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Chapter 3

The network.



Steve badly accepted the new of his wife being hijacked. He was not so advanced than Liu, and «accepting suffering» was still somewhat abstract for him. «Accepting» suffering or not, he was suffering, simply.

But he also managed in his way. «Accepting evil» in his mind does absolutely not prevent to fight it in the world. Steve remembered the story of Pelkyi Dordje, a Buddhist yogi who assassinated the tyrant Langdarma, an event which is commemorated every year at the occasion of the national day of Tibet, under the form of the monastic dance of the black hats.

Steve reacted in a more American way. This affair sounded as a challenge to him. He rose from his chair, and fiercely walked toward the secret meeting with Dawa Dhondup, Tcheugyal Rinpoche, the trimpon Rigzin Dordje Phala, and some other senior managers of the Zambu Shedrup Ling University. Tcheugyal was a tall and impressive bald man, and Rigzin was smaller. But he looked somewhat awesome too, clothed in his black silk tchuba (note ). In fact he was really angry with this affair, even if he did not manifested any of the disorders which usually result from anger. The Lhassa Shedrup Ling University director was Hervé Elzecher, an old European with also a black suit and white hair in the Beethoven style. There was also his faithful councillor the impressive Rolf Gensher and another Venezuelan, Esmeralda Alson, a silver white-haired wonderful old lady, dressed as an angel. But the strangest was a character that Steve could not see, as he was behind a folding screen.

«Amazed, Steve? Asked the director, his voice somewhat grating with age.

-Yes, amazed.

-Dawa told you that we were not naive. In fact, since the beginning, we have an internal police in the Word Wide Zambu Shedrup Ling Organisation. This was a will of the founder himself. And it showed several times very useful. We perfectly know more than fifteen agents of different hostile organisations unfiltered into our network, and constantly monitor the behaviour of all our teachers and researchers, to find other agents.

-True? I never felt «monitored». I on the contrary found here a very human-friendly warm and pleasant society.

-Yes, but this is not contradictory. Right on the contrary the baddies are much easier to spot, from contrast. This human friendly society owes many to the fact that we accept only honest people and exclude those with non-sociable behaviour or nasty ideas. Yourself were severely screened with this in mind, and thus you can be proud to have been accepted among us. On the other hand we accept any philosophy and religion, and here in Lhassa, if you can of course find Buddhists, there are also Christians, Muslims, Taoists, Humanists, and the like. I am myself a Christian Humanist, as you know.

-But why not to fire these infiltrated agents?

-Haha, this is only very classical counterespionage methods. We know them, and thus they are far less dangerous, and even useful. If we fire them, their masters try to infiltrate others, and we have to do again all the job of identifying them. The most dangerous are sleeping agents, who can get unnoticed for years and years, until they suddenly engage into an hostile action. We sometimes identify them with the fact they are hard-headed, or cold hearted, or that they do not match with some subtleties of the general mind of our university. Sometimes also infiltrated agents, in the contact of so much nice people, begin to understand life, and thus they voluntarily reveal us that they were agents. I cannot introduce you Miss X, who is a member of this secret internal police. You will even not hear her voice. Perhaps you daily encounter some of these agents, without even having any idea of what is their real function, and they are even not listed in any documents. Again if I tell you this it is because you always were a positive member, and had in any occasions given strong evidences of your honesty. Everybody remember that you refused the Nobel Price for a discovery made by one of your students, the Peruvian princess Angela Dexter (See The Missing Planets).

«But please go to our today problem. You, Steve Jason, have been personally attacked. As a member of the Shedrup Ling University, you can be confident that we shall engage all our power to help you. We can also consider that Shedrup Ling at a whole has been attacked, in order to make forget one of our most marvellous discoveries. The mankind intelligence too has been attacked, so this affair is the concern of every honest person.

-We shall also help you, added the trimpon with a fierce voice, despite the fact that you are not of Tibetan origin. The fact that you are an human being is enough for this.

-Thank you very much, sir.

-But this affair obviously does not concern only you. It also concerns Tibet and our holy Dharma. The hijacking was perpetrated in one of our best religious sacred places, just in a lodge which witnessed a Buddha obtention. Thus it is an attack against the very human mind. It made a fuss in Lhassa, and people are very angry. Be sure that Tibet law shall work.

«But here is now the e-police report. My authorisation allowed to track the mail up to a public server in the USA. To go further would need other authorisations in this country. I can ask for such an authorisation from my American colleagues.

-Yes, but to ask for an official authorisation would alarm our enemies.

-Steve, replied Hervé Elzecher in a soft voice, the Shedrup Ling network also identified many persons who are not members of our university, but on who we can rely in such situations. There are several committing magistrates in USA and in other countries who can deliver the required authorisations, and allow us to act in full accordance with the US law, while keeping perfectly unnoticed by anybody.

-Right on, it is just what I was looking for» concluded the trimpon.

Steve could not repress an admiring whistle. This organisation was perfectly efficient, and allowed for very fast action. To identify the blackmail sender was an affair of days, perhaps of hours. The trimpon was already writing a letter on his palm computer, using Elzecher's secret passwords for the American judge to quickly identify the stake. Then he continued:

«The police questioned the five monks guarding the Oesel Druptob Ling retreat centre. The attackers came out of an helicopter, jumping on the ground, as military trained persons could do. They entered in the main room, asking in Chinese where Liu Wang was. Without any explanation, one of the bandits gave a violent kick into the German attendee's belly, injuring him so that he had to be transported to the hospital. As the monks did not answered, one of the bandits began to give blows to one of them, but another of the bandits found the general schedule of the centre, and they all three abandoned the monks to get to Liu's lodge. A case of anaesthetic cartridge was found on the place, without any trace of fight or injury. A neighbouring retreatant, former Chinese policeman, formally identified the helicopter as a model commonly used by Chinese police and firemen. Its identification numbers were covered with paint, and it had extra fuel tanks. Nobody was able to identify the uniform of the bandits. But skin cells were found on door handles or on the schedule board, and they are currently transported to the genetic services of the Lhassa police. An official investigation was opened by the district trimpon, Shime Dordje Gyaltsen, and the Tibetan government also launched an international action. The helicopter was spotted some times before and after the attack by army survey aircrafts. It came from China and then leaded to the North-West, hedgehopping to avoid radars. The police is now questioning nomad shepherds and small villages to try to find the helicopter path.

-This is the weak point of their plan. An helicopter is not easy to hide. And it cannot travel across the whole country without refuelling, even with extra tanks.

-Yes. But they can escape the police in many ways. It is all we can say today on the inquiry.

«Mr Jason, as the author of the discovery (A remarkable discovery, I must say) do you have any idea about the motives of such an highly organised criminal organisation?

-Hey, I wondered. It is hard to figure any rational motive to hide the existence of an extraterrestrial civilisation. The only honest I could see is that there may be something dangerous with this planet. On a political or spiritual level. But we can check this only in observing. And it is not useful to use dishonest methods when we have an honest motive. Dishonest or insane motives can be many. The simplest I see is that some scientist could claim to have discovered this alone, and try to eliminate any rival discoverer. Although this looks somewhat ridiculous today, such a mind still exists. Another motive would be the ancient prejudice against extraterrestrial intelligence. You know that in the second part of the 20th Century there was strong rationalist prejudice, and also massive racist anti-extraterrestrial propaganda, trying to show all extraterrestrials as absolutely horrible and hostile. With such a paranoid mind, a discoverer may have launched a censorship on Antliae 12447. Our Century is not so much better, with all the social trouble and fascist movements which punctuated the discovery of life on many planets, together with the absence of intelligent life. I personally know exobiologists who are still hostile to extraterrestrials, and who made trouble at the time of the missing planets affair, and you remember the attempt of assassination against Jean Delcourt, by high responsibles of the UNO! Already at that time the discoverers had to be very cautious against attempts to sabotage the public announcement of the solution of the missing planets, and you remember that I myself was not in the confidence!»

Sangye Tcheugyal had a small laughter. He, he was.

The trimpon spoke again:

«Dawa La, did you tried to observe this planet?

-Yes I did. But remember first that I had to hide for this, to avoid to be noticed by any watchdog software. The trick I found was to launch a strike among my own workers! Not all, but some key technicians. But it is a difficult play, as we must not exceed the deadline for completion of the tests and calibrations. In fact the «strikers» had to work twice much to make up for lost time.

-Nice, I heard of this, and I really though it was a real strike.

-Yes. The observations show that this planet is populated with a sort of mankind closely looking as our, but more slender and smaller. Their harsh seasons gave them a common nomadic sense. It seems that they are concerned with mainly three things: science, beauty, and... sex. (Tcheugyal laughing) They have sex with everybody, and currently practice things forbidden or not advisable on Earth. Of course we do not judge this: they are not humans, and their psyche is different, apparently allowing them to be happy with things which our terrestrial psyche cannot withstand. So they do not need to forbid this, and it is a part of their culture, of their happiness. Please remember that the main contribution of our university to ethics is to base it no longer on a priori or «revealed» dogmas, but to base our authorisations and forbiddings on the good or nasty effects that such or such behaviour may have. If there are nasty effects, we forbid, if there are not, there is no reason to forbid, and plenty of reasons to enjoy. This theory had the immense advantage to settle many disputes between a wrong understanding of traditional morals and a wrong understanding of freedom, so far that we called it «scientific ethics».

-Yes, such an observation could be dangerous if published. You imagine the mess: people claiming to have the same freedom as on this planet. See people claiming to be reincarnations of this foreign mankind (Tcheugyal roaring and crying with laughter). Your reasoning about ethics is now spread and well known, but it is still far of being understood by all. There still are prudish dogmatists who bother everybody with their problems, as well as «libertarian» egocentrics who desire to do anything they want, whatever the consequences.

-But all this does not prevent a study by people such as us, followed by a cautious publishing.

-Yes, and you studied. And these people may sometimes do other things than sex.

-Yes, sometimes, and even often. They all are also artists. Their houses are incredibly nice, often dreamlike, like fairy palaces. In colours it must be nice. I did not found slums and even not simple lodges. But they also have a scientific and technical level comparable to ours, and maybe in advance in some domains. They anyway show many technical artefacts, always with a perfect aesthetic and ecological integration. Some of these palaces look very ancient, but still used. We also found many satellites and space probes on the neighbouring planets of their system. There also are devices such as huge telescopes, in an incredible number, also installed in fairy like palaces. With the new special Zeeman scan, we also spotted very numerous quantum telescopes, more than thousand. But this Zeeman scan also pointed at a device we did not expected.


-Yes, Dawa replied with a low and grave voice. There are four of these devices, on geostationary orbits. It is huge, a black and hollow cylinder, 200 metres in diameter, 400 metres long. There are very large solar panels and racks wearing numerous telecommunication devices and ports, perhaps to attach some space shuttle. But there is also a powerful laser, inside at one of the ends, which illuminates the other end, as much as an image projector in a movie room. But the screen is covered with a fluorescent material commonly used in the quantum telescopes. It is why the special Zeeman scan discovered it»

A powerful attention established in the room. Everybody expected some incredible new revelation, but they could simply not imagine what Dawa found.

«The purpose of this device soon appeared obviously. The light beam was really a kind of image projector, and it constantly projected images and symbols on the screen. A movie which only spectator could be only a quantum telescope. And one of the four devices was orientated right on in the direction of... the Earth.



-This is not all. There is something else, which I hesitate to tell.

-What Else?

-The movie. It was apparently a three minute movie, showing a succession of symbols, and looping indefinitely. The first symbol was nothing else than a map of... Earth.»

This time all were like astounded, even Tcheugyal who attentively looked at Dawa.

«The second image was nothing else than the five letters «EARTH», and just after «PEACE», followed with a quick series of translations in main Earth languages».

In the room it was like in a fight, with Dawa's hearers more and more stunned as under a series of blows.

«Then, it is more and more incredible. The map of Earth reappears, but with a blinking point, located in... Tibet.

-In Tibet? Why? This is completely weird.

-Then a series of symbols explains some basis of numeration, and of geographic co-ordinates. The North Pole is obtained from its orientation towards the Andromeda galaxy, and a section of Earth shows various mountains, the higher being taken as a longitude origin.

-The Chomolungma? Logical, it is easy to spot from space.» (The colonial habit of saying «Mount Everest» had disappeared since a long time).

«All this leads to pointing at a latitude and a longitude, with an accuracy of only some tens of metres. There was also other symbols looking like an electronic and computer data exchange system, and the last: a map of the Antliae planet, with these letters: DUMRIA, and their translation in Arabian, Indian, Chinese letters. Then the movie loops again from the beginning. It is all what I found so far.

-But what does this means?

-Simple, Trimpon La (note ). This is obviously a communication device, answered the Shedrup Ling director, with a pale and impressed voice.

-What? Do you really think that...

-Yes I do think. It is quite clear. They... The inhabitants of Antliae...

-The Anthletes», innocently launched Tcheugyal, and some laughter were heard. But the Shedrup Ling director absent-mindedly continued his explanations:

-So, the Anthletes if you like this name. The Anthletes seem to have discovered the quantum telescope since long ago. Of course they spotted us. They even learned our main alphabets. They installed the emitter device in orbit, with the message, and simply await us to discover quantum telescopes, to see their screen, and to reply.

-To reply how?

-Simply: we build a similar device, on the indicated co-ordinates, where they expect us to reply. We send pictures, and even they seem to explain a computer communication protocol and code. Our technicians could easily use it. So they know we spotted them. At that time, they can send other data. The communication is established.

-Hey! Incredible!

-No: impossible, replied the trimpon. With the velocity of the light, we cannot expect any reply before thousands of years.

-Trimpon La, there is no velocity of the light in this affair. Remember that the basis of the quantum telescope is a quantum interaction at distance. It is in fact a very common stimulated emission of photons, of a type you can see at work in any laser, like the ones you have in your computer. But the quantum isolation allows for this very common interaction to take place whatever the distance. And it is instantaneous, as the Aspect experiment interaction, which was conducted as soon as the last century, in 1981.


-Yes. This is not very known from the general public, but this feature of the quantum telescopes had been checked from the very beginning, by Erzeran Kandahar (See The Missing Planets, and Steve himself, with the Jupiter moons, which were observed in advance of what we can see in an ancient optical telescope. We currently use this feature as an early warning for the observation of supernovas and the like, or to spot black holes from the ancient position of a star, still visible with an optical telescope, but collapsed today.

-So we just have to build the emitter and...

-This emitter could very simply be assembled with fluorescent paint and a movie projector, on the place indicated with the co-ordinates. This can be planned in only some days. It is incredibly simple, compared to the complexity of the receiver.

-But... (The trimpon recovered some professional sense) If we get back to our affair, we are obviously not the first to discover the... hem... Anthletes. (Laughters again). This powerful criminal organisation which hijacked Liu Wang and threatens us may already know what we discovered today. And they may have already tried to communicate...

-Yes, true. But if so why the Anthletes did not answered?

-We cannot know what happened. But to communicate with an extraterrestrial intelligence is a stake powerful enough to explain why dishonest people could gather and use criminal military-like means to achieve some purpose we do not know.

-The only thing to do is to check what is on the point indicated by the co-ordinates. Please look at the Tibet map» concluded the trimpon. The white screen of his computer instantly covered with geographical data.

«Here it is, on this small desert plateau, not very far in the South of Kokonor Lake.

-There is nothing special.

-Administrative data?» and a network of lines and surfaces appeared.

«It is a forbidden zone.

-This does not bring much information: more than half of Tibet is forbidden for a reason or another. What is the reason here?

-Radioactive polluted zone. A remain of the «progress» the Chinese colonialists brought in Tibet in the years 1960'.

-So large?

-Yes, they dispersed radioactive wastes into large surfaces of land. The zone had to be forbidden, especially to shepherds who concentrated the pollution in the milk of their cattle. There were very high rates of leukaemia and abnormal births, since the 1970'. It was since still impossible to depollute, as the radioactivity is now mixed into the ground.

-Pfff! Incredible!

-What a shame!

-But for what purpose did they did that?

-The zone is currently under military control. In fact some people are allowed to install permanently, provided they do not eat local food products. Some independent hermits may also hide here, and also some outlaws, who are often difficult to distinguish from true hermits. It is a somewhat shady zone, where many things are possible, despite regular army aircraft survey. Only few people are keen to enter here, and they do with special motives...

-I think we have to examine what is on the point. If there is already somebody, this could eventually give us clues about who hijacked Liu Wang.

-Yes, but if we show interest for that point, this could alarm the bandits.

-Hey we just have to look at army reports. I ask for the authorisations. It is easy to ask for a police enquiry on the zone. But I shall not do this officially, as the gang perhaps have some accomplices unfiltered into Tibetan ministry or army. I shall use the network again, which has plenty of reliable and dedicated members in Tibet. Feel I will just ask for the Colonel Orgyen.» And the trimpon again typed a message on his notepad, which immediately went away through its radio link.

Steve wondered which could be the gang operating to try to cover the Antliae affair. The director replied: «We spotted much many organisations which may try to illegally cover the discovery of the Anthletes.

-Haha, please Director La, noted the trimpon, you ought not call them «Athletes», as they seem to know only horizontal sports...

-Ho, Tcheugyal! You made me again with your jokes!


Steve noted that the relation between the director and Tcheugyal was not of the ordinary disciple to master type, but of a familiar and reciprocal friendship. The director Hervé Elzecher was a high level scientist, but he was also among the greatest Christian philosophers in the world, one of those who renewed the Christic message of love and kindness, into its full strength and insight. He was also among the first Christian great Yogis, making of him a very uncommon character, one of the rare non-Buddhists who could really speak as an equal with Sangye Tcheugyal.

«It seems that they indicated their name: the Dumrians, from the planet Dumria.

-OK, Steve, you are the discoverer, so you have the right to choose their name. Thus they are the Dumrians. Nice, and somewhat strange, like dancing elves. But I shall not bet what this name means in their own language. Perhaps horizontal athlete?

«But please come again to the organisations. The idea of being opposed to extraterrestrials is not new, as already in the 17th Century the Church threatened Galileo and assassinated the monk Giordano Bruno. Since many scientistists and thinkers tried to spread pessimistic or masochist ideas about this. In the 20th Century came massive UFO sightings, which were widely supposed to be extraterrestrial spaceships. There was at that time a serious opposition by an American espionage service: the CIA, which used powerful propaganda means against American citizen, to try to debunk the topic. It is difficult today to know what stake so much excited these spies against these UFOs, which were absolutely not among the concerns which could be expected from spies. Few traces remain, except the childish Robertson Panel Report. It is likely that serious documents were destroyed before the 1990', when citizens used the FOIAct law to obtain freedom of access to these documents. Only inquiries reports were delivered to the public at that time, without any mean to guess what motivated the anti-UFO propaganda and which conclusions were drawn from the enquiries. So it is difficult to identify the motives of the CIA action, which are more likely some gross prejudice and irrational fear of what they could not control. It is much like the incredible inquisition's hatred of the innocent succubus phenomenon.

«This intense propaganda was very effective, and greatly contributed to the idea of UFOs being illusions, and UFO spotters being mentally ill, and that the extraterrestrial question was «non scientific». When came the «extraterrestrial abductions« affair, the karma of this huge lie ripened under the form of incredible paranoid rumours and phantasms, but this is another story. We at least know that many of the false informations, false hypothesis, false testimonies and false artefacts, came in fact from individuals hostile to extraterrestrials, in the USA or in Russia. The intense movie and cartoons racist propaganda against extraterrestrials, at the end of the 20th Century, was also not at random, and we could trace it from «ideologically oriented» society share holders, as it was also the case with the grotty-punk culture.

«It is also to be noted that spies agencies in the USA and abroad, were very powerful organisations, which partly escaped from the control of the US government itself. At least it was recognised in the 1990' that they got private funds from industrial espionage, mainly in Europe, and thus got means to act for their own motives, without giving accounts to the US government. All the ins and outs of these black aspects of the USA history have not yet been disentangled, and there are perhaps many exaggerations, but the fact is there: there were already powerful secret organisations operating with strange motives, out of control of their own democratic government, see out of the law. Even when the US government reacted against such a shame, and forbad and dismantled these agencies, we are sure that some agents continued illegally, under the guise of «security companies» or «business information societies», or other umbrella companies, some subversive job nobody knows, powered with economic espionage funds or what else. At last the seized documents allowed for many alarming hypothesis on the motives of some high level agents. We traced some more recent frightening illegal secret groups which may be born from that, acting against religion, against culture, against non-capitalist economies, against all the basic social values you could imagine.

«In the 1990' came the Heidelberg appeal.

-What is this? I never heard of this.

-It is not very well known, as it was a fiasco in only some years. It was an appeal from fanatic scientistists, to warn about «the danger of ecology» which was «opposed to progress and Western life standard»


-Ha! Poor guys!

-Yes, you imagine the kind of blokes it was. There was however more than thousand high level scientists to sign this heap of idiotic stuff. There was apparently no organisation behind this, but it is probable that it resulted into an informal network of fanatic scientistists dedicated to fight ecology, organic food, UFOs, spirituality, and who knows what else. This network efficiently infiltrated the medias with subversive propaganda, and it is this informal network which was the first identified by our internal security service. As soon as before 2000 they engaged into criminal propaganda for fossil fuels and against greenhouse awareness, thus hampering the solution of this problem. You know the consequences of this. They also tried from the beginning to sabotage the basis of our university, mainly the General Epistemology , the idea of extending the efficient scientific methods from physics to spirituality. The method they used was to launch several false variants, closely looking the true concept, such as the «Generalised Epistemology» or the «Mind Methodology» which induced many people into mistake, or to think that General Epistemology was something false or dangerous. They were also involved in antisocial propaganda during the ecology wars in the 2020', when climate changes became so serious that it was necessary to enforce emergency solutions. But since the wind does not favour them, and they have to keep more silent, as speaking against ecology is not very advisable now for a scientist career.

«These antisocial networks were reactivated in 2080, when it became obvious that life was common on other planets, but that there were no intelligent civilisations. You know that some prominent scientists and philosophers took an active part into the social troubles at that time, spreading noxious ideas against ability of human intelligence to survive, or calling for self-destruction. It also publicly appeared at the occasion of the missing planets affair and the assassination attempt against Jean Delcourt, that also political clans were involved. Here again all the ins and outs are not yet clear, and maybe accomplices are still at key functions.

«Our security networks are for a long time active into looking at all these guys, and the Shedrup Ling world-wide organisation was several times the object of organised attacks: public denigration, launching false theories bringing confusion with ours, counter propaganda, falsification of our experimental data, infiltration, and others. We currently monitor two informal groups and an organised group of scientists, and other groups into the politic or espionage domain, which also launched attacks against us or against other positive organisations. Especially there is a secret group resulting of the ancient US and USSR spy agencies, which is still very dangerous, and we strongly suspect them to train military-like commandos into secret bases, especially in northern China deserts and remote parts of Russia.

«A new recent feature is that, at least since the missing planets affair, and even before, it seems that all these nasty groups gather into a sort of world wide trust, including scientists, politicians, thinkers, extreme right, former maoists, and secret espionage networks, in what they call the «anti-suicide» movement, which tries to oppose the idea of a future transition of Earth toward a spiritual «abstract world» (note). This association could explain that scientists opposed for instance to extraterrestrial intelligence, could provoke the action of commandos trained by secret spy organisations or nostalgics of the ancient nazi or maoist extreme-right.»

A long silence followed the end of the director's explanations. There was a profound disgust of the foul black vibration evoked by the description of all these vile antisocial groups and activities. There was also a feeling of pity for all these poor people dedicating their so precious and so short consciousness time span into only harming others, into harming themselves.

Then the trimpon spoke:

«Director La, I did not knew that you had so much informations.

-Yes we have, and we have more, very accurate, such as lists of names, and even evidences to be shown at the occasion of trials. Tibet is especially exposed to these kinds of nasty actions, since the will of His Holiness the former 14th Dalaï Lama to make of this country a pure land for science, and especially for a conscious science dedicated to happiness of mankind. There were several attacks against your Tibet or against its scientific policy, and of course against Tibetan Dharma (note). But, as the responsible of this country were democratically elected, there was no mean to avoid infiltrations. And there was infiltrations, and even at high level. One of these attacks alas resulted in a certain defiance of Tibetan officials towards our university. So it was difficult for us to warn Tibetan government against such infiltrations, which produced all the problems and setbacks you witnessed.

-Hehem, this has to be corrected. Don't you know that since certain pitiful affair, you guess what I mean, there is also a confidential network of dedicated and honest civil servants of Tibet and Dharma. We know who is reliable in the government and main public services. We also have some informations on who is «not reliable».


-I suggest that we may connect our networks and exchange information. What do you think of that?

-Good idea. I have a feeling that we are both trying to complete a puzzle: each one we have not enough pieces, but in putting them in common the truth may appear.

-Right. And this can be only beneficial for today's affair. Maybe we shall find essential clues»

The two men looked satisfied. Then Tcheugyal's voice suddenly arose:

«OK, you will surely find things. But always remember that all these methods are samsaric (note). All these people dedicated into antisocial propaganda or into criminal actions are basically like us: flows of consciousness with basically only one motive: to be happy. If they behave into such unhappy ways, it is because their minds are disturbed by hate, ignorance or attachment ( note). To counteract them with their own spy methods is only a relative solution. The only ultimate solution is to liberate them from their mind disturbances. This does not prevent us to act in a relative way, but only so long as we do not loose of sight the absolute way».

A respectful silence welcomed the Rinpoche's wisdom. Tcheugyal's advices were always proving true, even when they looked completely impractical. Surely they all had to redefine their action into a compassionate Dharma view. But Tcheugyal was no more accurate, so they had to find themselves how to achieve this, to rely on their own wisdom. Except Steve: «Steve, please remember the Lamrim (note) meditation about painful situations. You have a wonderful occasion to train.» This was typical Tibetan Lama's black humour, and Steve «enjoyed» it!

«Tcheugyal, we know much about relative ways, but you, don't you have some knowledge of absolute ways?

-Me? Perhaps I have some surprises». And he started into one of his huge laughters.




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