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Chapter 1
The world of Dumria



During the first days which followed the discovery of Dumria, it was the scientists of the Shedrup ling University of Lhassa, under the direction of the astronomer Dawa Dhondup and the director Hervé Elzécher, who exchanged the first messages with Dumria, with the use of their makeshift quantum emitter: a simple numeric video projector, illuminating the yard of the monastery of Sera Dje, near Lhassa. (Historically, the very first message was sent with one of the Moon based lasers of the INTERSDAR project; but it was borrowed for only some seconds, the time to hijack the emitter of the «anti-suicide conspiracy», shooting on it from the Moon, in order to tell the Dumrians the coordinates of Sera). English texts or simple drawing were sent and received. Before any publishing, the scientists had first to check that they were not the victims of some monstrous hoax of the «anti-suicide conspiracy». They also had to check that the communication with Dumria was not hiding some trap or danger. But the fantastic new could not be kept secret for long, all the more when the study of Dumria required to cancel all the reservations for the new quantum telescope of Shedrup ling, and even to disconnect it from Internet, thus telling to the world at large that a very important discovery was made.

The official announcement, one week after the discovery, was first met by a silent disbelief. There was some big international sport tournament going on, or something of this sort, and the media took two or three days to react. We even heard the usual 19th century nonsense as what intelligent life could not exist elsewhere than on Earth. But the messages and the first Dumria images were already visible on the Shedrup ling website, which was soon overwhelmed with connections.

To disbelief, succeeded a speechless surprise. Even the most talkative politicians did not knew how to understand the event. But we can guess that behind the scenes of diplomacy and of the UN, unavowable tractations took place. An European president went so far as to publicly say that it was surely a stupid hoax, because, after him, it was impossible that a civilization could evolve without war. But, after some discreet explanations, he rallied the unconditional praises, as his colleague did.

But the peoples of the world could not contain their joy and exultation, which eclipsed even the finals of the soccer tournament. This led to say that it was life itself which won the cup. In all countries took place huge rallies in the streets, with the slogan «DUMRIA: PEACE», the first message received from beyond space. They brandished placards displaying the first images of Dumrian faces, which looked surprisingly human, despite some visible differences. Many also brandished signs skyward, showing human faces of different races of the world, with these words: «EARTH: PEACE».

But it was intellectuals and artists of all orientation who best expressed the joy, both emotional and intellectual, of finally knowing that mankind was not alone in the universe. Philosophers, religious people, scientists, thinkers, all added their comments. Some organized huge demonstrations in major cities around the world, where millions of people bearing panels with the fluorescent paint of the quantum emitters, gathered to form the giant words «DUMRIA: WELCOME», so that the Dumrian observers knew what the very peoples of Earth were thinking, even before the first official contacts with the governments of the Earth. There were also huge concerts, on the five continents, where played for free groups and orchestras of all the imaginable styles of music.

The wonderful event was strangely contrasting with the dreadful revelations about the «anti-suicide» conspiracy, which attempted to censor the discovery of Dumria, which also tampered important scientific results in several domains, had launched some very dangerous cults, while running military-like commandos with centres for detention and torture of hostages. The polices of various countries were in the process of dismantling it completely, thanks to the revelations of one of their repented leaders, Tegal. This instant and sincere repentance was itself obtained under mysterious circumstances, after the spiritual action of Lama Sangye Tchögyal. It made a huge impression on Earth, in such an extend that some fascists came to publicly deny their evil ideas.


Two weeks after the discovery, and one week after the public revelation, came from Dumria the first messages officially addressed to the UN. Their content was very simple: a summary of their history, a description of their plight with the «anti-suicide» conspiracy and the threat it posed to their world, welcome statements and their commitment for friendly collaboration with Earth, and at last their urgent request to communicate with the masters of various spiritual orientations on our planet. But these messages also mentioned for the first time an astounding fact: Dumria had no government! Not even a kind of UN or confederation, nothing at all. But then how they do to make decisions, replied many politicians, irritated and above all terrified by the void suddenly opening under their own feet. The following messages contained many explanations on this point, that the Dumrians guessed was sensitive.

On Dumria, The habit was to form groups, which spontaneously took care of a reflection or work topic, and, when need arose, acted as interlocutors to anyone who had something to say about it. That this group was responsible for managing a small local gardening, or a large planet scale business, did not affected its operation. To communicate with Earth was an occasion to create one of these groups, the terrosociologists, who managed the Dumrian quantum emitter in geostationary orbit. Yes, these space emitters, huge structures into geostationary orbit, were only the property of a kind of vast club of amateur scientists, who had all built and implemented without asking anything to anyone! This incredible new gave shivers of angst to all the complex state bureaucracies of the world! So, as a consequence, the sole interlocutor of the UN on Dumria was a small group of amateur exobiologists, inviting the governments of Earth to speak with them as if they were the government of Dumria! They would manage current affairs, and in case of a major decision needed, they would ask for the opinion of all the other Dumrians, with their Internet forums and information services.

The Dumrian contact group explained that other features of the Dumrian life would also disturb Earthlings, so that they would disclose their customs only gradually, in order to avoid a «cultural shock» harmful to Earth! In this, they were secretly encouraged by the engineers of Shedrup Ling, who quickly realized that the models of the Dumrian society would undermine the basis of many «indispensable» social structures on Earth. Fortunately the engineers of Shedrup Ling were not only scientists and technicians, but also spiritual beings, fully able to understand the Dumrians. Thus it was decided that the revelations would remain for several months under the control of the Dumrian exobiologists, before the opening of the Dumrian Internet to Earth's general public. This delay, anyway necessary for the building of quantum transmitters, was also leaving time for the Dumrians to reserve some private spaces on their network, where the Earth public could not access.

The lack of Dumrian government already started bittersweet comments; some politicians hastily concluded that the Dumrians were «savages without organization» that we could «study», but who were unable of a «reasonable» dialogue. Exobiologists of Earth answered quietly but firmly that they could not start the discovery of another civilization with just criticizing it; the first step was to understand it: necessarily the Dumrians had developed viable solutions for being able to live in this way. It had to be said that, in the domain of societies not based on power, the Earthlings had been accumulating failures, to the point that many of them were thinking that it was impossible to do without any centralized authority. So the Dumrian success was a huge kick in the back to all those who claim to control everything on Earth. It was unintentional certainly, but aimed at very effectively, right where it hurts!

So, the Earth exobiologists studying Dumria gathered in an informal committee, first in Shedrup Ling, then within the UN; they undertook advising governments and Earth thinkers about the influence Dumria could have on Earth. Although this group never had any official statute, it soon became an indispensable support to many leaders traumatized by the vision of the free Dumrian society, and it was the true origin of many of the recommendations and decisions which were subsequently formally endorsed by the UN or by many governments. It was not until many years that a crafty one remarked that this group was working exactly like the Dumrian work groups...


The very first contacts took place with quantum telescopes watching fluorescent screens, where cameras were projecting images in black and white, texts, data tables. (The Dumrian emitter in orbit, and the Earth emitter of the «anti-suicide» conspiracy, near the Lake Koukounor in Tibet, requisitioned by the UN). Because of the quantum simultaneity, this communication was instantaneous, even if Dumria was thousands of light years from Earth. But this screens system had a much too low data rate. Facing the huge demand of both worlds to discover the other, it had to be quickly developed techniques allowing for a much higher data rate.

The solution had been derived from the quantum telescopes. The receiver still included a fluorescent crystal, still isolated in a quantum isolation caisson, and pointing at the other planet. It was smaller than a regular telescope, but this type of crystal allowed to capture very high frequencies, and this continuously. The transmitter, too, was more complex than the fluorescent movie screen of the beginning: matrices of thousands small lasers with very high speed modulation, each being a parallel channel. Given the thickness of the receiving crystal, the waves could not all be captured at the same time on the quantum detectors. So it was necessary to drill holes in the crystal, to place electrical wires creating a magnetic field varying gradually into the thickness of the crystal. Thus the individual layers were sensitive to slightly different wavelengths, through the Zeeman effect (note 2). At emission, the light waves were treated with a system of prisms, with each wavelength passing through a different path length, in order to compensate for the thickness of the receiving crystal. Thus the different frequencies arrived in the same time on the detectors, allowing for a very large signal bandwidth. This system, once developed, began to replace the cables and all other satellites for remote communications, on Earth itself. Only its very high cost was holding back its growth, reserving it only for intercontinental communications, and of course for the interstellar beam itself. The strangest thing is that the information beam was completely insensitive to physical barriers, so that these devices had no need to be placed in orbit: in the great population centres, aiming at the ground, they were exchanging staggering data flows straight through the Earth itself. A side benefit was an unexpected improvement of virtual worlds, from a faster communication.

Barely a year after the contact between Earth and Dumria, a first beam of this technology was operating between the two planets, over a gap of thousands light years. It was quickly decided to connect the Internet networks of the two planets, in order to allow every inhabitant of the two planets to see the sites of both worlds, in a gigantic galactic Hypernet. Of course the protocols were different, but this arose no problem. The founders of the Internet had certainly not anticipated such a situation, but the robust and versatile system they created accommodate very well with such an unexpected situation. For Dumrian URLs, it was enough to replace the http:// with the famous name of their musical system deccg: followed by the URL itself, in the system of this planet. The only cost, very low, was to distribute small software files allowing browsers of both worlds to use either of the two protocols. This was made at the occasion of routine updates, with the users even not noticing. But then the two URL systems could be mixed at will, and for example a list of links could include both systems. Just as it was foreseen by the founders of the Internet, a century before...

The sound files and image formats were of course different for the two planets. The new browsers were able to use both formats, but as the eyes and ears of the two worlds were different, a physiological correction of colour and sound was required, in order to get a subjective rendering, as close as possible of what the other people was perceiving. For colours, Dumrians also had three primary colours, only slightly shifted toward the ultra-violet, so that this was not really different. For sounds, the frequency range was similar, and the sense of Harmony was the same. But the sensitivity to timbres was different, requiring a complex computer processing to modify the contribution of each harmonic. At this price the Dumrian voices and music could retain much of their evocative power. The relation between the timbres, the harmonies and emotions was almost preserved. Differences in language arose more problems: not only sounds and letters were different, but also the syntactic structures of sentences. The Dumrians had no verbs, but nouns of action. They spoke by relationships between objects, concepts or feelings. And all these words were connected by several kinds of conjunctions, more than a hundred in total. A Dumrian sentence was not like the usual subject-verb-object structure, but rather like a surrealist poem. For example «I eat» was instead said «me and food», with a nuance of «and» indicating the absorption of the second term into the first. «Multiply two by five» gave «two and five and multiplication.» The automatic translator designers had to worry about. But those who had to tear their hairs off, were networking technicians. All computers on Earth were organized in bytes, of eight bits. But Dumrian computers were organized in nonet, with nine bits, which made three digits in their base eight arithmetic (Dumrians having eight fingers). From Earth to Dumria, this was not much of a problem, it was enough to add a zero. But from Dumria to Earth, it was a disaster. The information packets had to be split by groups of eight bytes with a ninth byte to carry the additional bits: the noctets.... Many preferred to add a second byte, despite the waste of bandwidth. With data compression systems, both methods were in facts giving similar results.

On the other hand, the Dumrians categorically refused to disclose their computer systems, following in this the advice of all Earthlings with enough common sense: On Dumria, nobody ever played at creating computer viruses, or at entering into a system without being invited. So protections were relatively simple, only designed to prevent errors or accidents. Given the certainty of malicious attacks from Earth, the Dumrians installed much more sophisticated filters, even asking for the help of Earth companies specialized in this field. But their only real protection was that Earth continues to ignore everything of their systems, and especially of the languages which power the communication machines. It was generally considered that the inverse problem, Dumrians viruses on Earth, would not happen. As a matter of facts, nothing of this kind was observed. But still, rumours were launched about attacks by «subtle Dumrian viruses», and even some denounced the «Dumrian conspiracy»...

From the beginning, the demand of the public of the two planets was such that they had to create planetary proxies, one at each end of the beam. Thus the requested pages travelled only once on the interstellar beam. But even so, the first beam was immediately saturated, and it had to be quickly doubled. At the time of this story, there were already 17, and several more were planned, including one with a huge array of one million lasers, able of transmitting in one second a million billion times this book.


With such a wealth of communications, it soon became unrealistic to try to hide anything, apart from purely private domains: everything that was taking place on any of the two planets was automatically known from the other. And not known only from leaders, but known from every citizen. It soon appeared obvious that the Dumrian society differed greatly from the Earth society. And that it brilliantly succeeded where the Earth society heavily persisted into palliatives, compromises or antic customs. Clearly, even unintentionally, the harmony of Dumria was pointing at all our imperfections and failures. This was not easy to accept for everyone. The culture shock was to hit there.


The readers of «Dumria» will remember that, three thousands years ago, Dumria developed genetics science far beyond ours. This allowed them to conceive children whom genetic and hormonal system was completely rewritten: a new generation of Dumrians appeared, called «the first brain version», immune to disease and aging, much more resilient to accidents and adverse conditions, in short virtually immortal. This «brain version» also corrected psychological or psychiatric disorders, but a rigid way, by programming the individuals in a certainly happy manner, but definitive. This situation resulted in a blockage of all the psychological and spiritual evolution of this people. To correct this, they developed body equipped with the «second brain version», more adaptive, allowing for more freedom of learning and psychological acquisition. But it could replace the first version only very slowly, only as slow as births replaced the rare fatalities. This was the core of the Dumrian problem, and the awareness of this problem happened just when Earth science also became able to create much better bodies and brains than those which resulted from natural evolution: Hot debates in sight!

One of the most obvious features of Dumria was the complete lack of religion or any spiritual knowledge. Instead, the Dumrians had involved in artistic creation, making of their world a palace of a thousand and one nights, a fairy garden, beside which the concrete cities of Earth looked really dull and grey, not to mention the slums which were still to be found in many regions.

This lack of religion caused much anger to some, but how to express this anger if, precisely, the first demand of the Dumrians was to be introduced to all the religions of Earth? What a mad rush suddenly took all that our planet still had of fanatics, false gurus and cults! This saturated the communication, and it took some time before the serious masters could address the request of the Dumrians. Several sects ran wild quantum emitters, hoping that their rambling would become the rule on Dumria, even if not credible on Earth. To avoid any dispute, the Dumrians received everybody, but they replied only to the serious teachers, and privately. They never announced a «Dumrian choice», leaving every inhabitant of their planet with his own choice. They were really eager for spiritual help, but only Tantric teachings, the only able to begin the process of «spiritual transition» of their planet. The Earth masters replied readily, and soon universities, retreat centres and even monasteries opened everywhere on Dumria, working through the Internet or directly with teachers reincarnated on Dumria. The Dumrians also contacted the Shedrup Ling International University and other similar organizations, to open up learning centres on Dumria, and this was achieved. Shedrup Ling also brought back Dumrian teachings on Earth, about art and psychology, and this resulted into saying that it was not only international, but interstellar. As its studies included contributions of either of the two worlds.

A completely unexpected Dumrian influence was the opening of... palliative care centres in the Dumrian style, on Earth, especially designed for people who wanted to reincarnate on Dumria ... and the Dumrian reciprocal, for those who wished to reincarnate on Earth! It was an entirely new religion, completely unexpected, but which two sides of the mirror were visible, here and beyond. The most difficult was to know if the candidate was actually taking birth on the other side, but at the time of this story, just the former husband of an Earth widow was identified on Dumria! This made say that this family was now interplanetary...


But the most difficult to swallow for some «traditionalists» was that Dumria had nearby never experienced war. Only some somewhat wild groups arose some problems before the versions of the brain, and even so, the Dumrian «wars» were settled at worst with bludgeons, or turned into huge theatrical simulations, in the Papuan way. It was difficult to deny the Dumrians their admirable success in avoiding conflict, especially after the trouble and dangerous ordeal they had to suffer from the «anti-suicide» conspiracy. The almost unanimous reaction of the peoples of the Earth was a flawless admiration and sympathy for the wonderful people of the stars. But a really bad feeling was grasping many «realistic» politicians, confronted to their own failure, and condemned to silence under penalty of losing all credibility with their people.


But the most extraordinary aspect of Dumria was even not their peace or their absence of government: it was their incredible attitude toward work and effort. The Dumrians never work: they play! A key principle in Dumrian civilization was to never impose to oneself any effort from duty, but to do everything as a play, from desire or passion! Then the Dumrians played to grow their food, just as our gardening enthusiasts grow their own vegetables. And Dumrians played to build their incredible houses, for the only pleasure of having incredible houses. And Dumrian travelling enthusiasts had developed their immense world wide underground subway, with beds, allowing them to move anywhere, without undue fatigue, whatever the weather (sometimes very harsh in their world). And Dumrians amateur scientists had built the first private laboratories in their homes, or the first telescopes in the back of their gardens. In this they did not differed of early Earth scientists, such as Lavoisier, whose official occupation was tax collector, but history remembers him as a scientist. Amateur and working out of pure passion, he did not less than posing the basis of modern chemistry, turning his living room into a laboratory and his wife into a lab worker. But when came the time when science requires large and powerful organizations and laboratories, the Dumrians just formed larger amateur clubs. The Dumrians looked like lazy people, spending more time into singing or making love, than into «useful» production. But in reality they were actually able to invest themselves full heartedly into something which interested them, or to resolve any problems that arose. They had developed more slowly than Earth, but they did it much deeper: nearly fifty percent of Dumrians were engineer or PhD level, an unthinkable proportion on Earth. And more than 99% were virtuosos of at least one art! And their group sense led them to succeed in a kind of collective game, in domains where the Earthlings were able to venture only at the cost of the alienation of individuals into large social organizations held only by contracts and regulations. Again the admiration of the Earthlings toward Dumria was not without some jealous.


Dumrian games, to the contrary of games based on competition or conflict, were games of participation or simulation: the stake was not to vanquish an opponent, but to share with other players varied intellectual, emotional or musical experiences. They often were a mise en scene, a canvas for each player to express his creativity, embodying an imaginary character, or putting himself into action, thus living his life, and even freely embodying his wildest dreams. There were seldom spectators in this theatre: the pleasure was to live the situations, as for the Christian Mysteries of the Middle Age. Moreover, this state of mind was in no way restricted to specific places or to special occasions: it infused the whole life of the Dumrians, whatever in pleasure or in «useful» activity, whatever in the garden, the workshop or the laboratory. The roleplay continued even when sweeping or peeling potatoes. Dumrian places even were often materialization of imaginary countries, and it was sometimes difficult to separate fiction from reality... just as if, on Earth, whole districts were starting to rebuild the Middle Age, the ancient Greece, or the Lothlorien.

The Dumrians who committed in «new» religions like Christianism, did so in a way that would make dogmatic and puritan priests of the 19th century enraged. For them, the Gospels were a book of theatre, a role play storyline. By mutual agreement they avoided to «play» the Christ himself, out of respect, but they all considered themselves as apostles. In meeting, they practiced a form of self-theatre, very common on Dumria, often without spectators, because everyone played a role for the sole pleasure of living the situations. But the very point was, and this is an essential feature of the Dumrian game, each player continued to play his game wherever he went, at work, travelling, and even with strangers: «Hello, I am an apostle». On Earth, the apostle would soon be thrown in a psychiatric hospital; but on Dumria everyone thought it was perfectly normal, at worse they asked from what game is the apostle. So the player explained his game, and the other respected it. And sometimes they joined it, because there was in that time a kind of naive spiritual fervour on Dumria.

Of course the dogmatic and puritans replied, furious, that one should not mock at the Gospels. But Christian Dumrian players said that they did not imitate, they did it for real. When most Earthlings see in game a hobby without purpose, or an imitation without real life, Dumrians were involving as into reality. So they were really trying to live Christian values, as a disciple of Galilee's time would do, and when a new fan joined their play group, they really baptized him. So the game went much further than just taking the clothes of that period: it was actually THE reality, the true inner reality of the players, into a material reality which demands a lot but which does not offer much of itself.

This sense of play was deeply rooted into Dumrian psychology, way back before hominisation, and it was strongly associated with their innate pacifism. But it also had very solid philosophical foundations, even if dating from a time when the Dumrians were totally ignorant of spirituality. Facing the inevitability of death, they quickly realized it was pointless to take life too seriously. There were certainly tasks such as food or shelter, but in front of the nothingness, which they believed awaited them, any egotistical construction or gesticulation for glory quickly appeared immensely futile. Their personality? Their social role? Why take so much effort to keep them up, they would return to nothingness as soon as the heart stops. And having nothing to preserve, no «character» to defend, they felt completely free to bring life and substance to their dreams. Administrations on Earth see us as an employee, a teacher, a soldier, a social security number or bank account, and do not care if we feel we are a knight, a monk or a troubadour. The Dumrians, on the contrary, do see a knight, an elf, a minstrel, or why not a Christian. Whoever we are anyway, it is a stomach to fill in the same way, and it makes no difference whether it is a knight or a minstrel or an apostle who drives the tractor. For Dumrians, the game IS their life. It is for them THE reality, the one they build. The Dumrians, even if they considered themselves materialists for long, were in fact more spiritual than many Earth believers mired into spiritual materialism, seeing in prayer only a means to pursue their material purposes and egocentric desires. So the dogmatists and puritans had nothing to say, and the real Christian masters on Earth were full heartedly praising the detached enthusiasm of the real-false Dumria apostles, just closing fatalist eyes on the very Dumrian way the conversions were concluded, once in bed.


Of course most Dumrians played several games simultaneously. Thus in a group of scientists or farmers, we could see landing suddenly an apostle, who did his scientific work, or gardening work, while living his Gospel values.


And it often happened that Dumrians, for fun, were more effective at work than Earthlings. So the basic plan of the new Dumrian genetic system was established in two days and one night, by an amateur, for fun, without him even thinking to see it actually implemented one day. Then he moved, no longer taking care of it. What was his surprise, years later, to hear about the birth of the first child conceived with his system!


The Dumrians, ahead of Earth science in several areas, sent to Earth the plans of many devices and industrial processes. This was not without arising an issue of intellectual property. After tough discussions, and despite the initial disagreement of the Dumrians, they were allocated a fairly tidy sum of money. But what could be the meaning of money for them, if they were thousands light years away of anything they could buy? The initial sum, first invested in Earth's companies which were in the leading edge of socially responsible or environmentally responsible business, eco-ventures or fair trade, quickly became a thriving bank, which allowed Dumria to have more than an embassy on Earth: to undertake cultural or spiritual activities. They even make build an incredible palace in a magnificent scenery of green mountains and larch trees, lost in the heart of Saskatchewan, a place which strongly reminded them of Dumria, where operated well paid Earthlings, carefully selected, who began to live there and work «in the Dumrian style», singing and dancing, dressed in astounding colourful dresses! This made surly minds laugh a lot, and they nicknamed this place the Disney bank or the Chantilly bank. But they did not laughed for long, as we shall see a bit further.


The physical body of the Dumrians was, despite a strong resemblance with the Human body, organized quite differently. It was what could have resulted on Earth from the evolution of reptiles, if they had gained a flexible and evolutive enough brain to host feelings and intelligence. On Earth actually existed sporadically bipedal dinosaurs, but these experiments led to nothing, having failed to develop an adaptive enough brain. And it was the warm-blooded mammals, with faster and more powerful brains, which won the race. On Dumria, given the wide variations in temperature, there was a much stronger evolutionary pressure in favour of warm-blooded creatures, the only able to withstand the harsh winters, and only able of hosting a powerful brain. Thus evolution had taken a different path on Dumria, and intelligence, feelings and humanization had developed from creatures which were actually physically closer to our dinosaur than to our mammals. The result yet remarkably converged with the one of the Earth, and many Dumrians would be able to travel incognito on our planet. However, their sexual and reproductive organs were different from ours. Especially, Dumrian women had no breasts, nothing at all, even not nipples, to adorn however remarkably human chests. The great beauty of the Dumrians was not the result of a natural evolution, but of their mastery of genetics, which allowed them to develop perfect bodies, of an angelic beauty. There was however a fairly visible difference: if Dumrians had, as Humans, a naked skin, pink or blue, on the other hand they had no hair, but instead... scales, like the leather called «crocodile», very pretty scales moreover, pearly or coloured, forming varied patterns on their heads and on their shoulder blades. Some Dumrians had leather sideburns, and others had scales down to their lower back! It was beautiful, like some lizards skins, but quite confusing for Human eyes. Because of this, for a long time the television images from Dumria were blurred at the level of the skull, to give the illusion of short hair. Some Dumrians hinted they also blurred images of Human long hairs in the same way, for some reason they never told, but which made them laugh a lot.

However, the most delicate issue to publish about Dumrians, was their incredible sexuality. Not only they were spending several hours a day into this, but also their artificial bodies and psyches were designed to withstand without trouble all kinds of things which are discouraged, or even strictly forbidden on Earth. From the very first days, the scientists at Shedrup Ling, especially Dawa Dhondup, warned Dumria about the serious problems this could arise on Earth, and Dumrian exobiologists had to ask their complanetriots to remove all sexual images from their Web sites visible from Earth. As there were some almost on every page, they found easier to propose to Earth a modified transfer protocol, so that only «Earth-acceptable» pages and images could arrive on our planet. But, as expectable, it was impossible to hide everything, and this was a major source of problems later.


At the time of this story, sixteen years after the first contact, the initial enthusiasm had subsided, together with the naive adulation by the first supporters, to make room for a kind of admiration: the first mankind of the cosmos had a lot to teach to us. The fever of discovery became a thorough study, both by scientists and by many thinkers and philosophers. Dumria was an inexhaustible topic of studies, whatever in philosophy, social, economy, psychology... It even was entering into school textbooks for children:


The extraterrestrial civilisations.

In 2086 we discovered the first extraterrestrial civilisation: Dumria. Thanks to them, we learned important scientific advances. They also are a very good example for our society. They help us a lot for morality and peace. We taught them the religions.


Some began to speak about adapting to Earth the Dumrian psychological mastery. For it was soon obvious: nothing really separated the Human psyche from the Dumrian psyche, and all their achievements in this area were also possible on Earth. To the strict condition however, to make the necessary efforts: too many Earthlings were still neurotic, or just ignorant, rigged with defilements such as selfishness, greed, hatred, clan mind, ideological rigidity, and probably generations would be needed to really address this situation. The Dumrian social achievements were impossible to implement without first completing this psychological purification of defects, which was anyway the first step in the process of the spiritual transition of Earth. From whatever point of view one looks, this was always the thing to begin with. This fact, despite it was known in theory since Freud, was only at this moment passing from the statute of a theoretical understanding to a deep feeling shared by a large majority. So the contact with Dumria was therefore largely positive, despite the incidents that we shall see a little further.




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