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Chapter 8

An efficient plan



The arrival of Sangye Tcheugyal in a police helicopter in the Sera monastery, some kilometres North of Lhassa, was quite a surprise. But he only locked in ten minutes with the khempo (Head abbot of a monastery) and then disappeared at once with his helicopter, only leaving on the place two policemen who began at once to cover the inner flagstone yard of the monastery with a strange pale green paint, to the huge amazement of all the monks. A few times later, retreatants were far more astonished to see Tcheugyal winched off the same helicopter into a neighbouring eyrie hermitage, the only place where he had a permanent personal dwelling.



The door of the jail where Liu was imprisoned suddenly flung open, and Tegal entered, very excited. «The boundaries are free, get up, and come on» he ordered, with two of the gunmen behind him. She just had to obey. They all get into the windowless van, and Tegal started the engine. It was night, and Tegal engaged the short path to the nearby Milarepa main road, lights off, grumbling about the solar oil which he said was clogging the engine valves.



«Got them, they move, said the police officer. Next step, now».



In the radioactive desert, it was a peaceful night, with a clear sky, a fair Moon, and no wind. The four wheel drive car began to drag out the huge fluorescent screen, while, in the barracks, the communication chief received the last data from the US headquarters.

«Is the sky OK? No drones, no aircrafts?

-No, there are not since weeks, seemingly they renounced to observe us» confidently answered the man on the lidar screen. Of course, he did not knew that three drones were actually circling over the contact point, escaping the lidar scan with Orgyen's special flight path.



On the Milarepa road, there was a bang bang of exploded tyres, and the van bounced. Tegal could do nothing but to stop. A dozen of soldiers sprang out of the darkness, dragging anti vehicle defences across the road, shouting commands and brandishing various weapons. An explosive tool smashed the rear door lock. Hearing this, Liu understood it was her time. There was a small noise of shock against flesh, and the first gunman fell on the ground, lifeless as an old rag. The second even not had time to take his gun out of his holster, and he had to face Liu with bare fists, in the narrow space of the van. Liu was swift as a tigress, so swift that she overcame the Zeeman scan limit, disappearing from the screen. Steve had no time to encourage her, and the second gunman was also out. The two police officers whistled with amazement.

But Tegal, understanding what was going on, seized his own gun, and, from rage, aimed at Liu, through the narrow window behind the driver place. She could not escape, neither reach him. But a strange thing happened, that Liu immediately recognised, as it is a thing you cannot forget once you have witnessed it. Tegal suddenly looked as dumb, and began to stare at Liu with amazement. Then, facing the soldiers who were smashing the windows, he suddenly thrown his gun away, raising his hands up, shouting: «I surrender! I surrender!» Liu added: «FAE! He got a FAE! Left him, do not fire!» The captain repeated «FAE! Cool, boys! And you, FAE or not, keep hands up and get out!»

Everybody got out of the van, Tegal, Liu, and the soldiers had to carry out the two gunmen, who were beginning to regain consciousness, but were still completely paralysed, and wondering how did they were made. The soldiers immediately handcuffed them, while Tegal began to cry as a child, Liu keeping his hand. It was really astounding to see this man crying, him who was playing the Big Brother only one hour sooner.

The Muslim captain Dordjee Abdulayev was somewhat sceptic about FAE, but now he had to admit the fact: it was true. Some Tantra masters were really able to provoke this strange consciousness experience: Full Awareness Experience. They project somebody's mind into a religious paradise, where he really understands life, and receives spiritual teachings and initiations about happiness, its causes and working, on purpose of life, on art and beauty, on love and life with others. This has a complete and immediate efficiency, as it is achieved without the obstacle of the ordinary psychological defilements, and even the person instantaneously learns new things or gains various new gifts. The person spends days and sometimes weeks in this paradise, while only some seconds passes by in the physical world. When he comes back, he is changed. It is still the same stream of consciousness, the same person, but bandits become dedicated good citizens, wicked politicians become positive leaders, violents become gentle, egocentrics become others-friendly, and even serious psychiatric cases and paralysed people come back healed. At last, just before getting back on Earth, FAE experiencers often received very accurate information about what to do just after. So Tegal avoided for a fraction of a second to be shot down by Abdulayev and other soldiers who were aiming at him.

There was a growing number of FAE, and it began to have a positive effects on the whole Tibetan society. There was also more and more FAE world-wide, but the captain noted that for the first time it was provoked AT A DISTANCE. This was another significant step: distant FAE were a definitive solution against any form of dictatorship, in whatever fortress it may hide, whatever powerful means it may use.

Tegal was now regaining control on himself. The soldiers were letting him free, even regarding him with a silent respect, Buddhists or Muslims as well. The two gunmen, their legs still stiff, slowly understanding what happened, were now feeling deeply frustrated.

Seeing the commander, Tegal hurriedly asked, his face still wet with tears: «Please give me access to your information system. I had accomplices in USA and China, I must warn the authorities, there is a dreadful plan going on». Liu felt a profound and breathtaking surge of love and emotion: this evil-minded man was now free of his psychological defilements, and free to understand life. He had become a positive member of mankind.



«Here is Tcheugyal's absolute Dharma means, said the trimpon: to made goodies with the baddies. This man will soon tell us the missing link between the Arizona scientists and the Chinese commando, and thus we shall be able to seize the whole network. Hey, just what I say, here is the commander calling».



«Hell! What is this mess?»

The huge conspiracy screen had been deployed, and the communication officer was ready to send the messages. Suddenly a huge ray of purple light fell from the Moon onto the screen, which, some seconds, violently glared in green. Then all became dark again.

«Shit! What is this? What is going on with the Moon?»

One of the sentries whistled loudly.

«People approaching! Roll!»

Immediately the winches began to roll the screen, with a gear hiss noise. But a second sentry whistled in another direction, and again a third. The men were feeling as if there was some strange and overwhelming force operating in the darkness.

«Spotted! We are spotted!

-We just have to all flee. Get up and flee! Get in the trucks!»

-Hey what is this noise?»

There was a growing thunder of approaching army vehicles, all around the camp.



The inhabitants of the village in front of the Sera monastery witnessed an extremely strange spectacle: A beam of purple light falling from the Moon onto the monastery, while the U-tse (central tower) in the inner yard was illuminated in a strange pale green fluctuating light.



In a Shedrup Ling lab at Lhassa, Dawa jumped with excitement: «They answer! They send back our message! They got the co-ordinates of the Sera monastery!

-But what is the Moon doing in there, asked Steve.

-Simple, Steve, replied Hervé Elzecher. As it was not possible to reach their screen from the ground, without being spotted, we asked the network the permission to use a laser of the INTERSDAR project.


The INTERSDAR project was a quite simple idea: to use a huge lidar ( note) to explore the dust content of the solar system, and even the comet content of the Kuyper belt (note ) and Oort cloud (note). Thus came the name INTERplanetary Space liDAR. The laser had to be installed on the Moon, as its beam was so powerful that it self-focused in the air, dispersing its power. It worked very well, so well that its promoters had the idea to use it for exploring our neighbouring solar systems, renaming the project INTER Stellar liDAR. A series of power light pulses was send toward Proxima Centauri, and another toward the Barnard star, on the Lyman Alpha wavelength (note). The astronomers had to wait eight and ten years, and they observed the reflected light with the gigantic 100m European OWL telescope (note). They thus obtained the first high accuracy distance measurement of a star, and a complete survey of planets and the dust of small objects. This was before the quantum telescope. The later allowed for much more sensitive tests, and thus more and more powerful pulses were now sent at greater and greater distances, including toward a near black hole, which was expected to curve and send back some of the light. The INTERSDAR project was known to have started from an amateur astronomer joke: «Please give me your torch lamp, I do not see very well the Orion Nebulae».

«We used only a small excitation laser. Only a microsecond pulse of one of the main power lasers would have set the whole Sera monastic complex ablaze». Steve felt terrified with the idea that such a device could be used as a weapon. Once a test was performed in the Australian desert, to simulate a meteorite impact. The effect was devastating, like a small atom bomb, with a temperature of 30,000°C. An inexpensive atom bomb instantaneously mobile world-wide, at the fingertip... Happily the lasers were belonging to a private Christian university which explicitly excluded any military use... «unless some major threat to World's freedom».



These events triggered the greatest world-wide synchronised police action ever seen. The other thirty places were explored by the Tibetan police, and the other prisoners liberated. Further inquiries led to discover other places, with links to fanatic religious groups. Out of Tibet, the Chinese police discovered, at the place from where the helicopter started, a whole hidden complex in an ancient mine, with ammunitions, the anthracite uniforms used at Oesel Druptob Ling, training facilities, technical laboratories, torture chambers and jails, data bases on «suspect» individuals, powerful propaganda means, the whole being run by a secret branch of the ancient maoist party, which is now to China what the nazis are in Europe. There were also prisoners, rich hostages for money, or for enforcing some key people into a given behaviour. Other commando facilities, money or propaganda networks were discovered in the country, after the documents found in that base. At the same moment the US military police entered into several laboratories and computers, discovering secret databases and especially the watchdog software which allowed to send the blackmail to Steve Jason. After Tegal's confession, the Federal police also arrested many people who played key roles in the conspiracy, including news and magazine share holders involved into propaganda, and show business «fashion leaders», accused of spreading ideological viruses under the guise of fashioned youth ideas. They also got a special authorisation of the United States president to arrest four prominent members of the Congress. Secret commando bases and economical espionage networks were also found, and at that time America disliked very much to see their companies spying on other countries. There were also arrests in Europe and Russia, related with anti-ecology, fanatic scientistism or porn business. Hundred of thousand Internet sites and news were closed, from the police injunctions or spontaneously by their access providers. The Applied Mind Science University and similar propaganda organisations could not be charged, but they were really compromised. Further disclosure of the content of their contacts with the Dumrians led most of their sincere disciples to abandon the Mind Science's ideas, which turned ridiculous.


Police also found, among tens of prisoners, the famous exobiologist Amédée Owanba, mysteriously disappeared in 2082. His statistical discoveries on the truncated diagram of planetary evolution, that he exposed into the Malagasy Colloquium in 2081 (See The Missing Planets, led him to think that the data on evolved planets had simply been suppressed from the databases. But his inquiry led him to be spotted by the conspiracy, and he was sequestrated since this time. He was not so much mind-trained than Liu, and all the attempts of the conspiracy to «re-educate» him had had devastating effects...



«We breathe better with all these guys in jail» noted Steve Jason with relief, besides his wife Liu Wang. But the later did not replied: she was still in retreat. «I spoke only as it was a vital need. Now I must keep my vows again until the fire puja». Tcheugyal screamed with laughter. Since his first distant FAE, he was joyous as a puppy. Jampa Kongchok, him, was amazed: the bug he discovered was really a big, big big bug.

Of course there was a gigantic trial, which lasted for years. But the most incredible is what was discovered with the Dumrians, and which led to the first interstellar trial.




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