga could not produce such a result. Surely Tchögyal did some FAE (note 27) to Yonten, and probably several.


-Ah, yes.

«Well I am very astonished. At first thought, no known physical object can block such a beam. And certainly not a planet. For the simple reason that it is not a wave beam in the physical sense, it is only a line, into the mathematical sense, a geodesic, which goes from the point where the information is produced, to the one where it is received. There is nothing special on the trajectory, no noticeable object or phenomenon. And thus, there is nothing able to interfere with the beam. It is certainly on of the most disconcerting properties of the quantum telescope: to see through any obstacle, even underground. We could discern things through neutron stars, despite their extraordinary density. Only black holes intercept the beam, with deforming space, and thus the geodesic line. We are even taking profit of this distortion, which gives us very precious information on the structure of their gravitational field, their rotation, etc. Neutron stars also curve space, but without occulting it as a black hole does. In doing so they act as gravitational lenses, which allow us to observe the far universe, as with magnifying glasses. Magnifying glasses moving against the far universe background, and thus allowing us to get very accurate information on far away structures. So, if such a dense object as a black hole was cutting one of our communication beams, it would deflect it with its gravitational field, and thus the beam would be interrupted. A neutron star would do the same thing, as its gravitational field is comparable to the gravitation field of a black hole.

-Yes, but a neutron star or a black hole, this is about some kilometres in diameter, not ten thousands.

-Yes, but their gravitational influence extends over some distance. The beams are kept aligned by extremely accurate control electronic circuits, but which are not designed to correct large deviations. This makes them sensitive to relatively weak gravitational fields, and thus to a certain distance from the black hole, five to ten million kilometres.

-So we should be able to detect a deviation, just before and after the blackout.

-Exactly. The control circuits are recording the deviations they had to compensate. In this way we were able to directly detect an earthquake on Dumria, which made the emitter move. If an object such as a black hole or a neutron star went through the beam, we should observe a larger and larger deviation, before losing the beams. Then the beams would be recovered, with a weaker and weaker deviation. Is this what was observed?

-Eh no, not at all. No deviation was recorded. The beams were all cut instantly, and recovered exactly where they were, by the automated scanning systems. Our colleagues on Dumria confirmed these phenomena, that they also observed on their side».

Steve lost some composure.

«Then... well, we must exclude a dense object. But then, I do not see at all what it could be. We need that the very structure of space is altered, to block the beam without deflecting it. Only a texture (note 28) could...

«Very soon after the Big Bang, the Universe had its physical laws based on a single unified force. But when this unique force split into the four forces known today, the very properties of space, the vacuum, changed. But this transition did not occurred everywhere in the same time, and it did not produced the same result everywhere. The universe was therefore separated into areas of vacuum having different physical properties: the cosmological textures. This is much like the surface of the Earth, which is divided into countries that do not have the same laws. So we think that the universe is divided into textures, which each have different physical laws. Even if these textures are now so large and their frontiers so remote that the universe seems to have the same properties everywhere. On Earth, it happens that the borders between two countries are displaced, and by this simple fact, the inhabitants of the place see the laws changing instantly. It even happened that some countries grew and absorbed others which disappeared. Similarly, the boundaries between the cosmological textures can shift as well, and some textures decreased until they disappeared, imploding at the speed of light, while others grew until they filled the whole observable universe. We are living into one of these textures today, which gives to the matter it contains the properties that we know, the physical constants that we measure.

«If the beam of the quantum telescope was to pass through a zone of space different of ours, then the exchange of quantum properties may not take place, and the telescope would see no light, as if an infinitely opaque obstacle was on the path.

-A texture... This is about the same conclusion we came by ourselves», said Rolf Gensher. Needless to say, this case is making a fuss among the interstellar telecom operators. The United Nations and the major national governments are also in the know, and they organized a crisis cell. Everything is kept secret, in order not to unnecessarily frighten the public, and I admit that this time they are rather right. But what nobody knows is that the astronomers of our university had the idea to follow the object with our own quantum telescope, in the north of Lhassa. And indeed we have found it, a little further in the sky. Not where it should be if it was travelling at a constant speed, but a bit closer, as if it changed direction. It hides the stars when it passes. And it moves. It even slowed down, but its apparent diameter increased, as if it was now heading straight toward Earth. And at the speed it is going, it will be there in a few days.»

Steve suddenly felt a dull fear arising: a huge object, dark, totally unknown and unexplainable was hurling right toward them... Good news or omen of doom? The other engineers were having serious looks toward each others, while twisting their pens nervously. Tchögyal was still looking good, but extremely absorbed. Only Yonten, who heard nothing, was keeping her angelic smile.

«But then, it moves at a speed much greater than light?

-Yes. And this is the problem. It is necessarily a totally unknown phenomenon, which challenges physics.



Steve suddenly remembered something else.

«Oh, I remember now, there is still something which may be able to block the beam of a quantum telescope.

-What, then?»

Steve hesitated. Not because of the absurd scientistist taboo of the 20th century, lifted long ago. But a kind of modesty was now surrounding the phenomenon, making it still delicate do discuss, even between scientists.

«Only one thing...


-An UFO.»

If Steve hesitated, it was not from fear of meeting some scepticism or irony at this evocation. Indeed, the very existence of the UFO phenomenon was, in 2102, widely accepted, but the most commonly accepted explanation would have surprised many ufologists of the 20th century. Unfortunately, the phenomenon had retained its aura of mystery, and its intimate knowledge had gained little progress since 2000.

We shall remember that, since the public appearance of the phenomenon in 1947, until the early 21st century, the most common explanation was that UFOs were spaceships, machines, piloted by extraterrestrials. However by this time, this hypothesis had already encountered many inconsistencies and absurdities.

The incredible stories of «abductions» into «spaceships» in the 1990 years, could only reinforce this hypothesis to the public eye. However it was soon realized that these «abductions» were only «sleep paralysis», a benign dream-like phenomenon, which could even be fun, but which took a terrifying aspect and incredible proportions in the writings of some unscrupulous authors. In the same time, a racist anti-alien propaganda was giving a scary look and evil intents to the humanities of the cosmos, some populist authors going so far as «denouncing» a highly improbable conspiracy involving the U.S. government and aliens! The entire society quickly developed a strong immunity against these «conspiracy theories». This immunity was certainly beneficial, but it later greatly hindered the genuine UFO research, see the detection of real conspiracies.

The science institutions of the twentieth century had, about UFOs, an extremely paradoxical attitude: It was them which did the most to scientifically prove the existence of the phenomenon, for example with the French GEPAN, or the contributors of Condon Report of the University of Colorado (note 37), in such an extent that, as soon as the 1990 years, nobody could scientifically have doubts on its existence. However the scientific institutions, and beyond the circles of power, continued for decades to ignore and despise the phenomenon, make of it a subject of bullying, and even a dangerous «supernumerary nipple» (note 36), very useful to drive out the «irrational persons» from governments, politics, business, and even out of work and school. It is only with the observation, in the 1990 years, of the first extrasolar planets, that some scientists began to shyly look at UFOs... but still with the idea that they were alien spacecrafts! Just fifty years late!

If the UFO had been getting a lot of attention in the second half of the 20th century, they however were more discreet in the 21st, both in number of appearances and in publications about them. But they had however not disappeared, some extraordinary cases or mini waves were still occasionally in the news. The baseline scenario was more diversified, and, besides the «flying saucers» of the 1950 years, there were more and more «religious visions», often very naive. The Middle Age phenomena such as the «battles in the sky», the appearances of «fairies» and other «nature spirits» were also back, but on a much more modern background: environmentalist, New Age, global, or even science and biotechnology. These visions and apparitions were often regarded as undesirable, because they were fostering the most primary forms of religious dogmatism and fanaticism.

In 2102, the hypothesis of alien spacecrafts was generally regarded as inconsistent with the facts, and rejected by the more advanced thinkers. The recent discoveries of exobiology, including especially the affair of the missing planets in 2081, were just confirming the situation: no trace of interstellar transport was ever found, nor of civilizations which would have used them. Even the Dumrians were totally ignorant of the question of interstellar transport, except that some UFO cases were also appearing on their planet, since... their contact with Earth. This lack of an extraterrestrial origin of UFOs was also hitting very hard the incredible conspiracy theories of the twentieth century.

However, as the scientific institutions had shown, UFOs were not hallucinations or rumours, but real objects, which were appearing concretely into the physical world. So what was their nature? What was their origin? An important remark was made in 1978 by Bertrand Méheust: the scenarios of encounters (especially CE3) were a small subset of dreamlike elements already present into earlier science fiction books, and even in ancient folklore. So it was clear that these scenarios were created into the mind of the witness, or, at most, in more or less large groups of conscious beings, but with nothing extraterrestrial.

An astonishing fact was that the same restrained selection of scenarios was also operating into the «abductions», the oniric phenomenon of sleep paralysis. This, in the beginning, had much contributed to the confusion between the two phenomena. This confusion was solved before 2010, but this similitude between the two phenomena was only reinforcing the idea that the scenarios of close encounters with UFOs also had an oniric origin.

Then the question was: How could phenomena of consciousness, dreams, lead to physically observable phenomena? The scientists who studied the phenomenon had ended to formally acknowledge the fact, without being able to explain it: Under still unknown special circumstances, objects into the mind of the witness, such as a «flying saucer» could appear physically, and manifest in a way to alter the objects around, while keeping the properties of objects of dreams, psychical objects, like flying without a motor, appearing and disappearing on the spot, being manufactured in impossible ways, or acting in response to the thought of the witness. In extreme cases of CE3, the body of the experiencer could be taken to an unknown place, surrounded only with psychical objects. In 2010 were known about 200 cases of this type, most of which were well documented and difficult to deny, for example with a third person who saw the witness disappear and reappear a bit further. This cases continued to happen since, at their slow pace.

It had thus to be recognized that, in the place and time the psychical interference was happening into the physical world, the usual physical laws were violated, the laws of matter, and even the laws of space and time. They were however not violated into a definitive way, as in the end of the psychophysical episode, they were suddenly taking back their normal course again, leaving certainly modified objects, but without extraordinary physical properties: traces in the ground, substances, scars, miraculous healing... The purely psychical objects, them, were irretrievably disappearing, hence the systematic lack of «concrete evidences» of such apparitions.

This hypothesis had appeared gradually, without major announcement or publication. The energy of the paranoid conspiracy theories had also dissipated, with the general decline of all the ideas from the fascist groty-punk movements of the years 1980-90. Public reports of UFO encounters had become more scarce, but the main cause was rather due to witnesses being much less talkative! Why to report, if the reports were simply stored in a drawer without ever being used for any real scientific research? Why only talk about it, if it could result in a divorce or loss of employment? People had come to understand that they had to be careful! So things went to a point where, from the 2030 years, it became difficult to fathom the true extent of the phenomenon. Some said it had left the public sphere, to grow into the private sphere.

The spiritual masters, who used to totally ignore this kind of phenomena, ended to briefly reply to questions by saying that it was, at worst, spiritual aberrations occurring with some people, or at best, authentic experiences, but occurring without supervision at certain stages of their evolution. Everybody agreed anyway, scientists as well as spiritualists, to say that this was just some wild phenomena, and in any case only a tiny glimpse of what we can actually obtain with a serious spiritual practice.

Another idea which also appeared gradually is that these phenomena could be pleasant, and even useful, when they occurred within a controlled spiritual frame. This was soon obvious for the sleep paralysis (the so-called «abductions»), that a little meditation could turn them into very pleasant sexual experiences, or into very strong spiritual experiences. But the statement was reaching further, that the UFO encounters could also be controlled in the same way, since they had the same oniric origin. But UFO encounters are much rarer than sleep paralysis...

However such a mastery for selfish or evil purposes could be very dangerous. This issue, more the mysterious connection with our deep psyche and with our sexuality, finally ended in surrounding the phenomenon with a kind of modesty, from witnesses, scientists and spiritual teachers as well, who generally abstained to speak publicly about it. Anyway it was still impossible to cause UFO encounters in a public and convincing way. The true scientific study of UFOs had been therefore unable to go much further than statistics on the psyche of the involved people.

But starting about 2050, there were growing rumours about persons having experienced several CE3, and who were able to master the scenario. Some advanced Tantric practitioners were said to use the phenomenon. Still more incredible stories were heard about strange discoveries, allowing to reproduce the phenomenon at will, or to obtain spiritual powers on matter, rumours that nobody could confirm. Save a very curious and very visible fact: the «great slumber» of UFOs in the 2080 years. In three or four years, the number of cases was divided by ten!

This was curiously coinciding with the inception of the FAE (note 27), as if the tantric masters who were provoking the FAE had for this purpose tapped the energy which produced the wild phenomena. Only some persons able to provoke themselves the phenomena could continue to do so themselves. A still more recent data was that new cases were now occurring with persons who enjoyed a FAE, especially when this FAE was featuring healing or other corporeal effects. But their content was remaining into the private sphere, as highly esoteric, or ineffably poetical...

For all these reasons, a widespread view was that, for scientists as well as for the ordinary public, it was useless to speak of the phenomenon, or to do research about it: this was the domain of special individuals and advanced spiritual masters... who also refused to comment on it. Only a resolution of the UN could express the wish that these people provide explanations, in order to prepare the spiritual transition of Earth. The reply was that this request was legitimate and relevant, but it was much too premature to answer it, as long as forms of conflict or immorality still had power on Earth. Regardless of how things were considered, solving these problems was an uncirconventable preliminary. And there was really no sense to send crime or cruelty into the world of the mind, where they would turn immediately against the perpetrators.


Whatever the facts, Steve immediately obtained the attention of the engineers. To his great surprise even Yonten moved her sunglasses, to launch him an intent glance, as if she heard this only word.

Steve could not say anything for a long minute, while everybody was intensely looking at him. Then he managed to reason:

«This place, this time where the psychical interaction occurs on the normal physical universe... In this place, space has different properties than elsewhere. It may even not have the same geometrical properties, for example when we see a flying saucer three meters in diameter containing a space city of one hundred metres long. In such conditions, how could we describe a straight line, a geodesic?

«Even if there is no geometric distortion of space, the fact remains that the straight line which is going through the scene has to move into a place where space does not have the same properties than elsewhere. The situation is very similar to what happened with the cosmological textures, during the Big Bang, when appeared areas of space with different physical laws.

«If we look at what happens during a psychophysical episode, such as an UFO appearance, or a religious appearance, we find again this notion of texture: an area of space has different properties that normal space, and this allows for extraordinary things to happen here, which are physically impossible in the normal space. However we do not know what causes the appearance of such a texture, except that it is obviously not a physical determinism, but a psychical determinism. The only thing we know, is that when this determinism stops to manifest, the texture shrinks and disappears, and in its place, normal physics quickly takes over again. The objects it contained disappear, or become again ordinary physical objects.

This «return to normality» had caused much confusion among the ufologists of the twentieth century, who, because of it, were never able to find physical evidence, such as unusual isotopes, manufactured objects, etc. In his book «Science fiction and flying saucers» in 1978, Bertrand Méheust had foreseen the problem, and had established the important concept of «elusiveness». We now know the cause of elusiveness: the return to the ordinary physical determinism, when the psychical determinism stops to act, leaving only the ordinary material objects which were taken into the texture. And these objects are never mechanical parts of spaceships, because nothing such ever existed.


«Into such conditions, it is definitively no surprise that an UFO is the only object which can be opaque to the beam of the quantum telescope: the straight line, the geodesic, is broken, or there is simply no space to define it at the crossing of the texture. And this was actually observed, although few people know it, about the great UFO event in Barcelona, which position was precisely measured using multiple webcams which recorded it. At the same time, this UFO crossed the field of an Australian quantum telescope which happened to be observing the sky behind it. And for a split second, this field became dark, as if an opaque object was interposed. It is little known, but the ufologists know. There are few comments on this, because few were able to draw the true conclusions. But with my opinion, I see no other explanation: you spotted a huge UFO. And, after the Méheust laws known since 1978, as a phenomenon of consciousness, it could only appear precisely where it would be noticed, with cutting the only interstellar communication beam we have, even if the probability was one in billions of billions. The remaining question now is why it appears in this way into space. In the consciousness of whom.»

There was silence again. Rolf just joked: «In short, Steve, you explain an unknown object by an unidentified object...» but nobody laughed, because UFOs, whatever they were, were long ago regarded as a coherent and individualized phenomenon, rather than the production of some social or psychological illness.

Then Tchögyal spoke:

«There is another case, also known from specialists.

-Which one, Rinpoche?

-The explanation is very similar to the one of the UFOs, but this time it is a phenomenon which cause (if not operation) is well known in our countries. When a Yogi obtains a light body, this light body appears opaque, obscure to the quantum telescope.»

Some murmurs greeted this declaration. Rolf was looking at Tchögyal, only Yonten still had her detached smile.

«Remember what the quantum telescopes observed on the planets preparing the spiritual transition: the body of some yogis suddenly becomes opaque, dark. In the case of the transition of the planet Bakouta, observed in the year 525 by the Dumrian astronomers, it is the planet itself, in its entirety, which suddenly became a dark disc, to the eye of the Dumrian quantum telescope, before disappearing entirely!

-But, if the body of the Yogi appears luminous, this light should be visible to the quantum telescope?

-Not necessarily, because often it is not physical light, but a purely psychical phenomenon, which exists and which appears only into the consciousness of the observer, without emission of physical light to his eye. A quantum telescope, which is a machine, can in no way see something purely psychical. Only the human consciousness can. At best, if the psychical texture is powerful enough to change space, then the quantum interaction at a distance cannot occur, and then this texture appears as a black area when we observe a bright object in the background. And very curiously, it is the «anti-suicide conspiracy» (See «Dumria») which provided us with the surest proof, here on Earth.



-Yes, they were the only ones, besides us in the Dumria affair, who dared to break the taboo and observe people on Earth with their quantum telescopes. We had a good reason, and they had no scruples about spying on people with this method, the most unfair we can imagine, because we can see anyone, anywhere, even underground, and without any means to be detected. Their documents were not published, because they violate the private life of thousands of people, but we were able to obtain the images about our Sera Je Monastery. These images were thoroughly dated, and one of them shows a yogi in a cell, his torso and head disappearing into a black spot, as if they had poured ink on the image. It happened that two other people were also in the cell at that time (we see them on the picture) and, after their testimony, this Yogi (named Tenzin Pelgyé) appeared to them at this time surrounded with a strong light, this very intense psychical light which does not hurt the eyes and casts no shadow, typical of religious apparitions, and which can also be seen into cases of UFOs and in NDE. Tenzin was showing this kind of phenomena for several days, and his physical body completely disappeared the next day: transubstantiation into a Vajra body. This is what is traditionally called by Tantra practitioners a light body, or within modern scientific concepts, a psychical body. What is remarkable is that the phenomenon appears very differently, depending if it is with a quantum telescope or with direct human observation.

«Anyway, this image, and a few similar others, explain why the conspiracy was considering very seriously these stories of light body and spiritual transition: they had in their hands the concrete evidence of the reality of these phenomena. They were not denying their existence, but materialist as they were, they were completely unable to envision their spiritual cause. They interpreted them as an unknown physical phenomenon triggered by the brain, leading to death by the destruction of the physical body. Already in 2000 there was a theory which attempted to «explain» consciousness with quantum phenomena occurring in the fibrils of the neurons, and many other «physical explanations» of this kind have been proposed since, especially to try to account with phenomena like extrasensory perception or telepathy, without invoking spiritual causes. So it is conceivable that materialists could think that the brain is able of causing unknown physical or quantum phenomena, and even accept that advanced meditation practices could lead to such consequences. Of course, as they never relinquished with their idea that only the neurological activity of the brain produces consciousness, for them these events were necessarily leading to death, and all the tantric practice was a sort of drug, with entirely negative and illusory results. Well, that a few hermits in high snowy mountains «commit suicide» in this way certainly did not bothered them, but their utter terror was that, starting from a few «tantric wackos», this phenomenon spread to the whole planet, what we call the spiritual transition, which already claimed all the missing planets.

-What is also remarkable, Rinpoche, is that this document you just revealed is actually the only image, the only tangible evidence of the strange phenomena which occur during the spiritual transition of an individual. A «texture» appears... but this time, instead of just imploding, it goes «elsewhere», into the psychical world, in the paradises of the Bodhisattvas, with its occupier and the psychical phenomena it contains, while a portion of normal space automatically takes its place in our physical world. Even the physical body of the Yogi changes its mode of existence, and becomes a psychical body, what you call a Vajra Body.

«I even think since long ago, concluded Tchögyal, that these Vajra bodies, when they manifest in the physical world, also do this in a texture, a psychical texture, where the surrounding physical laws are not valid. This explains the special properties of these bodies, but also the extreme difficulty of maintaining them into a physical world which is not theirs. Only great masters like Padmasambhava, our Guru Rinpoche, were able to walk in such a body as their usual way. So he was able, if we believe the accounts of this time, to take birth without parents, travel instantly, fly, live for several centuries, and show many other incredible powers, until he fled off and disappeared into the sky. It is also very likely what the Christ was able to do, during the two weeks of the Resurrection: a light body with extraordinary properties, described in the «Acts of the Apostles», a text with a strikingly modern style. But I see no other being who was able to control the phenomenon continuously for such a long time.»

A long silence followed again these strange revelations. Most of the engineers had remained silent, but they were looking intensely. Rolf concluded:

«So our object of interest could be a psychical object, that we could compare to an UFO or a religious apparition. However, to be sure, we need to know the consciousness stake about it.»

Steve suddenly exclaimed:

«Why did not you shared with the UN the data on this object? And why did you asked Sangye Tchögyal to come?»

As a matter of facts, the tantric master, even if he was himself a high level scientist, was involving into the Shedrup Ling university only occasionally, now preferring to consecrate his time to help his disciples in meditation. He was even in a retreat since two months, and should normally not be out. He explained himself:

«Steve, I asked myself to come here.

«This object, I follow it since three months, with my tantric telescope.»

«Before my retreat, I was perceiving it only confusedly, into dreams. Now I see it very clearly, and I could verify that the object of my visions and the one we are speaking about today, were behaving in the same way in the same time. I saw it cut the beams, so I concluded that the telecommunication managers knew its presence. I also knew that the Shedrup Ling astronomers followed it, as only them had the idea to look a little closer than what was expected. And my visions are telling that it should enter our solar system within about ten days. With it, this is still a very progressive approach, because it could go much faster. Think it already goes fifty times the speed of light. For this reason we cannot see it with an optical telescope, even with enough magnification, because for such a telescope, it is not here yet.

«So I decided to contact you, but uniquely under the highest secrecy.

-Err, yes, Rinpoche, replied Steve, more than ever impressed by the tantric master. But as a scientist, is relying solely on dreams and extrasensory perception of one person, sufficient to decide a course of action about this object, which may be hazardous for humanity, or even hostile?

-Ha ha, Steve, you are still not accustomed to it. For me, this kind of perceptions guides my life since thirty years already, and they are more and more accurate and reliable. But you are right, this is not enough to base a decision which may involve the very survival of Earth. Rolf, tell him.

-Steve, the object sent us signals.


-Yes, especially to us, Shedrup Ling University. Simply we received a message during the blackout. It was a quite ordinary email, in German, even not encrypted, which was addressed to myself and the engineers here. It was sent to us by our only private beam, and this makes that nobody else know its existence.

-Eeeer... and what it was saying?

-Simply a request for contact, but specifically addressed to us, KRG company and Shedrup Ling University. There even was a list of the only persons to be warned.


-Only the people here at this meeting. And a group on Dumria, also members of our university, or of the KRG. We do not know more yet. We communicate with this Dumrian group with our private beam, carefully coding our messages into scientific data files, where nobody will have any idea to go snooping.

-And the UN?

-So... seems that this business is not for them at all.

-You did not warned the UN?

-Not at all, and we have no intent to do so. It would be useless anyways, unless we could propose them a means to avoid some catastrophe.

-But what the KRG is doing in there? And why do you have employees on Dumria?

-On Dumria, because it is more discreet for certain business.


-Of course, Steve. On Earth, there were too many people interested in some of our projects. We had to close our research facilities in Peru, and even our secret laboratories in the Verkhoyansk Mountains, burn all the plans and destroy all our prototypes.

-You are speaking of the military robots?

-Oh this? Just toys. Our main models are known, and even already imitated. They were all designed in Germany or Europe, into our usual laboratories, which are known from the public. But we have a much more interesting project, known only from a handful of engineers here on Earth, and very discretely tested on Dumria since five years. A genius idea of Hervé Elzécher. What immediately brought our attention, is that it is precisely the very few engineers involved in the project who were all named by the black sphere, and it is them that you are seeing in this meeting today.

-Ah. But I am not a member of this team. I even not know about your... project.

-You are not on the list, Steve, at least not directly. The list names your wife, Liu Wang.

-But she just die...

-She just departed for a retreat to Tushita, we know this, interrupted Tchögyal with a small laughter.

-But we are not surprised to see her on our list: her today situation makes of her the ideal profile to operate the machines we are speaking about. I don't say more for now.

-Anyways, Rolf, concluded one of the engineers, these signals clearly show that there is a consciousness stake about this object. So we are therefore fully entitled to consider it as a psychical object, according to Steve's theory. But we must know in the consciousness of whom it...

-Not mine, interrupted Tchögyal. I am just observing it.

-So, for now, we do not know in the consciousness of whom it is emerging. Ours, or...»




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